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The Long Awaited Return of Ann Rice

The Long Awaited Return, March 8, 2012

By Yvonne Mason “Author” (Port St Lucie, Fl.)

This review is from: The Wolf Gift (Hardcover)
I just Finished The Wolf Gift. I have long awaited for Ann Rice to return to those of us who have read all of her Vamp and Witch Series. The Wolf Gift is quite different in its story. It is a more humbling character, one who not only seeks answers but embraces them. I read with interest the different reviews from the different readers of this new book. Sadly, some choose to make nasty comments when it was not necessary.
I have read Ann Rice for years, even when she decided to take a different path. While those books were not my style I understood her need. Now, she has returned to her origianl path on some level. Because I am an author I read on a level most don’t. I read with an open mind and in doing that I find things in a book that many leave behind.

The Wolf Gift is not only entertaining it has life’s lesson in the story. If one looks one will find lesson’s of acceptence, greed, fear, love, and even sadness. When I turned the last page, I wanted to know more. I wanted to know where the characters went next, what happened to them.

No this is not your Lon Chaney, Jr. Wolf Man, this is deeper than that. It is a book with a soul. It is a book with heart, in the same way the Vamp and Witch Series have soul and heart. It is more than entertainment, it is more than just characters on a page it is life and all that goes with it. The changes, that we all face on one level or anthor, the insecurities, the pain, suffering and loss, denial, love and even death.

The Wolf Gift brought a memory to me that I cherish. I lost my sister to Lukemia last July, when The Wolf Gift arrived in the mail, it brought back a memeory for me in a flood of emotion. Every year she and I would watch for the next book to be released by Ann Rice. I was not allowed to buy it. My sister would give it to me for Christmas. She would sign her name in the book and the date – but first before she wrapped it she read it. It became a loving joke that at Christmas that she gave me a book she read first.

Even if I had not enjoyed the book- the memory was worth it all. Thank You Ann for helping to keep that memory alive.

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Even Main Stream Authors Get Beat Up!!!

When I first saw this article I had to read it twice. Here we have two established bestselling authors basically trashing another best selling author who writes for teens. The genres are compeletly different- Stephanie writes what is in her mind and imagination and is getting slammed and told she can’t write. Please.
Who is Stephen King to determine who can write and who can’t – This is the same man who describes a blade of grass to death. Ann Rice writes a completly different genre now. She no longers writes on the dark side.
This is a very important lesson to indie authors. Each of us are unique to this world. Each of us have our own visions and characters to explore. That doesn’t make one author better than another one. It doesn’t make what one author produces any less appealing to a market. Stephanie has a way of reaching teens on a level that most people can’t. She has found her niche- which is good for her. I am proud of her and her success. I am proud that she has gotten children who probably never picked up a book before and are reading her books faster than she can produce them.
It is this reason that I don’t pay attention to what others say about my work- I don’t pay attention to the rare unkind remarks some personal. I know what I can do and I do it. I know that my readers some who don’t normally read can’t wait for my books.

This profession is a demanding one. It is one that takes all of our time – our energy and our dedication. Many people spend their entire life wishing they could do what we do. The only think holding them back is fear.
All of you indie authors out there continue to do what you do! I know I am!

This is what was said by Ann Rice and Stephen King about Stephanie Meyer and Her Vampire Books“A vampire rivalry is brewing. Anne Rice, author of the popular ‘Vampire Chronicles’ series that includes ‘Interview With the Vampire,’ took to her Facebook page to knock the author of ‘Twilight,’ Stephenie Meyer. Rice said her vampires would “feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun,” as the “Twilight” vampires do. She also knocks the fact that the ‘Twilight’ vampires remain in high school throughout the books. Wouldn’t you know it, Rice’s Facebook post has exploded. It has almost 9,000 “likes” and more than 1,800 comments. Most cheered her on, saying “Twilight is for kids, and the Vampire Chronicles are adult fiction.” But another person said, “Cutting on someone else’s success seems more than a little petty to me.” The comments escalated so much that Rice stepped in to clarify that “there’s plenty of room for a little humour in talking about the various interpretations.” Rice isn’t the first vampire author to knock Stephenie Meyer. In 2009, Stephen King said, “Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.” Which vampire author do you prefer? Rice or Meyer?”

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