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Who You Are!

As most of you know I am an author and have over 17 published works. It has not been an easy journey, but then anything that is worthwhile is not an easy journey, if it were then everyone would do it. That being said, I want you to listen to my latest podcast.I watched a video of a young man by the name of Jordan Smith who is a contestant on this season’s The Voice. He performed a song titled “Who You Are” when he was finished he was in tears. The reason is simple, when asked he stated that he was finally able to say he was okay with who he was. The lyrics to this song are very true. In my podcast I talk about the lyrics and how true they are.
As humans we do not always accept who we are. We can be our own worst critic. I know I was for years. I tired to be all things to all people and in the process lost myself. When I finally woke up and and understood that I had to be true to myself and if others refused to accept that, then it was on them and not me.
So, for all of you out there who are afraid to be true to yourself, understand you cheat yourself and you can never live up to the expectations of others, because it will destroy you. I know I have been there.
So take a listen to this podcast, it is downloadable so you can share.

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