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Has Recycling Gone Way too Far?

I have been around for quite awhile – since before there was a TV in every home- I grew up on the old Superman black and white series- “faster than a speeding train, leaps tall buildings with a single bound”, The Lone Ranger, “Who was that masked man?”, Batman- “dadadada- Batman”.

This is just a few. The point is every one of these have been made into movies and remade into movies adnauseum – It is as if the writers in the Rhinestone City known as Hollywood has run out of ideas. Which is a shame especially with so many many books by new authors begging for a chance.

To make matters worse those new movies which are being written and thrown up on the silver screen like a wet blanket has the dialogue of a group of small children. The plots are predictable,  the acting appears forced and the only thing that carries the movie is the special effects.

The insane part is we pay to go see this junk. We spend thousands of dollars on gas, tickets, popcorn and drinks to sit two hours in a darkened room to watch what used to be a “B” movie.

Why do we do that? Have we become numb to the fact that we accept anything that is thrown our way just to be entertained because we are to lazy or complacent to demand better? Have the young actors in the glitter city become so desperate for  parts and recognition that they are willing to sign on the dotted line just to be on the silver screen? Have  they sold themselves for 30 pieces of silver just to be a star?

There is no class in Hollywood anymore. No class or pride in the writing of scripts- looking for new screenplays- finding the right people for the right parts and taking pride in creating something that is entertaining and has substance. It has become too easy to just regurgitate the old stuff. Lazy minds make lazy films.

It has been a long long time since I paid money to see a movie- The reason- there is not one out there that I would spend money to watch. Where is the desire to create- the fire in the belly- the excitement of something new- fresh and unpredictable?

I will tell you where- it died out with the Cecil B DeMille’s of this world  – the Katherine Hepburn’s the John Wayne’s- the May West’s, Vincent Price’s and others who were bigger than life on the screen. These people could make a statement just by their body language- their facial expressions, their actions. They didn’t need special effects, foul language and other false impressions to make a film jump off the screen and into the brain. They stayed with the viewer long after they left the theatre. They were talked about for days, and weeks after the credits were run.

The oscars are a joke. It stands for nothing. Not creative talent- not creative writing not even creative music scores.  This is so sad- the next generations will never see true cinema! They will only see a ghost of what was once something beyond great!

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Dealing with Grief

Pennies From Heavan

Pennies From Heaven


While my newest little jewel is not yet out (soon very soon) I wanted to once again let the public know it is on its way. As I have lived quite a long time. (No, I am not in my 20’s, 40’s or even 50’s) I have experienced death on many levels since I was a small child. My four siblings and I were not spared the experience. We were not shielded from death or funerals. We were brought up in the old South where death and grief were accepted as part of living and giving birth. I thank my parents for that. As children we were expected to attend funeral services, to sit with the family during the wake to accept condolences from others with grace, dignity and good manners. We were allowed to grieve to be hurt but we were not allowed to misbehave. I too raised my children in the same manner.

Now many many years later, I have experienced the deaths of many many family members and friends, some who were taken way too soon. However, that timetable is not always our timetable. It  is one of those things which is totally beyond our control.

Pennies From Heaven was a need to express grief – a need to outwardly let the world know that those who have died mattered. It is not just my story- it a story from many contributors. Contributors who have lost children, grandparents, parents, even beloved pets. The reason for this book was twofold, the first to help those who were grieving who had never had the opportunity to express that grief to do so. The second reason was to be able to offer comfort and strength to someone else who has lost someone and wondered if they were grieving “correctly”.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, we all grieve in a different way and at different times. While there are several stages of grief- no one of us goes through them at the same time or the same way. We never “get over” the loss. The hole is always there, the pain is always there. However, if we do grieve- we will heal, the pain will diminish- even though we will always feel the loss the hole in our hearts.

Pennies from Heaven doesn’t tell anyone what to do- when to do it or how to do it. It is just stories of loss and grief- Many stories talk about the anger, guilt, denial,  shock  and acceptance of the death of a loved one. You will also find that one or two even talk about the comfort they found when they saw their loved one just for a brief moment. Yes, I believe we are visited by those who have left us.

If we stay stuck in one of the stages of grief, we not only cease to live- (sure we function on a day to day basis but we don’t live) we cheat those who we love who have left us. We cheat their memory. We rob ourselves of the life we enjoyed with them. We become worse than being dead-

If they could tell us one thing they would tell us what my sister told me before she died “Live your life.”  She meant it. She loved life. She loved her family. She didn’t want to die. She fought it for almost two years. But she knew what we all know- death comes to all of us. What we have this moment in time is all we are promised. When we waste it we can never get it back.

If you are grieving- you need to read this book. Immerse yourself in the stories that are shared. Stories that the contributors reached down deep into the deepest darkest parts of their hearts to write so that others could find comfort.

No, not all the stories are faith based. We do not cram “religion” down the throats of our readers. Each story is unique to the writer. The only guideline that I asked for was for them to be honest with themselves. They did not disappoint.

This book is currently at the editors and will soon be released. Add it to your to read list. You will not be sorry. Also add it to your gift list, that person will thank you.

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Now the Agents are Running Scared

I find it very amusing that since the Genie has been removed from the bottle and writers no longer have to depend on Agents and Traditional Publishers they now want to push back. Case in point:

The chick that wrote the above article demanded that we as indie authors stop calling ourselves that because we were not indie authors.

“AND STOP CALLING YOURSELVES INDIE. You’re not that either. Using “indie” interchangeably with “self” only confuses people who want to self-publish and pisses off actual independent publishers. There is a clear difference between publishing with a small press (“indie”) and using a vendor (“self”). Misusing/stealing pre-existing terms doesn’t give you credibility; it makes you look unprofessional.”

Seriously! Let me just give her the Webster definition of Independent aka Indie- ” Not influenced or controlled by others  in matters of opinion, conduct, etc. thinking or acting for oneself as in independent thinker. Not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction, autonomous: free as in an independent business man. Not influenced by the thought or action of others. Not dependant , or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc. No relying on someone or others for support, working for oneself in a private business.

This is just a few of the definitions that Webster gives. Now from the looks of these definitions I can truly state I am an Indie Author. I am in complete control of all my work, from the publishing to the cover art. No one tells me what I can or cannot write, how to write it, when to write it – how to publish it or when to publish it. I control the cover art, the pricing and the market. Ms. LaPolla it doesn’t get much more independent than  that. So before you spout off about things you have no clue go back and check Webster.

Next point this one is my favorite. She says    ” Because the thing is, most of the traditional publishing world has moved on and we’ve stopped thinking about you. We’d rather focus on ourselves. Frankly, we think you should go and do your thing if that’s what you want to do. More power to you. This town is big enough for the two of us. We promise.”

The reason we have taken matters in our own hands is because you never considered us. You all thought we would just go away and never be heard from again. Yes, the world is big enough for all of us. But it appears that the traditional folks are beginning to push back. The question is why? The is answer is simple fear on your part. We don’t need you, but apparently you will need us. We forgot about you long before you all forgot about us.

Traditional houses didn’t think they would start losing their authors to indie publishing because they felt as if they had them in the palm of their hands. They were wrong Jackie Collins is a prime example. She found out she can make more money doing her own thing.

Moving on to your next point:

” It’s true, there is still a stigma. And here’s why: The number of writers self-publishing out of impatience outweighs the number of writers who self-pub because they’re making it a career. Which means the overall quality of work being produced through self-publishing is too low to have credibility.”  This was the best argument you could come up with? Lack of credibility!  Allow me to enlighten you- I have read books by traditional authors that one I should have never wasted my money on and two they were about as credible as a suspect who is being interrogated. This dog won’t hunt. You will have to do better than that.

“So, self-publishing community, for being called “self,” you’re not very autonomous. If you want to convince traditional publishing you’re its equal, stop drawing comparisons and start recognizing yourselves as your own entity. Self-publishing is not an offshoot of traditional publishing, and it’s not a gateway to traditional publishing.”  This was perhaps my favorite quote. We know we are not an off shoot from traditional publishing- never claimed to be, don’t want to be and wouldn’t have it if you gave it to us. As for me, I am my own entity. Trust and believe. I have been at this game for a long time.

Yes, I am autonomous because I am an Indie author and if you don’t believe it go back to the beginning of this blog or better yet check Webster.

Traditional  Houses started this “Civil War” as you called it. We just do our thing. We moved on a long time ago.

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