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Blog Alley A Short Story

Blood Alley

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      It was midnight, the moon was full and the black top was empty except for the Semi truck barreling south on Hwy 27 toward Miami, Florida. The only noise was the sound of the wheels whining on the blacktop, the soft squawk of the CB radio and the local Country and Western radio station playing a song about lies and lost loves.

   The driver was a forty something redneck who drove out of Georgia. His name was Robert Haines, but everyone called him Bubba. He was a fast driving, dip spitting, boot wearing overweight wheel holder. He had been married and divorced more times than he could count.  His ex-wives all told him they could not take his being gone twenty nine days out of the month. Plus, they all knew he strayed while he was on the road. They had the cell phone bills to prove it.  

  This full moon night Bubba Haines was running behind schedule. He had a layover in South Georgia. It had to do with his latest relationship gone south. She had tossed all of his possessions on the front lawn after he had come home smelling of beer and women’s perfume. Bubba had to find a place to store his stuff until he could get back to Georgia. That was why he was running behind. So his mind was not on the road as much as it was on finding him a place to hang his hat when he got back to Georgia.

  “Damn women.” He said out loud. “They aren’t worth nothing. They just don’t understand a man’s needs. I gave them all my money and a place to live what more could they want.”

    With the last thought he put the pedal to the metal and began cruising south at a comfortable speed of 85 MPH on Hwy 27 better known as Blood Alley. As he cruised along lost in thought and still cussing the bitch out for making him fall behind, he saw a pair of red eyes in the middle of the road. Bubba started slowing down using his Jake brakes and pushing his foot brake and clutch thru the transmission. The semi slid to a halt with white smoke pouring out from under the wheels. The truck came to rest about twenty feet from the very large grey looking dog like animal. It glared at him for a full minute and then loped off to his right into the trees along the road. In the glare of the large truck headlights, the animal appeared to be a very large ugly dog. He had pointed ears, two fairly long canine teeth, one on each side of his long pointed snout. Red Salvia dripped from these teeth like glittering blood red rubies on a chain. This creature had a long shaggy dark grey colored coat. His tail was almost as long as his slim body. His paws looked like the size of small saucers.

      Bubba watched as the creature disappeared into the trees and wondered what kind of dog would be in this part of the country that looked like he did. Bubba crossed his arms over the steering wheel and looked out his bug ridden windshield into the night.  

      Bubba knew he was tired. He had been driving way past the ten hour legal limit. He had only stopped to gas up and relieve his bladder. He had not even stopped to eat. He had grabbed junk food and eaten as he drove. Bubba had to be in Miami at five o’clock the next morning. The load had to be dropped or he was out of a job.

    As Bubba continued to look out the windshield he thought his exhaustion had finally caught up with him. He rubbed his tired red eyes and looked again.

  “What the hell?” He asked out loud to the darkness.

   Bubba put his truck engine in idle, his headlights on bright, opened his truck door and climbed out of the rig. He slowly walked toward the thing that was lying in the middle of the highway.

   As he walked in front of the truck, the thing was bathed in shadows. Bubba was blocking the light from the driver’s side headlight. To Bubba the thing resembled a very large buck.

   “Man, this thing must be a twelve point.” He said to no one. “I have to see if there is enough of the head to save and mount.”

   As Bubba neared the thing in the road, something did not seem quite right. There appeared to be something missing. He just could not figure what it was.  The part of his brain that controlled the thought process was still seeing buck, the part that controlled his eyes was seeing something that only had two legs.

  Bubba took off his baseball cap and scratched his head as he got closer to the thing in the road. When he had almost reached the dead thing he started putting his cap back on his head while his brain kicked in his gag reflexes. Bubba proceeded to throw up all over the road. The smell was something out of a very bad horror movie. The dark puddle of what looked and smelled like blood covered most of both lanes of the two lane road. The body was ripped, shredded and mangled like it had been attacked by a savage beast…………



  1. Anorher Masterpiece by Yvonne Mason!!
    Moral of story,don’t eat Road side BBQ!!!

    Comment by Peter Fundora | January 18, 2012 | Reply

  2. Awesome work by Yvonne Mason.
    Scary stuff!!!!Dont stop at Road Side BBQ places!!! Hahaha

    Comment by Peter Fundora | January 18, 2012 | Reply

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