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Dark Shadows – Bringing Dysfunctional Family to A New Level

Nope, this Dark Shadows is not the run of the mill Vampire story. Nope Johnny Depp is not Jonathan Freid. Welcome to 1972 via the one and only Tim Burton and the insane Johnny Depp. If you want the same old tired Vampire Movie or were expecting the same  storyline, same dialogue and spooky scenes, then don’t go see this insanely funny take on Dark Shadows.

Johnny Depp makes the character Barnabas Collins his own. He takes the character to a level that most would cringe from. He goes to the ledge of the cliff and then he pulls us over with him.



Upon entering his home after being one of the undead for 196 years he strokes the different art work like a long lost lover. He ingrains himself back in the family like he never left. The dark, dry wit flows like a tidal wave of the ocean crashing on the very rocks his lost love fell on all those years ago. He tries to learn the best way to woo the new love of his life by telling his niece that she has the best childbearing hips he has ever seen.

The love/hate relationship with Angelique is reminiscent of  some that I have seen in my life time. The old adage of “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is kicked up to the next level when witchcraft is involved.

Before you even think about stepping foot in the theater to watch this little jewel put all the memories of the original Dark Shadows in a box and leave it at home. This is not the Dark Shadows of yesteryear. This is Dark Shadows in the 21st Century. A dark wit that only Johnny Depp can bring to the screen. 

His love for his family no matter how strange they are justifies anything else he does. He believes in family and he kills for family. No this is not the Dark Shadows of old



But it adds a new wrinkle in a classic. Johnny Depp is at his best. He owns this movie in every way. I give it a five star. But then I am a bit strange too!

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Another Person Wants Their Fifteen Minutes Of Fame By Personally Attacking Me.

This Morning I received a comment on my facebook fan page about my true crime The Last Rites. This comment was in the form of a personal attack by one Theresa Gruber Caporale. Apparently she is lost in some twilight zone, hasn’t read the book or just got bored and felt the need to show her extreme lack of good manners and common sense. The attack came in the form of a comment that reek of self loathing and self hate. I am paraphrasing this comment basically she told me that she I didn’t know what I was talking about when I said no one cared enough about Pauline Metler to bury her and the book disgusted her. She also told me I needed to do my homework. Seriously?! I spent three years on this book, had the entire case file, talked to and interviewed the men who worked the case. They all said the same thing and it is in the case file, the family they talked to lied, and refused to co operate.

Law enforcement didn’t even know she had any living relatives outside the aunt and grandmother in Melbourne. They refused to tell law enforcement anything. But I found out alot, Things I promised I would not put in the book.

No the family involved didn’t care enough to bury this young woman who didn’t deserve to be raped and executed and left on a remote road to rot like garbage. She didn’t deserve to be lied about, and tossed out like trash. The adults involved didn’t care enough to bury her. The left her for the county to bury in an unmarked grave. They refused for whatever reason to claim her body so the rest of the family could say goodbye.

Theresa I know many things about this young woman and her family – many things that I promised not to expose. I have given this young woman a voice. A voice that was silenced and then forgotten.  A Voice that has begged to be heard so she can rest. A voice that screams for those who forgot her to live with that decision.

Pauline will never be forgotten again. She is remembered by many and her voice rings out to be heard. Only the guilty scream at the top of their lungs about disgust, and denial.  I have the facts  from reliable and undisputable sources. Facts that show without a doubt this young woman was forgotten as if she didn’t exist.  There have been excuses made as to why no one came forward, but the fact still stands she lies in an unmarked Potters Grave and has since 1975.

She deserves to be heard! She deserves her voice!

The Last Rite, The Pauline Metler Story


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From The Association of Independent Authors

This is straight from Jackie Collins an author who has been published by Traditional Publishers for years. This just goes to show why Traditional Publishers are running scared. As the Prosecutor Said in Court “I rest my case, your Honor”

Jackie Collins: On My Decision to Self-Publish

Posted By AiA Administrator, Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Source: Jackie Collins

If you pay attention to book publishing news and blogs, then you probably already know I’ve decided to try my hand at self-publishing by re-writing and releasing a NEW version of my book The Bitch.

Little did I know when I gave an interview to Galleycat in February that the press would pick up the story so quickly! To date, from that one interview, there have been over 120,000 stories and articles posted online about that one decision.

As you might imagine, the buzz has set off a bit of a firestorm of comments, gossip, conspiracy theories and the like about my publishers and me.

  • “Did she get in a fight with her publishers?”
  • “Did they drop her from their roster?”
  • “Is she dropping them fromherroster?”
  • “Does this mean publishing is dead?”

So I’d like to take a moment to set the record straight.

First, I have fantastic relationships with my two publishers, Simon & Schuster UK and St. Martin’s Press US. No juicy story about a tiff or spat between us—we’re good. I’m currently writing my 29thbook “The Power Trip,” and it will be published by both companies, respectively.

But times are changing, and technology is changing, so I wanted to experiment with this growing trend of self-publishing.


I’ve been a published author for many years, and I’ve had the good fortune to work with several great publishers, and I’ve seen MANY changes in the publishing industry.

From new printing techniques, to new advertising mediums, to direct-to-fan digital publishing, the industry hasalwaysbeen evolving. And it will continue to do so.

At the end of the day, it’s about finding the best way to get your content (Hollywood and relationship fiction in my case) into the hands of your fans who are clamoring for it.


Let me say up front that I will personally always love physical books. I love how a new bookfeelsin your hands. I love turning the pages one-by-one as you curl up in a chair and engross yourself in the story.

But I also know that to stay successful, you’ve always got to be thinking two steps ahead of the game. And by all counts, the book industry is going the way of the CD industry. Almost nobody buys CDs anymore; we get our music fix on iTunes.

And more and more people are opting for eBooks over paper. For example, with Goddess of Vengeance, I think we sold an equal amount of hard covers and eBooks.

And in England, they just bought the digital rights to all my books and Lethal Seduction immediately jumped to #2 on the bestseller’s list. That’s a book that’s 10-years-old! I was quite impressed with that.


I’ve always been involved in the business side of my career. Even in the very beginning, I realized I had to double-check the things my publishers were doing. (After all, no one cares more about your career than you do.)

When it came to advertising, I remember hounding them about what they were going to do for me once the book finally came out. What promotions are they buying? How long is the ad campaign? Is there a co-ops and author tour involved?

Most first-time writers when they finally get their book published, throw a big party, and then scratch their head in bewilderment when they can’t find their book in the bookstore.

So they go to the clerk and say, “Oh, my book’s on the back shelf? Can you get it on the front table?”

They don’t realize that their publisher hasn’t paid for the front table display.

So, there’s a lot to learn, and I’ve learned much of it over the years, but I’mstilllearning. There arestillthings that I don’t know that I find out with each new book.


Publishers are in the publishing business to make money (and that’s a good thing). But remember that their goal is NOT to make your dreams of being an author come true. Their goal is to make money through the careful and thoughtful exploitation of your book.

So, you have to fight for what you want. (Even I do.)

If you want a full-page ad in People magazine, you have to get it in your contract; otherwise it’s not going to happen, and you’ll hear things like, “it costs too much.”


If I were starting out in the business today, I don’t think I would change anything. But, I was extremely lucky because my first book, “The World is Full of Married Men,” was accepted by the first publisher I sent it to, and became an instant bestseller.

Today, if a publisher isn’t interested, you have options. You can sign up with Amazon KDP or Barnes & Noble Pubit or Lulu or SmashWords or CreateSpace or a host of other helpful sites. Google it.


I was thrown out of school for poor grades and playing truant, although I always came in top in writing class. Everybody told me I couldn’t be a writer unless I studied more and went to college.

I said, “No way, I’m following my dream. Writing is my passion.”

Turns out, people don’t buy books because you went to college. They buy books for the characters and thestory. (And dammit, I can tell a great story!)

Looking back, being stubborn and tenacious and constantly asking questions has worked out OK for me.

If you believe your stuff is great, then don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough. Pick yourself up and make some more calls. Network with as many people as you can in the industry. And sweat. Sweat a lot. And keep writing!

Also remember, when it’s time to publish, you’ve got options.

Follow your dream. I always say, “Girls can do anything.” (And so can boys, for that matter.) Put your mind to it; follow your dream, and keep learning and growing. Don’t stagnate. And most of all – love what you do! Writing is a joy – enjoy it!

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For Those of You Who Think Indie Authors Have No Talent Think Again

Okay boys and girls and children of all ages listen up. There are the doubters out there. There are those who are so entrenched in the propaganda that Traditional Publishers know best that they are missing out on a world of authors who are called Indie Authors. We have been accused of having no talent, of not being able to spell, not knowing how to put an interesting story line together among other excuses they have for not reading out work. Their loss.

Well for those of you who are doubters let me show you something, my audio book “A Voice From the Grave” is one of six finalist for the CIPA EVVY Audiobook Award.  This is the page where the finalist are listed this includes books and audio books- A Voice From the Grave is fifth from the top

This is quite an honor there are thousands of audio books entered and A Voice From the Grave is in the top six. So before anyone else says that indie’s have no talent remember this blog

Ad in Publishers Weekly showing A Voice From the Grave one of four from BrookForest Voices in the finals.

This book was four years in the research and writing. It is a historical novel and all the history is correct. The story is fiction.

So Remember we Indie’s do have talent, we are just in control of our destiny and refuse to be put in a box or controlled by corporations who wind up with all the money. Read an indie, you might like it.

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A Cry for Help From One Artist to Another

As most of you know I am currently working on a new book titled The Pink Canary. No, it is not about a pink  canary and no it is not a love story.  What I will tell you is it is filled with crime scenes, twists and turns and other off the wall humor that only the voices in my head can produce.  I am working with my best friend who is gay and one of the funniest people I know, however, I need more input from the gay community especially those of you who perform in drag. You see the plot revolves around a Drag Queen club and its owner in Key West.

When I start a project and I am not proficient in the subject matter I do alot of research. The reason is simple the story has to be believable, if not then it will not be interesting to the reader. There are nuances that make the story – nuances that I am not familiar with  for instance name brand gowns, price range, name brand makeup, name brand shoes, length of time it takes to put on makeup for a show, favorite music artists that performers sing the most.

I have done some research, but I don’t think it is quite enough. If there is anyone out there who is willing to give me a hand here, of course you will be recognized in my acknowledgments.  My goal is to reach a new audience and in order to do that I have to understand the who, what, when, where and how. I want to know all I can about the Drag Queen entertainment world, I want my readers to read the book, enjoy the book and feel as if they are in the book.

I do know that not all Drag Queens are gay that some of them are just performers. I also know that as with all performers this is a craft and one that must be perfected. So that being said, if there are any of you out there who are willing to help a girl out, I would be forever in your debt.

The Pink Canary

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Why Do We As Humans Hate Change?

Why do we hate change so much? That question is as old as the world. I have my own theory.

We hate change because it requires us to rethink the way things have been in the past. We hate change because it requires us to rethink our mindset about the way things should be. Let me explain.

For years the publishing industry has condition us to read books written in a certain way. They have also conditioned their authors to write in a certain way. In other words if you read a James Patterson novel you will see that each book has the same story line, the same type of character and the same setting just different cities. This never changes. The reason is simple, by doing this he can crank out three books a year with no effort on his part. The publishing industry is happy and he is happy. It is a win win.

He is just one of many who come to mind. I have been reading books since before I started school way back in the day. The more I read the more the story lines stayed the same. As much as I enjoyed the late Robert B. Parker he also wrote the same thing over and over and over again. Different day same plot, same everything.

See how this is working? We are conditioned to accept the same thing over and over and over again. These authors get caught in a rut because it is demanded by their publisher. It is easy money because subtly the reading public is sucked into the swirling madness of the publishing industry. We never see it coming until …. well most of us never see it coming at all.

Now, this brings me to another point of this blog. The movie industry. The same thing happens here as well. The same old tired plots whether it is action, or romance or whatever, we are conditioned to accept what is thrown out there as gospel. When someone like a Tim Burton and a Johnny Depp dare to take a “classic” and rework it most get their panties in a wad. The reason is simple. They have been conditioned to accept the “norm”.  I have heard well no one can do it like Jonathan Frid.

Hello! Tim Burton knew this. That is probably why he chose to take it in a new direction.  Please people, think for yourself. Stop living in the past, there is nothing there. Stop living in a vacuum. Yes, Dark Shadows is a classic, but remember it was redone several years ago with a new cast and trust me it was not the original by any stretch of the imagination. The few episodes I saw were stilted and not well done. There was no passion.

The point of this blog is this.  While there is nothing new under the sun, there are always new and inventive ways of changing things up. For instance there will always be crime stories true crime, fiction crime, etc. But do we always have to read the same plot line the same tired trip from first page to last? No, we don’t that is why when you read my books be they true crime or crime fiction you don’t have a clue as to what you are getting. I refuse to be in that box. My true crimes are raw, explicit and un -sanitized.  I refuse to sugar coat anything that is done to the victims. They deserve better. Yes, I have been criticized for it. My answer to that is simply don’t read my books if you can’t stand the facts.

My crime fiction is the same way. It is what it is. You will not sit and turn the page bored out of your skull. Because you don’t know what the next page will bring. You can only guess and most times the guess is wrong. This is called change. This is called thinking outside the box. This is called taking care of your readers. People who read my books can say anything they want about them. But the one thing they can’t say is they were bored, that is unless they refuse to understand why I write the way I do or they are just plain stupid. And I have had a few of those comment but we all do.

I would much rather read a book that I had no clue where it was headed than to sit down start one and less than half way through the book know how it will end. I do this all the time with shows on TV I know how it will end because they are all written the same way.

This brings me back to Dark Shadows- we all know Barnabas is a Vamp that is a given what we don’t know is how is he going to handle the 21 century. That is what will make this excellent. We know that Johnny Depp brings a new dimension to the Character and we know that Depp is Depp no matter who he plays.

So instead of trashing what you don’t know embrace what you do and run with it. You won’t be sorry, remember “Twilight-” Who says Vamps can’t handle the sun?

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Write What I Tell You!

I get asked all the time how long have I been writing. My answer is I don’t remember a time when I didn’t write either in my head or on paper. When I was a small child most of my writing was in my head because I was discouraged from writing by those who taught me in school. Well they didn’t actually discourage me in the sense of not writing- but they wanted to control my ideas. It became a game of write what I tell you to and not what you feel- But yet the instructions were to write what I felt. Go figure. When I wrote what I felt the paper was returned to me with a big red mark and a note that said, “This is not what I expected from you.” Really? You told me to give you my thoughts not yours.

A prime example was when I was in seventh grade we had to read “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote. Yes, boys and girls we were not censored by some idiot parent who thought their tender little children didn’t need to read such a cruel and horrible book.

Anyway, our wise and wonderful teacher had us write a paper. Part of this paper was to define which perpetrator was the most guilty.

Okay, for those of you who are sitting at your computer going what the hell is she talking about let me just give you the back story.

In Cold Blood is the true crime- one of the very first ones I every read at 12 years old- it is about two men who broke into a home and raped and murder the women and killed the males. There were two perpetrators one who sort of just followed and the leader who was a narcissistic psychopath. They were both condemned to  death and Truman Capote decided to write their story. He became friends with the one who was the follower and believed he should have received a lighter sentence. This book is a classic in the true crime Genre and has been made into a classic film. Circa 1960’s. Okay fast forward to my seventh grade year.

I am 12 years old reading this very graphic true crime and understanding all of what I am reading and knowing what and how I want to write this paper. I am very proud that I have thought this thing through with logic. So I sit down take pen to paper (for you young ones it predates computers) and set t0 work.

As I carefully and thoughtfully write my paper I see the crime in my head. I see the family members brutally murdered with a shotgun blast to their heads. I see Richard “Dick” Hickcock   and Perry Smith as they attack this family in Kansas. Perry Smith was the less violent of the two – Hickcock on the other hand was as unstable as a vial of nitro.

After very careful deliberation I determined that even though Smith didn’t participate in the actual murders he stood by without doing anything to stop them. When I wrote the paper I stated that both me were equally guilty because Smith did nothing. Now remember I was told to write my thoughts and feelings not the teacher’s.

Imagine my fury when I was handed the paper back and told that was not what she wanted. Seriously? I was pissed. So I went back to my pen and paper and really ticked her off. I stated that since my previous thought process was not in line with her opinion then as far as I was concerned Smith was more guilty because he did nothing. He stood by and allowed Hickcock to slit Cuttler’s throat then blast him with the shotgun then killed the rest of his family.

She didn’t like that one either. I used logic and explained my argument simple enough that a child could understand. But needless to say I didn’t receive a good grade all because I thought outside the box and it was my opinion not hers. I never forgave her for  that.

I just decided then and there that I would never be put in a box, I would never be the one who allowed others to tell me my opinions.  Because of that my creative style of writing was slammed by teachers for years. All because I refused to think like they did. I was not encouraged to be creative in my own right. I was not encouraged to stretch my imagination beyond the boundaries of  the norm.

Instead I blazed my own path, I took the road not traveled and I never looked back. For those of you who read my work you know that about me. Those of you who take pride in criticizing my work live in that same world as my seventh grade teacher. You haven’t yet opened your mind to things outside of your comfort zone. What a shame.  You miss so much! You cheat yourselves of  new things and exciting things on a road not traveled.

Capote was criticized for In Cold Blood, Edgar Allen Poe died penniless, Shakespeare was laughed at. If these men can do it and not worry about what the world thinks then so can I . That is why my  true crimes are different than any you have ever read before, they are not sanitized, they are not sugar coated and they are not kind to the perpetrator. They are raw, factual and for the victims. Even my crime fictions are not sugar coated.

That paper- the first one I wrote was well done- it was articulated and logical, the problem was the teacher had a closed mind and refused to think about anything except her concept. Such a shame.

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Should an Author Insert Their Own Political Persuasions in a Fiction Novel?

Should an author insert their political persuasions in a fiction novel? This questions haunts me all the time because I am an avid reader and many books I read are filled with the leanings of the author. I tend to say no they should not be inserted. It becomes a subtle message buried in the story line.

I don’t care what an authors political leanings are, I don’t care if they are conservative, liberal or somewhere in between those leanings have no place in any story unless the author is writing a book on politics. Readers read to escape not to be indoctrinated in the political leanings of that particular author. I am sadly finding the happening more and more, just like I see it more and more on shows on Television. The subtle little messages scream at me and it just turns me off. There are several well known authors I will no longer read for this very reason.

An author can be entertaining without inserting that much of  themselves into a book. Yes, we do insert a part of ourselves into every book we write- but it does’t have to be so in my face. I don’t need to know how you feel about the current party in office, the hatred you have for Fox News, the stupidity of the republican party, the importance of the “entitlement programs” or how unfair one party is vs another. I don’t care. It is not germane to the plot of the story. Get over yourself!

There are better and more logical ways to get your views across, not in books read for entertainment!

I would be interested in hearing from those of you who read my blogs as to your thought process.

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Another Five Star Review For A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave


A Voice From the Grave gets another Five Star Review

A Historical Fiction that takes the reader between all the years from the civil war to present day.


5.0 out of 5 stars Sad but True: Civil War in America,April 18, 2012
This review is from: A Voice from the Grave (Audible Audio Edition)

A Voice from the Grave provides historical fiction coupled with the human side of this terrible war. Yvonne Mason offers details that bring the characters from a long ago war to connect readers with the love, pain, and suffering that war brings to every generation. The story offers a real mystery with an interesting turn of events. A good read for history buffs.

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A Five Star Review for Silent Scream my True Crime

Silent Scream has received a five star review on Amazon. This book is not for the faint of heart  and neither is it sanitized as most true crimes are. It is written the way it was solved and in language that law enforcement and those in the criminal justice system understand.

Silent Scream

5.0 out of 5 stars Silent Scream, April 17, 2012

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Silent Scream (Paperback)

This book is amazing and easy to read even though the subject matter is very gruesome. Having read all of the authors books I would recommend her books to anyone who wants a true crime novel that grabs you at page one and does not let go until the very end.

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