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The Long Awaited Return of Ann Rice

The Long Awaited Return, March 8, 2012

By Yvonne Mason “Author” (Port St Lucie, Fl.)

This review is from: The Wolf Gift (Hardcover)
I just Finished The Wolf Gift. I have long awaited for Ann Rice to return to those of us who have read all of her Vamp and Witch Series. The Wolf Gift is quite different in its story. It is a more humbling character, one who not only seeks answers but embraces them. I read with interest the different reviews from the different readers of this new book. Sadly, some choose to make nasty comments when it was not necessary.
I have read Ann Rice for years, even when she decided to take a different path. While those books were not my style I understood her need. Now, she has returned to her origianl path on some level. Because I am an author I read on a level most don’t. I read with an open mind and in doing that I find things in a book that many leave behind.

The Wolf Gift is not only entertaining it has life’s lesson in the story. If one looks one will find lesson’s of acceptence, greed, fear, love, and even sadness. When I turned the last page, I wanted to know more. I wanted to know where the characters went next, what happened to them.

No this is not your Lon Chaney, Jr. Wolf Man, this is deeper than that. It is a book with a soul. It is a book with heart, in the same way the Vamp and Witch Series have soul and heart. It is more than entertainment, it is more than just characters on a page it is life and all that goes with it. The changes, that we all face on one level or anthor, the insecurities, the pain, suffering and loss, denial, love and even death.

The Wolf Gift brought a memory to me that I cherish. I lost my sister to Lukemia last July, when The Wolf Gift arrived in the mail, it brought back a memeory for me in a flood of emotion. Every year she and I would watch for the next book to be released by Ann Rice. I was not allowed to buy it. My sister would give it to me for Christmas. She would sign her name in the book and the date – but first before she wrapped it she read it. It became a loving joke that at Christmas that she gave me a book she read first.

Even if I had not enjoyed the book- the memory was worth it all. Thank You Ann for helping to keep that memory alive.

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Intangible Gifts!

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option

Years ago my family was given a gift that keeps on giving. No matter how bad it gets no matter what happens this gift keeps on giving back. This gift was given to us at a time when gifts like this was no the norm. Nor was it accepted in a closed minded and bigoted society. This gift was shunned, ignored and hidden from the world. This gift was considered a shame upon the family especially the mother. This gift was picked on, teased and often times killed because of the “difference.” There was no education for this gift no tolerance no love.

But in our home, this gift was loved, accepted, and wanted. I am talking about an amazing child who was born at a time when the handicapped were not accepted. In 1952 Stan came into our lives. He was diagnosed as Retarded after a bout of the flu leading to an inflammation of the brain which caused damage to his motor skills and speech skills among other things. The normal was “no hope” – but not in our house.

Stan not only had parents, siblings and a support group who truly loved and accepted him, he had a strength from within that can’t be taught. He believed in himself even when he was small. My life with my brother has taught me many things, but most of all it has taught me that we all have challenges, we all are retarded in some form. None of us are perfect and when we say we are we are lying to ourselves. Stan has taught me that dreams are more than just dreams, they are real and that we should never ever let them die. We should strive toward them daily. He has taught me that “everything will be alright” no matter what happens. That no matter how dark the storm clouds are there will always be a rainbow later.

Stan knows the true meaning of unconditional love even when he has been hurt. He knows the depth of loyalty. He believes that one must and should work for their paycheck for many reasons. The most important is self respect and a feeling of independence. He understands that one must work in order to live not just exist. He believes in a days work for a day’s pay. He refuses handouts from anyone and he pays his own way.

Stan is a gift to so many in many ways and for many reasons. You see he leaves a part of himself behind with whoever he meets and he stays with that person for ever. Stan is not a bigot, nor does he allow that in his life. He is not filled with self pity because he is handicapped. He doesn’t ask for anyone else to feel pity for him either. In fact it makes him angry when they do. He doesn’t ask for special attention or favors. He only asks for respect as a human who has the same feelings and emotions we all do.

He could draw a check from the government but he says, “I want to make my own money. I don’t want to live off the government.” He understands that a certain pride comes from working and making one’s own way in the world. He understands that a certain sense of well being and well roundness comes from working and getting paid for it. He understands that a sense of accomplishment comes from earning that paycheck. He understands he is not a drain on society because he contributes to society. He is worthwhile and he is somebody.

His story should be in every home, on every bookshelf in every school and in the hand of every professional from Doctors to Nurses to those who delve into the mind to teachers and aids and parents and siblings. If Stan can see all these things and he is “Retarded” then what is stopping the rest of the world from being productive?

I can only think of one thing- Selfishness. Read his story, learn how he made his dreams real when the world said he couldn’t – learn how he accepted the cards he was dealt and used them to make himself successful. Read his story and take the lessons and apply them to your life. You see we all have challenges- we all have a handicap in some shape or form. But most times we hide it from ourselves as well as the world and it becomes our crutch or excuse or so called reason for not fulfilling our dreams. Then at the end of our life we play the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” game. We die with regrets.

Stand on Graduation Day it was never supposed to happen

This was just one of his many dreams that has come true!

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Oak Hammock Park Port St Lucie, Florida

Silent Scream A True Crime

Oak Hammock Park also known as C-24 Canal located in West Port St Lucie, Florida was the scene of one of the most brutal crimes in Florida History. Two young women by the name of Barbara An Wilcox and Collette Goodenough were picked up hitchhiking by Gerard Schaefer and taken to C-24 Canal brutally tortured, hanged, murdered and then he committed crimes against their dead bodies.

These two girls were just two of the six which he killed while he was awaiting sentencing for Battery for two girls who were able to get away from him in July of 1972. Schaefer was never convicted of the murders of Wilcox and Goodenough, but he was convicted of the murder of Susan Place and Georgia Jessup two girls he had murdered and buried on South Hutchinson Island before he killed Goodenough and Wilcox.

The only reason law enforcement was able to tie Schaefer to Goodenough and Wilcox was evidence found at Schaefer’s mother’s home when a search warrant was executed after Jessup and Place were found. At the time he was serving a six month sentence for the battery charge. Since the crimes appear to be the same MO law enforcement exectuted the search warrant.

The Bodies of Goodenough and Wilcox were not found until much later at the Canal. Then on parts of them were found. At the time of the crime and the discovery of the bodies the area was only known as C-24 Canal. It wasn’t until much later when urban legends began to swirl that the area was made into a park.

The so called “Devil’s Tree” is not where the girls were murdered. They were murdered off a trail away from the tree. They were brought into the area by Schaefer from a road that runs behind the park. At the time Port St. Lucie was still very remote. There were roads which led nowhere and it was one of these roads Schaefer used. Because he was a Martin County Deputy and because that area was located on the Martin County/ St Lucie County line he was able to move into St Lucie County to scout out his killing grounds with little or not trouble from his superiors.

Instead of this area being labeled as haunted and evil, I choose to label it as the final resting place for two young women who were taken way before their time. Schaefer took away their future and the future for their families and friends. He destroyed two lives for his own pleasure and feeling of power.

Every time I visit the park to pay my respects to those girls and to remember their death and to honor their life I visit the so called “Devil’s Tree and the surrounding area. As I am walking in and out of the area on the trail I am led by two Monarch Butterflies. I believe it is the girls letting me know that finally they have found peace. Peace because their story along with the others has been told allowing the world to see what a monster Gerard Schaefer truly was. They know they are no longer forgotten, that their deaths and lives will live on; their memory not stuck someplace where they are just another statistic.

These young girls and young women, the victims of Gerard Schaefer were real they lived, were loved, loved, had families and did not deserve to be murdered in such a heinous fashion. Silent Scream is their story it. Oak Hammock Park is the final resting place for Goodenough and Wilcox it is a place of rememberance and sadness not a place of evil. So if you go there to visit- say a prayer for them, commune with them, remember them.

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Ground Hog Day in Books

How many of us have a favorite author? One that we can’t wait to read the next book that is released. You know that author that we have read for years and years and wait with anticipation for their next best seller to hit the stores. I am guilty. There are several mainstream authors I have read for years, but now I will no longer read their books. The reason is simple. I feel like it is ground hog day over and over again.

You ask “What do you mean by that?” Well let me explain it to you.

Book “A” we shall call it – nice plot, excellent setting, exciting characters semi fleshed out. Leaves you waiting for the next book.

Book “B” – similar plot, same type of setting, same characters but suddenly they have become a little to perfect and one dimensional and the author subtly drops in their political views.

Book “C” same exact plot, same setting, same characters who have absolutely no flaws and their counterparts have no depth. The political views of the author are flaming.

Do you see the trend here? There is no desire to read the same book over and over and over again. Then you have those authors who run out of subjects and co-write with unknowns hoping to change up, however they fall right back into the same rut.

There are several who come to mind, but out of respect for their craft and for them they shall remain nameless. The great ones who kept me in suspense have already died off, Stephen J Connell, Robert Parker and others. Sadly, it is not always the fault of that author, it is the fault of the publisher who demands they write garbage so they can sell books and make money off that author. It is called garbage in garbage out.

The author is nothing more than a robot who pumps out words on a page to suit the publishing house. Some of those author are required to pump out two books a year and it doesn’t matter how bad the book is… The name is what sells the book, not the book itself. This is a travesty. It has given great authors a bad reputation. It has caused me not to buy their books because I know from past experience what is between the cover.

Indie Authors don’t have those restrictions, their books are not dictated by some suit in a publishing house sitting in a corner office dictating the who, when, what, where and how. Indie authors have the freedom to write any genre they choose and the ability to take their time and give the characters, plot and setting life. They are not dictated as to how many words, what to say or how to say it. This make the indie author more popular. We can be a multi genre author and many of us are.

If you are like me, I choose my books wisely, like I choose my friends. Books are my friends and they are a very important part of my life. I want to be able to enjoy the time I am reading that book, not slog through it like a bog. I want to be able to finish the last page and say that was indeed a great ride. However, sadly more and more books by the mainstream authors are so disappointing, boring and just plain unattractive.

Before you say, but Yvonne how many books do you read? Let me assure you I have shelves full of books and have been reading since I was five years old. For those of you who don’t know me I am now 60 years old. I have read the classics, one hit wonders, bad books, really bad books, and great books and some not so great. But the books I have found to be the best lately are those written by indie authors who are not shackled by the restraints of mainstream publishing houses who use their power to dictate not only content, but royalties (.88) per book, cover, and marketing.

As indie authors if we want to go an event at a small venue we don’t have to ask permission. We just go. Mainstream authors must clear all events through their publisher. AS indie authors we are free to set our own pricing and most times it is much lower than the standard because we don’t have to pay a middle man ie the distributor. While we might not be in box stores we don’t need to. The internet is our friend.

So if you are tired of “Ground Hog Day” and tired of the same old plot,characters and settings, try an indie author, I think you will surprised. And the beauty is – we as indie authors reach out to our readers, we don’t hide behind our publicists, or publisher. We embrace our readers.

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Imperfect Children in a “Perfect” World

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option

I have watched and listened with a couple of emotions and thoughts as the pundits and those who have no clue discuss the birth control/abortion argument yet again. The fact of whether or not “imperfect” children belong in a “perfect” world. It has begun to transcend the fact that unemployment is at an all time high, the fact that we don’t need to be in Afghanistan anymore and other important issues in our country. Be that as it may let me just tell you a story.

In my family there is an “imperfect” child. In fact there were five of us. However, the one who stands out is Stan who was born in 1952. He was born at a time when that “imperfect” child was shunned by society, much like most of them are still shunned today. Stan contracted the flu when he was six months old and to add insult to injury he got an inflammation on the lining of his brain, which left him brain damaged. The part of his brain which controls his speech and motor skills were damaged and the doctors said he would never amount to anything but a vegetable.

The doctors recommendation was an institution or asylum. You see he was to “imperfect” to be useful to society. He has no place in the “Perfect” world. He had nothing to offer, to contribute to leave as a legacy.

Fortunately my mother didn’t listen to the naysayers. She understood that he did have a place, that there is always a reason for everything in life. He has taught all of us more than we can ever teach him. He taught us unconditional love, forgiveness, tenacity, belief that dreams do come true, loyalty, faith and so many other life’s lessons that we might not have learned had it not been for the blessing in our lives.

Is there a master plan? Indeed. Do we always know what that master plan is? No we do not! Do we really live in a “Perfect” world. No we do not. None of us are perfect. We all have “imperfections”. We all have something that is wrong with us. I live in a right handed world- I am left handed. I am less than five feet tall. And no I am past the age of 30 which most people believe is the magic age of wisdom. It isn’t.

Those children whose lives are snuffed out before they even breathe a breath outside the womb are a part of our future that will never be known. Stan has helped form my future. Had it not been for me I would probably never written the first book after my creative ability was squelched as a child. I would have probably gone through my life frustrated because I felt I wasn’t good enough. I would have never known the love, the kindness and the humbleness I have learned by having him as my “imperfect” brother in this “perfect” world.

Read his story then you too will understand the depth of my feeling about the joy, need and ability these “imperfect” children offer our “perfect” world

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Five Star Amazon Review for A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave

This is the latest review for A Voice From the Grave. If you are a history buff, especially a Civil War History Buff then you will like this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Chilling Return to the Past,February 25, 2012
This review is from: A Voice from the Grave (Audible Audio Edition)

“Yvonne Mason does it again! From the compelling cover, through the historical accuracy and on to her carefully-woven mystery, Mason grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. History buffs will be pleased with the factual descriptive drama of a time and place of shame in our country’s past. Who hasn’t heard of the terrible, evil Andersonville? And who doesn’t wonder about the spiritual unrest of those who suffered and died horribly there? Get your copy of this audio book and be prepared to be thrust back into the time of the American Civil War, then brought forth to the present-day mystery. You will not want to turn it off. “

A Voice From the Grave was four years in the writing. I spent four years researching and studying the Civil War like I had never done before. I knew If I were going to write a historical fiction the history had to be right and it was right down to the Union coat button. The research paid off. A Voice From the Grave continues to receive excellent reviews.

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Seventeen and An Unwed Mother What is a Girl to Do?

Tangled Minds – Actions, reactions and consequences. For every action there is always an equal or opposite reaction. Tangled Minds is fiction but full of life’s lessons. Some that are hard to live with, some that can’t be lived with and some that change the course of one’s life. How would you handle the announcement that your daughter was haveing a child in her senior year of high school? How would she handle that fact? Tangled Minds takes the reader on that journey and beyond. It is not a book you want to miss or one that you would want your teen to miss. Ann B. Keller, Author stated that it was “Written in the tradition of John Steinbeck.”

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Imagine How You Would Feel If You Ever Got The Call- The One No One Ever Expects!

Imagine for a moment- your wife, child, sister, mother leaves home one day and that is the last time you ever see her. Imagine for a moment that one of two things happen, you get a call months later telling you a skeleton has been found and it has been identified as your wife, child, sister or mother. Imagine the second instance- you never get that call because the body is never found. Imagine that hole that never ever gets smaller because you live with the hope that one day they will walk through the door. With one instance you can grieve over the remains, in the other you grieve forever because there is nothing to say goodby to. You spend your life wondering how you could have prevented it, what you might could have done to keep that person from walking out that door. It eats at you like a cancer. This is what happened to Schaefer’s victims families, most of them are still grieving because the victims have never been found.
Because they have never been found many have been forgotten. The person who is remembered is Gerard Schaefer the serial killer who took their lives way too soon. It is time to remember the girls to honor their lives and remember their deaths. This book is for them.
It is not sanatized it shows Schaefer as he really was pure evil. Give the girls their voice. Keep them in your heats.

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A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave is a historicaly correct novel set at Andersonville Prison in Andersonville, Ga. It was the worst prison camp during the cvil war. It was built in 1863 as the war was quickly coming to a close. It was built at the end of the rail line which was both a blessing and a curse. The curse was caused as Sherman made his march to the sea. The rail lines were destoryed and the supply trains were burned. There was not way that any supplies could make their way south to the prison. There were no supplies, no clothes and no food. The story takes place at Andersonville and includes two families who collide at the end. The link will take you to their official site and also an ad for my book which can be purchased in paperback, audio and audible for your kindle, it can also be purchased on Kindle and Nook. As well as and my online bookstore at

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Review For Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option

 This is the latest Review for Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option. The true and inspiring story of a man who was not ever supposed to be socialbly accepted.

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option

  • This is actually my first book review.  Here is the copy, but see my wall.

  • I just finished a book written in love, “DREAM CATCHER: failure was never an option”.  This was the first book written by Yvonne Mason, Russell graduate.  Yvonne writes with compassion and admiration of her amazing brother and his life long quest to prove the experts do not always get it right.  You smile as you cry, reading how Stan never gave up, and always found his own solutions, as he worked out his own unique methods of achieving the life he wanted to live.  Setbacks never stopped him.   While his entire family, his loving siblings and wonderful father, always were supportive and helped him reach his goals, it is their mother who is extraordinary in her refusal to accept a restricted life for Stan.  She confronts doctors and schools to help her son. Stan himself, his personality, his sweetness, his quiet courage,  will make you laugh with him, and cheer for him.  Yvonne’s love and admiration for her brother is on every page.  Just keep the tissues handy.   First, you will cry, then you will laugh at Stan’s  exploits until you are crying again … as his indomitable spirit struggles , and triumphs.  I promise, you will love this man before you finish the book.

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