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Most Evil – Sexual Devients Will be Shown Again on Feb 5th at 5:00PM

Well, my little minions if you have been hiding under a rock and did not watch the show Most Evil РSexual Devients when it first came out on Investigation Discovery you have another chance. On Thursday Feb 5th at 5:00 PM it will be shown again. On Direct TV it is channel 285 I do not know what channel it is on Comcast or Uverse.

This is the true story of Florida’s first serial killer Gerard Schaefer’s victims- He was before Ted Bundy or Danny Rolling. You do not want to miss this show and you do want to read the book

for updated cover front2;

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For Those of You Who Missed the Show on Investigation Discovery All is Not Lost

For those of you who wanted to see the show on Investigation Discovery but for whatever reason didn’t you can download it to your computer from Amazon for a mere 2.99 you can also download it from itunes. The beauty of downloading it from Amazon is that you have one stop shopping for ordering Silent Scream at the same time. It doesn’t get any better than that.

for updated cover front2

The girls are being heard and seen. Their short lives were not forgotten. Help me keep them in the forefront. Let’s never forget they lived and were loved and loved.

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Here are Some of the Faces to Go with the Crime

If the show does not make you want to read the horror that was Schaefer then maybe these photos will- These are the faces of the victims. The victims whose lives were cut short because of the evil of Schaefer. There is also a photo of Schaefer the charmer who convinced his victims to get into the car with him. Please give the girls a voice- make their lives worth something. The show will air again this Sat Jan 10th at 10:00 am.

for updated cover front2

Assorted jewlery found at Doris Schaefer's residence


Jessup Place's Bluejeans with Owl and Roadrunner Patches

Susan Place's Blue Suede Shoes found at Crime Scene

Debra Sue Lowe for book

Gerard John Schaefer during the trial.

Nancy Ellen Trotter at the re-enactment of the crime scene - Copy

Pamela Sue Wells during re-enactment

The arm found at the crime scene at Blind Creek

The grave where parts of the bodies of Susan Place and Georgia Jessup were found

the photo used during the trial of Susan Place

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Lack of the Feeling of Urgency

mardi gras (2) for Nook book for post card

When Fates Collide 3

Satan's Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare

Brilliant insanity by DEBI for Kindle

Dream Catcher new Cover for Kindle

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

the last rites front by debi

Tangled Minds

Tangled Minds

Pennies From Heavan

Pennies From Heavan

I know the title may have you scratching your head. However, all will become crystal clear as you read this blog.
For over seven years I published by books through a certain publisher. I decided it was time for a change so I embarked on a new journey with a new publisher- Dressing Your Book. It afforded new opportunities and more exposure.
Now comes the not so fun part. Several of my books we pulled from the original publisher after publishing them through Dressing Your Book, the reason at the time appeared logical. Why confuse the reader.
If appears that maybe that might not have been a good idea and it had nothing to do with the new publisher. It had to do with the fact that once the books were sent to the printer that is Lightening Source and they in turn uploaded them to Amazon there was a breakdown. Out of all of the books that Dressing Your Book republished, only four have been uploaded by Amazon to their site. Out of those four one still does not have the cover showing. Now this is a problem. The books have been pulled from the other publisher so the only paperback books that are available are through third parties and I do not get paid for those. Second the books that Amazon did have in stock are not gone and are not available so if a reader wants a paperback vs kindle they have to order through a third party. The bottom line is I am now losing sales which does not make me happy.

I am not saying that I am any more important than any other author- however, what I am saying is that in this day and age of technology there is no reason for it to take two months for my books to be uploaded on Amazon’s site complete with cover. The break down is this- there is no sense of urgency by the employees and there is no sense of pride in their work. If they are doing this to me imagine how many others are falling between the cracks – This is wrong on so many levels- As an Indie Author I have to fight twice as hard to make half the money that authors who are traditionally published make. That is because I am not published by one of the big six. I refuse to be considered less of an artist because I choose to be an indie author. I deserve- no I demand and command the same respect. I have fought for over forty years to be published. I have been rejected, laughed at and scorned because I dared to buck the system. I refuse to be treated as less than a respected author because Amazon employees are to lazy to make things urgent.

Bear in mind that a whole slew of books are being released by the big six the first of October. This is when they go all in for the silly season aka Christmas. I can guarantee that those books will be up and ready to rock and roll on that day. I too have product to offer for the silly season and I too deserve that same respect.

Amazon you wanted indie authors you begged for indie authors and now you want to treat us like we don’t belong. I think not!


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The Silent Scream Train has Pulled Out of the Station

for updated cover front2

For those of you who don’t know the Investigation Discovery Channel is doing a show on my book Silent Scream the story of the victims of Gerard Schaefer Florida’s first serial killer.

Yesterday July 24th was the first interview. There are more to follow.

This story has been a long time coming. The victims of Schaefer have been silent for too long. It is now time for their voices to be heard. I have long believed that they drive this train. When it is time for them to take their story in a new direction they make it happen.

It has been seven years since the release of the book. It has taken this long for the girls to decide that they need to be seen as well as heard. They are no longer screaming silently, they have a voice and that voice will be heard.

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Spewing Hate and Discontent

I have been pondering a question for a while now and that question is this “Why do people who spew hate and discontent feel they can not or will not sign their real names?”

I have found this to be true on many things I read whether it is books reviews on my books or reviews on other authors books. I have found it to be true on newspaper articles, and News station articles. Those who have core beliefs if they agree or not will sign their name. It is the trolls those people who spend their entire life hiding behind the name anonymous or some other insane alias to spout their venom.

First and foremost I have never seen anyone who has named their child anonymous or something like book reviewer aficionado or Likes books, or any other of the silly alias that cowards hide behind. When I am reading book reviews or comments on news articles that are signed with this signature I simply pass them over. They are not worth my time or effort.

My feeling is this, if someone believes in what they are saying that is truly believes then it would stand to reason they would want credit for it. However, if they are just putting down words for their own self validation, then it stands to reason they do not want the world to know who they are. Why you might ask. The only answer I can come up with is this. They know they have nothing to back up what they are saying. Sure it might be their opinion- however, even opinions need something to validate it. Not just well that is the way I feel or think. My question is why? I really want to know. I might still disagree but at least that person has given me a valid statement as to why they feel the way they do – That I can respect. However, to hide behind some silly alias because it makes one look good while they are spewing venom only makes that person look small and petty.

You might not like the way I write it might not be your cup of tea. Okay, I can live with that. There are some authors that I do not read because it is not my cup of tea.

It might be someone else’s cup of tea. If you read one of my books for the first time and you find it is not your cup of tea just say it. But put your real name on it. However, do not rip the book apart simply because it did not fit your agenda. That is not only childish it is unprofessional. Those people I will take to task every time. It is those people who presume to know me- to know what I was thinking when I put pen to paper. It is those people who live in an narrow minded world. Who refuse to see anything except through blinders. They read in a vacuum- they comprehend in a vacuum and they live in a vacuum. Therefore, any reviews they put out there is in a vacuum.

However, that being said, never ever would I post a review filled with venom.I would find something that I enjoyed. When I was 13 years old I read the Russian Classics. War and Peace and Anna Karina the length of those books alone would intimidate an adult- they were filled with description after description after description bordering on boredom. Yet, I read them. They were filled with Russian History things I never knew, things that later I studied in high school and because I had read those books the history made more sense to me. Would I wade through them again, probably not. However, if I did a review on those two books, they would receive a very good review. One has to remember when reading books a couple of things, the time period the book written, the language of the day, the attitude of the author that is the passion that author had for the subject he or she is writing about and most of all the research that any author worth their craft puts into a book before they ever write the first line.

For some troll to rip it apart and in many cases personally rip apart the author someone they do not know – have never met and probably never will meet is so petty and self depreciating. And to add to that using a alias just shows they have no moral compass no dreams and no goals.

So please, do me a favor, if my books are not your cup of tea just say so. I am a big girl with a thick skin. However, if you do not use your real name I will call you out. I do not suffer fools or stupidity at all. Oh and one last thing- if all of your reviews on other authors books are nasty yes you will get called out. It tells me that you have an agenda. And not one that is favorable to you.

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The Last Rites on Amazon Kindle for .99 for a Very Very Limited Time

For a very very limited time I am offering The Last Rites for .99 on kindle. The Last Rites is one of my two true crimes. The true story of the rape and execution of Pauline Metler in 1975 in Fort Pierce, Florida. She was a vibrant and young and beautiful 33 year old woman who disappeared as she hitchhiked from Melbourne Florida to Key West on US1. Until earlier this year she had been in an unmarked grave in a cemetery in Fort Pierce. This is her story.

If you expect fluff or a soft read this book is not for you. I do not give the perpetrators any slack. They knew what they were doing when they committed this crime. While Pauline might have had many flaws as we all do she did not deserve this end to her life.

When the book was written it was written so that she would always be remembered.

the last rites front by debi

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Halloween More than Just Candy

In the world I live in – that being the world of – monsters and evil and the written word of things that go bump in the night- Halloween is more than just canady. It is stories of the creepy- the scary and the macabre. My friend Betty Dravis has put together a neat little bag of treats for those of you who live to be scared. Here is her video check it out.

and check out this amazing video

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I am Asking for a Personal Favor Outside the Scope of My Books this is a revision we had to change the Paypal account information

I am putting out a personal plea outside the scope of my books in fact it has nothing to do with my books, it has to do with my oldest son who is ill. The doctors do not appear to have a grip on what is causing his illness. However, this illness is keeping him from earning a living for his family. He is an Over the Road truck driver and due to this unexplained illness he cannot work. For a few weeks he was able to collect his short term disability however Sunlife the provider has been less than professional with him. He received his last check today which was supposed to be about 2000.00 it was only 403.00 – his wife had promised their landlord and other people that she would have the money to pay them today that did not happen. They stand to be evicted among other things if I can not raise the money to help them. They have no family in Texas where they live and do not have the funds to move it they are evicted. This is just the short list.

Even thought he cannot work right now he is considered to be still employed to he can not get his 401K funds – so they are really in a bind. I have set up a facebook page as well as a paypal account if anyone of you would go over and like this page and pass it on to those in your network and donate just a dollar a person I would be forever in your debt. – the paypal account in on the page There has been a paypal account set up for this family you can contribute this way they need your support badly even if it is just one dollar at a time.

Thank you one and all for anything you are able to do.

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It’s A Man’s World Radio Interview

Last night my dear friend Marvin Anderson who has the show It’s a Man’s World interviewed several of the contributors from the anthologies that we just released Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare
Satan's Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare

The two hours of knee slapping, pant wetting, side hugging laughter was over the top. Not only did he interview the contributors he made them feel at ease because many of them had never been on a radio show before much less been interviewed for anything. Marvin was a contributor to these little jewels of horror. He has never been published before now either.

The show was filled with many new and interesting facts that have never before been told. One of our contributors Ian Bush is a member of our military he is in the Air Force- Thank you Ian for your service. Marvin also had on his show the one and only Nicholas Grabowsky who gave a bit of unknown history about himself. Back in 1988 when he was first approached by the people involved in the movie Halloween they asked him to write the book Halloween IV using the screenplay he was promised many things and was delivered none. He was never paid anything for that book. He is one of the original indie authors. He took his destiny in his own hands and never looked back. Halloween IV has been redone and is available on Amazon and Black Bed Sheets

Here is the show from last night- be prepared to change your clothes:

Please support our contributors in their dreams!!! They all can be found on facebook and will be glad to send you a signed copy of their books.

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