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Blood Alley Not Your Typical Sunday Drive

Blood Alley A Short Story

Blood Alley A Short Story

Do you just love a great short story? Do you enjoy being scared to death by things that go bump in the night?  Do you enjoy taking those long drives down dark roads wondering what will jump out of the darkness? Have you thought that you have seen things in the middle of the road late at night when you are tired and have been driving for hours? Well you will want to read Blood Alley. It is just a short read a little short story to tingle your nerves- to make you wonder what lives in the darkness. To make you lock your doors as you travel – As in real life things are not always what they seem. Just when we think we have all the answers the questions change.

This little jewel is  currently only found on kindle and nook. But you can download it to any of your electronic devices including your iphone. It is something that one can read while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, a dentist appointment – while sitting in the car line to pick up the kids at school or even in an airport waiting on a plane.

Blood Alley while listed as horror is not filled with much gore. I don’t think that overkill lends itself to a good read. I allow the reader to immerse themselves into the story and visualize their own pictures. Blood Alley is written in the manner of the old style horror movie. It leaves the reader the ability to imagine- which is so much more fun than just laying it all out on the page.

So hop over to kindle and download this little story. I think you will enjoy it. I even made it easy for you. The link is below.

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Did You Ever Drive Down a Lonely Two Lane Blacktop Late at Night and Wonder……?

Blood Alley

Did you ever ride down a lonely  two lane black top late at night? Just you and the road and the sound of the tires as they rolled against the blacktop. Did you play games in your head about what was round the bend or over the next hill? Did you see things in the road that weren’t there? Did you hear things in the  wind that weren’t there? Did you wonder what you would do if you saw someone in the middle of the road who looked like they might need assistance but there was no vehichle to be found? Did you ever think you saw the glow of eyes peering at you from unseen places?

If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then you might just want to read how Bubba handled this very situation on a dark, lonely very late night on State Hwy 27 known as Blood Alley. You see Bubba is a veteran over the road wheel handler who is afraid of nothing. He has traveled many miles behind the wheel of his rig and he witnessed many things. He is a beer bellied, hard drinking, tobacco chewing, womanizer who has been there and done that.

That is until….. one night as he travels Blood Alley. The only thing on his mind as he listens to his favorite country music station which is playing cheating songs and drinking songs is the fact that he is running behind, because his latest ex-wife has just thrown him out for of all things cheating on her. Bubba tried to explain that the woman meant nothing to him, but the wife wasn’t buying it anymore. She just didn’t understand that “he had needs” on the road.

So here he is running behind because he had to find a place to store what few belongings she gave him via the yard, cussing women in general and her in particular when he sees it. As the jake brakes squeal, the smoke bellows from the tires and Bubba grips the wheel to keep the rig from jackknifing, he does’t relize that from this moment on, he will never have to worry about his needs again.

Blood Alley a wonderful – scary- short story that is sure to make you rethink those lonely dark, two lane blacktops late at night,

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Blood Alley A Short Story Available only on Kindle and Nook

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped in a lonely two lane blacktop in the middle of the night? A beer swilling, tobacco chewing, womanizing, long haul wheel holder finds out in Blood Alley A Short Story.

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Rave Reviews for Blood Alley A Short Story only Available on Kindle and Nook

Blood Alley

This morning I awoke to find two reviews about my latest upload to Kindle and Nook. Needless to say it was an inspiring morning. If you haven’t yet downloaded this little short story of horror and suspense wny not? It will make you think twice about lonely two lane blacktops at night, stopping at out of the way roadside resturants and accepting rides from strangers.
This little short story was first released in 2007 in an anthology of horror stories. Nicholas Grabowski was also one of those authors. If you don’t remember Nicholas he was the one who made Michael Myers famous in the Halloween 13 movies.
The book is now out of print, but my story is not. So let your fingers do the walking and run over to Amazon and Barnes and Noble and order this little sweett story for only … wait for it…. 2.99. I am seriously considering making it a full length book, so you will have the jump on your friends by ordering it now.

5.0 out of 5 stars Don’t eat roadside BBQ!!!!, January 18, 2012
By Peter fundora – See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Blood Alley (A Short Story) (Kindle Edition)
Once again Yvonne Mason takes you to the edge with this new very scary short story.
I will never travel on lonely highways again!!!
Order this!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars A thriller that makes you want more, January 18, 2012
By Virgil Baker – See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Blood Alley (A Short Story) (Kindle Edition)
Blood Alley will set you hair rising on the back of your neck. Yvonne Mason has a knack for painting a word picture of the characters and setting for this tale of what might be happening on a lonely road late at night. Even when it appears that the trucker has reached safety, his very being is imperiled. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I want to read more from this author. Well worth it.

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Blood Alley A Short Story

Blood Alley A Short Story

I have just released Blood Alley a short story on Amazon Kindle and Nook Book. This is the only two places where this story can be purchased. For those of you who are used to my writing let me tell you this is a side of me you have never seen before.
Robert (Bubba) Haines is a beer drinking, tobacco spittin’, womanizing, wheel holder. He is running behind schedule because he had to find a new home since his current wife tossed his clothes to the curb. Bubba is in a stretch of Hwy 27 which runs from the north to Mimai. He has just hit the part of this hwy known as Blood Alley. It is a two lane black top that is known for its many traffic accidents between cars and semi trucks.
It is late at night the moon is full and Bubba has put the pedal to the metal. Until he sees something in the road……..
Yes, kiddies I am leaving you hanging. This little ditty is only 2.99 on Kindle so go there now and see what happens to Bubba.

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