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A Voice From the Grave

For those of you who enjoy podcast I now have one up. It includes excerpts from my books, as well as music from some of the best talent out there. You say you are on the move all the time, well Spreaker has an app for that. Just go to itunes and download it. You will be able to listen and get updates anytime or anyplace. Check it out:!/user/yvonnemason

I just posted a new excerpt from my book A Voice From the Grave.
It is not a book you will want to miss. You say you don’t have time to read, no problem it is also on audio so what are you waiting for run don’t walk go grab it today on Amazon or Brookforest Voices. And just as an afterthought, do you know someone who is disabled but has a kindle or maybe you have one and love listening to audio books, well A Voice from the Grave is on from Amazon. There is no reason not to order this wonderful Historical Fiction with a twist.

All of my books can also be found on Barnes and Noble Nook


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There is a Story in All of Us!

Yes, Virginia there is a story in all of us. But most of us never let it out. The reason is simple. As children we believed in makebelieve, we allowed our imagination to run away with us. We could make a fort out of a sheet draped over a couple of chairs. We would take large sticks and the became swords. We climbed trees and believed we were on top of a mountain. But then something happened. We grew up. Actually we grew away from our inner child. We were told that it couldn’t come out and play anymore because we had to act like an adult. So that inner child went into hiding never to be seen by most of us again. We stiffled that creative side of our lives. I blame teachers, parents and other adults who couldn’t see past the word “adult” How many times were you told “grow up,stop acting like a child?” Granted there are times most times when we should be adult. We should be responsible, in our jobs, our families etc. But then there are the times when the inner child needs to come out and play. It keeps us young at heart, it helps us to see the world in a different light.
Tomorrow, Thursday, I am going to help some nice folks do exactly that. I am going to teach them how to allow the inner child out – how to let it come out and play and enjoy the light. I will be going to a retirement community to teach the folks there creatvie writing. I know they all have stories everyone of them. This will be fun. I am going to allow my inner child out as well. Of course she is out all the time. Her name is Layla and she loves to come out and play.
Layla was supressed for so long. When I was younger I knew I could write. I saw stories in everything I did. Everyplace I went I saw a story. But, the adults in my life didn’t want me to waste time writing. There were to many other important things that needed to be done. Like math.
My inner child went to sleep for many years. She refused to come out and play. She couldn’t stand the rejection, the harsh words of “you can’t do this, what would people think?” So she faded into the dark recesses of my mind. It wasn’t until many years later, that I decided to try again. If for no other reason than to leave something behind for the grandchildren so they would know about their Uncle Stan who is challenged. Who has succeeded because of those challenges. Who believes in himself even if no one else does. So I wrote his story.
I was just going to leave it unpublished so the children and grandchildren would have it. Instead I tried my hand at publishing. I was rejected to many times to count by the so called Traditional Publishers. So I waited, I bidded my time and when the time was right I did it my way. I have never looked back. The inner child Layla is so happy. She is out and playing like crazy.
So tomorrow I will teach these wonderful senior citizens how to allow that inner child to return to the forfront of their mind, how to allow it to come out and play without fear of rejection. How to embrace that inner child and use it to create wonderful stories to leave behind for those they love. To leave a part of them behind so the children and grandchildren can have a part of them for their memory boxes.
The written word is so powerful. It can help someone grieve, it cand offer comfort, laughter, and yes even tears. But is it still a memory. Something that if not shared is lost for all times.
So allow that inner child out to play, make a memory and write it down! You children and grandchildren will thank you for it.

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My Interview on The Breeze 93.7 in Vero Beach

The long awaited interview finally arrived. For those of you who didn’t know I was interviewed last week on The Breeze 93.7 in Vero Beach on the morning show with Geoff and Dana. It was probably one of the funniest interviews I have ever done. Geoff wanted to see if I could take him down because of my other passion. I did. So enjoy the interview and please leave comments. Oh and by the way be prepared to laugh till you cry.!/user/yvonnemason/yvonne_mason_on_the_breeze_93_7

Yes, I am a Best Selling Author

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A Hater Wants Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I have been involved in writing for a long, long, long time. I have been rejected, told I couldn’t, laughed at and a myrid of others things down through the years about my dreams. What I have learned is this. There will always be haters, those who are frustrated or have given up on any dream they might have had at one time for whatever reason. These same people try to tear down those of us who have succeeded without any help from “tradional sources” because we can. These same people make snide remarks about something they have absolutly no clue about thereby proving the old saying, “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
Tonight when I returned home from dinner this little comment was on my facebook page – rather than getting into a senselss pissing contest with a fool, I choose to post a blog in order to educate her in the ways of success.

First of all jealousy is a green eyed monster that destroys from within. It is created by the person who is jealous from inside their soul. It consumes them and finally destroys them. Now with that being said let me visit the comment made by one Ina Goodling

“She shouldn’t be touting herself as a “bestselling author” when she very clearly isn’t. Anyone who has to self-publish is not an acclaimed author. I don’t understand why she isn’t trying to get her work published with one of the big houses when it is definitely good enough for the mainstream literary market”

Now let me break this down for her in statments that hopefully she will understand, though it might be over her head.
I do tout myself as a best selling author because I am. Second this is one of my favorites. “Anyone who has to self publish is not an aclamied author.” Really, that is all you can bring? I am an aclaimed author, my books sell all over the world both in book form and on kindle and nook. Obviously you have been living under a rock. Indie Authors such as myself are considered aclaimed authors. Try again. There are more of us around than there are “traditional authors.” We have broken that glass ceiling to use a very worn out cliche. Now for her other idiot remark.

“I don’t understand why she isn’t trying to get her work published with one of the big houses when it is definitely good enough for the mainstream literary market” I refuse to be dicated to by a tradional house, been there done that. There are several reasons for that. One – I lose control of my work, my cover and my marketing ability. Two- I only get paid .08 cents a book. Compared to almost 7.00 a book now. To me that is good economics. Three- I am in control that being I approve the cover, the market and my events. I don’t have to get permission from anyone. Four- I don’t have to deal with a distributing company which has to be paid out of my royalities. Five I am accessible to my fans of which I have many. I don’t have to have a third party watching my websites, typing thank you letters or answering my emails. I do it all by myself.
I know I am good enough for the mainstream houses, I refuse to use them. So before you go spouting off about something you know absolutly nothing about and thereby making yourself look extremely foolish, do your homework. Indie authors are the place to be. There are many “mainstream authors” who are moving in that direction.

So Ms. Ina Goodling, before you post things on a page that will be read by the masses do your homework. When all else fails come to me. Yes, I will answer you. Oh and one last thing, back handed compliments do not negate the snide remarks before it. That is like critizing someone then adding the word But… it doesn’t work.
Yes, I am a best selling author.
Get over it!!! No I am not on whatever best selling list is currently floating around, but my books are best sellers. Brilliant Insanity has been a best seller on Kindle for over a year.

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Yesterday’s Interview at The Breeze Radio Station 93.7 in Vero Beach

Geoff Moore and I at 93.7 The Breeze Radio Station

Geoff went down - he was such a good sport.

Geoff Moore and Yvonne Mason

Yeseterday I had the most awesome interview on The Breeze Radio Station on 93.7 FM – Dana and Geoff the early morning crew are top drawer. They welcomed me with open arms and wanted to know everything they could find out. Well, everything that was legal. (Kidding)

The highlight of the morning after I arrived late thanks to my multiple personality GPS system was the take down at the end of the interview. Geoff wanted to see if I could take him down since he knew I had taken Martial Arts before I moved to Florida. Geoff had also taken Martial Arts and He like me has a degree in Criminal Justice. He also is an ex cop. Cops so rock.
It has been six years since I did any matial arts and I thought I had forgotten everything I knew. I was wrong. Let me just set the stage. We got together before the little role playing and he said he was going to get in my face and yell and scream and just basicly be a typical criminal. I said “Okay”- then he wanted me to show him what I was going to do. I showed him.
We got into the moment and my training took over. As We stood there him yelling, Dana giving a blow by blow account to the listeners- my friend Cindy taking photos, I let him rant. All part of the act. Then I quietly said, “You really want to do this?”
It threw him off for just a second. Bless his heart he didn’t know what I was going to do. that was all I needed. He went down. Training was still there. He was a good sport about it and I apologized because I felt so bad. I hope some day he can find it in his heart to forgive me. He is really a good guy.

The beautiful thing was it was a great interview. Dana and Geoff are very gracious hosts with a wicked sense of humor. They treated me like family, even if I did try to kill Geoff, hopefully he won’t hold that against me. If you haven’t listened to them in the morning from 5-9AM in 93.7 you should. (This is for those of you who live between Vero and Palm Beach)
Their humor is sardonic and funny. They love their listeners and enjoy pranks. Every day is clown day.
I am honored that they wanted me to be a part of their day if just for a few minutes. I feel as if I have made two new friends. They made my week by allowing me to be a part of their day for that few short minutes. Thank you guys for the day.

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Enjoy Historical Novels?

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

A Voice from the Grave is a historical novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first chapter. This lovely little book is available in paperback, ebook on both kinde and Nook and audio book. The audio book is in mp3 format so that you have the ability of listening to it on all of your elctronic devices. It may not play in some older model cars which do not have the mp3 format CD but it will play in all the new ones.

This book is currently sitting as #1,2, and 4 on currently popular under the Tag of Andersonville Prison.
If you love stories about the civil war, love reading history and love a good murder this little book has it all. It also has a twist that you didn’t expect.
A Voice from the Grave is historically correct, four years of research went into the writing of this book down to the buttons on the uniforms of the soliders.
This book will stay with you long after you have closed it, it will make you want to visit not only Andersonville but other civil war sites to feel the pain and suffering, death and destruction that Americans placed on each other all in the name of politics.
A Voice From the Grave can be purchased on Amazon, where you can also by the audio and download it to your Kindle. Amazon Kindle, Nook Book, BrookForest Voices (for the Audio) and my online book store at
This book should be read by every kid and adult. Even though it is fiction the history is there.

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Join Me on Wednesday Jan 25th at 7:00AM

Best Selling Florida Author Yvonne Mason

On Jan25th at 7:00AM I will be on The Breeze Radiio Station, 93.7 out of Vero Beach Florida. We will be talking about my books, my life and anything else that pops up. There will be giveaways and it will be an hour that you won’t forget. I love doing radio shows. It is a time when I can allow my fans into my life if just for a short time. They get to hear why I write the way I do, why I think the way I do and how I became successful when I was told it could never happen.
True one can’t get it all out in an hour, but that leaves room for more later. Geoff and Dana the co-host of the morning show have promised it will be a show to remember.
I have to tell you getting up at 5:00AM to be there by 6:30 puts them in a special catagory. So make sure to listen in Wednesayd Morniing on 93.7 at 7:00AM.
If you don’t live of the Treasure Coast I am going to try and get a disk and then upload it to my podcast. It will indeed be an hour that you will not forget

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Rave Reviews for Blood Alley A Short Story only Available on Kindle and Nook

Blood Alley

This morning I awoke to find two reviews about my latest upload to Kindle and Nook. Needless to say it was an inspiring morning. If you haven’t yet downloaded this little short story of horror and suspense wny not? It will make you think twice about lonely two lane blacktops at night, stopping at out of the way roadside resturants and accepting rides from strangers.
This little short story was first released in 2007 in an anthology of horror stories. Nicholas Grabowski was also one of those authors. If you don’t remember Nicholas he was the one who made Michael Myers famous in the Halloween 13 movies.
The book is now out of print, but my story is not. So let your fingers do the walking and run over to Amazon and Barnes and Noble and order this little sweett story for only … wait for it…. 2.99. I am seriously considering making it a full length book, so you will have the jump on your friends by ordering it now.

5.0 out of 5 stars Don’t eat roadside BBQ!!!!, January 18, 2012
By Peter fundora – See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Blood Alley (A Short Story) (Kindle Edition)
Once again Yvonne Mason takes you to the edge with this new very scary short story.
I will never travel on lonely highways again!!!
Order this!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars A thriller that makes you want more, January 18, 2012
By Virgil Baker – See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Blood Alley (A Short Story) (Kindle Edition)
Blood Alley will set you hair rising on the back of your neck. Yvonne Mason has a knack for painting a word picture of the characters and setting for this tale of what might be happening on a lonely road late at night. Even when it appears that the trucker has reached safety, his very being is imperiled. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I want to read more from this author. Well worth it.

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Blood Alley A Short Story

Blood Alley A Short Story

I have just released Blood Alley a short story on Amazon Kindle and Nook Book. This is the only two places where this story can be purchased. For those of you who are used to my writing let me tell you this is a side of me you have never seen before.
Robert (Bubba) Haines is a beer drinking, tobacco spittin’, womanizing, wheel holder. He is running behind schedule because he had to find a new home since his current wife tossed his clothes to the curb. Bubba is in a stretch of Hwy 27 which runs from the north to Mimai. He has just hit the part of this hwy known as Blood Alley. It is a two lane black top that is known for its many traffic accidents between cars and semi trucks.
It is late at night the moon is full and Bubba has put the pedal to the metal. Until he sees something in the road……..
Yes, kiddies I am leaving you hanging. This little ditty is only 2.99 on Kindle so go there now and see what happens to Bubba.

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Update on A Voice From the Gave Audio Book

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

Here is an update on my newest adventure, A Voice From the Grave in Audio. It is sitting at number 11 on Amazon’s newest releases in historical fiction. But the best news is this- if you are a fan of NCIS and a fan of Abby then you will understand my next statement. The artist that puts together the music for Abby is also the one who put together the music for A Voice From the Grave. His name is Derek Whitacre and he is fantastic. Check out Bookforest Voices for more of his music.
For those of you who have electronic devices you can download this book on Amazon through Audible .com or through the itunes store.
If you love historial fiction with a twist you don’t want to miss this book. It will knock your socks off.

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