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Spewing Hate and Discontent

I have been pondering a question for a while now and that question is this “Why do people who spew hate and discontent feel they can not or will not sign their real names?”

I have found this to be true on many things I read whether it is books reviews on my books or reviews on other authors books. I have found it to be true on newspaper articles, and News station articles. Those who have core beliefs if they agree or not will sign their name. It is the trolls those people who spend their entire life hiding behind the name anonymous or some other insane alias to spout their venom.

First and foremost I have never seen anyone who has named their child anonymous or something like book reviewer aficionado or Likes books, or any other of the silly alias that cowards hide behind. When I am reading book reviews or comments on news articles that are signed with this signature I simply pass them over. They are not worth my time or effort.

My feeling is this, if someone believes in what they are saying that is truly believes then it would stand to reason they would want credit for it. However, if they are just putting down words for their own self validation, then it stands to reason they do not want the world to know who they are. Why you might ask. The only answer I can come up with is this. They know they have nothing to back up what they are saying. Sure it might be their opinion- however, even opinions need something to validate it. Not just well that is the way I feel or think. My question is why? I really want to know. I might still disagree but at least that person has given me a valid statement as to why they feel the way they do – That I can respect. However, to hide behind some silly alias because it makes one look good while they are spewing venom only makes that person look small and petty.

You might not like the way I write it might not be your cup of tea. Okay, I can live with that. There are some authors that I do not read because it is not my cup of tea.

It might be someone else’s cup of tea. If you read one of my books for the first time and you find it is not your cup of tea just say it. But put your real name on it. However, do not rip the book apart simply because it did not fit your agenda. That is not only childish it is unprofessional. Those people I will take to task every time. It is those people who presume to know me- to know what I was thinking when I put pen to paper. It is those people who live in an narrow minded world. Who refuse to see anything except through blinders. They read in a vacuum- they comprehend in a vacuum and they live in a vacuum. Therefore, any reviews they put out there is in a vacuum.

However, that being said, never ever would I post a review filled with venom.I would find something that I enjoyed. When I was 13 years old I read the Russian Classics. War and Peace and Anna Karina the length of those books alone would intimidate an adult- they were filled with description after description after description bordering on boredom. Yet, I read them. They were filled with Russian History things I never knew, things that later I studied in high school and because I had read those books the history made more sense to me. Would I wade through them again, probably not. However, if I did a review on those two books, they would receive a very good review. One has to remember when reading books a couple of things, the time period the book written, the language of the day, the attitude of the author that is the passion that author had for the subject he or she is writing about and most of all the research that any author worth their craft puts into a book before they ever write the first line.

For some troll to rip it apart and in many cases personally rip apart the author someone they do not know – have never met and probably never will meet is so petty and self depreciating. And to add to that using a alias just shows they have no moral compass no dreams and no goals.

So please, do me a favor, if my books are not your cup of tea just say so. I am a big girl with a thick skin. However, if you do not use your real name I will call you out. I do not suffer fools or stupidity at all. Oh and one last thing- if all of your reviews on other authors books are nasty yes you will get called out. It tells me that you have an agenda. And not one that is favorable to you.

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