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One Never Knows Who You Will Run Into at One of the Many Events I Attend

Yesterday March 28th I attended at event at the Cocoa Library in Cococa Beach, Flrodia. It is one that I attend every year. It is called Authors to Authors and it is a place where authors not only get to spend time with each other they also get to see and meet readers.
This year was no exception, it was filled with meeting new authors, seeing old ones and talking to readers. There was an added bonus. I have a couple of authors I read on a regular basis, Edgar Allen Poe who sadly did not become popular until after his death. Ann Rice who gives new meaning to the undead, James Swain who writes thrillers that will keep you up nights and my favorite serial killer author Tim Dorsey who keeps me laughing with his hysterically funny serial killer Serge A Storms. I have had the pleasure of meeting two of these authors,not only meeting them but also being at events with them. James Swain I met years ago in Sarasota at a bookstore, both of us were signing new releases, Me and  Best Selling Author Author  James swain

Yesterday at the Cocoa Beach Library I had the pleasure of finally meeting Tim Dorsey. Both of these authors are the epitome of what authors or anyone in the public eye should be. Both of these men are truly gentlemen and very kind people.


As authors it is very important that we remember how we got started and who got us where we are. These two gentlemen live that mantra. This business is challenging at best and at times aggravating. However, the rewards are so great when on gets to meet others of like minds. When there are events and you live close by it pays to attend for many reasons, you never know who is going to show up, you meet new authors and you get to gain new friendships.
I would not trade my craft for anything else. If I couldn’t write I would just have to dictate.

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The Victims of Gerard Schaefer Have Taken Their Story to the Next Level

for updated cover front2

Silent Scream my first true crime has always been very close to my heart. It is the voice of the victims of Gerard Schaefer who were long ago forgotten. This book has raised many voices of both controversy and praise. Some have hated it because it is raw and it does not sanitize the horrific torture and murder of the victims nor does it glorify Schaefer. It shows him for the monster he was, it shows how the girls were tortured and murdered and even after death tortured even more. I refused to compromise on this book. It is written from an investigative mindset. The reason is simple that is what the girls wanted.

Yes, you may laugh and say how would you know they are dead. That is true, but when I say this is what they wanted it is very true. As I started this book,I tried many ways to write it but it would not flow, when I gave up and just let them write their stories it flowed.

Gerard Schaefer was Florida’s first serial killer before Bundy or Rolling however, he never received the kind of fame the other two did, he always hated that. He wanted to be known for his acts of horror but yet he denied it without denying it. It was a game to him. He thought he knew how to beat the system to get away with his little game of horrors. The girls are speaking out now. They are no longer without a voice.

I got a call on Thursday July 10, 2014 from the Television Channel Investigation Discovery, they will be at my house on July 23rd to interview me about Silent Scream and the girls. They will filming a show about the victims and Schaefer.This has long been a dream of mine that the girls would be heard by the masses, that their voice would be heard and that they would no longer be forgotten. They had names, they had dreams, they had families and they had lives. Those lives were cut short way to soon. They did not deserve any of that, the least we can do now is remember to allow their memory to live so that the universe will know they were here.

Another dream is that this book will eventually become a movie, I do not know if that will happen or not. The girls will tell me until then, think good thoughts and help us to get the word out that the show is coming.

For the Girls!!!!!!

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I May Never Become Rich and Famous


I may never become “rich and famous” or be on high society’s “A” list. I may never be recognized by strangers in public and I may never make the New York Times Bestseller list.  But it does not matter. The reason is simple. Those that want to or need to and enjoy my books will find me and them.

Case in point, the same group that from Keiser University who contacted me about Silent Scream has spent two days this week with me and at my home working on their project for their Forensic Investigations class.



For those of you who don’t know their assignment was to show how they would have worked the crime scene of Susan Place and Georgia Jessup after they were found on South Hutchinson Island after being tortured and murdered by Florida’s first Serial Killer Gerard Schaefer. They had no idea where to start- the information (other than mine) which they looked at on the internet was so wrong on so many levels. They had doors slammed in their faces- no one wanted to talk with them and them that did knew nothing about the case. To make matters worse all of the case files had been destroyed. Schaefer was murdered in 1993 in prison so there was no need to keep the files even though there are several unsolved cases with his imprint on them still sitting out there.

They were told about me. So they called me. Not only did I NOT slam the door in their faces, I am the only one who has all of the known research anymore. I kept it after I finished Silent Scream. They are the second group to ask to come look at my work. I have things that no one else has. They told me that they were very glad that I had written Silent Scream the way I did because it was the best tool they had found before they came to my house where they found the mother lode.

I spent one entire afternoon with them at two crime scenes talking about the cases recording video and taking photos. Today they spent all morning at my house using my research working on their project. They will be back Monday to work on it some more.


Blind Creek





I have received a few bad reviews because of the way I wrote the book. I have stated over and over again that this book is not for everyone. It is not for entertainment- it is for educational purposes. If you want to be entertained read Ann Rule. Don’t get me wrong she is a great author I own all of her books. We have different writing styles. I choose to show the criminal as the evil person they are. I do not sugar coat anything . Not even the deaths. I want the reader to understand on some small level if possible how those victims might have felt while they were being tortured and murdered. Where they went to school, what they ate for breakfast, who their friends were or anything else is trivial when it comes down to how they were stolen from us too soon by a monster.  (Yes, I was criticized for not adding all of the fluff to the book)

This group of young people got it. They thanked me for writing Silent Scream the way I did. And one of them did something else that just blew me away. They know how I feel about the victims how they are in my soul. They know that I am always saying they are close to me and drive the train that is their story. The young man who was taking videos came up to me and asked me if I would be offended if he recreated the crime scene using a rope and hangman’s noose for the video he was making for this project. I almost cried. His comment to me was “I know you call them your girls and I do not want to offend you or their memory.” I told him I thought they would like that, to show what happened. For him to understand how much the victims mean to me personally and as a writer just proved to me how much they cared about this project and how much they wanted to not only be respectful- but to honor their lives. They will make great forensic investigators.





C-24 Canal




The real place that Goodenough and

Wilcox were murdered



part of the reenactment



If the forensic technology had been around in the years of the death of the girls- Schaefer might have been convicted of more than just the two. However that being said, the history is a great learning tool for those who are going into that field. They are getting a better understanding of just how hard it was to solve crimes of that nature. They are getting a better appreciation for the technology that is out there today.

So before you write that nasty review- before you judge my work based on your closed mind understand a few things. One it could have been your loved one that I wrote about- it still could be your loved one that is taken by an evil person. Two- Silent Scream was written the way the girls wanted it written. They drive the train- Three it is a tool for educational purpose to help those who are learning forensics how to do what needs to be done in order to solve a crime.   Four if you are looking to be entertained this book is not for you if you are looking to know every little detail about the victims this book is not for you. How they girls lived is not the story- the story is how they died way before their time.

However, if  you want to be part of a bigger picture – and that picture is keeping their memory alive so they will not be forgotten- then you will want to read this book. If you want to better understand some of the horror they went through before they died then yes by all means read this book. If you truly want to understand how evil Gerard Schaefer was then you want to read this book.

Just remember this-   The dead do speak if we only listen.

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime


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Yes, I will be on the Radio Again This Sunday Night Tune In



This Sunday Evening at 7:45PM I will once again be on the radio. Be sure and tune in as you never know what I will wind up discussing. It can be anything from my books to my stalker to my fans to my haters – nothing is off limits.  The beauty of technology is you can listen in the comfort of your easy chair because it is all on the internet. It should be an hour of laughter and fun. So come on by and join us. I know Christopher will have a chat room open for all you questions. Can’t wait to see you there.


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My First Event for 2013 You Do Not Want to Miss it


I am starting my new year off with a bang. I will be appearing at the Jetsun’s Kitchen and Home Show on Jan 29,2013 from 10-2. This event brings in many vendors from all over our county. Jetsun’s is a premier company that specializes in Home appliances. they have added Serta mattresses to their floor. You do not want to miss the event. There will be food, fun, food, me, food well you get the picture. So make it down join us for a fun filled day.

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Adding to My Craft I Now Write for Two Magazines

I am now writing for two magazines Vero’s Voice and a pet magazine titled Little Pampered . My first two articles will be appearing in the next few days.

My first article in Vero’s Voice will discuss how anyone at any given time can be a victim. My article in Little Pampered Dog talks about my little Maltese Riley who found his forever home with us. I write the article as Riley.

You can find Vero’s Voice at  and the Pampered Dog at  I would appreciate each of my readers taking a look at these little magazines. They offer more articles than mine and are worthy of your time.

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My Interview with Rhett Palmer the Mayor of the Air Waves in Vero Beach Florida

A couple of days ago I did a radio interview with Rhett Palmer the Mayor of the air waves in Vero Beach Florida. We talked about a number of things including my books. Included in that interview we discussed, domestic violence, getting published without using a tradional publisher, the mind of a serial killer. Why do they do what they do and other topics of interest. We discussed my true crimes Silent Scream and The Last Rites which are part of Florida History. You can go to the link belonw and listen to the show it is in five segments beginning to end.

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Come on Down and Visit Me or Tune In and Listen

If you missed award-winning best-selling Indie author Yvonne Mason on July 17 at Jeston’s, you will have an opportunity to see her again twice and hear her on radio. On July 23, she will be appearing on radio station 1300AM WMEL in Cocoa Beach at 12:30 p.m. with host Seeta. They will be discussing a variety of subjects including her best-selling books.

On July 24 from 5 to 8 p.m. Mason will be appearing in Vero Beach for Christmas in July hosted by Sweet Creations to benefit Harvest Food & Outreach Center. The Harvest Food and Outreach Center helps families with a hand up in the downward economy. It not only feeds their bodies, it also feeds their minds so they can reinvent themselves to be better parents and go out and find gainful employment. All proceeds will go to Harvest Food and Outreach Center.

On July 31 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Jetson’s in St Lucie West will be holding a Queen for a Day Event. Mason will be there signing books and talking to folks. There will be many other vendors there as well, including the Patrillo Collection and Pampered Chef. This is a day for ladies to come out and be Queen for a Day. Guys, you can come, too. If your lady is getting ready for a special day or for a just because, come out and find her that something to wow her.

So make plans now to visit one or all of these events. We look forward to seeing you

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Award Winning Best Selling Author Yvonne Mason to Appear in Fort Pierce, Florida

Award winning, Best Selling Indie Author Yvonne Mason will be appearing at Jetson’s on US1 in Fort Pierce, Florida on July 17,2012 from 4pm-7pm. This event is titled Ladies Night Out and Ms. Mason will be appearing with other vendors who appeal to the Ladies.

Ms. Mason will have her award winning audiobook A Voice From the Grave as well her her true crimes The Last Rites and Silent Scream. She will also have her inspirational book Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option and her crime fictions Tangled Minds, and Brilliant Insanity. For those of you who enjoy a great comedy she will have When Fates Collide and Mardi Gras Bound a series co written with Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc.

This event promises to be one of the events of the season for the Ladies of St Lucie County and surrounding counties. There will be food and fun so come on out and enjoy a great Ladies Night Out. 

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Come and Visit me on Sunday July 1,2012

Start your Holiday off right join me on July 1,2012 in Port St Lucie, I will be at 338 Port St Lucie Blvd from 10-4 signing books. This event is a charity event to help support the College Preparatory of the Treasure Coast. This is a charter school in St Lucie County that will be opening their doors August 20th for the very first time.

They are only accepting ninth graders this first year and there is still room for 90 students. We are holding this event for the school and to also get exposure for it. Come join us and help out. We expect great things from this school and those who have given their heart and soul to make it happen.

I will be there will all of my books. So start your holiday off right. I look foward to seeing you there.

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