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For those of you who have not yet found me on Sound Cloud or Itunes I am making it very easy for you.

Here is the link for Sound Cloud Indie Author Yvonne Mason

You don’t want to miss all the latest updates I have posted there. Also if you go to Itunes under podcasts and type in Yvonne Mason you will find my podcast there. All of my podcasts are downloadable for sharing. So please share. It helps me as well as my fellow authors who I promote on a regular basis. Among some of them are  Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and Sheri Ann Wilder Richerson    and Rick Powell  and last but not least Thom  Futrell you will find that I have read some of  their work on my podcasts. As indie authors we strive to promote and help each other in order to be successful.  So please go show these artists some love. Friend them – follow them and learn things.

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Humbled By A Reader

As an author sometimes it is hard to gage readers or the worth of my craft. We tend to be slightly different from other people. We don’t always know if what we write is what people want, mostly we write because it gives us pleasure and we would go insane if we didn’t. Today I was totally humbled by someone that I did not even realize reads my work. This person not only made my day he made my year.
When I first started this journey I was compared to John Steinbeck and his work “OF Mice and Men” when I published Tangled Minds.

Tangled Minds

Tangled Minds

Today I had the honor of being listed as one of Ric Johnson’s five favorite women authors along with three men the authors are very well known in the industry and to be linked with those names is almost breath taking. The authors he listed as his favorites were in response to this poster
powerful books

The authors he listed me with are Erica Spindler, Author, Yvonne Mason, Alafair Burke, Marcia Clark, Tami D Hoag. John Sanford Prey Series, James Lee Burke, Greg Iles. As you can see these are heavy hitters in the publishing world. I am very humbled and grateful to be considered in this list of whose who of authors. What an accomplishment. Thank you Ric Johnson for your belief in my craft. I hope I can continue to meet that expectation as I continue my journey.

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Okay everyone; I have some interesting news for you all.  You want to have your books on the shelf in bricks and mortar stores.  Well, Dressing Your Book is working on a way to make that happen for you.  The one thing it would require is that all books be published through Dressing Your Book and printed through Lightening Source.  This is not a big deal in any case.  The more authors and books I can get the cheaper it will be for all of you to avail yourself of this new and creative service Dressing Your Book will be offering by the first of the year.   There will be an annual fee for me to advertise your books through Ingram distributions catalog so that your books will be in bricks and mortar stores. Something totally new for independent authors.  I am trying to take you all to a place you have never been before. Please drop me an e-mail at dressignyourbook@comcastnet to let me know if you are interested in joining this great new adventure.  You can also post a comment on here as well and I will get them all and get you all ready for a great new year.

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The Literary World has Lost Another One

My husband and I both read Vince Flynn books. He is indeed one of the best out there. Today I learned that he finally sucummbed to cancer. This is not only a shame for his family and his children but it is a loss to the world of readers and authors.  For those of you who have never read his books he is indeed a maverick. He had a character he wrote about many many times. That character name was Mitch Rapp. Rapp was a maverick who marched to his own drummer. He cared not what others thought or said.


I hate cancer with a passion. I have personally lost to many friends and family members to this disease. Now our world or writing has lost a great outstanding author.

If you have not yet discovered this wonderful author you need to – buy his books to keep his legacy alive. He was rejected many many many times before he took off on his journey – let’s keep it going.

Vince Flynn you are now writing with the angels. Thank you for all the walks and adventures with Mitch Rapp.

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For Those of You Who Wonder What Goes Into Writing a Book

Yesterday I was attending a luncheon that I go to once a month. It is a luncheon where Business Women network and help each other on their journey. I happened to be sitting with someone who I have never met before. We got on the subjects of Authors. She made a very astute comment. She said that most people do not understand what it takes to write a book. We were talking about  my historical novel A Voice From the Grave and that it took four years of research before I even started the book.

She said that when someone sits down to read they do not even consider how much work an author puts into research and thought before they put pen to paper. I started thinking about that this morning as I pondered the projects I am currently working on. She is right, most people do not understand that as authors not only do we have to write a story that keeps people reading we have to make it believable. When we are writing about a specific area in a certain town we need to make sure that what we write is correct. For instance my book Brilliant Insanity takes place in Fort Pierce and Savannah. When I started the book I have to make sure that my places were exactly where they are in real life. I wanted my readers to say  “I know where that place is.”

Brilliant insanity by DEBI for Kindle


When Tim Dorsey writes his books he visits places in Florida to get the history and the feel of the area. That is one reason he only writes one book a year. Research takes time. Making sure the nuance of the area is correct takes time. If we as authors don’t get it right our readers will not be happy.

In The Pink Canary which takes place in Key West, Duval Street is real, the ebb and flow of  the city is real, two of  the clubs are real. If someone reads this book and strolls down Duval they will see two of  the clubs. They will feel the essence of the book. While the Pink Canary is only in my head the clubs on either side are real clubs.


The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

In my book A Voice From the Grave – Andersonville is real. Thousands of soldiers died there. The battles in the book happened, the Generals who gave the orders existed. The museum at Andersonville is really there.

A  Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave


Even in my short story Blood Alley Hwy 27 which runs from Miami to Canada is real. The many wrecks that happen on that two lane blacktop are real.

Blood Alley A Short Story of Horror

Blood Alley A Short Story of Horror


In Tangled Minds the city of Commerce in Jackson County Ga is real. Hwy 92 which runs east and west through that town is real. Jackson County Alabama where Stevenson, Nickajack Dam and other cities in my book they are real.


Tangled Minds

Tangled Minds


In the series I co-write with Andrea Dan Van Scoyoc When Fates Collide and When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound the city of Tampa and Key West are real, New Orleans is real. Things do disappear in the swamps, people do live in the Bayous. Voodoo is still practiced today.

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

As authors we know our readers are very educated. We know they expect quality – we know that if we don’t get it right they see it. What they don’t know is how much work and effort we put into our stories before we ever start writing. How many hours we spend researching places, people, history, etc. Yes, even with crime fiction, there are hours and hours of research. We want to give our readers quality not just quantity- We want them to turn that last page saying, “I can’t wait to see what is next.”

So please remember the next time you pick up a book- that many many hours, weeks and months have gone into creating something we hope you will enjoy. We pour our hearts and souls into our craft. We eat, sleep and dream of our stories. They follow us around in our heads like second skins. Even when we are not at our computers we are thinking about the next chapter, the next character, whether or not we should kill off a favorite character.

We do not take our craft lightly- we do not take our craft as a joke or a hobby. It is not what we do it is who we are. We are authors- we are wordsmiths who love sharing our craft. We see stories in everything and everyone. We are always working even when we are holding a conversation with someone.

We understand that not every book is for every person- we understand that some will not understand why we write the way we do – We are as diversified as there are stories. That being said, you as the reader must also understand this. You must also understand that each book is written in such a way that if a reader reads with an open mind they will get something out of it. If each reader will read just for the love of reading and not with a critical eye, then they will glean something from each and every book they read. Personally I do not enjoy romance books, however that being said I have learned about many exotic places when I did read them. There are other books that I do not especially care for , but reading them has given me a greater appreciation for those authors and their craft.

The next time that you as a reader feel the need to write a review- remember this- you personally for whatever reason might not have cared for the subject matter. However, someone else will. That someone will read your review and may or may not read that book based on your words. Case in point. I have read reviews on movies and the critics were not kind at all. But I chose to go see for myself and enjoyed the movie for many reasons most of them were the reasons the critic hated it. I see things in a different perspective. I find the little things to be the most fun. Anyone can sit down and read a book just to read  the words – same thing with a movie anyone can sit through a movie just to sit through it. But if we take off the blinders and just enjoy the moment there is a whole new perspective.

So remember, as authors we do not just slap words to paper, we spend hours – days -months and many sleepless nights bringing our stories to life. We leave a bit of ourselves in each story we write. Open your mind, savor the moment, get lost in the story understand that we love what we do – if we didn’t we wouldn’t do it. The reason is simple if we didn’t love it the pain would be to much to bear.





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Ground Hog Day in Books

How many of us have a favorite author? One that we can’t wait to read the next book that is released. You know that author that we have read for years and years and wait with anticipation for their next best seller to hit the stores. I am guilty. There are several mainstream authors I have read for years, but now I will no longer read their books. The reason is simple. I feel like it is ground hog day over and over again.

You ask “What do you mean by that?” Well let me explain it to you.

Book “A” we shall call it – nice plot, excellent setting, exciting characters semi fleshed out. Leaves you waiting for the next book.

Book “B” – similar plot, same type of setting, same characters but suddenly they have become a little to perfect and one dimensional and the author subtly drops in their political views.

Book “C” same exact plot, same setting, same characters who have absolutely no flaws and their counterparts have no depth. The political views of the author are flaming.

Do you see the trend here? There is no desire to read the same book over and over and over again. Then you have those authors who run out of subjects and co-write with unknowns hoping to change up, however they fall right back into the same rut.

There are several who come to mind, but out of respect for their craft and for them they shall remain nameless. The great ones who kept me in suspense have already died off, Stephen J Connell, Robert Parker and others. Sadly, it is not always the fault of that author, it is the fault of the publisher who demands they write garbage so they can sell books and make money off that author. It is called garbage in garbage out.

The author is nothing more than a robot who pumps out words on a page to suit the publishing house. Some of those author are required to pump out two books a year and it doesn’t matter how bad the book is… The name is what sells the book, not the book itself. This is a travesty. It has given great authors a bad reputation. It has caused me not to buy their books because I know from past experience what is between the cover.

Indie Authors don’t have those restrictions, their books are not dictated by some suit in a publishing house sitting in a corner office dictating the who, when, what, where and how. Indie authors have the freedom to write any genre they choose and the ability to take their time and give the characters, plot and setting life. They are not dictated as to how many words, what to say or how to say it. This make the indie author more popular. We can be a multi genre author and many of us are.

If you are like me, I choose my books wisely, like I choose my friends. Books are my friends and they are a very important part of my life. I want to be able to enjoy the time I am reading that book, not slog through it like a bog. I want to be able to finish the last page and say that was indeed a great ride. However, sadly more and more books by the mainstream authors are so disappointing, boring and just plain unattractive.

Before you say, but Yvonne how many books do you read? Let me assure you I have shelves full of books and have been reading since I was five years old. For those of you who don’t know me I am now 60 years old. I have read the classics, one hit wonders, bad books, really bad books, and great books and some not so great. But the books I have found to be the best lately are those written by indie authors who are not shackled by the restraints of mainstream publishing houses who use their power to dictate not only content, but royalties (.88) per book, cover, and marketing.

As indie authors if we want to go an event at a small venue we don’t have to ask permission. We just go. Mainstream authors must clear all events through their publisher. AS indie authors we are free to set our own pricing and most times it is much lower than the standard because we don’t have to pay a middle man ie the distributor. While we might not be in box stores we don’t need to. The internet is our friend.

So if you are tired of “Ground Hog Day” and tired of the same old plot,characters and settings, try an indie author, I think you will surprised. And the beauty is – we as indie authors reach out to our readers, we don’t hide behind our publicists, or publisher. We embrace our readers.

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Independent Authors

For those of you who don’t know us. We are those authors who are not published by a “traditional” publishing house. The excuses and reasons vary. The main reason we are not published by them is simple. We like maintaining control of our work. We worked hard to give it birth and we don’t want some stranger taking it over.
Most of us have been rejected or ignored by some many houses that we could wallpaper our house with the letters. However, we have decided we can control our destiny.
We work hard to make sure our work is out there. To make sure you the reader have an opportunity to read us. We support each other, encourage each other and promote each other. We write because we love to write. We enjoy the characters as they live in your heads.
We use the internet as our friend. Most of us are not in box stores, we sell all of our works online. We have been scoffed, laughed at turned down and rejected. But we are still here. We made networking our friend way before the traditional authors even knew what we were doing.
We are a force – we are the present and the future. We come from all walks of life. But we are artists.
If you as a reader have not yet tried one of our books, you should. It will open doors for you that you never knew were out there. The older traditional authors are dying off. Which is sad, and there are no new ones out there. Which is even sadder. However, we are and we are not leaving. We are the wave of the future. We know how to get our work out there in all of the arenas. We are in book form and electronic form we are getting on audio. We are coming.
Check us out, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc- brings you the dark side, Martha Cheaves, brings you great food, Fran Lewis brings you lifes lessons, Bette Crosby inspiration, Tim Ahrens fantasy, Ann B Keller fantasy and thrillers. This is just a few of those who are out there beside myself who have great works and are easy to find.
The beauty of us as indies is we reach out to our readers, we love hearing from them. We answer their emails, we listen, and we respond. We don’t have PR people who send out form letters or emails. Most of us have online bookstores so when you want a signed copy of our book you can order one. We believe in our readers and we love our readers.
So come on join the fun, take that step and read a book by an indie author. You won’t regret it!

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Yvonne Mason on the Radio Again

On Tuesday December 8th at 1pm join me on W4CY Radio at internet radio. I will be discussing all of my books – events I will be attending and projects I am working on. I will also be making a big announcement. You don’t want to miss it.

SO join me on Dec 8th at 1:00pm/

W4CY Radio

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Jupiter Library Workshop

36 folks at my workshop at Jupiter Library

On Tuesday November 17th I conducted at writers and marketing workshop at Jupiter Library in Jupiter Florida. There were 36 people in attendence. It was amazing. The audience asked well thought out questions. They were very interested in the marketing aspect for indie authors. They were amazed at the power we now have as indie authors.
Some of them have not yet published but when they left they were excited about putting fingers to keyboards and pen to paper. They were ready to let their stories out. I am planning another workshop sometime after the first of the year. I am currently looking for a venue. If you are interested please let me know

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Writers Workshop at Jupiter Library Jupiter Florida November 17,2009

I will be in Jupiter Florida on November 17,2009 from 6:30-pm-8:30pm conductin a writers workshop. I will be talking about writing and marketing in the 21st century for indipendant writers. As indie’s we have an opprotunity that has never before been afforded to us. We have ways of publishing our works and marketing those works that until now has been closed to us.

    The key is dedication and hard work. I will be teaching how to market and where to get your works published. Come join me if you are interested in writing, have written and don’t know how to get published or what to do once you are published.

     This workshop is free and open to the public. You can either contact me at or Jupiter Library for more information.

  I hope to see you there.

  Yvonne Mason 


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