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Even Though They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

Even though this article is a few years old it bears repeating. As an indie author I have faced rejections, put downs and other roadblocks. The reason is the “Big Six” as we indie’s like to call them do not want us out there. They have told us what we can read for years. They have rejected good authors because they could. When indie’s began to explode in the literary world, the Big Six tried to fight back. We stood our ground. We found ways to get our work and passion to the masses. Granted as with traditional authors where are some questionable books out there. However, that being said, we have endured and now we are making an impact on the reading public. The Big Six has become greedy and their authors suffer. For every book that is sold by the Big Six the author receives only .08 cents a book. Remember that book sells for at least 25.00 in hardback. That does not inlude downloads and paperback and audio. The publishing house is the one who makes the money. Not the author. As indies we have control. We control the pricing, the upcharge and all the aspects of the book. Granted it is more time consuming but the bottom line is much better.
So Remember this when you purchase a book. As indie’s we have to work three times as hard to get out there to make a third of the money. When you buy a book from an indie author you are not paying the house, you are paying the author.
So bottom line take a chance read an indie author. You will love them.

“In our ( January 2013 analysis, 58% of the Top 50 bestsellers were published by the big traditional publishers, and that figure has since declined to 38%. Conversely, 42% of the Top 50 bestsellers were published by indie authors or by Amazon’s own publishing imprints in January 2013, compared with 62% this past weekend.”

“In other words, what the big publishers have won in their latest round of contract “victories” over Amazon is the right to price themselves right off the bestseller list.” –, Kindle Store eBook Prices Are Rising … Or Are They?, October 5, 2015 by Steve Windwalker

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