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I know the title may have you scratching your head. However, all will become crystal clear as you read this blog.
For over seven years I published by books through a certain publisher. I decided it was time for a change so I embarked on a new journey with a new publisher- Dressing Your Book. It afforded new opportunities and more exposure.
Now comes the not so fun part. Several of my books we pulled from the original publisher after publishing them through Dressing Your Book, the reason at the time appeared logical. Why confuse the reader.
If appears that maybe that might not have been a good idea and it had nothing to do with the new publisher. It had to do with the fact that once the books were sent to the printer that is Lightening Source and they in turn uploaded them to Amazon there was a breakdown. Out of all of the books that Dressing Your Book republished, only four have been uploaded by Amazon to their site. Out of those four one still does not have the cover showing. Now this is a problem. The books have been pulled from the other publisher so the only paperback books that are available are through third parties and I do not get paid for those. Second the books that Amazon did have in stock are not gone and are not available so if a reader wants a paperback vs kindle they have to order through a third party. The bottom line is I am now losing sales which does not make me happy.

I am not saying that I am any more important than any other author- however, what I am saying is that in this day and age of technology there is no reason for it to take two months for my books to be uploaded on Amazon’s site complete with cover. The break down is this- there is no sense of urgency by the employees and there is no sense of pride in their work. If they are doing this to me imagine how many others are falling between the cracks – This is wrong on so many levels- As an Indie Author I have to fight twice as hard to make half the money that authors who are traditionally published make. That is because I am not published by one of the big six. I refuse to be considered less of an artist because I choose to be an indie author. I deserve- no I demand and command the same respect. I have fought for over forty years to be published. I have been rejected, laughed at and scorned because I dared to buck the system. I refuse to be treated as less than a respected author because Amazon employees are to lazy to make things urgent.

Bear in mind that a whole slew of books are being released by the big six the first of October. This is when they go all in for the silly season aka Christmas. I can guarantee that those books will be up and ready to rock and roll on that day. I too have product to offer for the silly season and I too deserve that same respect.

Amazon you wanted indie authors you begged for indie authors and now you want to treat us like we don’t belong. I think not!


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Cyber Bullies

The reason I have posted this article in its entirety is to once again show that the trolls are out there. They come on many shapes and sizes male and female. For whatever reason they love to find authors and tear them down. It is not about an objective book review, it is about how to destroy another person. Even some “authors” have been known to do this as well. I find it very sad that those very trolls who spend their lives spewing things could better spend their lives living their own dream and not trying to destroy someone else’s. They also expect authors to sit idly by and not rebut their review, to remain passive and just “get over it.”

That is what bullies do. One can give an honest review as to why they did not care of a particular book- it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. They do not have to make it personal nor do they have to go on and on and on in a rant. There is a difference in a professional review and an unprofessional review. The professional review simply states, I read the book- I did or did not care for it- The unprofessional review has to attack the author, the characters and the story line. It becomes character assassination of the author.

Reading with an open mind is not something the cyber bullies do. They feel it makes them look bigger than life to “bring down” someone else. What are they missing in their life? What do they lack that they feel they must drag others into their abyss?
Many if not all of these cyber bullies don’t even read the book. They read the synopsis and go from there. Seriously – a synopsis is just that a small window to let someone know if the book my be to their liking. It is not justification for a smear campaign.

As authors we have worked hard and long to make our dreams real. We have walked many miles, written many pages and taken many hits to get where we are. We will not longer sit back and be attacked by trolls. Yes, that is what they are. In their minds they are “getting one up” on authors who have been a success. If they have a right to which they do to spout their evil, their hate and their venom, we also have that same right to defend our craft. Sadly they do not wear that shoe well.
Instead of wasting their time tearing down they would be better served by making their own dreams real. Someone told me that they “understood my feelings were hurt”- That could not be farther from the truth. My feelings are not part of this – it has nothing to do with feelings. It has to do with the fact that I will now long tolerate bullying. I will no longer sit back while someone else tries to destroy my craft or another author’s craft. Bullies are really cowards who hide behind aliases and false statements because that is all they have to call their own. This is sad so very sad. I will continue to rebut the bullies of this world. If that shoe does not fit then maybe they should stop wearing it.

This article was written by
Nola Cancel
Anne Rice Examiner

April 28, 2014
Anne Rice, iconic author of “The Vampire Chronicles”, “The Lives of the Mayfair Witches” and “The Wolf Gift Chronicles” is well known for her strong opinions on everything from the Catholic Church, to women’s rights to the state of the publishing business today.

On a daily basis, the over one million followers of her widely popular Facebook page have read her posts and offered their own opinions on these and a variety of other subjects.

As of late, one of her most passionate topics has been the proliferation of the online reviewer and how everyday people can influence readers and writers with both their positive and negative reviews.

These reviews by ordinary individuals can be a blessing or curse to the fledgling independent author trying to make a name for themselves as a writer. It is a phenomenon of the social-media age in which we live and one that shows no sign of slowing down.

As a great proponent of the indie-author, Mrs. Rice, whose new novel “Prince Lestat” is scheduled for publication on October 28th, 2014, has graciously agreed to answer some questions on this subject as well as, the pressure a writer feels from their fans and criticism of a writer’s motives.

As always, her answers are honest, thought provoking and more than worthy of further discussion.

Here is Anne Rice:

1 – Why do you believe authors are often criticized for their motives when writing a particular book more than other creative people (i.e. she only did it for the money, she was contractually obligated, etc.)?

Yes, I do think authors are the target of some very specific criticisms that other creative artists do not receive. And it’s puzzled me for years. When readers become disenchanted with an author, when they find a new book unsatisfactory, some have a tendency to slam the author saying “he wrote it for the money,” or “he wrote it to fulfill a contract” or even “he’s insulted his fans and shows he doesn’t care.” And no, you never really hear this kind of criticism thrown at opera singers, actors, directors, painters and the like. I cannot say why this happens. Perhaps it is because we are the most accessible of all creative artists, and many readers have discovered this. A stinging and hateful criticism of Barbra Streisand may never be read by her; but many authors do read their reviews, and reviewers know this and know that they can draw blood with these sorts of insults. Another reason however has to do with something deeper: a kind of suspicion that surrounds the idea of the writer, a suspicion that does not surround creative people in highly institutionalized art forms. Actors, directors, opera singers, dancers — all these people work in collaborative art forms with hierarchies of people in control and their work comes before the public in highly structured venues — plays, movies, etc. Even painters are presented through famous museums and galleries. —- But we writers do it all on our own; we create our books individually and they come to the public free of any sort of institutional framework. True, we have publishers, but it’s not the same as an actor appearing in a movie that involves producers, directors, musicians, and studio money and PR people. We are pretty much the lone creators and presenters of our books. —– So there is a kind of suspicion of us, and sometimes even a resentment, and kind of “what makes you think you’re good enough to be a writer?” mentality that can stalk us right through our careers. In other words, we do what we do privately and somewhat mysteriously, and when it doesn’t suit, doesn’t entertain, we can be slammed for being corrupt from the core. —– That’s about as well as I can explain it right now. It’s a question I’ve been pondering all my life. Why do we get so much hostility from the disappointed reader? Why do we get so many insults? In time perhaps I can figure it out a little more.

2 – Do you believe writers are influenced to some extent by the demands of their readers and that it’s possible, for some, to produce upon demand when pressured? Can that type of situation produce a good book?

Yes. I think all authors are influenced by the demands of their readers. The big question is how to respond to those demands and what to do when you receive wildly conflicting demands and there is absolutely no consensus amongst your readers as to what they actually want or don’t want. The author has to be sensitive to what he or she can learn from the readers, but the author has to dig down deep in the heart and come up with the book the author believes to be the best response to everything he or she has learned —- In other words, no matter what one group of readers might say, or how much another group might disagree, the writer has to write the best book he or she can write. And that is really what ALL the fans want: that you do your best. Readers can tell you wildly conflicting things. I remember once a journalist telling me that “the internet had declared ‘Queen of the Damned’ a failure.” Was I to believe that? Was I supposed to respond to it? The book was No.1 at the time on the New York Times list. It was receiving some of the best reviews I’d ever received. Readers at the signings seemed to love it. Another time a young woman called my home and told me “We don’t like ‘Queen of the Damned.’ We don’t like all those other characters. We want Louis and Lestat.” Was I supposed to cater to that demand? — Was I to take these comments as truly reflective of the success or failure of “Queen of the Damned?” You listen to your readers, you care about them, you don’t want to disappoint them, but you must again and again return to your own deepest values, obsessions and concerns and produce the book that you think is the best. It’s not easy. If you look on Amazon, you’ll see there is no consensus whatsoever among our readers as to which is my best book; every single book I’ve written has been called a bad book, a failure, and sometimes even “the worst book ever published.” You take note. You reflect. Then you go back to what drives you to write and you steer a course that feels right for you.

3 – With an ongoing debate about the power of negative reviews and the very real possibility of black-listing authors for defending themselves, do you think there is anything an indie author can do to defend themselves?

Indie authors today need to be aware of what they’re facing. The internet has changed reviewing. A person ten years ago might have said, “I enjoyed the book, but not all that much. I don’t know why. But I’ll try the author again if he writes another. “Today that person goes on line and says, “I am giving this book one star because I feel plotting and characterization was poor, and I did not like the characters, I felt the heroine was a ‘Mary Sue’ and I can’t stand that kind of character, and there was too much description, and I found a typo on page 263 etc.” Does this help the author? Probably not at all. Does it help other customers? Very likely no, because for all its “details,” it’s entirely subjective and not particularly expressive of why the reader didn’t have a good time with the book. So indie authors have to keep a cool head with the new internet hobbyist criticism. Just realize that the book didn’t do what you wanted it to do for that reader, and move on. As for the roving gangs of gangster bullies on Amazon and Goodreads, they will remain a fact of life for indie authors until websites begin to clean out these people. Ignore them. That is really all you can do. On Amazon you can report attacks that are vitriolic and obviously involve gang related negative voting, but the management does not regularly apply its guidelines. Again, move on. Keep writing, keep working. Learn what you can and ignore the rest. Be assured there are people working on solving the gangster bully problem and maybe someday they will be successful. There has never been any justice in the world of book reviewing. And it has never been clear whether book reviewing benefits anyone but the reviewer. Word of mouth is what sells books and always has, lots of readers ignore reviews and wisely so, and the author’s greatest strength is his or her ability to keep writing, keep working, keep getting the work out there.

4- You have often mentioned that a substantive review (pro or con) can be immensely helpful to any author. In what way?

First off, let’s remind ourselves: reviews aren’t written for authors. They’re written for other readers or book customers. That being said, an author can certainly learn from a substantive review. I’ve been surprised often by substantive reviews, to discover how much some aspects of a book mattered to readers, aspects that I didn’t think too much about when writing. After all, when you’re writing, you’re thinking of everything! You have to think of everything. And the substantive review can confirm that you succeeded in many ways, but also surprise you with an enthusiastic riff on something you might have thought was insignificant. Readers come to book with a wide range of expectations. Some want characters. Some want story. Some want heavy action. Others want emotional passages. Some love description. If they take the time in a review to tell you how their expectations were met or not met, it can be very helpful.

5 – Are you, at all, concerned about the public’s reaction to Prince Lestat and why?

Of course. How could I not be? But there’s nothing I can do about the public’s reaction. I wrote the best book I could, the book I saw and felt, and wanted to write. There’s nothing I can add to that.

6 – What do you think authors like Hemingway, Austen, Dickens, Kerouac and other greats would have thought about anyone being able to review their books, press a button and have millions of people read it instantly?

Most writers, as far as I know, are brutally sensitive to reviews, and can be harmed by them, and they learn early on to protect themselves from reviews in a number of ways. Some simply don’t read reviews — ever. I’m not sure what the authors you mention would have thought of the internet age. I suspect most would have sealed themselves off from the voices that could block and hurt. The internet is a jungle. There are gangs of “readers” who enjoy nothing more than trashing authors, and they roam from site to site doing that. They think it’s fun. It’s better for writers if they ignore that kind of thing. Myself, I do read my reviews, and I do learn from them and learn from the experience. But I wouldn’t advise any other writer to do that. It’s too risky. It’s a personal choice.

7 – Do you think authors (as a group) do enough to support each other or defend themselves as well as indie authors?

In the past, writers didn’t do much as a group to support themselves and other writers. We were all loners. There were organizations, yes, but each writer was really on his own out there. Today, however there are more convivial organizations for Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers, and the like, and these authors come together, make friends, and do support one another, and I think that is wonderful. After all we aren’t in competition with one another really. We’re in competition with ourselves. There is plenty of room on the Best Sellers Lists of the world for a great number of authors to enjoy success. When it comes to supporting the indie author, well, I do see authors giving support, and I see indies coming together to share experience, and give one another pointers and suggestions. I think it’s great. —— The main thing is this: there are no rules in the world of authors and readers. There are many ways to succeed, and many ways to get the support you need as you pursue your life as a writer. It’s a great life really. No other art form offers such freedom and flexibility, so many ways to succeed, and involves so little expense. Setting out to be a film director is a nightmare by comparison. Studying all your life to be a ballet dancer involves no end of expense, travel, sacrifice. But a writer with a laptop can create a novel at the kitchen table that will eventually win her fame and fortune. It’s a great life, a great profession. True, the nasty internet gangsters are making life miserable for authors right now, and it’s ugly and unjust. But the freedom of the indie author to publish on his or her own handily makes up for that. When the literary story of this age is told, many authors will have a place in it. The internet gangsters will be utterly forgotten except as collective garbage. And we all from time to time have to avoid and step over garbage, don’t we?

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Spewing Hate and Discontent

I have been pondering a question for a while now and that question is this “Why do people who spew hate and discontent feel they can not or will not sign their real names?”

I have found this to be true on many things I read whether it is books reviews on my books or reviews on other authors books. I have found it to be true on newspaper articles, and News station articles. Those who have core beliefs if they agree or not will sign their name. It is the trolls those people who spend their entire life hiding behind the name anonymous or some other insane alias to spout their venom.

First and foremost I have never seen anyone who has named their child anonymous or something like book reviewer aficionado or Likes books, or any other of the silly alias that cowards hide behind. When I am reading book reviews or comments on news articles that are signed with this signature I simply pass them over. They are not worth my time or effort.

My feeling is this, if someone believes in what they are saying that is truly believes then it would stand to reason they would want credit for it. However, if they are just putting down words for their own self validation, then it stands to reason they do not want the world to know who they are. Why you might ask. The only answer I can come up with is this. They know they have nothing to back up what they are saying. Sure it might be their opinion- however, even opinions need something to validate it. Not just well that is the way I feel or think. My question is why? I really want to know. I might still disagree but at least that person has given me a valid statement as to why they feel the way they do – That I can respect. However, to hide behind some silly alias because it makes one look good while they are spewing venom only makes that person look small and petty.

You might not like the way I write it might not be your cup of tea. Okay, I can live with that. There are some authors that I do not read because it is not my cup of tea.

It might be someone else’s cup of tea. If you read one of my books for the first time and you find it is not your cup of tea just say it. But put your real name on it. However, do not rip the book apart simply because it did not fit your agenda. That is not only childish it is unprofessional. Those people I will take to task every time. It is those people who presume to know me- to know what I was thinking when I put pen to paper. It is those people who live in an narrow minded world. Who refuse to see anything except through blinders. They read in a vacuum- they comprehend in a vacuum and they live in a vacuum. Therefore, any reviews they put out there is in a vacuum.

However, that being said, never ever would I post a review filled with venom.I would find something that I enjoyed. When I was 13 years old I read the Russian Classics. War and Peace and Anna Karina the length of those books alone would intimidate an adult- they were filled with description after description after description bordering on boredom. Yet, I read them. They were filled with Russian History things I never knew, things that later I studied in high school and because I had read those books the history made more sense to me. Would I wade through them again, probably not. However, if I did a review on those two books, they would receive a very good review. One has to remember when reading books a couple of things, the time period the book written, the language of the day, the attitude of the author that is the passion that author had for the subject he or she is writing about and most of all the research that any author worth their craft puts into a book before they ever write the first line.

For some troll to rip it apart and in many cases personally rip apart the author someone they do not know – have never met and probably never will meet is so petty and self depreciating. And to add to that using a alias just shows they have no moral compass no dreams and no goals.

So please, do me a favor, if my books are not your cup of tea just say so. I am a big girl with a thick skin. However, if you do not use your real name I will call you out. I do not suffer fools or stupidity at all. Oh and one last thing- if all of your reviews on other authors books are nasty yes you will get called out. It tells me that you have an agenda. And not one that is favorable to you.

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A Kind Word Turneth Away Wrath!

“Actually you can judge a book by its cover, especially if it’s Black Bed Sheets. I know that you think that you are being brave or something when you publish my words verbatim and then pull an “I know you are, what am I?” but I am both a writer and a publisher. My short stories have been published in Shock Totem, Big Pulp and Lamplight.

Of course, neither accusation that you hurl at me matters since they don’t mitigate the fact that BBS is making books with ugly covers and can’t even be bothered to pay the writers. I made the criticism as a fellow publisher and if BBS wants to take umbrage that is perfectly within the rights of BBS.

The second accusation is just weird. Books are products. You can bitch and moan all you want about what I say about them, but at the end of the day, you aren’t going to sell ugly ass books like the ones put out by Black Bed Sheets. The potential readers understand – maybe not overtly, but implicitly – that a company that can’t take the time to design a cover that doesn’t look like utter shit is also a company that can’t be bothered to pay the writers, find decent writers, edit the books, copy edit the books or do anything but whine and bitch when they are criticized. This is why BBS will be just another publisher at a micro-horror convention trading books.

But congratulations for getting this one on the second page of my google search. I almost forgot about this meshuggas. I am currently busy promoting King David & The Spiders from Mars – the Amazon page is like so you can see what a decent cover looks like. Also, it’s blurbed by Poppy Z. Brite. I hear he’s pretty popular among horror writers.. Seems like a cool guy. Stories by the poetry editors at Strange Horizons too.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” is figurative. When you take it literally, you run into problems.”

This was the second comment that fell into my in box this morning which pertained to a blog I wrote titled

Mr. Lieder just couldn’t help himself. After he finished his rambling he just had to add the fact that he was promoting his work. Well I went and did what I do best I did a background on Mr. Lieder- those of you who know me know I hunt people in my spare time. In this case it was not that hard to do. Mr. Lieder has left a trail of hate and discontent all over the net. He wants to bash Black Bed Sheet book for their covers when after researching his so called publishing house I have to say some of his covers leave quite a bit to be desired especially 41qc6OHGRuL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_

I have no clue why he hates Black Bed Sheet Books so much. The only reason that comes to mind is that BBS is a very successful publishing house and sadly Mr. Lieder’s does not appear to be.

When he makes this statement “The second accusation is just weird. Books are products. You can bitch and moan all you want about what I say about them, but at the end of the day, you aren’t going to sell ugly ass books like the ones put out by Black Bed Sheets. The potential readers understand – maybe not overtly, but implicitly – that a company that can’t take the time to design a cover that doesn’t look like utter shit is also a company that can’t be bothered to pay the writers, find decent writers, edit the books, copy edit the books or do anything but whine and bitch when they are criticized. This is why BBS will be just another publisher at a micro-horror convention trading books.” it makes me wonder who his sources are- where he got his information and can he back up his blather.

He tries to justify his credibility by letting me where he has been published. My reply to that is so what? If one continues to create a negative Public Relations persona one will soon be forgotten. Mr. Lieder’s pages are full of hate and discontent and it doesn’t matter the subject matter. If it is not about him it is not worthy. As I ran my background I found the source of his hate and discontent and it comes from within himself. He even admits it on his journal page.

I find this sad for a couple of reasons the most important is that he understands he may have a problem but yet he goes out of his way to not change it. Second he is a talented man and yet he spends his time and energy wasting that talent on spewing venom and hate.

In a comment on another blog I had posted he proceeded to inform me of what a vile and evil creature I was and that I would die alone and unloved. When I read that I felt such sadness for this person. It sounds as if he is describing himself and yet when he looks in the mirror he refuses to change.

Any one that knows me knows that I defend those I care about and I care about the owner of Black Bed Sheets- he is one of my dearest friends in this cut throat industry. Sadly Mr. Lieder does not appear to have those kinds of loyalties. He is missing something in his life- be it self confidence, self love or good friends or all three. The best I can hope for him is that he will see he is cheating himself on so many levels- He is not hurting us at all we know who we are and what we are about. We do not have to draw negative attention to ourselves to succeed – we have already succeeded by being kind. So Mr. Lieder- my prayer for you is this. May you find the goodness that is in your soul- may you learn that people are not out to get you- may you understand we all are living on this planet and may you learn to love and like yourself warts and all. Then and only then will you learn to love others. I will continue to pray for you- no matter how much you hate it.

And just as an after thought I am very glad that I was able to boost your ratings. See good does come from adversity

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Gentleman’s Quarterly and Phil Robertson Revisited

Yesterday most of you know that I wrote a blog about the insane madness surrounding an interview with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. If you recall I also stated that I had many friends in the gay community who were supporting Phil’s interview who understood even though GLADD chose not to that Phil was only stating his opinion and not “gay bashing”. Well today I have read the entire interview, watched the representative from GLADD who started this insanity and talked to my very best friend who was also a character in my book The Pink Canary. Some of you may have known him as the character Penelope. His real name is Peter Fondura and yes I have his permission to write this blog. So with that being said let me just start by saying if one reads the entire article and not just pick and choose those things which meet with their agenda – yes GLADD I am talking about you- then one will see that Phil was not mean spirited nor was he ugly. He is just a true southern redneck albeit a very educated one who when asked a question answers it to his ability. He does not sugar coat his answers with platitudes and sweetness what you see is what you get. Unlike the minions in Washington and those like GLADD who have their own agenda and are proficient in double speak. With southerners like myself one always knows where one stands on issues. So if you don’t want to do not ask.

Okay now that we are straight on the lingo let me continue with the meat of the matter. The interview which by the way is Titled “What The Duck?” that in itself could be considered insulting because it is one of the double innuendos used in this article. The article written by Drew Magary appears on the surface to be genuine in that he appears to really want to understand the southern culture and the faith of this family. However, if one reads between the lines it is full of sarcasm and baiting. He wants to believe that Phil is not as smart as he is, that he is just an ignorant backwoods redneck with a bigoted philosophy. He can’t understand how this family lives off the land, loves their family and lives their faith.

Which not brings me to my next point. During this interview Mr. Magary appears to be agast at the hospitality afforded him at the Robertson’s home. They did not treat him like he was big interviewer he was treated like one of the family yes that is again southern hospitality. What did he expect? He had already assumed they were redneck uneducated backwoods gun toting, Bible Thumping men so why change the prospective. MR. Magary intentionally asked the question “What do you think is sin?” Again when someone asks a southerner a question be prepared for an answer and yes it will be mind jolting it is just part of our culture. Then when he had the nerve to ask about, how did he put it oh yes “growing up in the pre- civil rights era” Phil told him what he encountered – and now the left wants to nail him to the cross for that one. Well again, Phil was very honest- he was “poor white trash” and he worked and lived along side of the blacks in his area. They lived together, prayed together, laughed together, worshiped together and cried and sang together. Sorry Mr. Magary he couldn’t lie and tell you he saw anyone being mistreated. You see all of them including Phil’s family was trying to just survive they all worked those cotton fields just to get by. So before the NAACP and the REV up REVs get their panties in a wad- he didn’t say anything against blacks.

Okay moving on to the thing with GLADD- maybe they should change their name to something else. Another story for another time. This is where my friend Peter aka Penelope comes into the big picture. You see my friends he is gay and has been in a relationship for a long long time. He is one of those rare people who is comfortable being who he is. He doesn’t need GLADD or any of those other limp minded organizations to vilify him. We had a conversation this morning about this whole thing and this is what he said,

” I have nothing against Duck Dynasty.My nephew turned me on too them.
I’m offended by Homosexuals too Lol”

” I’ve been quiet about this because I just think it’s silly.I don’t see the big fuss over it.
I wasn’t offended one bit.He has his opinion.He never once said he hated gays.People need to get over it!!!”

This is just a few of the statements he made. The people in gay community who are comfortable in who they are do not need GLADD to hold their hand or speak out on their behalf. They have it covered. They are okay. Sadly the representative who spoke with Megan Kelly last night from GLADD apparently is not comfortable in his skin. His body language said it all.

So let us recap the bottom line comes down to this. Anyone who dares answer questions in an honest way- who has an opinion that goes against all the special interest groups the seek to sow discord, lives a life they feel is faithful to their God, loves their family, loves to live off the land (by the way where do you think you get your roast duck from) and loves humanity without conditions should be nailed to the cross for their beliefs.
There is something seriously wrong with this picture. I leave it for you to decide what it is.

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Baiting Sells Newspapers and Magazines!

Ever since I first heard about the GQ article and the interview with one of America’s most loved icons I have been reading what others have said including the gay community and thinking about how I would write this blog. I have arrived at a couple of conclusions. First let me say, I am a Christian I believe in God, the Bible and all that goes with it. I have faith in those things which I can not see. I also believe in our rights and one of those rights is the ability to state our opinion when asked. While it may not always be the “popular” opinion we are entitled to those opinions. That being said let me give you my take on this for what it is worth.

First and foremost, those who are in the gay community (and I have many friends who are of that persuasion) and are comfortable in their skin have stood behind Phil and his statement. They understood that he was expressing his belief and his faith. They understand that under the rights we enjoy he can do that and should not be persecuted for it.
They also understand that if he is censored for his belief then they also stand the same chance of being censored in their lifestyle and opinions.

Second,As a nation we have become jaded on so many levels. We hold Miley Cyrus up as a fine example of how our girls should behave then wonder what happens when she gets raped or worse and yet we condemn a man who has no problem stating out loud his faith and his beliefs. We allow soft porn to be shown in prime time when our children are watching TV and that is okay. Disney is allowed to use innuendos in their movies in order to make it more interesting for the adults who have to carry their kids to the movies in order to sell tickets.

There are very few if any shows or movies now made that doesn’t feel that in order to make the said film more powerful that explicit sex scenes have to be shown even if it has nothing at all to do with the plot. The young entertainers in the music industry feel they have to be undressed and gyrate all over each other in order to perform. IF they really believed in the talent they say they have this would not be part of the act.

We allow and encourage our comedians to use language that is like running fingernails down a chalkboard.

All of these things we accept without question, in fact we pay good money to go see them and if we are told that we could no longer have these icons, there would be hell to pay. Boycotts, articles in the papers and magazine, breaking news reports, lawsuits, and a number of other outrages.

However, when it comes to a man who speaks up for what he believes these same people are the first ones to nail him to a cross. We as a nation have become so jaded and so intolerant that we have forgotten that each and every one of us is entitled to our belief, no matter what that belief is. We are entitled to voice that belief especially when we are asked about that belief. I have lived by a mantra most of my life, “If you don’t want to know then don’t ask.” The reason is you might now want to hear what I have to say.

Everyone who has ever watched the Duck Dynasty knows where this family stands, they understand that they have certain beliefs and faiths. Those who have never watched it or are jealous of the success of this family will never understand that premise. GQ(Gentlemen’s Quarterly) will never get it. Neither will those who have closed minds and narrowed beliefs. Those who are not comfortable in their own beliefs and faiths and those who are always looking to tear down others because they are not comfortable in those beliefs and faiths.

A&E is one of those in the latter category. They have always known how this family feels. They have known since day one. To pretend righteous indignation now is hypocritical at best and stupid at worst. If this had been a Miley Cyrus article and she had made or done anything like swinging naked on a ball they would have built a show around it. Again we have become jaded.

My last point in this episode of How Stupid are We is this, if you do not like to watch Duck Dynasty turn the channel, if you are offended grow a pair- That is what my brother who is challenged had to do many many years ago when he was called Retarded by a neighbor hood boy. Yes, he is retarded and no I will not be politically correct. That is what he is. He knows it our family knows it in fact the entire world knows it. That being said, when some idiot person decides to use that term he looks at them like they have two heads. The reason he knows it is only words and those words can not effect who he is. That is a warm loving – kind successful man.

AS for the A&E channel- you are the losers. You who knew about this family before you ever wanted them to do a show, you who became a byword and a must watch channel because of this family. Shame on you! Shame on you for being so narrow minded – blind and so stupid that you would not back the very hand that feeds you. Instead of driving a wedge because of your actions you have united two different sides of the fence. You have done what many have said could not be done.

Unless Phil is brought back and unless a apology is given to that family I and my house will not be watching anything on A&E again. Oh and by the way the Bonnie and Clyde movie was not even worth watching. Poorly done in script and acting. But that review is for another day and time.

One final thought- no matter your faith, not matter your belief never be afraid to speak out. Do not hide your light under a bushel for when you do – pretty soon it will go out.

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I Read This Blog the Other Day and I Can’t Let it Go

When I first read this blog I wasn’t going to pay any attention to it. Especially since the person who posted it did not feel compelled to use their real name. My belief is this- if you have the “gonads” to write something this juvenile then you should have the “gonads” to use your real name. After all what parent in their right mind would name their child “Grammer Nazi Panzer General”? The name itself says quite a bit about the author. One they are narcissistic with self inflamed egos- They think more of themself then they are really worth. That my friends is just the beginning of this tirade – Moving on. I will rebutt this person’s blog with a few words of wit and wisdom of my own. My rebuttals will be in bold after each paragraph. Since I am an Award winning Best selling Indie Author I can do this. And yes I have paid my dues in spades. So without further ado let’s move on to this blather of nonsense.

Why Indie Authors Still Suck

I’ve come here today to talk to you about Indie Authors.  Yes, that’s right, Indie Authors.

I contemplated answering a question about indie authors, until I realized that I’ve gotten the same question over and fucking OVER about the indie market. I figured it deserved its own, shiny little blog post.

So let’s address the main question here: Is the Indie Market really that bad?  I mean are they really?

Yes.  They really, really are.

Really we are that bad? If so we are really that bad then why are the traditional publishing houses spending so much time and energy trying to shut us down. Why are people like you wasting your time writing drivel like this. The answer is we are not that bad. We are the future. No longer will traditional house dictate to readers what they are allowed to read and what they are not. No longer will agents pile up manuscripts and reject them just because they don’t happen to like that particular storyline. We are the Future!!!! We will not be stopped.

There are exceptions to every rule, and I’ll address that in a minute, but for now let me just say, the Indie Market is shit.  It’s a little pile of shit, wrapped up in shit, to make a shit burrito covered in shit sauce.

In the Indie World, you can find the drudges of the literary market.  The unedited, untalented, unresearched drivel that has been rejected by every publishing house this side of the universe– and with good reason. But instead of putting the book down, or setting it on fire, the sorry excuse for a writer has turned to the indie market for validation.

So the only thing that you can find to say about us Indies is that we are a pile of Shit in Shit sauce – the drudges of the literary market? As someone who is supposed to be involved in the traditional publishing world that is not very literary. You are writing the very same type of stuff that you accuse us of producing. We are not unedited, untalented or unresearched. I personally spend up to for years doing research on a subject. You have no foundation for this statement except for your own bias. We don’t need to be validated we know we are talented unlike some others including apparently yourself.

The author has taken the 10,945th attempt to write the next Twilight and thrown it to the rabid, uncaring, undiscerning market of women clamoring for their next idiotic, pathetic female, and well-chiseled male, and they don’t care if anything is spelled correctly.  They don’t care if there isn’t a coherent plot.  They don’t care if the author writing the book has never taken a basic literary course.  And somehow, that validates their writing against all of the professional rejection they’ve received.

Now this paragraph is laughable. I am not sure why you chose to write this one as it certainly does not validate your argument against  indie authors. IF anything it makes you look more like a male Chauvinist   showing that you believe that women don’t have a clue about good writing. “Rabid, uncaring, undiscerning,” is this how you perceive women? Your mother must be proud. I have read many books by men through traditional houses  that were not only badly written they were an insult to the industry as a whole. So female bashing is not valid.  

On the other side of that you’ll find authors who have never tried the traditional literary market.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and pull this percentage out of my ass…

Ahhhhhhh.  96%.  I believe about 96% of those who have never tried the traditional market don’t because they know they’re going to get rejected.  Their book is nothing but glorified fanfiction, and somehow they’ve decided that indie publishing is the way to go, and have the gall to ask hard-working human beings to pay them for that drivel.

Seriously- And where did you get your numbers? Out of your Ass? That is indeed a very scientific study. I am sure that you will go far in your craft. There is an old saying “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.” In your case- fool is mild. I have to ask a question here, in the Traditional Publishing world have you not seen “glorified fanfiction” I know I have and it is ugly. Once again if this is the basis for your debate you lose.  

There is a time and a place for that shit, my dears.  And it’s called Livejournal.  It’s the place where pathetic, lonely, vampire obsessed writers go to get their fix.

You wanna write about original characters instead?  Fine.  Start a blog.  But if you can’t go about publishing properly, guess what?  You shouldn’t get to publish.

I love this paragraph. How do you define “publishing properly”? Traditional houses that dictate the content, the money, cover and word count. Is “publishing properly” defined by people like you who wield the  red pen of rejection because you think you hold the power? Those days are long gone. No longer will the reading public be told what to read or when to read. You are a dying breed. 

The indie market started out as a great idea.  It began as a way for authors to take bigger control over the rights to their own books.  It provided a better medium for known authors to release books to the public, having more control over the content, editing process, title, retail price and royalties.

It was a place for writers, who had already earned their dues through traditional publishing, who had already established themselves, who had already learned how to write a book, to find solace from the Big Bad Man.

 This paragraph is laughable. First you say that the indie market is a joke and then you back peddle by saying it is a way for authors to take more control of their craft. Then you throw in the thing about known authors. Seriously you cannot have it both ways. Either it is an evil entity or not. We don’t need to find solace from the Big Bad Man we have cut him completely out.   Which brings me to another point. We cut your kind out as well. We don’t need you and there in lies the rub.

I work for a publishing house (and no despite your begging, I will not tell you which one, nor will I give you a recommendation, so please stop asking) so I know what it’s like.  I’ve seen the disappointment in my authors when they don’t like what I have to say, what I tell them to change.  I’ve heard their rants when my boss tells them, tough shit, it’s in your contract tiny mortal, you do as we say!

We don’t want to know what publishing house you work for. You must be a great disappointment to that house. You have not seen disappointment in faces what you have seen the the fact that they are finding out that they have lost control of their book because you and your boss have determined what the public wants to read. Yep that is what contracts do- they screw the author. That is why indies don’t do contracts- it is not in our best interest, it is in yours and your bosses. It is a lose- win. You win they lose.  

It’s not fun, and a lot of the time, I feel their pain.  Then again, the writers I work with have been, for the most part, writing for a very long time.  It wasn’t just some over-night hobby they picked up after reading that piece of shit Fifty Shades of No One Fucking Cares Anymore, and thought to themselves, “I can totally write something like that!”

There is no way in hell you can feel their pain- so don’t even try that one. That is like telling someone who has lost a love one that you know how they feel. That is BS in its purest form. You are not the one who has sat for hours and days on end bringing characters and stories to life to only be told- deal with it- we are going to do what we want to with your story. It is in the contract. So don’t insult them by making that kind of stupid statement. You have no clue.  

Indie authors have this very bizarre self-image when it comes to their books.  I’ve seen it first hand.  They become entrenched in this market that was taken over by the uneducated, untalented masses who just wanted a little piece of that best-selling pie, and they think that because they sat down and crapped out 250,000 words of useless drivel, the world owes them something.

Now this paragraph is just beyond words. “Uneducated, untalented masses,” this is such an insult on so many levels, I can not even begin to start a rebuttal. I for one have a degree in Criminal Justice. I have taken many writing classes and I do not write useless drivel and the world certainly does not owe me anything. If you are going to make a statement like “useless drivel” then you must include yourself and your authors in this statement. This blog is indeed useless drivel.  You cannot seem to write anything here without personally attacking indies or their readers. In my experience and education this is a sure sign of low self esteem.   

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve complained about the price of an indie book an author is begging me to read and their response is, “But I have to charge that much.  I have to get some money for my time.”

Oh really you are complaining about the price of an indie book when traditional books run almost 30.00 a pop? Are you kidding me? Are you still pulling stuff out of your ASS?   

Oh no, sweetheart.  No you don’t.  The world doesn’t owe you anything.  Your time is worthless until you prove your worth.  You can’t ask people to pay more than pocket change on your poorly-worded shit.  Trust me, you might be able to find a few people on your overly massive facebook network to crap out the nine or ten bucks for your book, but don’t come crying to me when your sales plateau after a week, and no one gives a shit anymore.

We know the world doesn’t owe us anything. And as far as our time being worthless? How dare you. We have proven our worth over and over again. “Pocket Change” Seriously?! Who do you think you are? Why would anyone bother to come crying to you? You are not that important. We do not need you. Most of us don’t care if we are not on the best seller list- we are not out to make a fortune – We write because we can. So keep your snide little comments in the same place that you pulled out this blog. Face we do not need or want your or your kind. And that is the problem- you can’t stand the fact that we do use social media we have made the internet our friend. We know how to market and it killing you.

The truth is, unless your work is good enough to be accepted by a traditional publisher, it shouldn’t be on the market.

And who made you Judge and Jury? Why shouldn’t it be on the market? Was it because you didn’t get your piece of the pie? Was it because we didn’t come to you begging on our hands and knees to have our work published? Those days are long long gone. Deal with it. It is called free enterprise and we have as much right to be here are the next person.   

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “But General, I’ve read some really, really terrible traditionally published books!”

And you’d be right on that complaint.  Some of the biggest publishing houses out there will take the most terrible books on the market, simply because they sell.  Simply because there IS a market for really bad crap.  The standards for your every day book enthusiast have fallen so low, it’s… well there are no words for how pathetic that is.

No, it isn’t the reader who has fallen so low- it is the traditional publishing houses. They want the money- they are greedy apparently just like you. So they insist that their authors produce so many books a year. No time to research, no time to flesh out the story or the characters. Just get it out there so the name will sell not the story. You can try to wrap this up and sell it but that will not hold water. It is the houses not the readers.  

But it doesn’t change the fact that just because you can write a carbon copy of the really bad, traditionally published shit, doesn’t mean it deserves the attention of the public.

Oh this is so true- especially when it comes to worse than bad writing by traditional authors and I have read many of  them. I refuse to read Patricia Cornwall anymore because her writing has gotten so bad. It is not her fault. She is pressured to pump out books like they are babies. There is not time to put her heart and soul into it because all of you are standing over her with a whip and a deadline. All you see are dollar signs. 

Before you type in the web address to amazon’s way too lenient indie publishing website, submit your work to an agent.  Submit it to a few publishing houses, and see what they say.

And here is the crux the of this blog!! The facts now come out. We don’t need you! And that mean you are losing $. Now we know the rest of the story it is all about the money. You all see it drifting away- no longer do you have control of us. We are out own agents.  

You’re going to get rejected, believe me.  You think that these big named authors became famous overnight?  I realize it appears that way, but it’s sadly not true.  At all.  Most of them have been working their fingers bloody trying to get someone with some sort of influence to notice them.  Most of them take at least a decade to take off, and only a handful actually last longer than five years on the best seller list.

What an oxymoron- you tell  them in the previous paragraph to waste their time getting an agent and submitting to a house and then you make this statement. No big name authors didn’t become famous overnight anyone with half a brain knows that. But what you are not telling is the fact that they also have to promote themselves and you get the money.  

Bear that in mind when your puny brain thinks the moment you hit publish, you’re going to be the next big thing.  The appropriate reaction when someone tells you that is to laugh in their face, and then fucking punch them in the mouth.

Now we have “puny little brains” Seriously when you run out of words you still resort to name calling – We have no illusions unlike apparently you do that we will be a best selling author we write because we can. End of story.

Now, there are exceptions to the rule, but they’re not common, and they require a lot of contributing factors.  The first being, yes there ARE some authors who DID become overnight successes.  Those authors either have A- connections or B- some sort of already-established nerdy, lonely fanbase for their shitty fanfiction they’re now changing the names on and publishing (fifty shades of my vodka flavored vomit, anyone?).  But that will not be you.  Repeat that to yourself over and over to get it through your head.  That will not be you.

Your work is not gold.  You’re not going to have some publisher accidentally happen upon your book and think, My God, this is the next Stephen King.  It doesn’t work that way.  Get the idea out of your head.  Especially if you are independently published.

I had to put these two paragraphs together. Again- the logic here escapes me. It almost as if you are angry because “Fifty Shades of Grey” topped the charts. (not one of my personal favorites) but I would be so unprofessional as to talk about it like this. Are you jealous because some other agent/publisher has made a killing off someone who is into writing about domestic abuse?  

The second exception is this- sometimes there ARE diamonds in the rough in the indie market.  There are authors who have looked at traditional publishing and all the benefits, weighed them against the benefits of indie publishing, and decided indie is the way to go.

But here’s the difference, they don’t use MS spell-check, self-edit and then go to print.  These authors, most of whom have been writing for at least two decades, get an editor.  I repeat, they get a fucking editor.  They edit the book.  They have writing groups of total strangers critique their books (they exist online in massive droves of people just waiting to pick your shit apart… it’s brutal, and kind of hot).  They beta-test their book to different genre markets.  They… wait for it… edit again.  They write, and re-write, and they sit on their book for months, go back to it, re-write more, edit more.  And then, only then, do they decide to publish.

Once again, I had to put these two paragraphs together. I have been writing for over two decades, more like 5 decades. I have an editor- I do not use writing groups and the reason is it is my story and I don’t want someone else to interject their story- they can write their own . I don’t need nor want anyone to pick my book apart I do it enough on my own. 

The sorry truth is, Indie Writing is not for the poor.  I realize it’s sort of poetic to be some sort of starving artist who spends their life suffering and misunderstood, only to be discovered as a genius years after death.  But 99.999% of you are not misunderstood, and you are not geniuses.  You are ordinary and plain.

Again, seriously? You really believe this drivel that you are spouting? We do not believe we are misunderstood or suffering. Nor are we ordinary or plain. Apparently insulting us is your only defense. You leave a lot to be desired as a professional and a person. That you feel you have to castigate indies to make yourself feel better. 

If you want to Indie Publish, you’d better damn well make sure you have the money to do it.  Editors are not cheap.  They don’t have to be rape-your-face expensive, and when I see freelance editors charging up to a grand for manuscripts, I want to burn their computer as a sacrifice to the editing gods, but they do cost money.

And they are necessary.

Let me repeat that because you fucking brainless ass-clowns don’t seem to get this one.

Once again with the name calling. What a sad little person you are. 

Editors are necessary.

You cannot self edit.  Self-editing is only good for half the mother-fucking job, and if one more person tells me they can self edit I’m just going to… to…

I shit you not, that’s what will happen.

If you choose to self-publish your books, you have to work twice as hard and pay twice as much to provide equal content to the market.  Being traditionally published doesn’t mean you’re more talented, it simply means you’re offered more opportunity for a lot less money to make sure your book is in the best condition possible, to ensure people aren’t wasting their money.

We already know this. We don’t need your whip cracking name calling- self-loathing, pious attitude to remind us. You have no clue as to how hard we as a general rule do work.

Being indie published doesn’t mean you’re exempt from handling your book like a goddamn professional.  In fact, it makes you more responsible, because you don’t have a lovely team of vodka-and-redbull soaked copy editors, content editors, book cover artists, and book formatters working their fingers to the bone because they’re getting paid a percentage of your royalties, so the shit has to be good.

Nope.  As an indie author, that is all up to you.  It’s up to you to find an editor who won’t charge you the soul of your first born.  It’s up to you to find a cover artist who isn’t going to photo-shop Sims characters and then write the title in Microsoft paint.  It’s up to you to find a copy-editor who isn’t running the manuscript through Microsoft spelling and grammar check.  It’s up to you to find a formatter who doesn’t hit justify and center and call it done.

That all takes time and money.  And a lot of trust in a market where a lot of those people are in it to make a quick buck, reputation be damned.

But that’s not to say it can’t be done.  It can.  And I’ve read those books.  Indie books have made #1 in the amazon best sellers lists consistently, and that’s because those authors follow the goddamn rules of the literary market.

Being an indie author does not make you part of the elite.  If this were a caste society, you’d be the untouchable, wallowing away in your own leprosy-covered filth.  And those who’ve risen above the dredges, the Aladdin Prince of Thieves amongst them who found the genie in a bottle with their book, are the ones who goddamn tried.

So I don’t want to hear anymore about how I don’t give indie authors a fair shake.  This is a job, and indie authors treat this like it’s some dime-store hobby.  They want a piece of the literary money pie and they don’t want to work for it.  It’s disrespectful and it makes me sick.

It is not the indies who do this, It is the traditional houses that do this. They are the ones who force their authors to pump out four books a year with no soul. This dog just won’t hunt.

If you’re an indie author and you can’t afford to do all those things, you have no right to be publishing.  You are what’s wrong with the market.  You are why indie authors have a bad name.  And you can surround yourself with those in the market who are constantly bullshitting the masses with the idea that indie authors are braver, and more special, and taking their work into their own hands, because we all know it’s a load of shit.

And one day, when you’re sitting around with your 27-book series you wrote in 15 months, making $10 a quarter, wondering why no one gives a shit, maybe you’ll reflect back on this article and what I’ve had to say.  Maybe you’ll realize that shitting out five books in five months was not producing quality work.  Maybe you’ll realize that those who were telling you that you’re doing it wrong were goddamn on to something.

The traditionally published, generally speaking, are better than you.  Because they have the resources to be.  Because the traditionally published decided to pay their goddamn dues by going about things the right way.  They independently published their books when they earned the right to do so.  When their royalties afforded them the money to pay the editors, cover artists and book formatters they needed to produce quality work.

Again why do you keep repeating yourself. Traditional authors are not better. Most of them cannot get out of their own way. The reason is simple people like you are standing in their way. They are the ones spitting out five books in five months because of the contract they sign. That is not quality work, in fact it sucks. Same story, different city, no imagination  at all.    

So complain all you want.  Rail about how wrong I am, but I’m going to be sitting here in my little self-righteous world just waiting for the day when I can say I told you so.  Because I fucking have.  Repeatedly.  And you’re still stupid enough to think I’m wrong.

Boy, you are a legend in your own mind aren’t you. This is probably the most factual paragraph in the entire blog. You certainly are self – righteous and apparently self serving and you are wrong so wrong on so many levels. We are here to stay and we are not going anywhere.

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J.K. Rowling Found Out Something We Indies Have Always Known

The other day when the news came out J. K. Rowling had written a book under another name and had only sold around 1500 copies until surprise – surprise it leaked out that it was indeed written by the one and only Ms Rowlings. After that the sales went through the roof.

As Indie Authors we fight this stigma every day. Because we are not published by the big houses and because most of us do not have “Agents” and because most of us are not in box stores we are considered less than authors. People in general have very closed minds when it comes to reading books by anyone other than those who are “Known”. What a shame it is. We Indie Authors produce some fantastic work. We choose to go where others dare not. We are not inhibited by publishing houses that tell us what to write or when to write it. We are not under deadlines to mass produce at least three books a year. We have the advantage of taking our time and to write things that have depth.

What I found interesting with the Rowlings thing was as soon as the sales didn’t happen out came the fact that is was indeed Ms. Rowlings. Like sheep lead to the slaughter there was a mad dash to purchase the book. Readers are like the general public- afraid to try something new. Afraid to step out of that box. That is really sad- they are cheating themselves of a much broader scope of reading.

We work just as hard if not harder at our craft because we have to. We have been maligned by the traditional Publishing houses, laughed out of box stores and told we are not good enough until we have it tattooed on our hands. But we continue to knock down those walls. We continue to build a reader base. We continue to show the world that we have arrived and we are not going anywhere except up.

We do not allow traditional houses to tell us what to write or what to read. They have been doing that far to long. It is time the general public was allowed to make that decision as well. Oh and while on that subject Agents have the same mentality – if they do not like a particular genre they will not promote it to publishing houses, they will let it sit until it dies a natural or unnatural death.

We as indie’s are saying no more. We are taking our destiny and  making it happen. We will not be controlled by what others think. So if you have not read an indie author remember this it is your loss. And we are here to stay.

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I Just Want to Say Thank You!

The last two days have been interesting to say the least.  With that said I want to say a big thank you to several groups of people. First thank you to all of you who have stood by me while dealing with someone who for lack of a better work has an agenda. This person has gone to everyone of my books on Amazon and made statements that relate to the books in no way what so ever. Second she contacted other reviewers who posted reviews on my books. I did a rebuttal  as is my right, to my site. This person was hoping to start a firestorm of  I don’t know what.  The only thing it has done is drive up my numbers for my site. Thank you for that.

For those of you who think differently – understand this is my site, I pay for it. I choose or not choose the content. If I choose to post a rebuttal to a review again that is my right. You exercised your right to write the review in the first place. It was my choice to post my rebuttal here.  The only difference is I also choose to use my name. My philosophy is if you have the balls to post a review then at least have the balls to post your name and not stand behind initials, a made up name or the ever popular anonymous. When I see that I see someone that has something to hide.

As I have stated before I do not write any of my books especially my true crime like any other writer. It is not for everyone. That being said, if you don’t like it- fine get your money back. But understand- that if I don’t appreciate your take on it – I also have the right to state it. One person just told me that basically deal with it. No, I don’t think so. Opinions are two way streets- everyone has one. I am entitled to mine just as you are entitled to yours.  So don’t whine to me or blast me when I do a rebuttal. You put yourself out there when you posted your review.

The messages I have received, the stuff that has been posted on Amazon the last two days is childish and has absolutely nothing to do with my craft. For someone to post what was posted and to try to stir up a firestorm is almost laughable.

Those of us who write for a living know how hard it is. We know what it takes to make it. I have been threatened by the best. Believe me this isn’t it. I will continue to write and sell books. I will continue to have readers.

Those who continue their quest of destruction – you only hurt yourself. The last I heard this is still America. I still have the right to post my opinion. If you can not stand the heat please stay out of my kitchen.  If a review is posted that I take issue with I will continue to rebutt it. Get over it. Sending me nasty messages, trying to post ugly comments and going to other people will not change that. But please keep trying the more you hit this site the more it goes up thank you.

To those of you who know me know that I do not suffer fools lightly. I have no patience for them and I refuse to attend to their behavior. When it comes to those things that I am passionate about and feel strongly about I will fight to the death for them. You also know that I am usually very tolerant. You also know that when I have had enough. I am almost to that point.

Today I received a note from a publisher who was appalled at this person’s behavior. I am sure  that if this publisher had seen everything they would still be shaking their head.

That being said, I guess I have finally arrived. I have a stalker- not the first time. My second husband taught me well. He was the best at stalking. This stalker is trying to engage others to that level. Do yourselves a big favor don’t be drawn into her web. You all are better than that. Understand you have your opinion I have mine. Deal with it. That is pretty much what you have said to me.

I will continue to post what I  choose on this site as I said before it is my site. I pay for it. Just as you will continue to do whatever it is you do.

This is my public service announcement you are now free to move about the country.


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Not Listening to Others!!!!

It is time to revisit something that I have said over and over and over again. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to my children. This business is brutal in more ways than one. Not only do writers who wish to be authors and have dreams of being the next Ernest Hemingway or Stephen King, wanting an agent, a big name publisher – blah, blah ,blah. They also have the misconception that if they get their friends and family to read their manuscript they will tell them how wonderful it is and all the other hype. The opposite is many times quite true. People just don’t have it in them to one follow directions and two do anything that is asked of them without offering unsolicited advice. Case in point- a friend of mine asked a couple of friends to just read his book. His first book- his baby. He didn’t want any advice on the mechanics – just read it for the meat. He wanted their feedback as to what they felt about the storyline. That was all, period.

As with all artists the ego can sometimes be fragile. Most of us are A type personalities with a mix of self doubt. We can’t help it. It is in our DNA. When my friend got the feedback it derailed him. Not because the reader didn’t like the story but because the reader had “ideas” for him. Really! Did the reader not listen to the instructions that were given. The manuscript was not the final draft- it was getting ready to head to the editors so she could look for those mistakes that we as writers do make. The mechanics as we are so fond of saying.

When I work with a new writer my first instruction is “Do not pay attention to the critics” The reason is simple most of them don’t like the genre they are reading and/or they think they can do it better. My answer is if they can then do it.

Edgar Allen Poe is one of the best loved authors of our time. He was laughed at criticized  and died broke because the critics thought he was not good enough. They simply did not understand him. He is now laughing at his critics.

While allowing someone to read your manuscript to get their opinion remember it is only their opinion. And as we all know opinions are like something else everyone has one. If you have ten people read your manuscript you will get ten different opinions – it is like an crime scene that has ten witnesses. Every witness saw a different thing and every witness will tell a different version. None of them will be wrong just different.

For years I worried about what other people thought – and because of that I didn’t fulfill my dream, now I don’t care. I write because it is in me. I write because if I don’t I cheat myself. I write because I can.

For those of you who have a desire and a passion to write- do it and do it without worrying about what others think. Never allow someone to steal your dream!

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