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So You Want to Download a Book But You Don’t Have a Kindle or Nook Book – No Problem

So you want to download a book but you don’t have a kindle or nook book. No problem. Amazon has an app for that. With this app you the reader have a multitude of avenues to down load a kindle book. You can down load it on your PC, blackberry, iphone, ipad, Mac and other devices. There is absolutely no excuse not to read my books, that is unless of course you just hate my work.
That being said, in this techy world we live in combined with our busy lives, Technology has made it so easy to read on the run. Most of us have cell phones, or notebooks, laptops etc. It is an easy simple click to go to Amazon download the app and then buy a book for less that what a paper back would cost. You can do it no matter where you are – on a bus, a plane, a ship a car. The business of acquiring books has gone to a whole new level.
The joy of reading is no longer limited to books – kindles, or nooks.
What is stopping you the reader from entering the 21st century and enjoying the love of books? There are no more excuses. There are avenues everywhere in every form. So come on time to read.

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