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The Girls Continue to Have a Voice

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A Couple of days ago I posted that I have received a phone call from the production company that produces some of the shows for Investigation Discovery. That production company is Optomen Production and they are based out of New York. They will be here next Thursday. For those of you who hated the book, who wrote bad reviews, who said it was not worth your time. Well, while that may be so, there are still people out there who want to tell the story based on my book. They thought it was good enough- I have to say I am humbled by all of this.
I have always said that the victims drive this train. They are the ones who determine when we take a new journey. After seven years they have decided that it is time to be in the limelight. The beauty of this show is that it will be shown over and over again on Investigation Discovery as well as online. The girls will now have a voice in places they didn’t before.
To make it even better some of the people involved with this case are still alive and are willing to be interviewed. I cannot explain the feeling I have about this journey. It is humbling, it is sad, yet happy. It is without doubt one of the highlights of my life.
Those of you who have supported me who have read the book and understood why I wrote it the way I did, who appreciated the fact that it is raw, it is hard to stomach and it shows the evil of Schaefer in ways that no one else has, I am so grateful to you. You will never know how much it means that you have supported me. Supported the victims so that they will never be silent again. The girls will never be forgotten because of each of you.
I believe that all things happen in their time and it is now the time for the girls. They no longer scream silently they have a voice.
What an honor to be a part of something so important to them.

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Has Recycling Gone Way too Far?

I have been around for quite awhile – since before there was a TV in every home- I grew up on the old Superman black and white series- “faster than a speeding train, leaps tall buildings with a single bound”, The Lone Ranger, “Who was that masked man?”, Batman- “dadadada- Batman”.

This is just a few. The point is every one of these have been made into movies and remade into movies adnauseum – It is as if the writers in the Rhinestone City known as Hollywood has run out of ideas. Which is a shame especially with so many many books by new authors begging for a chance.

To make matters worse those new movies which are being written and thrown up on the silver screen like a wet blanket has the dialogue of a group of small children. The plots are predictable,  the acting appears forced and the only thing that carries the movie is the special effects.

The insane part is we pay to go see this junk. We spend thousands of dollars on gas, tickets, popcorn and drinks to sit two hours in a darkened room to watch what used to be a “B” movie.

Why do we do that? Have we become numb to the fact that we accept anything that is thrown our way just to be entertained because we are to lazy or complacent to demand better? Have the young actors in the glitter city become so desperate for  parts and recognition that they are willing to sign on the dotted line just to be on the silver screen? Have  they sold themselves for 30 pieces of silver just to be a star?

There is no class in Hollywood anymore. No class or pride in the writing of scripts- looking for new screenplays- finding the right people for the right parts and taking pride in creating something that is entertaining and has substance. It has become too easy to just regurgitate the old stuff. Lazy minds make lazy films.

It has been a long long time since I paid money to see a movie- The reason- there is not one out there that I would spend money to watch. Where is the desire to create- the fire in the belly- the excitement of something new- fresh and unpredictable?

I will tell you where- it died out with the Cecil B DeMille’s of this world  – the Katherine Hepburn’s the John Wayne’s- the May West’s, Vincent Price’s and others who were bigger than life on the screen. These people could make a statement just by their body language- their facial expressions, their actions. They didn’t need special effects, foul language and other false impressions to make a film jump off the screen and into the brain. They stayed with the viewer long after they left the theatre. They were talked about for days, and weeks after the credits were run.

The oscars are a joke. It stands for nothing. Not creative talent- not creative writing not even creative music scores.  This is so sad- the next generations will never see true cinema! They will only see a ghost of what was once something beyond great!

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