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Tangled Minds – Excerpt

She was still dressed in the gown that made his throat go dry. She still wore the necklace. It still spoke to him. J.R. burned with his desire.

   “Good evening, J.R.” Brianna said as she handed him a glass of chilled champagne. “It was nice of you to join me for a weekend of fun.”


   J.R. took his glass and sipped it watching her walk away. He

saw the dress move with her and he saw the hint of flesh as the

dress moved slightly apart with her walk. He could hardly contain himself.

    Brianna stopped by the patio doors and opened them letting in the cool night air. She motioned him to her. He walked to her, still watching her. Brianna took his glass and set it down. She started the dance of undress. She stood behind him and slowly removed his jacket. As she did she kissed his ear and the back of his neck.

  J. R. shut his eyes and saw her naked body under him. Then she

removed the cummerbund from around his waist. Brianna then

came around in front of him and undid his bow tie. As she did she took his lower lip between her teeth and softly bit it. He groaned. He wanted her badly.

     However, Brianna was not about to rush this. He was paying good money and she was going to give him his money’s worth. As she undid each button on his dress shirt she kissed his chest. As she got to his nipples she nipped each one with her teeth. J.R. did not know how much more he could stand. He grabbed her and kissed her roughly. Brianna broke the kiss and smiled at him.


   “Hey, cowboy. Slow down. We have all weekend.”

    Brianna continued to undress him. She slowly undid his belt

dropping it on the heap already on the floor. She bent down and

picked up the glass of champagne. She dipped his finger in it and put it in her mouth never taking her eyes off of his. She saw the naked desire in his eyes. She knew he wanted her and he wanted her bad. She wasn’t going to give him control. Ken had taught her that.

    Brianna handed him the glass and unsnapped his pants dropping them to his ankles. As she did she slid her fingernails up and down the inside of his leg, stopping short of that part of him that ached. J.R was on fire. He grabbed Brianna again with his free hand and crushed her to him. He could feel that underneath that gown there was nothing but skin. He put down his glass and took the other hand and slid the zipper down on her dress. He slid it off her shoulders and let the gown drop. Brianna stood before him dressed only in her shoes.

    J.R. roughly picked her up and strode to the bedroom. Play time was over, time to get down to serious business. No more Mr. Nice guy.

   J.R. dumped Brianna on the bed very unceremoniously. He had

waited too long and he was not waiting any longer. Sure he had

her until Sunday night. But he was going to get his money’s worth. He knew Ken wouldn’t call or be back until late Sunday night or Monday. He was safe to do as he pleased with this little whore.

   Brianna was stunned. She had never been treated like this before, not even Benny had been this rough with her. She cried out but no one was there. She tried kicking this manic but he just pinned her legs.

  J. R was out of control. She had teased him at the dinner wearing that slinky dress slit up to her ass, her perfume was like a drug. Her fighting back on incensed him more. He kissed her hard and rough. He pinned her arms and forced open her legs. When she finally did open her eyes she only saw black orbs where J.R’s eyes were. Still she struggled. The more she struggled the more he held her down. She would be his tonight, tomorrow, and as long as he wanted her.

   Brianna finally got one hand free and clawed his face, J.R.

stopped long enough to look stunned, then he slapped her across

the face, screaming, “You Bitch. You like it rough, then rough it will be.”

   He flipped her over and sat up with her. He placed her across

his lap, she could feel him harden underneath her. He raised his

hand as far as he could and came down on her ass. The force of the blue left a hand print and an instant bruise, Brianna felt him getting harder.

   She cried out and he laughed. “My dear, he said, almost

caressingly, “No on can hear you, we are all alone in our love nest.”

The he hit her again.

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