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How Not to Write a Review Second Lesson

Not long ago I wrote a blog about the correct way to write a review. I explained that the “reviewer” should do several things when writing a review and one of those things was to keep an open mind. Apparently this alleged reviewer missed that blog. She gave this particular book a rating of one star simply because of the length. Seriously! That was all you could find to write about? You wasted your time, other readers time and the author’s time by the childish review. It reminds of a kid a Christmas who after he has opened up all the gifts looks under the tree and says “Is that all I got?” Really?
This alleged reviewer is not a reviewer they are just someone who wants their five minutes of fame. They show exactly how small their vocabulary really is.
One of the things I state in my first blog was to be objective- read with an open mind. Many times an author has the ability to get their story across with less. As in the case of this neat little book. The alleged  reviewer apparently had a preconceived idea about what she wanted the book to be about, not what the author wrote about.
Now let’s look at the obvious- that once again the “reviewer” failed to see or chose to ignore- On Amazon it plainly states the number of pages in the book. The reader if they are paying attention know how many pages to expect. What happened with this “reviewer” did she not read the page before she jumped on buying  it? Did she not go her due diligence before she hit the purchase button? Did she think that the pages would magically multiply when she hit that purchase button?
These are all  questions that any prospective reader should take the time to ask themselves when they read this review. This is actually not a review, it is just a rant. There is no meat to the statement except the book was too short. That tells a reader absolutely nothing, they can get that from the book page.
Lesson that should be learned here is this, if this type of stuff is all you have, don’t write it down, it makes you look foolish. If you write a review don’t be personal, be objective and above all keep an open mind. If all else fails find my first blog about how to write a review and read, learn it and use it.
Not worth the trouble,April 10, 2012
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This review is from: A Walk In The Moonlight – True Tales of Hauntings and Strange Coincidences… (Kindle Edition)

This book was read in one short reading. With the title I was intrigued but dissappointed at the book. Would not recomment this

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