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Sometimes Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard

The other day I told ya’ll that I had a “cute little” comment on one of my posts and that I would not approve it because I wanted to have some fun with it. Well, after putting my latest book to bed that is getting it the publisher and spending a night of insomnia I decided it was time to have some fun with this comment. The back story is this. I was given a very nice compliment by one of my readers, this was the compliment :

Today I had the honor of being listed as one of Ric Johnson’s five favorite women authors along with three men the authors are very well known in the industry and to be linked with those names is almost breath taking. The authors he listed as his favorites were in response to this poster
powerful books. The authors he listed me with are Erica Spindler, Author, Yvonne Mason, Alafair Burke, Marcia Clark, Tami D Hoag. John Sanford Prey Series, James Lee Burke, Greg Iles. As you can see these are heavy hitters in the publishing world. I am very humbled and grateful to be considered in this list of whose who of authors. What an accomplishment. Thank you Ric Johnson for your belief in my craft. I hope I can continue to meet that expectation as I continue my journey.

He included my writing in with some very heavy hitters. So I created a post about it
Well a young man must have been having a very bad day for whatever reason. This young man’s name is Tim Lieder and yes he is on facebook. I looked him up. Anyway, his comment was laughable at best, silly at worst. He knows nothing about me as a person, probably has not read anything I have written and if he did, his lack of understanding caused him not to appreciate the book. His total lack of respect for me as a person and as a “grandma” says many things about his lack of “being raised right.” Maybe he has “self-confidence” issues or lack of self respect issues or maybe he just doesn’t get it. That being said, he needs a lessons in good ole southern manners. Manner number one is respect your elders. Manner number two, before you open your mouth make sure you know what you are talking about as it makes you the fool. Maybe no one taught him the old saying, “Better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.”
Now that I have given you all the back story of this foolish young man, who will never go very far without manners, here is his comment. “Wow. Such accolades when you are such a terrible writer. By the way “world’s greatest grandma” mugs do not constitute literary awards.”
I love his snide comment about “Grandma” mugs not constituting literary awards. My question to him is “Are you an author and if so how many awards have you received, how many times have you been on TV and Radio and how many books have you written?”
The beauty of this little snide comment which shows the smallness of his mind is he is talking about me. I know you ask how is that good? It is good because he felt it necessary to try to talk smack. I must have hit a nerve at some point. Is it jealousy on his part because he is not living his dream for whatever reason? Is it fear because he is afraid to live his dream? I would venture to say it is a combination of both. People who attack others have issues within their lives that they refuse to face. If they face them then they have to make changes. Most people do not want to make changes it is easier to attack others rather than improve one’s own life.
Mr. Lieder, I have this bit of wisdom to impart to you. Yes, I am a grandmother, a mother and a host of other things. I am also an author with a degree in Criminal Justice, I am also a Bounty Hunter, a public speaker, a teacher of life, a domestic violence survivor and a host of other things that you know nothing about. I work hard at my craft. I am proud of my craft. I am living my dream. If you do not like my books well that is an easy fix, don’t read them. You probably do not understand them anyway.
That being said, just because you have issues in your own life, it does not give you the right to attack, others who are enjoying their life. Before you start casting stones, look in the mirror at the face that stares back at you. Ask yourself this one question or maybe two. “What do I accomplish by tearing down others? What kind of person does that make me?”
The answer is simple- you accomplish nothing and it makes you a small minded little boy.
You are now free to move about the country as this is my public service announcement for the week. Mr. Lieder may you find happiness within yourself before it is too late and you live with regret when you are old.

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