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Silent Scream- Excerpt

Chapter Sixty Two

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     I am breaking a cardinal rule in the literary world. I am adding my personal thoughts to the end of this work. However, I feel this is necessary at this time. It is time the victim’s screams were heard.

     When I first heard about Gerard John Schaefer, I was taken on a tour of Hutchinson Island in April 2006. I had just made a life changing decision to move to Florida. As Jack and I were driving south on A1A he began the tale of terror that was Gerard Schaefer.

      He pointed to Blind Creek and told me that he had been involved in a case in 1973 which involved a serial killer who had been a Martin County Deputy. This deputy kept teeth as trophies. As an author my mind went into overdrive. I knew there was a story. I just didn’t know how much of a story and what an impact it would have on me as an author. I also didn’t know how much of an impact it had on those who were involved in the investigation and conviction of Schaefer. I had no idea how many law enforcement personnel and how many counties it involved.

     I started my research in the later part of 2007. I started with the way the case ended, the getaway of Nancy Trotter and Susan Wells. The more I dug, the more I found. The more I found the more I saw of the pure evil which lurked behind the charming and charismatic mask of Gerard Schaefer. I saw the pain, the terror, suffering of not only the victims, but their families and law enforcement.

   I read the stories which he claimed to be fiction and saw his true feelings of enjoying the degradations, pain, suffering and ultimately murder and destroying of lives of young women. I felt their pain, humiliation, suffering, and ultimate acceptance of the fact they could only scream silently watching as one was destroyed knowing she would be next. I felt their silent cries of help knowing that none would come. I felt the pain of unspeakable terror knowing death and worse would occur before it was over. I felt the pain of knowing the things he did to his victims were completely out of their control. He had them unwillingly bending to his twisted and evil will. He was always in control. He was their master and they were his slaves.

    It was true what he had told Trotter and Wells. There were men out there who would use them as sex slaves. He was one of them. He was the one they were to be afraid of. Schaefer relished their fear; he perpetrated that fear, fed off that fear, received sexual gratification off that fear. Gerard Schaefer lived for that feeling of a victim’s fear it was his aphrodisiac. 

    The first apparent kill he perpetrated was the last one solved that of Nancy Leichner and Pamela Nater. Did he kill before 1966? He claimed he had. He told Special Agent Hazelwood he had started in 1964. Did he kill when he was in Europe and N. Africa? His writings would lead one to believe he did. Did Gerard Schaefer leave a trail of silent screams across several countries? He said he did in his letter to Hazelwood. Did he admit he was the “Foremost Killler of Women in this Century?” He did simply by stating he had been heralded as such. He stated it in such as way that it leads one to believe he was bragging.

    In his letter to Hazelwood dated June 20, 1989 he stated that he was credited with 34 murders. But he said he had roamed over 25 nations on 3 continents during a 10 year span. Then he goes one step further and said he enjoyed travel. He again was bragging.

    Gerard Schaefer believed he was the absolute best at doing what he did- kill women. But not just kill them- he enjoyed degrading them, torturing them and then raping them once they were dead. However, he also relished the fact that it was his “dirty little secret.” He told an interviewer that he could never be placed at any crime scene. Yes, he had the evidence at his mother’s house. Yes, he had pictures, and yes he had written stories. But, he couldn’t be caught. He laughed in the face of the courts, he laughed at what he felt was the ultimate stupidity of law enforcement. He really believed in his ability to be smarter than the cops.

    Gerard Schaefer relived and enjoyed every moment he was in the limelight due to the silent screams he perpetrated. He got great gratification knowing he would never be caught. Sure he was in prison for Jessup and Place. Sure Trotter and Wells got away. But he could explain all of that. With Trotter and Wells, it was a clean arrest he just got carried away. With Jessup and Place well he was convicted unjustly – he didn’t do it.  

      But he continually alluded to it and to his writings as being more than just fiction. Gerard John Schaefer was one of the most evil men of the 20th Century. He lived in a world of his making. A world that destroyed young women because he believed they were whores. The only evidence he had was what he created in his world. In his reality.

       Georgia Jessup, Susan Place, Collette Goodenough, Barbara Ann Wilcox, Nancy Leichner, Pam Nater, Nancy Trotter, Pamela Wells, Carmen Hallock, Leigh Hainline and the others were forced into Gerard Schaefer’s reality. They became his victims, his fun, and his gratification. He had no regard for their pain, fear, terror, suffering of the degrading of their bodies. It didn’t bother him that the families of these young girls would forever be in pain. They were victims as much as their daughters. Carmen Hallock’s daughter was left without a mother at two years old. Did Schaefer think about that? Probably not, if he did he probably believed in his twisted evil mind that the baby girl would be better off without her “whore” mother.

     Gerard Schaefer not only made victims of the girls he brutally murdered and dismembered, he made victims of his own family. He left them to bear the burden of his actions and the consequences of those actions.

    He left behind memories with those in law enforcement who worked his crime scenes they would rather not remember. Jack worked that crime scene. He saw the body parts as they were uncovered in their grave. He watched as they were placed in plastic garbage bag in pieces. He saw their clothes and the remains of what were once two young girls with their life brutally taken from them. It affected him April 1, 1973. Today 35 years later he still feels the hurt and pain he felt when he first walked on the crime scene of Georgia Jessup and Susan Place.

   While helping me research this book we were allowed to view the physical evidence found at the scene. It brought back many haunting memories and Jack was visibly moved. He stated it was as if time had been turned back to 1973 when he viewed the pictures of the scene and the physical evidence. When I went back to finish viewing the clothing and the tree roots with the hack marks on them, he could not go. 

    Chuck Hemp has spent his career honing his skills with death and crime scene investigations. Every one of those involved I talked to said the same thing. They all said Gerard Schaefer was indeed evil. More than one of them said he should have been executed long before he was.

       As I close the book on Schaefer, I am saddened in a way. I am saddened that these young women suffered, and died way before it was their time. I am saddened that they have screamed silently for over 35 years. I have grown close to these young women. They have lived in my head for almost a year. I feel they have had a hand in the telling of their story. They have been so much a part of my life it is hard to let go- but let go I must. I must give them a voice. Now, no longer will the victims scream in silence, they now have a voice, and with this voice, comes peace.

   For the girls- sleep well.





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