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If You Have Never Read Good Horror Now is The Time

You do not want to miss this book

Sandra Bennett - Author

If You Have Never Read Good Horror Now is The Time.

Horror, spooky and spine tingling scary stories are not my usual choise of genre to read as I snuggle down to bed each eveing, but sometimes it is just as good to find yourself out of your comfort zone in a different style of book as it is in other more energetic activities.

Yvonne Mason gifted me two hard copies of “Satan’s Holiday” as a thank you for my contribution to the anthology. As I read the chilling stories within I became even more honoured to be included amongst such incredibly creative authors. Some of the stories are so creepy you’ll find yourself glancing over your shoulder or leaving on a night light,….. just to be safe! Satan's Holiday cover0001

One had such a great twist I didn’t see coming that I re-read the story with delight once the truth was…

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