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Brilliant Insanity- Excerpt

Before I knew it I had contrived this great plan to get to her. I told her that I was coming to Savannah the next morning on the boat because I had to get a part for the motor. I had to bring the boat so they could replace the part while I waited. I told her that we could meet for lunch at one of the restaurants at the marina while I waited. I told her she could use a good friend. She agreed. She said that she didn’t have anyone to talk to there because everyone was also friends with her husband. I giggled like a school girl. One more way to perfect my plan for the eight. I told her not to fret overnight that we would make the next day a fun day. One she would never forget.” Mandy said, “You mean to tell me she was willing to meet a stranger who she met on the net?” I looked hurt. In my most hurt Louisa voice I said, “Mandy, how could you say something like that? I was not a stranger. We had built a bond over the two weeks we talked. She trusted me. She told me confidences she knew I would keep. She liked me.” Mandy said, “But you killed her and used her for chum.” “But, Honey.” I said as Louise in an extremely hurt tone. “I did her a favor. She was not happy. Her husband was an ass. He did not appreciate her until she was gone. See it all worked out. But again, I digress.” I began the story where I left off using the sexy voice of Louis. “Anyway, back to our rendezvous, tryst or date, whatever you choose to call it. I left Fort Pierce Marina before day break. I had brought a change of clothes with me so I would look good for our luncheon. All the way to Savannah I imagined how I would get her back to my house. Then it hit me like a hammer. She had given me her cell phone number the night before. So I called her and said I had a wonderful idea. Why not pack a bag and run away for the weekend. I would bring her to Fort Pierce and she could have fun in the sun I would take her back on Sunday night on the boat. She was so eager to get away from reality for a while she jumped on it. She said that she would get a sitter for the kids. She was like a school girl. I could hear the excitement in her voice. I knew I had soma at the house. In fact before I left to take the boat to Savannah, I crushed some of the Soma into powder. Then I put it in a place that would be easy for me to reach when the time came. It would only take three crushed

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