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This Article Alone will cause this book to sell thousands of copies

I read this article with a smirk and laughter for a couple of reasons. One reason is the totally asinine reason that some of the libraries refuse to stock this book, “bad reviews”. Seriously! That is the best they can do? “Bad Reviews”, that is laughable, every book in every library in every city and county gets a bad review from time to time, some more than others, it is the nature of the beast. They sure did make themselves look silly with that one.
The second excuse they use is “Soft Porn” but then back up and say they do have a couple of books that are now classics which has so called “soft porn.” The last one really set me off- that they don’t stock self published authors. Really?! why not? Indie authors are soon going to be the norm. We have broken that taboo. Get used to it. Now to add to the insanity of their refusal is the fact this is on the best seller list and the author did it before it went to a traditional publisher.
I am appalled at the censorship I am seeing here. I am not a fan of porn of any kind, however, would someone please tell me what century we are in. The last time I looked it was the 21st Century and we see porn on TV during prime time you know those hours between 8-11 pm.
The actions by these libraries will only create more sales of this book. Word gets around and if someone can’t afford a book, well they know how to borrow it. This is laughable big time.

‘Fifty Shades’ too steamy for some library shelves
By TAMARA LUSH | Associated Press – 3 hrs agoRelated ContentFILE- This file combo made of book …
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Public libraries in several states are pulling the racy romance trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” from shelves or deciding not to order the best-seller at all, saying it’s too steamy or too poorly written.

Even in the age of e-books and tablets, banning a book from a public library still carries weight because libraries still play such a vital role in providing people access to books.

“When a book is removed from the shelf, folks who can’t afford a Nook or a Kindle, the book is no longer available to them,” said Deborah Caldwell Stone, the deputy director of the American Library Association’s office for intellectual freedom.

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” a novel about bondage, wild sex and yes, love, has been called “mommy porn” because of its popularity among middle-aged women. It has become so well-known that “Saturday Night Live” performed a skit about it, joking that a Kindle with “Fifty Shades” uploaded on it was the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

This week, the steamy books hold the top three spots on the New York Times best-seller list.

Libraries in Wisconsin, Georgia and Florida have all either declined to order the book or pulled it from shelves. Other states may soon follow.

“It’s semi-pornographic,” said Don Walker, a spokesman for Brevard County, Fla., where the library put 19 copies of the book on the shelves then pulled the novel after reading reviews about it. Some 200 notices had to go out to people on a waiting list to read it.

Librarians in at least four Florida counties have declined to buy the book — even though hundreds of people have requested it. Reasons range from not having the money to poor reviews.

“It doesn’t suit our community standards,” said Cay Hohmeister, director of libraries for Leon County — where Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, is located.

In Gwinnett County, Ga., a suburb northeast of Atlanta, all 15 library branches will not carry the book.

“We do not collect erotica at Gwinnett County Public Library. That’s part of our materials management collection policy. So, E L James’ three books in the trilogy fit that description,” said Deborah George, the county library’s director of materials management.

A copy of “Fifty Shades” sits on George’s cluttered desk. Wedged in it are nearly a dozen yellow sticky notes at various pages of sultriness.

In a nutshell, here’s the plot: Anastasia Steele, a virgin who has just graduated college, meets Christian Grey, a rich and impeccably handsome young entrepreneur. Grey shows Steele his “playroom,” full of whips, ropes and sex toys, and asks her to sign a contract to be his “submissive” sex partner. Before Steele signs, the pair romp mostly around Seattle — where the novel is set — performing a stunning array of erotic activities. As the sex gets more daring and Steele’s emotions more tangled, drama ensues.

Here’s one of the milder excerpts from the book:

“But last night, in the playroom, you…” he trails off.

“I do it for you, Christian, because you need it. I don’t. You didn’t hurt me last night. That was in a different context, and I can rationalize that internally, and I trust you. But when you want to punish me, I worry that you’ll hurt me.

His gray eyes blaze like a turbulent storm. Time moves, and expands and slips away before he answers softly.

“I want to hurt you. But not beyond anything that you couldn’t take.”

Books with sexual content, and just as controversial as “Fifty Shades,” have long been — at least for a time — banned during their debuts. Gwinnett County, Ga., carries about a million books in its system, including the steamy passages from Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Cancer” and Vladimir Nabokov’s provocative “Lolita.” These and other novels have gone on to reach best-seller lists quickly, and some are taught in public classrooms.

Library collections should be diverse, the American Library Association said, but should also reflect what people want to read. And decisions on what to buy shouldn’t be based on content alone — budgetary constraints, shelf space and bad reviews all come into play.

A book’s provenance also can make a difference. Some libraries have policies against acquiring self-published books or books published by non-traditional means.

The “Fifty Shades” trilogy took a non-traditional route to its paperback form: the author self-published in e-reader form, and many people felt comfortable reading it on tablets because those devices kept the novel mostly private, unlike a hardcover book. It was also published by a small press in print-on-demand trade paperback editions.

Because of the books e-popularity, Vintage Books, a division of Random House Inc., acquired the rights and published them April 3. So far, the books have sold 3 million copies in all formats, the publisher said, though it wasn’t clear how many were in paperback.

Paul Bogaards, a spokesman for Random House, said Brevard County is engaging in censorship by taking the book off the shelves.

“We believe the Brevard County Public Library System is indulging in an act of censorship, and essentially is saying to library patrons: ‘We will judge what you can read,'” Bogaards wrote in an email.

Caldwell Stone said other libraries are in a gray area — no pun intended.

“All libraries have to make these kinds of decisions,” Caldwell Stone said. “It’s so hard to judge the decision to acquire or not acquire the book.”

To be sure, most major libraries in Florida and across the country are carrying the novel. The Pinellas County, Fla., library system has 30 copies and more than 650 people on a waiting list. Broward County carries 26 copies and has more than 730 people waiting.

Reviews of the book have been mixed. While The Guardian of London called it “jolly” and “eminently readable,” the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph said the writing was “appalling,” ”hackneyed” and readers would have to wade through “pages of treacly cliché.”

Hohmeister said those kinds of reviews went into her decision not to buy the book for libraries around Tallahassee.

“It has not received what we would consider good reviews,” she said. “It doesn’t meet our selection criteria.”


Associated Press writer Ron Harris contributed to this report from Lawrenceville, Ga.


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An Exception to My Rule- Adding a Blog About the Unprofessional treatment at Beals Department Store

I am breaking one of my rules on this site- but it is my site so I can. However, on the other hand this could be an example of how not to treat people no matter what you do. So here goes.
I guess I am just old school but I was taught from the time I started working for my dad in his business at five years old that the customer is always the customer even when that customer is wrong. And if you as the business owner want that customer’s return business you must understand that the customer is indeed your boss. That is how I have always tried to treat my customers no matter the job I was in at the time whether it was collections, retail, or doing what I do now – so with that being said let me tell you what happened on Monday at Beals Department Store on US1 in Port St Lucie Florida.

I had received a gift card from my daughter in law for Christmas. So I decided that while my girlfriend was visitng that we would go shopping – I hate shopping so it was good that she went with me. I needed a new pair of houseshoes and off we went. While in Beals which by the way I can never ever find anything to fit me shoes or clothes we walked around the store for over two hours and finally found one pair of dearforms in size 5 – then we found a killer grey jacket on sale aloang with a top and another neat little cover up. Yep we were on a roll. I was a happy camper not only had I found some neat clothes they were all and I repeat all on sale. $300.00 dollars worth of clothes for only $118.00 – I was in heaven.

Off we go to the check out counter and stand in line for get this 20 minutes. But all was well. I was still a happy camper. We get to the register and I explain to the cashier that I will be using my gift card and any overage I would pay for with my credit card. No problem! I happily and gleefully stand there while he rings up my treasures. I loved that jacket.
He takes my gift card and puts it through the system! Then he says
“I am sorry our system is down and it won’t take it? Do you want to pay for it with another form of payment or we can hold your things until tomorrow and you can come back?”
Excuse me? You have no way to accept my gift card because your server is down? You have no way to accomdate a customer because you rely on a server that decided to have a brain fart? Where is your manager?
So he calls one to the register where there is still a line behind me all the way back to the mens section.
This cute blond comes happily pushing a buggy up to me and says “Do you need a buggy?” What?
I replied “No, I need a manager.” Her reply was “What can I do for you?”
I said, “Are you a manager?” She said, “Yes the Store Manager.”
Great now we are getting someplace. I explained to her my problem. She looked at me like I had two heads.
Her response was, as she made a circle around her face with her hands, ” Do I look like the world wide web? I can’t help you!” This comment was made in a very condensending voice –
Well, that set me off as much as I wanted to fall to her level and explain to her in no uncertain terms just how unprofessional she was, I just quietly hand my treasures back to her and said, “Well you just lost a sale.” I turned and walked out of the door.

It gets better. I had about 20 minutes to think about this confrontation as I drove home. When I got home I called corporate and spoke to the supervisor named Fredrick. He was all apologic and said that he would fix it. According to him apparently the server was down in four stores in our area, and the gift card server is separate from the credit card server.
He asked me what would it take, I told him and he said that he would call me back on Tuesday and it would be resolved. Today is Wednesday. I told him when I talked to him that all of our family shopped at Beals and because of this episoded that that would cease immediatly. And that I would be blogging about it.
I gave him his required 48 hours. He didn’t call me yesterday like he said he would – so yours truely will not be going back to Beals for any reason.
The manager at the store had a way to make me happy, according to Fredrick she could have called corporate and had them do a manual transaction to keep her customer happy. However, she chose not to. Apparently she made what ever problems she was having that day my problem and I fixed it for her. I will never shop there again nor will I recommend it to anyone I know.
I told Fredrick if I treated my customers the way I was treated my books would never sell!
So if you are in the south Florida or Florida area don’t shop at Beals!!!!!

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Vero Beach Florida Event on Sunday Dec. 11th

Well if you lived in Martin County, St Lucie County or Indian River County and did not attend the event yesterday in Vero Beach at the Heritage Center you missed a wonderful opportunity to get some wonderful deals for Christmas. I was there along with 25 other vendors who sold everything from cupcakes to jewelry to clothes to my books. It was a great event. The event was for charity.

In spite of the rain there was a great turn out of people who bought like crazy.

Getting set up for the day

I arrived shortly after nine o’cock and proceeded set up my table. Joy of all joys I had an entire eight foot table. I never have that luxury at any event. I usually have to share a table. Cramming all of my books and marketing tools on half of an eight foot table can be a challenge. But this day I was able to spread out and show all my wares plus do a bit of decorating. It was heaven.

Ready to Play

The day was full of wonderful people, beautiful things and great buys. I am so proud to be part of this yearly experience. I hooked up with old friends, made new ones and look forward to participating in this event again next year. And yes I will have yet another new book maybe two out by that time. So if you missed it this year put it on your calender for next year. It is a great time to buy those last minute gifts, those hard to buy for people and just a chance to buy a Christmas gift for yourself.

My Friend Barbara Patrillo and her Beautiful Jewerly

Another beautiful booth

Another Beautiful Booth

The Charity Was Sunshine Therapy

Some of the Wonderful Volunteers

More of the Volunteers

More wonderful booths

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The Dark Side is Part of History Too

Silent Scream A True Crime

As with all history there is the dark side. That side that no one can believes happens. But it does. It is as much a part of the lives of those who have gone before as the good side. Such is the story of the young women that Gerard Schaefer kidnapped, tortured and murdered between 1966 and 1972. This is part of Florida History. It is the dark side. The lives of these young women was extinquished before they even had a chance to live. The lives of their families was forever changed. The future of these young girls and women will never be known. Gerard Schaefer saw to that.

The way that law enforcement solved crimes took a different path. The way that they communicated changed forever. No longer was murders kept hidden within a department. They began to talk to each other, the term serial killer came into being. Method of Operations was monitored by the different departments. They watched for patterns and acted on those patterns. Gerard Schaefer changed the way the general public felt about a man who wore a uniform. The trust was gone.

Silent Scream is the story of this time in Florida History it has become a best seller on Amazon Kindle. It gives the girls a voice- a voice that until now has been silent.

The Last Rites

The Last Rites-
St. Lucie County was just getting back to normal after the arrest – and conviction of Gerard Schaefer when a body was found in a remote area of Fort Pierce, Florida. There was no identification, the body was in full decomp and law enforcement was at a stand still. They didn’t know if they had another serial killer on their hands or if this was just a random murder or a domestic violence murder.
This young woman 33 years old had been left to fade away into nothing as her body was ravaged by the creatures of the night and the elements of the Florida sun and heat. There was no one to report her missing-

The Last Rites is the story of Pauline Metler who was brutaly raped and executed while saying her Catholic Prayers. Her story and her death effected those who worked the crime even to this day. She was buried by the County in a Paupers grave with no stone for rememberance. It is time to remember her.

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Yellow Dog Cafe – In Malabar Florida

If you live on the Treasure Coast of Florida or travel south for Winter- then you must go by and eat at the Yellow Dog Cafe in Malabar. It is to die for. Stuart Burton knows how to lay a spread that will keep you talking for weeks afterward. It is always busy and it is better to call ahead.
Stuart’s cookbook is easy to use and the food is to die for. He is working on opening up another location in Jupiter. Yes indeed we do want him down here.

Yellow Dog Cafe


Create comfort food with a flair.

Stuart Borton does it every day as chef-owner of the Yellow Dog Café, and he has written a cookbook that brings the home cook into his kitchen. In the colorful, 216-page Yellow Dog Café Cookbook, he shares his shortcuts for being a well-prepared cook, which takes the simplest meal to new heights or makes the most complicated meal easy to prepare.

Borton’s easy-to-read, easy-to-follow volume covers a wide range of culinary delights, from appetizers and sauces to main courses and desserts. The recipe for Yellow Dog’s signature Onion-Crusted Chicken is included, as is one for its whimsical, dog-shaped sugar cookies. So are simple instructions for classic dishes like Manhattan clam chowder and quiche, and even one for quick pizza dough. And you guessed it, recipes to please the canine palate are included too.
The Yellow Dog Café Cookbook costs $28 and is available at the Yellow Dog Café, 905 U.S. Highway 1, Malabar, FL 32950, and at other retailers. For information, call (321) 508-8550

Yellow Dog Cafe CookBook

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The Yvonne Mason Show | Spreaker Online Radio

This is an excerpt of the newly released audio book A Voice From the Grave- A Historical Fiction set at Andersonville Prison the worst prison camp in the south during the civil war

The Yvonne Mason Show | Spreaker Online Radio.

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Have you Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like To Sit Down and Talk To A Serial Killer?

Bet the title got your attention! No I haven’t had that experience – however I have studied them enough and researched them enough that I pretty much understand their twisted evil minds. With that in mind- my book Brilliant Insanity is written in first person through the voice of a serial killer.

Lewis Rienheart only have five days to live before he is executed in Florida. He has been allowed to tell his story to the world. Law Enforcement and the news media are beside themselves because finally they are going to get a confession. However, Lewis has his own agenda and he refuses to be rushed and he refuses to leave out any detail of his crimes. Lewis wants the world to know why he did what he did. He has no remorse- in fact just the opposite is true- He feels vindicated. He is proud of what he did.

However, before Lewis will let the world in on his secret he has conditions and surprisingly enough those conditions are met. Enter Amanda McQuaid- rookie reporter- She has never covered a big story before and has no idea why she was given the assignment. She is not sure she wants to take this one on- However- it was this or the obit section. With much trepidation she chose the assignment.

Lewis is ecstatic finally he will be able to tell the world what really happened!

But all is not as it appears! Brilliant Insanity will take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotional insanity.

Listen to Lewis as he weaves a tale of murder- brilliance and insanity. Read how Lewis makes the story all about him and his needs, wants, desires and impulses.

Decide for yourself if he was justified in his actions- Decide for yourself if he really should have gotten away with murder.

Brilliant Insanity

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Yes I Can Write Something Beside Murder and Mayhem….

When Fates Collide and When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

For those of you who have asked me two questions, Why don’t you write comedy and why don’t you write about bounty hunting since you are one. Well, the answer is here. I have don’t both with help from a fellow author and wonderful friend Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc.

We started a series last year titled When Fates Collide. The story line involves two of the most unlikely characters to ever slam into each other. Meet Alex Morgan- a no nonsense Bounty Hunter who has to constantly prove her ability in this male dominated world. She has no sense of humor- she only sees the jumper and her pick up. She has seen it all and heard it all. She always gets her man no matter what she has to do. Until she meets Hope Harrington.

Hope Harrington the name of Alex’s latest jumper master of disguises- can be anyone at anytime and uses aliases like a second skin. Alex finds Hope in a goth bar in Ybor City, slams her jumper to the ground and after handcuffing this person finds out that she is not who she was supposed to by.

Hope Harrington- the real one is a mousy secretary who finds her inner self trolling the goth bars in ybor city. Her life has been boring to say the least- She has a dead end job, no social life, and lives alone. She hates confrontation and she really hates Alex who has just humiliated her in front of her few friends. But she hates the person who stole her name even more. Against Alex’s better judgement she allows Hope to help her catch her jumper. The chase takes them from Ybor City to Key West in the middle of Fantasy Fest. The jumper changing faces like clothes.
Much to Alex’s chagrin Hope proves that she can hold her own and comes up with creative and unique ways of catching the jumper. Along the way the two unlikely pair encounter some of the people who have helped Alex on other jobs and Hope is not overly excited about them.

The second in the series which has just been released is titled When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound. Alex is on her way to New Orleans for a fun filled two weeks of Mardi Gras fun when she gets the call. A jumper has headed from Tampa to New Orleans. Her name is Marie Laveau. Alex is not happy. Hope is even less happy. She was looking forward to visiting a city she has never been to before. She is even less happy when she meets Alex’s contacts in the Big Easy.
The dialogue is written in fist person by both of the main characters. The back and forth will keep the reader laughing until they either cry or wet their pants. Alex with her sarcastic wit- Hope with her total disbelief that someone as smart as Alex is involved with the shady characters in her life. Hope teaches Alex and Alex along with her misfits teach Hope and in the end they get their man or woman.

Part of the dialogue borders on the vein of a Abbott and Costello routine. Throw in a few oddball characters and you have the makings of a comedy to beat all comedies. These two books are a must read simply for a belly laugh. Right now until Christmas both books are being offered on my online bookstore for 20.00 check out

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Do You Have Trouble Getting Your Kids to Read History Because They Say It Is Boring?…

A Voice From the Grave Audio

How many of us sat in your history class and held our eyes open with toothpicks because the class was so boring. So many dates, name, places, battles, and blah, blah – blah- Snore!
Well I decided to make at least part of history fun to read. How many of you know about Andersonville, Ga? I thought so. How many of you know about Andersonville Prison? Again, I thought so.
So before I tell you about the fun part here is a mini history lesson.

Andersonville, Ga. is located in south west Georgia. During the war of Northern Agression is was at the end of the railline which provided supplies and transportation for both the north and south. The decision was made by the powers that be to build a prisoner of war camp in Georgia becasue the prison in Virginia was overflowing, winter was approaching and there was no place to put anymore men. There was no way to keep the men warm during the winter that far north.
The ideal place was Andersonville. It was at the end of the rail line it was away from the fighting and the weather was not that harsh. However, they didn’t count on the seasonal rains, the mud, the lack of water, the destruction of the rail lines and supply trains or that Sherman would make his march to the sea destroying everything including crops, rail lines, supply trains and lives including those of his own army.
My release A Voice From the Grave takes the reader on a historic ride through the Battle of Chickamaga, the decision to make Andersonville the site of the worst prison camp of the south, and the men who were involved. However, the story is told with a twist. The history is factual down to the buttons and belt buckles of the union soliders.
The plot is fiction- but it could have happened. The setting of the story is factual, Andersonville does exist as does the musuem, the visitor center and the curator of the museum.

This book is exciting- and a learning experience one that will stay with the reader once they have turned the last page. It will soon be available in Audio

A Voice From the Grave

The Book is currently available on Amazon, amazon kindle, nook book, itunes, and my online book store You the reader have the options to download to your iphone, ipad, ipod, computer and of course kindle or nookbook. When the audio book is released it will be in mp3 format and then you will be able to listen to it on your kndle, ipod, in your car on your computer and other devices with audio capablities.
There is no reason why you or your child should not love history.

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A New Venue to Purchase My Books…

Tangled Minds

Okay readers there is another venue where you can now purchase my books. That would be the itunes store. Below is the link for one of them

Currently there are four listed with the rest to follow. This is just another way you can order my books or give as gifts. You can buy an itunes gift card at your local store and the person you give it to can download to their computer or their phone.

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