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Humbled By A Reader

As an author sometimes it is hard to gage readers or the worth of my craft. We tend to be slightly different from other people. We don’t always know if what we write is what people want, mostly we write because it gives us pleasure and we would go insane if we didn’t. Today I was totally humbled by someone that I did not even realize reads my work. This person not only made my day he made my year.
When I first started this journey I was compared to John Steinbeck and his work “OF Mice and Men” when I published Tangled Minds.

Tangled Minds

Tangled Minds

Today I had the honor of being listed as one of Ric Johnson’s five favorite women authors along with three men the authors are very well known in the industry and to be linked with those names is almost breath taking. The authors he listed as his favorites were in response to this poster
powerful books

The authors he listed me with are Erica Spindler, Author, Yvonne Mason, Alafair Burke, Marcia Clark, Tami D Hoag. John Sanford Prey Series, James Lee Burke, Greg Iles. As you can see these are heavy hitters in the publishing world. I am very humbled and grateful to be considered in this list of whose who of authors. What an accomplishment. Thank you Ric Johnson for your belief in my craft. I hope I can continue to meet that expectation as I continue my journey.

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The Girls Continue to Have a Voice

for updated cover front2

A Couple of days ago I posted that I have received a phone call from the production company that produces some of the shows for Investigation Discovery. That production company is Optomen Production and they are based out of New York. They will be here next Thursday. For those of you who hated the book, who wrote bad reviews, who said it was not worth your time. Well, while that may be so, there are still people out there who want to tell the story based on my book. They thought it was good enough- I have to say I am humbled by all of this.
I have always said that the victims drive this train. They are the ones who determine when we take a new journey. After seven years they have decided that it is time to be in the limelight. The beauty of this show is that it will be shown over and over again on Investigation Discovery as well as online. The girls will now have a voice in places they didn’t before.
To make it even better some of the people involved with this case are still alive and are willing to be interviewed. I cannot explain the feeling I have about this journey. It is humbling, it is sad, yet happy. It is without doubt one of the highlights of my life.
Those of you who have supported me who have read the book and understood why I wrote it the way I did, who appreciated the fact that it is raw, it is hard to stomach and it shows the evil of Schaefer in ways that no one else has, I am so grateful to you. You will never know how much it means that you have supported me. Supported the victims so that they will never be silent again. The girls will never be forgotten because of each of you.
I believe that all things happen in their time and it is now the time for the girls. They no longer scream silently they have a voice.
What an honor to be a part of something so important to them.

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The Victims of Gerard Schaefer Have Taken Their Story to the Next Level

for updated cover front2

Silent Scream my first true crime has always been very close to my heart. It is the voice of the victims of Gerard Schaefer who were long ago forgotten. This book has raised many voices of both controversy and praise. Some have hated it because it is raw and it does not sanitize the horrific torture and murder of the victims nor does it glorify Schaefer. It shows him for the monster he was, it shows how the girls were tortured and murdered and even after death tortured even more. I refused to compromise on this book. It is written from an investigative mindset. The reason is simple that is what the girls wanted.

Yes, you may laugh and say how would you know they are dead. That is true, but when I say this is what they wanted it is very true. As I started this book,I tried many ways to write it but it would not flow, when I gave up and just let them write their stories it flowed.

Gerard Schaefer was Florida’s first serial killer before Bundy or Rolling however, he never received the kind of fame the other two did, he always hated that. He wanted to be known for his acts of horror but yet he denied it without denying it. It was a game to him. He thought he knew how to beat the system to get away with his little game of horrors. The girls are speaking out now. They are no longer without a voice.

I got a call on Thursday July 10, 2014 from the Television Channel Investigation Discovery, they will be at my house on July 23rd to interview me about Silent Scream and the girls. They will filming a show about the victims and Schaefer.This has long been a dream of mine that the girls would be heard by the masses, that their voice would be heard and that they would no longer be forgotten. They had names, they had dreams, they had families and they had lives. Those lives were cut short way to soon. They did not deserve any of that, the least we can do now is remember to allow their memory to live so that the universe will know they were here.

Another dream is that this book will eventually become a movie, I do not know if that will happen or not. The girls will tell me until then, think good thoughts and help us to get the word out that the show is coming.

For the Girls!!!!!!

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Cyber Bullies

The reason I have posted this article in its entirety is to once again show that the trolls are out there. They come on many shapes and sizes male and female. For whatever reason they love to find authors and tear them down. It is not about an objective book review, it is about how to destroy another person. Even some “authors” have been known to do this as well. I find it very sad that those very trolls who spend their lives spewing things could better spend their lives living their own dream and not trying to destroy someone else’s. They also expect authors to sit idly by and not rebut their review, to remain passive and just “get over it.”

That is what bullies do. One can give an honest review as to why they did not care of a particular book- it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. They do not have to make it personal nor do they have to go on and on and on in a rant. There is a difference in a professional review and an unprofessional review. The professional review simply states, I read the book- I did or did not care for it- The unprofessional review has to attack the author, the characters and the story line. It becomes character assassination of the author.

Reading with an open mind is not something the cyber bullies do. They feel it makes them look bigger than life to “bring down” someone else. What are they missing in their life? What do they lack that they feel they must drag others into their abyss?
Many if not all of these cyber bullies don’t even read the book. They read the synopsis and go from there. Seriously – a synopsis is just that a small window to let someone know if the book my be to their liking. It is not justification for a smear campaign.

As authors we have worked hard and long to make our dreams real. We have walked many miles, written many pages and taken many hits to get where we are. We will not longer sit back and be attacked by trolls. Yes, that is what they are. In their minds they are “getting one up” on authors who have been a success. If they have a right to which they do to spout their evil, their hate and their venom, we also have that same right to defend our craft. Sadly they do not wear that shoe well.
Instead of wasting their time tearing down they would be better served by making their own dreams real. Someone told me that they “understood my feelings were hurt”- That could not be farther from the truth. My feelings are not part of this – it has nothing to do with feelings. It has to do with the fact that I will now long tolerate bullying. I will no longer sit back while someone else tries to destroy my craft or another author’s craft. Bullies are really cowards who hide behind aliases and false statements because that is all they have to call their own. This is sad so very sad. I will continue to rebut the bullies of this world. If that shoe does not fit then maybe they should stop wearing it.

This article was written by
Nola Cancel
Anne Rice Examiner

April 28, 2014
Anne Rice, iconic author of “The Vampire Chronicles”, “The Lives of the Mayfair Witches” and “The Wolf Gift Chronicles” is well known for her strong opinions on everything from the Catholic Church, to women’s rights to the state of the publishing business today.

On a daily basis, the over one million followers of her widely popular Facebook page have read her posts and offered their own opinions on these and a variety of other subjects.

As of late, one of her most passionate topics has been the proliferation of the online reviewer and how everyday people can influence readers and writers with both their positive and negative reviews.

These reviews by ordinary individuals can be a blessing or curse to the fledgling independent author trying to make a name for themselves as a writer. It is a phenomenon of the social-media age in which we live and one that shows no sign of slowing down.

As a great proponent of the indie-author, Mrs. Rice, whose new novel “Prince Lestat” is scheduled for publication on October 28th, 2014, has graciously agreed to answer some questions on this subject as well as, the pressure a writer feels from their fans and criticism of a writer’s motives.

As always, her answers are honest, thought provoking and more than worthy of further discussion.

Here is Anne Rice:

1 – Why do you believe authors are often criticized for their motives when writing a particular book more than other creative people (i.e. she only did it for the money, she was contractually obligated, etc.)?

Yes, I do think authors are the target of some very specific criticisms that other creative artists do not receive. And it’s puzzled me for years. When readers become disenchanted with an author, when they find a new book unsatisfactory, some have a tendency to slam the author saying “he wrote it for the money,” or “he wrote it to fulfill a contract” or even “he’s insulted his fans and shows he doesn’t care.” And no, you never really hear this kind of criticism thrown at opera singers, actors, directors, painters and the like. I cannot say why this happens. Perhaps it is because we are the most accessible of all creative artists, and many readers have discovered this. A stinging and hateful criticism of Barbra Streisand may never be read by her; but many authors do read their reviews, and reviewers know this and know that they can draw blood with these sorts of insults. Another reason however has to do with something deeper: a kind of suspicion that surrounds the idea of the writer, a suspicion that does not surround creative people in highly institutionalized art forms. Actors, directors, opera singers, dancers — all these people work in collaborative art forms with hierarchies of people in control and their work comes before the public in highly structured venues — plays, movies, etc. Even painters are presented through famous museums and galleries. —- But we writers do it all on our own; we create our books individually and they come to the public free of any sort of institutional framework. True, we have publishers, but it’s not the same as an actor appearing in a movie that involves producers, directors, musicians, and studio money and PR people. We are pretty much the lone creators and presenters of our books. —– So there is a kind of suspicion of us, and sometimes even a resentment, and kind of “what makes you think you’re good enough to be a writer?” mentality that can stalk us right through our careers. In other words, we do what we do privately and somewhat mysteriously, and when it doesn’t suit, doesn’t entertain, we can be slammed for being corrupt from the core. —– That’s about as well as I can explain it right now. It’s a question I’ve been pondering all my life. Why do we get so much hostility from the disappointed reader? Why do we get so many insults? In time perhaps I can figure it out a little more.

2 – Do you believe writers are influenced to some extent by the demands of their readers and that it’s possible, for some, to produce upon demand when pressured? Can that type of situation produce a good book?

Yes. I think all authors are influenced by the demands of their readers. The big question is how to respond to those demands and what to do when you receive wildly conflicting demands and there is absolutely no consensus amongst your readers as to what they actually want or don’t want. The author has to be sensitive to what he or she can learn from the readers, but the author has to dig down deep in the heart and come up with the book the author believes to be the best response to everything he or she has learned —- In other words, no matter what one group of readers might say, or how much another group might disagree, the writer has to write the best book he or she can write. And that is really what ALL the fans want: that you do your best. Readers can tell you wildly conflicting things. I remember once a journalist telling me that “the internet had declared ‘Queen of the Damned’ a failure.” Was I to believe that? Was I supposed to respond to it? The book was No.1 at the time on the New York Times list. It was receiving some of the best reviews I’d ever received. Readers at the signings seemed to love it. Another time a young woman called my home and told me “We don’t like ‘Queen of the Damned.’ We don’t like all those other characters. We want Louis and Lestat.” Was I supposed to cater to that demand? — Was I to take these comments as truly reflective of the success or failure of “Queen of the Damned?” You listen to your readers, you care about them, you don’t want to disappoint them, but you must again and again return to your own deepest values, obsessions and concerns and produce the book that you think is the best. It’s not easy. If you look on Amazon, you’ll see there is no consensus whatsoever among our readers as to which is my best book; every single book I’ve written has been called a bad book, a failure, and sometimes even “the worst book ever published.” You take note. You reflect. Then you go back to what drives you to write and you steer a course that feels right for you.

3 – With an ongoing debate about the power of negative reviews and the very real possibility of black-listing authors for defending themselves, do you think there is anything an indie author can do to defend themselves?

Indie authors today need to be aware of what they’re facing. The internet has changed reviewing. A person ten years ago might have said, “I enjoyed the book, but not all that much. I don’t know why. But I’ll try the author again if he writes another. “Today that person goes on line and says, “I am giving this book one star because I feel plotting and characterization was poor, and I did not like the characters, I felt the heroine was a ‘Mary Sue’ and I can’t stand that kind of character, and there was too much description, and I found a typo on page 263 etc.” Does this help the author? Probably not at all. Does it help other customers? Very likely no, because for all its “details,” it’s entirely subjective and not particularly expressive of why the reader didn’t have a good time with the book. So indie authors have to keep a cool head with the new internet hobbyist criticism. Just realize that the book didn’t do what you wanted it to do for that reader, and move on. As for the roving gangs of gangster bullies on Amazon and Goodreads, they will remain a fact of life for indie authors until websites begin to clean out these people. Ignore them. That is really all you can do. On Amazon you can report attacks that are vitriolic and obviously involve gang related negative voting, but the management does not regularly apply its guidelines. Again, move on. Keep writing, keep working. Learn what you can and ignore the rest. Be assured there are people working on solving the gangster bully problem and maybe someday they will be successful. There has never been any justice in the world of book reviewing. And it has never been clear whether book reviewing benefits anyone but the reviewer. Word of mouth is what sells books and always has, lots of readers ignore reviews and wisely so, and the author’s greatest strength is his or her ability to keep writing, keep working, keep getting the work out there.

4- You have often mentioned that a substantive review (pro or con) can be immensely helpful to any author. In what way?

First off, let’s remind ourselves: reviews aren’t written for authors. They’re written for other readers or book customers. That being said, an author can certainly learn from a substantive review. I’ve been surprised often by substantive reviews, to discover how much some aspects of a book mattered to readers, aspects that I didn’t think too much about when writing. After all, when you’re writing, you’re thinking of everything! You have to think of everything. And the substantive review can confirm that you succeeded in many ways, but also surprise you with an enthusiastic riff on something you might have thought was insignificant. Readers come to book with a wide range of expectations. Some want characters. Some want story. Some want heavy action. Others want emotional passages. Some love description. If they take the time in a review to tell you how their expectations were met or not met, it can be very helpful.

5 – Are you, at all, concerned about the public’s reaction to Prince Lestat and why?

Of course. How could I not be? But there’s nothing I can do about the public’s reaction. I wrote the best book I could, the book I saw and felt, and wanted to write. There’s nothing I can add to that.

6 – What do you think authors like Hemingway, Austen, Dickens, Kerouac and other greats would have thought about anyone being able to review their books, press a button and have millions of people read it instantly?

Most writers, as far as I know, are brutally sensitive to reviews, and can be harmed by them, and they learn early on to protect themselves from reviews in a number of ways. Some simply don’t read reviews — ever. I’m not sure what the authors you mention would have thought of the internet age. I suspect most would have sealed themselves off from the voices that could block and hurt. The internet is a jungle. There are gangs of “readers” who enjoy nothing more than trashing authors, and they roam from site to site doing that. They think it’s fun. It’s better for writers if they ignore that kind of thing. Myself, I do read my reviews, and I do learn from them and learn from the experience. But I wouldn’t advise any other writer to do that. It’s too risky. It’s a personal choice.

7 – Do you think authors (as a group) do enough to support each other or defend themselves as well as indie authors?

In the past, writers didn’t do much as a group to support themselves and other writers. We were all loners. There were organizations, yes, but each writer was really on his own out there. Today, however there are more convivial organizations for Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers, and the like, and these authors come together, make friends, and do support one another, and I think that is wonderful. After all we aren’t in competition with one another really. We’re in competition with ourselves. There is plenty of room on the Best Sellers Lists of the world for a great number of authors to enjoy success. When it comes to supporting the indie author, well, I do see authors giving support, and I see indies coming together to share experience, and give one another pointers and suggestions. I think it’s great. —— The main thing is this: there are no rules in the world of authors and readers. There are many ways to succeed, and many ways to get the support you need as you pursue your life as a writer. It’s a great life really. No other art form offers such freedom and flexibility, so many ways to succeed, and involves so little expense. Setting out to be a film director is a nightmare by comparison. Studying all your life to be a ballet dancer involves no end of expense, travel, sacrifice. But a writer with a laptop can create a novel at the kitchen table that will eventually win her fame and fortune. It’s a great life, a great profession. True, the nasty internet gangsters are making life miserable for authors right now, and it’s ugly and unjust. But the freedom of the indie author to publish on his or her own handily makes up for that. When the literary story of this age is told, many authors will have a place in it. The internet gangsters will be utterly forgotten except as collective garbage. And we all from time to time have to avoid and step over garbage, don’t we?

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A Kind Word Turneth Away Wrath!

“Actually you can judge a book by its cover, especially if it’s Black Bed Sheets. I know that you think that you are being brave or something when you publish my words verbatim and then pull an “I know you are, what am I?” but I am both a writer and a publisher. My short stories have been published in Shock Totem, Big Pulp and Lamplight.

Of course, neither accusation that you hurl at me matters since they don’t mitigate the fact that BBS is making books with ugly covers and can’t even be bothered to pay the writers. I made the criticism as a fellow publisher and if BBS wants to take umbrage that is perfectly within the rights of BBS.

The second accusation is just weird. Books are products. You can bitch and moan all you want about what I say about them, but at the end of the day, you aren’t going to sell ugly ass books like the ones put out by Black Bed Sheets. The potential readers understand – maybe not overtly, but implicitly – that a company that can’t take the time to design a cover that doesn’t look like utter shit is also a company that can’t be bothered to pay the writers, find decent writers, edit the books, copy edit the books or do anything but whine and bitch when they are criticized. This is why BBS will be just another publisher at a micro-horror convention trading books.

But congratulations for getting this one on the second page of my google search. I almost forgot about this meshuggas. I am currently busy promoting King David & The Spiders from Mars – the Amazon page is like so you can see what a decent cover looks like. Also, it’s blurbed by Poppy Z. Brite. I hear he’s pretty popular among horror writers.. Seems like a cool guy. Stories by the poetry editors at Strange Horizons too.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” is figurative. When you take it literally, you run into problems.”

This was the second comment that fell into my in box this morning which pertained to a blog I wrote titled

Mr. Lieder just couldn’t help himself. After he finished his rambling he just had to add the fact that he was promoting his work. Well I went and did what I do best I did a background on Mr. Lieder- those of you who know me know I hunt people in my spare time. In this case it was not that hard to do. Mr. Lieder has left a trail of hate and discontent all over the net. He wants to bash Black Bed Sheet book for their covers when after researching his so called publishing house I have to say some of his covers leave quite a bit to be desired especially 41qc6OHGRuL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_

I have no clue why he hates Black Bed Sheet Books so much. The only reason that comes to mind is that BBS is a very successful publishing house and sadly Mr. Lieder’s does not appear to be.

When he makes this statement “The second accusation is just weird. Books are products. You can bitch and moan all you want about what I say about them, but at the end of the day, you aren’t going to sell ugly ass books like the ones put out by Black Bed Sheets. The potential readers understand – maybe not overtly, but implicitly – that a company that can’t take the time to design a cover that doesn’t look like utter shit is also a company that can’t be bothered to pay the writers, find decent writers, edit the books, copy edit the books or do anything but whine and bitch when they are criticized. This is why BBS will be just another publisher at a micro-horror convention trading books.” it makes me wonder who his sources are- where he got his information and can he back up his blather.

He tries to justify his credibility by letting me where he has been published. My reply to that is so what? If one continues to create a negative Public Relations persona one will soon be forgotten. Mr. Lieder’s pages are full of hate and discontent and it doesn’t matter the subject matter. If it is not about him it is not worthy. As I ran my background I found the source of his hate and discontent and it comes from within himself. He even admits it on his journal page.

I find this sad for a couple of reasons the most important is that he understands he may have a problem but yet he goes out of his way to not change it. Second he is a talented man and yet he spends his time and energy wasting that talent on spewing venom and hate.

In a comment on another blog I had posted he proceeded to inform me of what a vile and evil creature I was and that I would die alone and unloved. When I read that I felt such sadness for this person. It sounds as if he is describing himself and yet when he looks in the mirror he refuses to change.

Any one that knows me knows that I defend those I care about and I care about the owner of Black Bed Sheets- he is one of my dearest friends in this cut throat industry. Sadly Mr. Lieder does not appear to have those kinds of loyalties. He is missing something in his life- be it self confidence, self love or good friends or all three. The best I can hope for him is that he will see he is cheating himself on so many levels- He is not hurting us at all we know who we are and what we are about. We do not have to draw negative attention to ourselves to succeed – we have already succeeded by being kind. So Mr. Lieder- my prayer for you is this. May you find the goodness that is in your soul- may you learn that people are not out to get you- may you understand we all are living on this planet and may you learn to love and like yourself warts and all. Then and only then will you learn to love others. I will continue to pray for you- no matter how much you hate it.

And just as an after thought I am very glad that I was able to boost your ratings. See good does come from adversity

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I Can Humor in Just About Anything and This Had Me Rolling in the Floor!
“Wow. Not only are you trying to sell crap books, but you are trying to sell bullshit homophobia and pick-and-choose Bible thumping. All wrapped up in a “some of my best friends are gay” and “you were being mean to Southerners by portraying them as backwater hicks when only they can do that because they make money off this bullshit.” Wow, Yvonne and J. Guest, you are truly a vile loathsome creature. You will die unloved and alone.”

Fridays and Mondays are always a source of humor for me. The reason it seems to bring out the crazies in great number. This morning when I opened my e-mail and before I had the first cup of coffee this little ditty was waiting to be approved on one of my blog posts. After I read it twice- once without really paying attention to what this person was writing and the second time with laughter. Obviously he has no clue about me or where I am from. If he did he would not have written something so insane. Okay let me just start at the beginning.
As you can see his first sentence is trying to be an attack. He just does not get up early enough for that. He obviously is the one who has the issues. As for his second sentence, some of my best friends are gay and we had many discussions about the subject. It would appear that Mr. Lieder still does not understand southerners. He also did not understand the blog. This is evident in this statement, “you were being mean to Southerners by portraying them as backwater hicks when only they can do that because they make money off this bullshit.”
He probably needs to visit the deep south and partake of some of our hospitality. When we are asked a question we answer it and it doesn’t matter if we are making money off “this bullshit” or not. Mr. Lieder obviously only wants to see one side of life that being his side.

Now the funniest and I mean the funniest sentence in the entire statement was the last one. Wait for it! He said and I quote, “Wow, Yvonne and J. Guest, you are truly a vile loathsome creature. You will die unloved and alone.”
Apparently he has not been following me or befriended me. He has just assumed. There is one thing I do know I will not die unloved or alone nor am I a as he puts it ” you are truly a vile loathsome creature.” I perhaps think he may be talking about himself.

It is sad that this man who according to his facebook page lives in New York and is a freelance writer and editor believes that he has to make such personal attacks on folks just because they dare to stand for things they believe in. If he wants to disagree with my blog that is fine by me. After all we live in a country where we have that right. However, when someone resorts to such statements as he did at the end of his comment it tells me that he is either unsure of who he is- he is not cemented in his convictions or he is the one who is alone. Do I hate Mr. Lieder oh no- that would be to easy. Do I disagree with his comment yes I do. However, that being said, he is free to make them all he wants to. He also has to understand that when he makes those comments, I will address them.
Unlike Mr. Lieder, I do not need vilification – I know who I am and I know what I am about. So if you want to be friends I have no problem with it.
Oh and one last thing- Haters are always gonna hate! I will add you to my prayers.

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The Contributors for Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare

Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare will be released in four days and counting. In the video you will see all of the contributors including the one and only Nicholas Garbowsky. Get ready they are coming soon.

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T Minus 8 Days and Counting

Satan's Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare

That’s right eight days before the two not one but two horror anthologies are released and sent out through the universe. Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare. I have done some off the wall things in my writing career. I have written things that most people won’t even talk about out loud. I have ruffled feathers, had stalkers, and written outside the box. This project has been by far the most challenging of all my projects. I have released back to back books before, but until now I have not released two books at the same time with stories from so many different contributors. This was interesting to say the least. So many personalities- so many details to make sure the books are unique. So many stories- poems – flash fictions and even a couple of real hauntings.

When I started this project it was just going to be my short stories that I had written – however, I got to thinking, so many people gave me a chance when I first started out after years and years of floundering and not knowing how to go about making my dream real. It was time to give back – time to see how many out there had a dream that they wanted to make real. Well, I have been told many times be careful what you ask for. The response was so overwhelming it even left me speechless.

In this industry the standard is usually 10-15 contributors with one story each. And most of the time there are specific “guidelines” to follow like werewolves, vampires etc. Well, not this girl, I wanted to see just what was out there. The only guidelines was it could not be erotica for one it is not my bag and for two I wanted to reach a large audience. So the call went out, the response was as diverse as the contributors. I didn’t turn down not one contributor. That is also something that is unheard of. Each one who wrote was put in the book. Not everyone who sent in a story had been published before this project. So for them this was like Christmas and they don’t even have the books yet. When they get them it will be – well there are no words when you hold that first publication in your hands.

To add to their excitement they will be in the same book no matter which book with Nicholas Grabowsky. Who is well known for his horror – He wrote Halloween IV and has been scaring the pants off readers for years. My contributors were so excited to know this I don’t know how they have contained themselves.

Dreams do come true- Ask each of the wonderful people who reached down inside themselves and wrote for me. Scared though they were of rejection (that is for someone else to do not me) they wrote and hoped it would be good enough. Well not only was it good enough- they are in print.

It is never to late to make your dream real- it is never to late to fly! Just ask those who have just flown. They will tell you. One of them is so excited he couldn’t get his questions to me out fast enough.

I hope that each of you will support these authors – yes they are now authors- and buy these books, they will have them for sale in their home state in on their person as well as on Amazon, Kindle – Nook and Lulu.
I am so very proud of this project so proud that we are gearing up to do it next year as well.

So get ready T-8 Days and Counting Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare will soon explode on the universe.

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Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare is Almost Ready for Release

Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare are anthologies of things that go bump in the night! Written by an exciting diversity of talented writers, some not previously published and some published abroad, Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare was compiled by award-winning, bestselling author Yvonne Mason, also a contributor with two thrilling tales of her own. The stories and poems in Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare are as unique as the authors who penned them and no two are alike…..some are extremely dark and foreboding, others are quaint, while yet others are scary and perhaps even shocking, guaranteed to entertain and delight any reader. To top it all off, veteran horror writer Nicholas Grabowsky, (Halloween IV, Red Wet Dirt, The Everborn) and the owner/founder of one of the most talked-about horror presses of the last decade, Black Bed Sheet Books, has graciously added one of his own horror stories to this unique book! is where everyone goes to find some of the best independent horror fiction on the planet and things that go bump in the night. You will need to make sure the lights are on all over the house, check under the bed and double check those deadbolts on the front and back doors. Satan’s Holiday will hold you captive as you grind your teeth while your knuckles turn white turning each page to the last. Join us on a journey where you will thrill to our tales of hauntings, madness, bedlam, revenge and so much more which will ultimately convince you this is not just any holiday, it’s Satan’s Holiday along with Welcome to Your Nightmare!Satan's Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare
release Date October1, 2013

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And You Thought This Was Just Going to Be Another Boring Spooky Season

I know you thought that the spooky season was going to be filled with the same old thing, you know those little people dressed up in costumes running around the neighborhood trying to scare the adults and getting candy instead. Yeah, that kind of boring. Well, my children of the night think again. This year I have a surprise for you. Oh yes, indeed, a big surprise. Well actually a couple.

The first one is yours truly, yes that would be moi, is releasing an anthology of spooky stories just for those of you who love the things that go bump in the night. Again, the stories are as varied as the contributors who have written them. This little book promises to fill your head not with sugar plums and fairies, but instead dreaded evil, and other lovely horrid things that make one lose sleep at night. Yes, you will want to double check the locks on your door, not drive down dark two lane blacktops and check under your bed before retiring for the night. I know I know it sounds like so much fun.

This lovely little jewel of things that go bump in the night is titled “Satan’s Holiday”- I agree it sounds like so much fun. We will be releasing it by the first of October so that you can enjoy it as you hand out candy to those little hobgoblins who knock on your door as they holler “trick or treat”.
satans holiday

The second bit of news is my friend Nicholas Grabowsky and his publishing house Black Bed Sheets has just released two little books of horror for the upcoming season


This is just two of the books that Nick sells from his pblishing house. Check out his online store at

Its coming like a run away freight train, so hop aboard. Hug the children, kiss the dog and take the ride of your life. Horror at is finest!!!!

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