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Silent Scream to be on Investigation Discovery

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My true crime Silent Scream has been out for seven years. During those seven years I have read many reviews on this book. Some by people who are in the law enforcement field who understood why the book was written the way it was and some who have no clue how the judicial system works, much less how law enforcement works or the psychic of Serial Killers. The second group of reviews are those who bashed the book, bashed me personally and just generally showed a total lack of respect for the victims. There were remarks, like “lack of plot” which in itself is laughable. This is not fiction folks, this is real, Girls were murdered. Not just murdered, they were tortured and murdered. There is no happily ever after at the end of this story. The book is not sugar coated, there is no “who the boyfriend was, what was there favorite color, what school did they go to.” That was not the nature of the book, the sugar coating is for those people who live in a world of rose color glasses.
There were also comments like Many a sentence begins with “It is not known whether…..” I have read under half this book, and can’t see myself finishing it.” Again I find this beyond laughable. For one these crimes happened between 1968-1972 at a time when most law enforcement believed that “Serial” was something one ate for breakfast. In other words, there were many unknowns. There was no forensic science, there was no DNA and there were no bodies in most cases and the bodies that were found were in pieces and skeletons. Those readers who made these kinds of statements apparently are very ignorant of these facts and believe that law enforcement has always had forensics to work from.
This book is written from a law enforcement angle not a layman’s angle. It is filled with unknowns for a reason. It is filled with technical language for a reason and it is filled with horror- the horror of the crimes for a reason. Anyone can read a cotton candy story of murder – anyone can read the sanitized story and not get anything out of it. That was not the reason for this book. The reason for this book was so that the readers on a small level could in an even smaller level feel what the victims endured before they died. Could feel what the parents and loved ones of the victims endured before they died and in some cases still feel because they had no body to bury.
It is said that revenge is best served on a plate cold and that is where I am with those who decided to write ugly reviews because they either didn’t understand, read with a closed mind or chose not to understand. The revenge is not only will the girls be heard they will now be seen.
When the new episodes of Most Evil come on the Investigation Discovery Channel after January, my book will be one of the episodes. Yes, Silent Scream will be shown, the ultimate evil of Gerard Schaefer as he destroyed lives will be shown to the world. That is the best revenge. Silent Scream is being recognized for what it is- a TRUE CRIME! not a fairy tale.

These are the nine known victims of Gerard Schaefer

These are the nine known victims of Gerard Schaefer

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Gearing Up for 2014

Well….. Yes after that usually the other shoe drops! However not this time. This time I have some excellent news. I have Luis Vera to thank for this epiphany. Let me just segway into my news- as of right now we are at over three hundred pages in both of the anthologies and I am waiting on one last story that is promised by tonight. Then I have to cut off the books. No this is not the news. Luis Vera had sent me an email asking if there was room for another of his stories and it broke my heart to tell him we were full. However, in the same I email this is what I told him.
Wait for it…………. His is the first story for ………… next year’s anthology(s), yes boys and girls and children of all ages this is what your humble author is going to do. Since we had such an overwhelming response to the call out in such a short time for the books this year, We have decided to do it again for next year. And we are starting NOW!!!! That’s right you heard it first right here right now. We are taking submissions now for next year. The cut off will be April 30,2014. You have from today until next April 30th to write your short stories, poems, flash fiction, true hauntings, etc for the anthologies. If we have enough response we will do more than one book.
So many people have been so good to me over the years that it is time I paid it forward on so many levels. The guidelines are the same, two copies of the book you are in and if you are in more than one you will receive copy of each book you are in. you will be able to order any amount of books for resale/give away at my cost. Any books that you sell you keep that money. It is a win – win.
I take care of the cover, the editing etc just like I have done this time. I just want you guys to shine and to get your dream – As you all know I go where no other goes, I march to my own drummer- hell I march to my own band. So you can expect the book/books not to be the norm. I can not promise that Nick will be in the 2014 books but I will do my best to get him there. He so rocks.
So there you go! Do you want to play?

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