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Make The Dream Happen

Normally I would not post something like this here. However, this is very close to my heart. Help us to make this happen.

College Preparatory Academy of the Treasure Coast
By Yvonne Mason

In this day and age where public school teachers in our country are required to follow a set formula, there has evolved a new type of school for parents who want something different for their children. This new and delightful system is known as a charter school. Its primary function is to reach children who yearn to go to college or need the preparatory skills and classes to help them on their journey. The classrooms are smaller; the teachers are given the freedom to teach to the student without focusing on a rigid test-prep benchmark. The students are encouraged to be free-thinkers without the frustration of being told it has to be one way only.
As a society, we have lost our way where our children are concerned. They are our future. When we stifle that future, we only get the return on the investment we put into it. Children who attend charter schools usually have the freedom and ability to explore new horizons. Charter schools break the mold. The child is taught, given the freedom to learn, to explore, to think on their own. This is called growth.
In St. Lucie County, there is a first and only charter high school getting ready to open for the August 2012 school year. Part of the St. Lucie County School District, this new charter school is starting with just 9th grade. Subsequent grades will be added each year they’re open. It’s called the College Preparatory Academy of The Treasure Coast.
Is your child important enough that you want the best foundation for him before he gets to college, so that he will not be lost in the maze which college life brings? If the answer is “yes”, then my next question is this – “Why have you not contacted the officials at the school to get an application for your 9th grader?”
It is very simple. You just contact the school at or call (772) 323-3747 for an application. There are several slots available, but time is growing short. Another thing—if you live out of state and are thinking of moving to this area and are looking for a good school where your child will be on the ground floor of something great, what are you waiting for?
College Preparatory Academy of the Treasure Coast is a dream-come-true for its founder, Erika Rains, and others who have long sought a way to help students become the best they can be. Won’t you be part of this dream? Won’t you allow your child to fulfill their dream no matter the dream by giving them the tools they need to be successful? It is not too late to get them in on the ground floor. Contact the school today. Get them signed up. Make the dream happen.

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How Would You Feel If Your Loved One Just Disappeared off the Face of The Earth One Day?

The Last Rites

We never think about the fact that when our loved ones walk out the door for a destination that it might be the last time we ever see them. We just assume they will walk back into that door with a greeting of “Hello”. But sometimes they don’t especially if they are a free spirit and never know from one minute to the next what they are going to do.

Pauline Metler walked out of her trailer in Melbourne in 1975 hitchhiking to Key West. She told those she left behind that she would be back in a few days. She started here Journey on US1 in Melbourne headed south. She was never seen or heard from again. No one ever reported her missing.

Several days later the decomposed remains of a body was found on Ulrich Rd in Fort Pierce. This body was found by two strangers who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The body had no identification.

When law enforcement started working the case they had nothing to go on until her false teeth were identified. Her name was Pauline Metler. She was 33 years old. She had lived in Key West and was married to Donald Metler That was all anyone knew.

It took several more weeks before law enforcement could find out where her family was or if she even had any. When they did find out and went to talk to them – law enforcement was lied to about her. The family refused to cooperate. The so called friends she had refused to cooperate. No one would talk to the investigators.

When the body or what was left of the body was released for burial Donald Metler refused to claim it. No one else in her family claimed it either. Sadly she was finally buried in an unmarked grave by the County in a pauper’s section of a city cemetery in Fort Pierce. To this day she still has no headstone to show that she ever existed. Her legacy is that unmarked grave.

“The Last Rites” is her story. It is her legacy in book form. It is a tribute to a young woman who was brutally raped and executed simply because three men had an urge and could. Pauline Metler was a human being who didn’t deserve to die in this fashion and then to be tossed in an unmarked grave for whatever reason. She deserves to be remembered because she lived. She loved was loved and because she was a person.

Who is to say what she might have done with her life had it not been cut so short. Who’s to say what she might have accomplished had she not been picked up that day on US1.

The question will always remain in my mind Why didn’t someone care enough?

This is my way of caring. This is my way of remembering and letting the world know she existed. Read her story, keep her memory alive. Understand that none of us are exempt from the same type of fate.

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Seventeen and An Unwed Mother What is a Girl to Do?

Tangled Minds – Actions, reactions and consequences. For every action there is always an equal or opposite reaction. Tangled Minds is fiction but full of life’s lessons. Some that are hard to live with, some that can’t be lived with and some that change the course of one’s life. How would you handle the announcement that your daughter was haveing a child in her senior year of high school? How would she handle that fact? Tangled Minds takes the reader on that journey and beyond. It is not a book you want to miss or one that you would want your teen to miss. Ann B. Keller, Author stated that it was “Written in the tradition of John Steinbeck.”

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Imagine How You Would Feel If You Ever Got The Call- The One No One Ever Expects!

Imagine for a moment- your wife, child, sister, mother leaves home one day and that is the last time you ever see her. Imagine for a moment that one of two things happen, you get a call months later telling you a skeleton has been found and it has been identified as your wife, child, sister or mother. Imagine the second instance- you never get that call because the body is never found. Imagine that hole that never ever gets smaller because you live with the hope that one day they will walk through the door. With one instance you can grieve over the remains, in the other you grieve forever because there is nothing to say goodby to. You spend your life wondering how you could have prevented it, what you might could have done to keep that person from walking out that door. It eats at you like a cancer. This is what happened to Schaefer’s victims families, most of them are still grieving because the victims have never been found.
Because they have never been found many have been forgotten. The person who is remembered is Gerard Schaefer the serial killer who took their lives way too soon. It is time to remember the girls to honor their lives and remember their deaths. This book is for them.
It is not sanatized it shows Schaefer as he really was pure evil. Give the girls their voice. Keep them in your heats.

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A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave is a historicaly correct novel set at Andersonville Prison in Andersonville, Ga. It was the worst prison camp during the cvil war. It was built in 1863 as the war was quickly coming to a close. It was built at the end of the rail line which was both a blessing and a curse. The curse was caused as Sherman made his march to the sea. The rail lines were destoryed and the supply trains were burned. There was not way that any supplies could make their way south to the prison. There were no supplies, no clothes and no food. The story takes place at Andersonville and includes two families who collide at the end. The link will take you to their official site and also an ad for my book which can be purchased in paperback, audio and audible for your kindle, it can also be purchased on Kindle and Nook. As well as and my online bookstore at

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Enjoy Historical Novels?

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

A Voice from the Grave is a historical novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first chapter. This lovely little book is available in paperback, ebook on both kinde and Nook and audio book. The audio book is in mp3 format so that you have the ability of listening to it on all of your elctronic devices. It may not play in some older model cars which do not have the mp3 format CD but it will play in all the new ones.

This book is currently sitting as #1,2, and 4 on currently popular under the Tag of Andersonville Prison.
If you love stories about the civil war, love reading history and love a good murder this little book has it all. It also has a twist that you didn’t expect.
A Voice from the Grave is historically correct, four years of research went into the writing of this book down to the buttons on the uniforms of the soliders.
This book will stay with you long after you have closed it, it will make you want to visit not only Andersonville but other civil war sites to feel the pain and suffering, death and destruction that Americans placed on each other all in the name of politics.
A Voice From the Grave can be purchased on Amazon, where you can also by the audio and download it to your Kindle. Amazon Kindle, Nook Book, BrookForest Voices (for the Audio) and my online book store at
This book should be read by every kid and adult. Even though it is fiction the history is there.

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What Would You Do IF?

The Last Rites

What would you do if your daughter, sister, mother, wife disappeared and no one knew it until there was a knock at the door? What would you do if that same daughter, sister, mother, wife was not who you expected her to be so you just wrote her out of your life?
What would you do if there were questions by law enforcement and you were hiding something or you were ashamed of her?
What would you do if……
These questions may sound strange or even impossible but they happened. Pauline Metler who marched to her own drummer disappeared on or about Mememorial day weekend in 1975. No one even knew or cared that she was missing. When she was finally discovered in a remote area on Ulrich Rd in Fort Pierce there was hardly anything left to autopsy much less bury. She had been raped and executed and left to the Florida elements.
When the investigators tried to interview people she knew, places she worked and even family memebers they all lied. None of them were forthcoming with anything to help solve her senseless murder. Even her current husband refused to claim her body and give it a dignified burial.
She was thrown away like trash in a landfill without a second thought. St. Lucie County finally buried her in a pauper’s grave without a headstone and no one to remember.
Her name was Pauline Metler age 33 – she is one of the forgotten ones who lie in a cemetery with no stone and no one to grieve over her.
Her story is that rememberence. Her story is for her to always be remembered. Help to remember her by reading her story. Don’t let her life become one of the many statistics.

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For The New Year!

The Hero of New Orleans Jean Laffite

As I think about the past year and the memories it has brought, I hold them dear even though some memories are sad they still belong to me. This past year I have lost three family members one after the other. The end of last year I lost one who was more a sister than an Aunt. I have chosen to surround myself with their memories in life rather than death. The reason is simple I can not go back and change a thing. I can only grieve and heal. No I will never get over the deaths, but I will move past it. There will always be a hole in my heart and sould, but I chose to fill that hole with the memories I have of them in life.
So with that said, I move forward to 2012. They would want that for me. As my sister said right before she died, “Live life.” So to honor her wishes that is exactly what I am choosing to do.

I want to thank all of you who have chosen to purchase and read my books. It is an honor to see book sales and to know that someone finds my work appealing. I write for the love of it. And when my books sell it never ceases to amaze me that someone else thinks it is good. So thank you for that. My hope is that each of you will continue to read my books as they are released.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, support and love this past year. I know that many of you have supported me without ever knowing me personally. The kindess of strangers is overwhelming. May each of you receive a blessing in return.

This new year brings with it many projects that are on my agenda. I will be releasing Hero of New Orleans- Jean Laffite this next year, and if things go as planned maybe two more books, at least one new true crime. You know how they call to me.

I have been blessed on many levels and in many ways all through my life, especially this past year. I am grateful. My life is a continual learning curve and that is a wonderous thing to behold. I welcome ideas, for books. It keeps my creatvie muse happy. Unlike many traditional authors I refuse to shut out those who wish to enable me on my journay. Without your support there would be no sales. Without your support I would not be successful. Thank you for that.

With all that being said, I look forward the new year and the excitement it brings!

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Join me on December 11,2011 in Vero Beach, Florida

Best Selling Author Yvonne Mason

VERO BEACH — Best selling Florida author will be at the Vero Beach Heritage Center, located at 2140 14th Ave., Vero Beach from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dec. 11, along with other local artists to participate in “Bubbles, Bags and Bling for Classy Chicks.”

This event is the second of its kind. It is a charitable event in which all proceeds from the event goes to the Sunshine Physical Therapy Clinic, a nonprofit facility which has been serving the Treasure Coast since 1953.

This is a perfect outing for everyone to buy that perfect Christmas gift. There will be handcrafted jewelry, shoes, scarves, and of course among all the other wonderful treasures, chocolates and sweets. This event not only helps someone else it can also help you with your Christmas shopping for that hard to find gift, that one of a kind gift or that special someone gift.

To help with the cause there will be a $5 entry at the door.

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My Grammer School Nightmares in Reading and Writing.

I have been reading since before I went to school. My mother taught me to read and write when I was five years old. Before that she read to me. When I was in first and second grade the lady who ran the library at school used to try to keep me locked into those one word books, “Run, Jane.” See Jane run.” I was bored. So I went to the next level and she almost didn’t let me check them out. She told me they were to old for me to understand. Seriously!

When we sat in a reading group I would be finished with the book before the group was through reading out loud. To say I was bored is an understatement. I had a teacher one time tell me that I had not finished a book and that if I had I didn’t understand what I had read. I had to tell her what was in the book.

When I had to write something I wrote above the heads of most of the kids in the class and the teachers didn’t believe I wrote it. To say that they never believed that I was so advanced in reading and writing is an understatement. The reason they didn’t believe it – I was not very bright in math. I hated it. Sure it was logical but it made no sense to me. So they tried to retard my other accomplishments. Which in turn made me feel stupid and under accomplished I was never given credit for the things I did right. The creative talent of writing. The creative talents of the arts. For years I hated them for that.

My words meant nothing to anyone and after a time they meant nothing to me. So I pushed it aside and the inner child, the voices in my head that created wonderful stories left. They hid for years. I became what was expected of me. I became what others wanted me to be. I became respectable. I still hated math, but I managed.

I succeeded at what I did but I didn’t feel successful. There was always something missing. I felt repressed and stifled. I needed to write. I needed to be able to express myself.

Had I been encouraged in my writing, had someone said, “I believe you can do this.” my writing career might have started off sooner than it did. Had there been an appreciation for the fact that I had a gift who knows where I might be today.

The point of this is- within all of us there are stories, within all of us there are creative juices which should be allowed to emerge and grow. No on should ever be allowed to destroy that without our permission. On the flip side of that coin we should never try to destroy someone else’s dream either. We should encourage them, walk with them and help them on their journey.

We are losing wordsmiths everyday to mortality. It is way past time to help the new ones up that ladder. Be a mentor- be a trailblazer- be a writer- Don’t be afraid to be unique! Don’t be afraid to let the inner child come out and play!

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