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One Never Knows Who You Will Run Into at One of the Many Events I Attend

Yesterday March 28th I attended at event at the Cocoa Library in Cococa Beach, Flrodia. It is one that I attend every year. It is called Authors to Authors and it is a place where authors not only get to spend time with each other they also get to see and meet readers.
This year was no exception, it was filled with meeting new authors, seeing old ones and talking to readers. There was an added bonus. I have a couple of authors I read on a regular basis, Edgar Allen Poe who sadly did not become popular until after his death. Ann Rice who gives new meaning to the undead, James Swain who writes thrillers that will keep you up nights and my favorite serial killer author Tim Dorsey who keeps me laughing with his hysterically funny serial killer Serge A Storms. I have had the pleasure of meeting two of these authors,not only meeting them but also being at events with them. James Swain I met years ago in Sarasota at a bookstore, both of us were signing new releases, Me and  Best Selling Author Author  James swain

Yesterday at the Cocoa Beach Library I had the pleasure of finally meeting Tim Dorsey. Both of these authors are the epitome of what authors or anyone in the public eye should be. Both of these men are truly gentlemen and very kind people.


As authors it is very important that we remember how we got started and who got us where we are. These two gentlemen live that mantra. This business is challenging at best and at times aggravating. However, the rewards are so great when on gets to meet others of like minds. When there are events and you live close by it pays to attend for many reasons, you never know who is going to show up, you meet new authors and you get to gain new friendships.
I would not trade my craft for anything else. If I couldn’t write I would just have to dictate.

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