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Yvonne Mason is my Woman In Horror today! Yvonne is an award winning author of both non-fiction and fiction. I am just in time to give everyone advance notice of Yvonne appearing on Blog Talk Radio on February 19th…/i-will-be-appearing-o…/. The show starts at 8:00pm Yvonne will be on at 9:00pm You don’t want to miss this show. It will be a hoot. She will be talking about her new release the Mad Hatter as well as her other new release Do You Dare?. This is a part of Friday Night Freak Show on Mad World Radio.

Yvonne is an adamant proponent of self-publishing. Her super website
explains her beliefs, gives great advice, has marketing links and much more. And, it looks great.

I would give a little bit of biographical information here, but her Amazon bio does a super job. That is posted below. I will point out, though, that she is a licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. In my opinion, that is utterly fascinating.

Amazon bio:

The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.
Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia.

After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006.

Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major.

Beta Sigma Phi Sorority
Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County

The Dream:
Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006.

The Inspiration:
Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up

The Author:
Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:

Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.
??? Tangled Minds – a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009
Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008
Silent Scream – Released by October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie -Listed at #5 in Mainstream Novels for 2008 In Predators and Editors Poll

Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life – “Pay it Forward”:

“In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple concept. By helping three people, those three people help three more people and soon that becomes nine. Those nine people each help three more people and the giving continues. As you see, it is the power of three. Our giving comes back to us ten-fold. So one could say it is three to the power of ten. We all started out with nothing. By using this philosophy we can help one another and share the goodness of life’s wealth.”

Speaking Engagements:
Yvonne is an accomplished motivational speaker and is available for speaking engagements. Previous engagements include:

April 27,2009 Martin County Member of Panel on Being a Victim
April 6,2009 Book Signing in Vero Beach at Business Block Party
March 7,2009 Brevard Authors Book Fair – Speech on Gerard Schaefer, Florida’s First Serial Killer
December 2008- “Commemorative Speech on Gerard Schaefer’s Victims – IRSC Vero Beach, Fl
November 2008 – “How to write different genres” Lewis Carroll Sixth Grade Merritt Island, Fl.
April 2008 at IRCC – “How to Sell One’s Self in the Business World” presentation to the student body.
April 2008 at The Palm Glades Girl Scouts Council Sixth Annual Luncheon as the featured keynote speaker – “Dreams, Goals and Aspirations” presentation.
May 2007 at Lanier Tech – “Succeeding in Life” Power Point presentation to the student body using the concepts of Stan’s Story.
May 2007 at Blackshear Baptist Church – Power Point presentation entitled “Acceptance of Self and Others”.
May 2007 at IRCC – “How to Reach Your Goals – It’s Never Too Late” presentation to adult women returning to school to become professionals in different fields.

Personal Appearances’:
Yvonne has appeared on Blog Talk radio shows:
Now that’s what I ‘m talking about with Louise Aveni
The Odd Mind with Angel Lesa
She will be appearing on the Cliff Roles show out of Sarasota on Oct 10,2008
And several other shows in the upcoming months
Personal Appearance Circle Books Sarasota, Florida Nov 8,2008
Appeared in The Fort Pierce Tribune, Vero Beach Press, Stuart News and Port St Lucie News
Lewis Carroll Middle School – the Sixth grade class

Book Signings:
Yvonne is available to autograph books and welcomes the opportunity to attend local events, bookstores, conventions, schools, writer’s clubs or any other function interested in her books.

Contacting Yvonne:
All inquiries should be directed to Yvonne
Yvonne’s Online Bookstores –”

Let’s get to show and tell with some of Yvonne’s great books!…/…/ref=sr_1_2_twi_kin_1…

This is Yvonne’s newest book out. It is a collection of new and old horror tales that you will be sure to enjoy. I particularly like the opening tale, Blood Alley. This is a gruesome little ditty!

Book description:

Do You Dare? Do you Dare open the pages of this book and immerse yourself into the stories that lie within? Do you Dare read about children playing dice games in a crypt? Do you Dare follow a young woman as she revisits her past life as a witch? Do you Dare ride with a truck driver on a long lonely highway? Do you Dare listen to the Little Human as she watches a crime unfold? Do you Dare sit with a young woman as she rocks a child that is not there? This is just a few of the journeys you will take as you travel through this book of short stories created and written by Florida Indie Author Yvonne Mason.
Ms. Mason known for her eclectic writings has gathered short stories she has previously published and some that have been waiting in the wings and put them together for your enjoyment.
This little book or horror, suspense and tales will keep you awake at night and give you a different perspective of life in general.
So the question now is DO YOU DARE?…/…/ref=sr_1_9_twi_kin_1…

This story is an intriguing tale of horror with a most interesting twist. I love the title and the cover gives just a glimpse of some evil eyes. Oh yeah!

Book description:

The year is 1888. The Place is the East End of London. Dead and mutilated bodies are popping up all over the east end from Stamford to Whitechapel.
Jack the Ripper is making his mark in the East End in ways that puts the city on edge, so to speak.
Johnathon Rhoades has been exposed to mercury since he was a boy of sixteen working in his father’s hat factory, which he now owns due to his father’s unexpected death. The hats that are created at the factory are in such demand that he almost cannot keep up with the orders.
Young Elizabeth, who happens to be in the employ of Johnathon Rhoades manages the storefront on Whitechapel road.
As the body count climbs and all of the East End is quaking in their shoes, the hat factory is booming. Everyone who is anyone wants a creation from the Rhoades Hat Factory including Sam Flanghan, the local coroner.
Who is the Ripper? Why are these hats so much in demand? Is the Hatter really mad?

5.0 out of 5 starsYet another great book from Yvonne Mason
By Peter fundora on January 16, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Yet another great book from Yvonne Mason.
Set in 1800s London.It will keep you guessing”who did it”until the end.Beware of”The Mad Hatter”.
Can’t wait til next book.…/…/ref=sr_1_4_twi_kin_1…

Silent Scream is probably the book Yvonne is best known for. It is a non-fiction story about the notorious serial killer Gerard Schaefer. This was one bad dude, vile in every way possible. I learned a lot from this book. I learned that people can become bastards of the highest order.

Book description:

It was a time of innocence, a time of hippies, flower children and the Age of Aquarius. A time when young people felt free to roam about the countryside hitchhiking without fear. A time when law enforcement was trusted by the people they were sworn to protect and serve.
That time was shattered by one of law enforcements own. His name was Gerard Schaefer. He was a former Wilton Manors, Florida Police Officer who lied his way into the office of the Martin County Florida Sheriff’s Office. He used his lie to continue to perpetrate his crimes of torture and murder of young women who hitchhiked along Florida’s roads.
Gerard Schaefer shattered the lives of the families of these young girls and destroyed the faith of the public in law enforcement. He killed without pity. He tortured without conscience and he hid the crimes without thought.
Schaefer not only destroyed the lives of as many as 34 young women, he kept trophies of his kills, and he lived the crimes over and over again. He believed he was doing the world and his victims a justice by ridding the world of the “whores” who hitchhiked. Gerard Schaefer was a narcissistic psychopath who wanted his fifteen minutes of fame. He believed he had earned it.
Florida Author, Yvonne Mason, in her newest release Silent Scream, has captured not only the essence of evil in Gerard Schaefer, she has also captured his brilliance. But more than that Ms. Mason has finally given a voice to the Silent Screams of Gerard Schaefer’s victims, the known and the unknown.
Ms. Mason who has a degree in Criminal Justice and was a Bounty Hunter in Georgia before moving to Florida has given a voice to such victims as Georgia Jessup and Susan Place, the two who were discovered on South Hutchinson Island, April 1, 1973 seven months after they disappeared on Sept 23, 1972 in a shallow grave in pieces. She has also given a voice to Collette Goodenough and Barbara Ann Willcox who were killed in Jan 1973 and whose bones found four years later at C-24 Canal.
Ms. Mason has captured the not only the pain, the agony and the suffering Gerard Schaefer’s victims went through, she has captured the pain, the anger and the hurt which law enforcement suffered at the hands of this killer.
Even after thirty four years the ones who were in law enforcement at that time still haven’t forgotten. They still carry the emotional scars of the heinous tortures and murders of Gerard Schaefer on the innocent.
Retired FBI Roy Hazelwood writes after reading Ms. Mason’s book: “Yvonne Mason has captured the true essence of Gerard Schaefer, a deputy sheriff who enjoyed torturing and killing young women. It is a gripping story and you should prepare to be disturbed. I guarantee that you will find it difficult to put this book down.”
Retired Oakland Park PD Detective Chuck Hemp who worked the disappearance of Jessup and Place wrote this after reading Silent Scream: “When Gerald Schaefer used his badge and gun to terrorize and kill rather than protect and serve he crossed a line that not only snuffed out the lives of his victims but also affected the lives of their loved ones and the police officers charged with investigating these crimes. In her book “Silent Screams” Yvonne Mason has captured more than just the story, but has also given voices to all of Schaefer’s unknown victims. I’m sure there are many.”
Ms. Mason stated this “The victims no longer scream silently, they now have a voice and with that voice comes peace.”
Silent Scream is a voice for the victims. It is their way of never being forgotten and of also reminding each of us that at any time or any place we also can become a victim.

4.0 out of 5 starsSilent Scream by Yvonne Mason, a True Crime Opus
ByAmazon Customeron December 29, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Yvonne Mason’s research for Silent Scream is thorough and detailed as she leads the reader through the case from its beginning to its end with the killer’s death in prison. Leaving no stone unturned in gathering information, she includes many photographs and presents writings by the serial killer himself. Every step of the legal process is described as well as the players in it. The nature of the crimes is graphically but sensitively disclosed. The reader gains informed insight into the methods and madness of Gerard Shaefer and begins to grasp and sympathize with the horror faced by his victims.

5.0 out of 5 starsgreat book!
ByBrian Reedon December 14, 2014
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
schaefer was pure evil…….great book!!!

To be honest, there are some one star reviews for the book. Yvonne is not an author who gets angry when she reads them. She, as do I, feel that reviews are subjective. My suggestion is for readers to read the free sample on Amazon for a book. If you like what you see, buy it. It’s that simple. I read the free sample and bought the book.…/…/ref=sr_1_6_twi_kin_2…

I was scrolling down the list of Yvonne’s books and found The Pink Canary. I read the free sample, marveled at the cover, and said Wow! Terri DelCampo, my wife, asked me what I was wowing about, and I told her. Long story short: she just purchased the Kindle version. Who could resist a mystery/horror/funny/Drag Queen tale? Yvonne got the opinions of people who know about such things. Vicky Lane has been a Drag Queen for years.The reviews are great! Check it out.

Book description:

There are bodies piling up in Key West…. Serial Killer? The bodies showing up outside a famous drag bar….is that a clue or a coincidence? A book that delves into the Life of a Drag Queen and a marvelous “Who done it?” Clever! Let’s go into their world of Mascara and Stiletto Heels and observe. Who could be killing all these gay men and why?

Yvonne Mason is the master, or mistress, of mystery in this rip roaring, fishnet stocking twisiting comedy mystery tale. This story could very well could have really happened as Yvonne Mason connects this story with some undisputed truth and history of NYC underworld and the “World Famous 82 Club”… it just might have happened, see for yourself…

The local detectives and cops go on a case that has been haunting the head detective and the main character since their days in the Big Apple. Does the detective has a love/hate relationship with the Drag Queen or is it a lot less Hate and more Love than admitted? Exciting and Hilarious! Who will be next on the list of murder?

The story is as seen through the main character’s eyes and what eyes they are! Lou the mild mannered detective by day and Lola a FABULOUS drag queen by night who can get into all kinds of trouble!! How her friends try to help her find the killer and catch the monster behind these unspeakable murders.

I have been a Drag Queen for over 40 years and this is the first time I have been asked to collaborate on a book. Drag Queens are my speciality and I have worked in Cabaret shows since 1968 as well as extensively in Musical Theater, Television, Radio and Films. I really was excited and honored to help with the book and this book was an ultimate thrill for me.Thanks toYvonne Mason for her faith in me, and for having the insight to choose me to help her navigate this drag queen world. Thanks to Peter for his energy and Marvolous Wit…We will always be connected with this superb Book!

Vicky Lane

5.0 out of 5 starsDevinely Devious
By LVN on August 14, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition
A terrific (dare I say FABULOUS read). I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the way it also gives the details about drag and the NY info. It roped me in from the get-go and kept me in until the very end. A absolutely delightful MUST read.

5.0 out of 5 starsWings go flying-Drag queens drop like flies!!!!!
By Peter fundora on September 26, 2012
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Another master piece by Yvonne Mason.
A truly good read into the world of Drag Queens
and murder.Will have you scared,laughing and crying.You must read it.Think Birdgage meets Bundy!!!

5.0 out of 5 starsA very witty book, I just started it and I love it.
By frosty7530 on September 20, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I have not gotten far, but this is the book I’ve been longing for. I love gay cabaret, the setting of the book is in the drag queen subculture of Key West, the story takes place in a gay nightclub. I’ve always been fascinated by Key West,the location of the story. I know this is one book that will keep me entertained. The author allowed that there was a real murder that occurred in a gay, NYC nightclub, that inspired her. It remains to be seen if this is a variant of a “roman a clef”.
This book is for lovers of RuPaul, Harvey Firestein and Armested Maupin’s Tales of the City. There have been so many serious issues in the gay communities of all our cities, as well as our nation as a whole; it’s time to get laid back and enjoy a good dramedy.…/B…/ref=la_B002BLX33M_1_11_twi_kin_1…

Tangled Minds is not a casually written book. This is a stellar, imaginative book, told in a compelling fashion. I certainly suggest it.

Book description:

Tangled Minds is a masterpiece. In the fine tradition of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Yvonne Mason leads the reader through the twisted and tangled lives of Brianna Van Pelt and her son, Josh, thrusting us into a Pygmalion dilemma that has consumed scholars for decades. Is there such a thing as a “bad seed”, an individual whose feet are placed upon a path of crime and evil almost from the beginning? Thwarted by her parents’ tough love, seventeen-year-old, single mother, Brianna, allows herself to be drawn into a new world glittering with easy money and false promises, accepting that proposition that no good girl ever should. With her young son, Josh, in tow, she dazzles with new prosperity, fulfilling the fantasies of not only her glorified pimp, Ken Morgan, but those of a judge and a host of depraved, desperate men in their wake.

5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful read!
By Crystal Adkins on February 6, 2008
Format: Paperback Brianna Van Pelt was a seventeen year old spoiled little brat. She did not want to accept the consequences of sleeping with her boyfriend, Benny. When her son Joshua was born into the world, she hated him, hated the sight of him, hated that he messed up her teenage perfect popular life. She vowed to care for him, but never would she love him. Brianna blamed him, blamed her parents, but never blamed herself for the road she was about to choose; the road that will quickly take away her youth.

Punishing her parents for the wrong reason, Brianna ended up hatching a plan. Planning to move out, get a job, and take Josh away from his grandparents forever. Leaving him in the hot vehicle while filling out an application for a BBQ restaurant was the beginning of things worse to come.

There she met Bill, who introduced her to Ken. Bill Bredlove was a sleaze in every sense of the word; Ken Morgan on the other hand had a plan for Brianna, at least she would be well taken care of. She only had to do a few “favors” for Ken’s male clients. She would be paid quite well, have her own luxurious apartment, clothes, jewelry, and even a nanny for Josh. The selfish girl could not turn down the offer, no matter who it was Ken would have lined up for her to sleep with.

Ken and Bill were partners, but Bill began abusing the girls and Ken had to remedy the situation before something bad happened to the girls or Brianna. Only the threat didn’t keep Bill away, it only caused him to roll on Ken and get him sent to prison. Knowing the girls would need him eventually; Bill just sat back and waited.

Always lugging Josh around in the middle of the night, it was written in the stars that he would follow in his mothers footsteps, never taking the blame on himself, it was always someone else’s fault. Little did he know he would end up following his fathers footsteps as well when he is sent to prison for 10 years. Only knowing love from two people that were not actually related to him, Josh was delt a bad hand from the start of his life. Would life in prison change him? Would Brianna ever come to realize she caused her own fate? Only time will tell.

Tangled Minds by Yvonne Mason is a fast paced novel, that will keep you on your toes. So many events happening and well detailed scenes make the story fly by, you are finished before you know it. Ms. Mason pens a tale of very real events, that really makes you think. A wonderful read, I would highly recommend it. 4.5 Hearts

5.0 out of 5 starsA Masterpiece!
By Ann B. Keller on March 5, 2008
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Tangled Minds is a masterpiece. In the fine tradition of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Yvonne Mason leads the reader through the twisted and tangled lives of Brianna Van Pelt and her son, Josh, thrusting us into a Pygmalion dilemma that has consumed scholars for decades. Is there such a thing as a “bad seed”, an individual whose feet are placed upon a path of crime and evil almost from the beginning? If the circumstances of one’s birth or the choices one makes cannot be overcome with love, patience and the rarely grasped opportunity for redemption, what chance is there for any of us?

Thwarted by her parents’ tough love, seventeen-year-old, single mother, Brianna, allows herself to be drawn into a new world glittering with easy money and false promises, accepting that proposition that no good girl ever should. With her young son, Josh, in tow, she dazzles with new prosperity, fulfilling the fantasies of not only her glorified pimp, Ken Morgan, but those of a judge and a host of depraved, desperate men in their wake. Ms. Mason’s familiarity with the legal system and law enforcement showed through clearly in several well orchestrated scenes, as the long arm of the law repeatedly tried to halt the ring of drugs and prostitution and Brianna and her son fled for the safety of the mountains.

Ms. Mason’s understanding of mountain people was stellar. These simple folk protect their own with fierce loyalty and Brianna and Josh find shelter beneath their net of poverty, love, moonshine and madness. Here, transgressors simply disappear, never to be heard from again and the mountains hold their secrets close to their chests as nature smoothes the pothole’s dark waters and envelops the hills in song and greenery. Even murder seems somehow justified in a place such as this, but the twisted and convoluted logic of its inhabitants finds no sympathetic ear in the outside world and Josh must ultimately face the consequences of his actions.

And yet, within this story, there lies hope. In Hannah and Miss Amy, we see the opposing force of love, the light of goodness that can blaze through even the meanest dark, if only one has the courage to reach for it. Fragile yet steadfast, this gentler emotion finally reaches even Brianna, a woman some would have classified beyond redemption. In love’s golden glow, we find hope, hope for Brianna and Josh and perhaps even for ourselves, as well.

Tangled Minds should be required reading for every high school senior or college freshman, although its audience is clearly much wider. Life is, indeed, full of choices and consequences. An individual may be able to run fast and far, but in the end, he cannot outrun the ultimate judge – himself. True redemption begins from within. May love’s tiny flame light the way as we reconcile our past, lift our face into the winds of change and set our feet once more upon the good road. An excellent read!

5.0 out of 5 starsTangled Minds-AWESOME!!!!!
By Peter fundora on December 13, 2011
Format: Kindle Edition
Omg this book is full of bigger than life characters.Its like your in the story.The people are so real,it leaves you wanting more.
I’m reading it for second time(waiting for sequel).
Buy this book by this awesome author(good job Yvonne)

* * * *

In addition to the books I have spotlighted above, Yvonne has many others for you to read, showcased on her Amazon Author page.

Yvonne Mason is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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I Can Humor in Just About Anything and This Had Me Rolling in the Floor!
“Wow. Not only are you trying to sell crap books, but you are trying to sell bullshit homophobia and pick-and-choose Bible thumping. All wrapped up in a “some of my best friends are gay” and “you were being mean to Southerners by portraying them as backwater hicks when only they can do that because they make money off this bullshit.” Wow, Yvonne and J. Guest, you are truly a vile loathsome creature. You will die unloved and alone.”

Fridays and Mondays are always a source of humor for me. The reason it seems to bring out the crazies in great number. This morning when I opened my e-mail and before I had the first cup of coffee this little ditty was waiting to be approved on one of my blog posts. After I read it twice- once without really paying attention to what this person was writing and the second time with laughter. Obviously he has no clue about me or where I am from. If he did he would not have written something so insane. Okay let me just start at the beginning.
As you can see his first sentence is trying to be an attack. He just does not get up early enough for that. He obviously is the one who has the issues. As for his second sentence, some of my best friends are gay and we had many discussions about the subject. It would appear that Mr. Lieder still does not understand southerners. He also did not understand the blog. This is evident in this statement, “you were being mean to Southerners by portraying them as backwater hicks when only they can do that because they make money off this bullshit.”
He probably needs to visit the deep south and partake of some of our hospitality. When we are asked a question we answer it and it doesn’t matter if we are making money off “this bullshit” or not. Mr. Lieder obviously only wants to see one side of life that being his side.

Now the funniest and I mean the funniest sentence in the entire statement was the last one. Wait for it! He said and I quote, “Wow, Yvonne and J. Guest, you are truly a vile loathsome creature. You will die unloved and alone.”
Apparently he has not been following me or befriended me. He has just assumed. There is one thing I do know I will not die unloved or alone nor am I a as he puts it ” you are truly a vile loathsome creature.” I perhaps think he may be talking about himself.

It is sad that this man who according to his facebook page lives in New York and is a freelance writer and editor believes that he has to make such personal attacks on folks just because they dare to stand for things they believe in. If he wants to disagree with my blog that is fine by me. After all we live in a country where we have that right. However, when someone resorts to such statements as he did at the end of his comment it tells me that he is either unsure of who he is- he is not cemented in his convictions or he is the one who is alone. Do I hate Mr. Lieder oh no- that would be to easy. Do I disagree with his comment yes I do. However, that being said, he is free to make them all he wants to. He also has to understand that when he makes those comments, I will address them.
Unlike Mr. Lieder, I do not need vilification – I know who I am and I know what I am about. So if you want to be friends I have no problem with it.
Oh and one last thing- Haters are always gonna hate! I will add you to my prayers.

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I Read This Blog the Other Day and I Can’t Let it Go

When I first read this blog I wasn’t going to pay any attention to it. Especially since the person who posted it did not feel compelled to use their real name. My belief is this- if you have the “gonads” to write something this juvenile then you should have the “gonads” to use your real name. After all what parent in their right mind would name their child “Grammer Nazi Panzer General”? The name itself says quite a bit about the author. One they are narcissistic with self inflamed egos- They think more of themself then they are really worth. That my friends is just the beginning of this tirade – Moving on. I will rebutt this person’s blog with a few words of wit and wisdom of my own. My rebuttals will be in bold after each paragraph. Since I am an Award winning Best selling Indie Author I can do this. And yes I have paid my dues in spades. So without further ado let’s move on to this blather of nonsense.

Why Indie Authors Still Suck

I’ve come here today to talk to you about Indie Authors.  Yes, that’s right, Indie Authors.

I contemplated answering a question about indie authors, until I realized that I’ve gotten the same question over and fucking OVER about the indie market. I figured it deserved its own, shiny little blog post.

So let’s address the main question here: Is the Indie Market really that bad?  I mean are they really?

Yes.  They really, really are.

Really we are that bad? If so we are really that bad then why are the traditional publishing houses spending so much time and energy trying to shut us down. Why are people like you wasting your time writing drivel like this. The answer is we are not that bad. We are the future. No longer will traditional house dictate to readers what they are allowed to read and what they are not. No longer will agents pile up manuscripts and reject them just because they don’t happen to like that particular storyline. We are the Future!!!! We will not be stopped.

There are exceptions to every rule, and I’ll address that in a minute, but for now let me just say, the Indie Market is shit.  It’s a little pile of shit, wrapped up in shit, to make a shit burrito covered in shit sauce.

In the Indie World, you can find the drudges of the literary market.  The unedited, untalented, unresearched drivel that has been rejected by every publishing house this side of the universe– and with good reason. But instead of putting the book down, or setting it on fire, the sorry excuse for a writer has turned to the indie market for validation.

So the only thing that you can find to say about us Indies is that we are a pile of Shit in Shit sauce – the drudges of the literary market? As someone who is supposed to be involved in the traditional publishing world that is not very literary. You are writing the very same type of stuff that you accuse us of producing. We are not unedited, untalented or unresearched. I personally spend up to for years doing research on a subject. You have no foundation for this statement except for your own bias. We don’t need to be validated we know we are talented unlike some others including apparently yourself.

The author has taken the 10,945th attempt to write the next Twilight and thrown it to the rabid, uncaring, undiscerning market of women clamoring for their next idiotic, pathetic female, and well-chiseled male, and they don’t care if anything is spelled correctly.  They don’t care if there isn’t a coherent plot.  They don’t care if the author writing the book has never taken a basic literary course.  And somehow, that validates their writing against all of the professional rejection they’ve received.

Now this paragraph is laughable. I am not sure why you chose to write this one as it certainly does not validate your argument against  indie authors. IF anything it makes you look more like a male Chauvinist   showing that you believe that women don’t have a clue about good writing. “Rabid, uncaring, undiscerning,” is this how you perceive women? Your mother must be proud. I have read many books by men through traditional houses  that were not only badly written they were an insult to the industry as a whole. So female bashing is not valid.  

On the other side of that you’ll find authors who have never tried the traditional literary market.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and pull this percentage out of my ass…

Ahhhhhhh.  96%.  I believe about 96% of those who have never tried the traditional market don’t because they know they’re going to get rejected.  Their book is nothing but glorified fanfiction, and somehow they’ve decided that indie publishing is the way to go, and have the gall to ask hard-working human beings to pay them for that drivel.

Seriously- And where did you get your numbers? Out of your Ass? That is indeed a very scientific study. I am sure that you will go far in your craft. There is an old saying “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.” In your case- fool is mild. I have to ask a question here, in the Traditional Publishing world have you not seen “glorified fanfiction” I know I have and it is ugly. Once again if this is the basis for your debate you lose.  

There is a time and a place for that shit, my dears.  And it’s called Livejournal.  It’s the place where pathetic, lonely, vampire obsessed writers go to get their fix.

You wanna write about original characters instead?  Fine.  Start a blog.  But if you can’t go about publishing properly, guess what?  You shouldn’t get to publish.

I love this paragraph. How do you define “publishing properly”? Traditional houses that dictate the content, the money, cover and word count. Is “publishing properly” defined by people like you who wield the  red pen of rejection because you think you hold the power? Those days are long gone. No longer will the reading public be told what to read or when to read. You are a dying breed. 

The indie market started out as a great idea.  It began as a way for authors to take bigger control over the rights to their own books.  It provided a better medium for known authors to release books to the public, having more control over the content, editing process, title, retail price and royalties.

It was a place for writers, who had already earned their dues through traditional publishing, who had already established themselves, who had already learned how to write a book, to find solace from the Big Bad Man.

 This paragraph is laughable. First you say that the indie market is a joke and then you back peddle by saying it is a way for authors to take more control of their craft. Then you throw in the thing about known authors. Seriously you cannot have it both ways. Either it is an evil entity or not. We don’t need to find solace from the Big Bad Man we have cut him completely out.   Which brings me to another point. We cut your kind out as well. We don’t need you and there in lies the rub.

I work for a publishing house (and no despite your begging, I will not tell you which one, nor will I give you a recommendation, so please stop asking) so I know what it’s like.  I’ve seen the disappointment in my authors when they don’t like what I have to say, what I tell them to change.  I’ve heard their rants when my boss tells them, tough shit, it’s in your contract tiny mortal, you do as we say!

We don’t want to know what publishing house you work for. You must be a great disappointment to that house. You have not seen disappointment in faces what you have seen the the fact that they are finding out that they have lost control of their book because you and your boss have determined what the public wants to read. Yep that is what contracts do- they screw the author. That is why indies don’t do contracts- it is not in our best interest, it is in yours and your bosses. It is a lose- win. You win they lose.  

It’s not fun, and a lot of the time, I feel their pain.  Then again, the writers I work with have been, for the most part, writing for a very long time.  It wasn’t just some over-night hobby they picked up after reading that piece of shit Fifty Shades of No One Fucking Cares Anymore, and thought to themselves, “I can totally write something like that!”

There is no way in hell you can feel their pain- so don’t even try that one. That is like telling someone who has lost a love one that you know how they feel. That is BS in its purest form. You are not the one who has sat for hours and days on end bringing characters and stories to life to only be told- deal with it- we are going to do what we want to with your story. It is in the contract. So don’t insult them by making that kind of stupid statement. You have no clue.  

Indie authors have this very bizarre self-image when it comes to their books.  I’ve seen it first hand.  They become entrenched in this market that was taken over by the uneducated, untalented masses who just wanted a little piece of that best-selling pie, and they think that because they sat down and crapped out 250,000 words of useless drivel, the world owes them something.

Now this paragraph is just beyond words. “Uneducated, untalented masses,” this is such an insult on so many levels, I can not even begin to start a rebuttal. I for one have a degree in Criminal Justice. I have taken many writing classes and I do not write useless drivel and the world certainly does not owe me anything. If you are going to make a statement like “useless drivel” then you must include yourself and your authors in this statement. This blog is indeed useless drivel.  You cannot seem to write anything here without personally attacking indies or their readers. In my experience and education this is a sure sign of low self esteem.   

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve complained about the price of an indie book an author is begging me to read and their response is, “But I have to charge that much.  I have to get some money for my time.”

Oh really you are complaining about the price of an indie book when traditional books run almost 30.00 a pop? Are you kidding me? Are you still pulling stuff out of your ASS?   

Oh no, sweetheart.  No you don’t.  The world doesn’t owe you anything.  Your time is worthless until you prove your worth.  You can’t ask people to pay more than pocket change on your poorly-worded shit.  Trust me, you might be able to find a few people on your overly massive facebook network to crap out the nine or ten bucks for your book, but don’t come crying to me when your sales plateau after a week, and no one gives a shit anymore.

We know the world doesn’t owe us anything. And as far as our time being worthless? How dare you. We have proven our worth over and over again. “Pocket Change” Seriously?! Who do you think you are? Why would anyone bother to come crying to you? You are not that important. We do not need you. Most of us don’t care if we are not on the best seller list- we are not out to make a fortune – We write because we can. So keep your snide little comments in the same place that you pulled out this blog. Face we do not need or want your or your kind. And that is the problem- you can’t stand the fact that we do use social media we have made the internet our friend. We know how to market and it killing you.

The truth is, unless your work is good enough to be accepted by a traditional publisher, it shouldn’t be on the market.

And who made you Judge and Jury? Why shouldn’t it be on the market? Was it because you didn’t get your piece of the pie? Was it because we didn’t come to you begging on our hands and knees to have our work published? Those days are long long gone. Deal with it. It is called free enterprise and we have as much right to be here are the next person.   

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “But General, I’ve read some really, really terrible traditionally published books!”

And you’d be right on that complaint.  Some of the biggest publishing houses out there will take the most terrible books on the market, simply because they sell.  Simply because there IS a market for really bad crap.  The standards for your every day book enthusiast have fallen so low, it’s… well there are no words for how pathetic that is.

No, it isn’t the reader who has fallen so low- it is the traditional publishing houses. They want the money- they are greedy apparently just like you. So they insist that their authors produce so many books a year. No time to research, no time to flesh out the story or the characters. Just get it out there so the name will sell not the story. You can try to wrap this up and sell it but that will not hold water. It is the houses not the readers.  

But it doesn’t change the fact that just because you can write a carbon copy of the really bad, traditionally published shit, doesn’t mean it deserves the attention of the public.

Oh this is so true- especially when it comes to worse than bad writing by traditional authors and I have read many of  them. I refuse to read Patricia Cornwall anymore because her writing has gotten so bad. It is not her fault. She is pressured to pump out books like they are babies. There is not time to put her heart and soul into it because all of you are standing over her with a whip and a deadline. All you see are dollar signs. 

Before you type in the web address to amazon’s way too lenient indie publishing website, submit your work to an agent.  Submit it to a few publishing houses, and see what they say.

And here is the crux the of this blog!! The facts now come out. We don’t need you! And that mean you are losing $. Now we know the rest of the story it is all about the money. You all see it drifting away- no longer do you have control of us. We are out own agents.  

You’re going to get rejected, believe me.  You think that these big named authors became famous overnight?  I realize it appears that way, but it’s sadly not true.  At all.  Most of them have been working their fingers bloody trying to get someone with some sort of influence to notice them.  Most of them take at least a decade to take off, and only a handful actually last longer than five years on the best seller list.

What an oxymoron- you tell  them in the previous paragraph to waste their time getting an agent and submitting to a house and then you make this statement. No big name authors didn’t become famous overnight anyone with half a brain knows that. But what you are not telling is the fact that they also have to promote themselves and you get the money.  

Bear that in mind when your puny brain thinks the moment you hit publish, you’re going to be the next big thing.  The appropriate reaction when someone tells you that is to laugh in their face, and then fucking punch them in the mouth.

Now we have “puny little brains” Seriously when you run out of words you still resort to name calling – We have no illusions unlike apparently you do that we will be a best selling author we write because we can. End of story.

Now, there are exceptions to the rule, but they’re not common, and they require a lot of contributing factors.  The first being, yes there ARE some authors who DID become overnight successes.  Those authors either have A- connections or B- some sort of already-established nerdy, lonely fanbase for their shitty fanfiction they’re now changing the names on and publishing (fifty shades of my vodka flavored vomit, anyone?).  But that will not be you.  Repeat that to yourself over and over to get it through your head.  That will not be you.

Your work is not gold.  You’re not going to have some publisher accidentally happen upon your book and think, My God, this is the next Stephen King.  It doesn’t work that way.  Get the idea out of your head.  Especially if you are independently published.

I had to put these two paragraphs together. Again- the logic here escapes me. It almost as if you are angry because “Fifty Shades of Grey” topped the charts. (not one of my personal favorites) but I would be so unprofessional as to talk about it like this. Are you jealous because some other agent/publisher has made a killing off someone who is into writing about domestic abuse?  

The second exception is this- sometimes there ARE diamonds in the rough in the indie market.  There are authors who have looked at traditional publishing and all the benefits, weighed them against the benefits of indie publishing, and decided indie is the way to go.

But here’s the difference, they don’t use MS spell-check, self-edit and then go to print.  These authors, most of whom have been writing for at least two decades, get an editor.  I repeat, they get a fucking editor.  They edit the book.  They have writing groups of total strangers critique their books (they exist online in massive droves of people just waiting to pick your shit apart… it’s brutal, and kind of hot).  They beta-test their book to different genre markets.  They… wait for it… edit again.  They write, and re-write, and they sit on their book for months, go back to it, re-write more, edit more.  And then, only then, do they decide to publish.

Once again, I had to put these two paragraphs together. I have been writing for over two decades, more like 5 decades. I have an editor- I do not use writing groups and the reason is it is my story and I don’t want someone else to interject their story- they can write their own . I don’t need nor want anyone to pick my book apart I do it enough on my own. 

The sorry truth is, Indie Writing is not for the poor.  I realize it’s sort of poetic to be some sort of starving artist who spends their life suffering and misunderstood, only to be discovered as a genius years after death.  But 99.999% of you are not misunderstood, and you are not geniuses.  You are ordinary and plain.

Again, seriously? You really believe this drivel that you are spouting? We do not believe we are misunderstood or suffering. Nor are we ordinary or plain. Apparently insulting us is your only defense. You leave a lot to be desired as a professional and a person. That you feel you have to castigate indies to make yourself feel better. 

If you want to Indie Publish, you’d better damn well make sure you have the money to do it.  Editors are not cheap.  They don’t have to be rape-your-face expensive, and when I see freelance editors charging up to a grand for manuscripts, I want to burn their computer as a sacrifice to the editing gods, but they do cost money.

And they are necessary.

Let me repeat that because you fucking brainless ass-clowns don’t seem to get this one.

Once again with the name calling. What a sad little person you are. 

Editors are necessary.

You cannot self edit.  Self-editing is only good for half the mother-fucking job, and if one more person tells me they can self edit I’m just going to… to…

I shit you not, that’s what will happen.

If you choose to self-publish your books, you have to work twice as hard and pay twice as much to provide equal content to the market.  Being traditionally published doesn’t mean you’re more talented, it simply means you’re offered more opportunity for a lot less money to make sure your book is in the best condition possible, to ensure people aren’t wasting their money.

We already know this. We don’t need your whip cracking name calling- self-loathing, pious attitude to remind us. You have no clue as to how hard we as a general rule do work.

Being indie published doesn’t mean you’re exempt from handling your book like a goddamn professional.  In fact, it makes you more responsible, because you don’t have a lovely team of vodka-and-redbull soaked copy editors, content editors, book cover artists, and book formatters working their fingers to the bone because they’re getting paid a percentage of your royalties, so the shit has to be good.

Nope.  As an indie author, that is all up to you.  It’s up to you to find an editor who won’t charge you the soul of your first born.  It’s up to you to find a cover artist who isn’t going to photo-shop Sims characters and then write the title in Microsoft paint.  It’s up to you to find a copy-editor who isn’t running the manuscript through Microsoft spelling and grammar check.  It’s up to you to find a formatter who doesn’t hit justify and center and call it done.

That all takes time and money.  And a lot of trust in a market where a lot of those people are in it to make a quick buck, reputation be damned.

But that’s not to say it can’t be done.  It can.  And I’ve read those books.  Indie books have made #1 in the amazon best sellers lists consistently, and that’s because those authors follow the goddamn rules of the literary market.

Being an indie author does not make you part of the elite.  If this were a caste society, you’d be the untouchable, wallowing away in your own leprosy-covered filth.  And those who’ve risen above the dredges, the Aladdin Prince of Thieves amongst them who found the genie in a bottle with their book, are the ones who goddamn tried.

So I don’t want to hear anymore about how I don’t give indie authors a fair shake.  This is a job, and indie authors treat this like it’s some dime-store hobby.  They want a piece of the literary money pie and they don’t want to work for it.  It’s disrespectful and it makes me sick.

It is not the indies who do this, It is the traditional houses that do this. They are the ones who force their authors to pump out four books a year with no soul. This dog just won’t hunt.

If you’re an indie author and you can’t afford to do all those things, you have no right to be publishing.  You are what’s wrong with the market.  You are why indie authors have a bad name.  And you can surround yourself with those in the market who are constantly bullshitting the masses with the idea that indie authors are braver, and more special, and taking their work into their own hands, because we all know it’s a load of shit.

And one day, when you’re sitting around with your 27-book series you wrote in 15 months, making $10 a quarter, wondering why no one gives a shit, maybe you’ll reflect back on this article and what I’ve had to say.  Maybe you’ll realize that shitting out five books in five months was not producing quality work.  Maybe you’ll realize that those who were telling you that you’re doing it wrong were goddamn on to something.

The traditionally published, generally speaking, are better than you.  Because they have the resources to be.  Because the traditionally published decided to pay their goddamn dues by going about things the right way.  They independently published their books when they earned the right to do so.  When their royalties afforded them the money to pay the editors, cover artists and book formatters they needed to produce quality work.

Again why do you keep repeating yourself. Traditional authors are not better. Most of them cannot get out of their own way. The reason is simple people like you are standing in their way. They are the ones spitting out five books in five months because of the contract they sign. That is not quality work, in fact it sucks. Same story, different city, no imagination  at all.    

So complain all you want.  Rail about how wrong I am, but I’m going to be sitting here in my little self-righteous world just waiting for the day when I can say I told you so.  Because I fucking have.  Repeatedly.  And you’re still stupid enough to think I’m wrong.

Boy, you are a legend in your own mind aren’t you. This is probably the most factual paragraph in the entire blog. You certainly are self – righteous and apparently self serving and you are wrong so wrong on so many levels. We are here to stay and we are not going anywhere.

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Now the Agents are Running Scared

I find it very amusing that since the Genie has been removed from the bottle and writers no longer have to depend on Agents and Traditional Publishers they now want to push back. Case in point:

The chick that wrote the above article demanded that we as indie authors stop calling ourselves that because we were not indie authors.

“AND STOP CALLING YOURSELVES INDIE. You’re not that either. Using “indie” interchangeably with “self” only confuses people who want to self-publish and pisses off actual independent publishers. There is a clear difference between publishing with a small press (“indie”) and using a vendor (“self”). Misusing/stealing pre-existing terms doesn’t give you credibility; it makes you look unprofessional.”

Seriously! Let me just give her the Webster definition of Independent aka Indie- ” Not influenced or controlled by others  in matters of opinion, conduct, etc. thinking or acting for oneself as in independent thinker. Not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction, autonomous: free as in an independent business man. Not influenced by the thought or action of others. Not dependant , or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc. No relying on someone or others for support, working for oneself in a private business.

This is just a few of the definitions that Webster gives. Now from the looks of these definitions I can truly state I am an Indie Author. I am in complete control of all my work, from the publishing to the cover art. No one tells me what I can or cannot write, how to write it, when to write it – how to publish it or when to publish it. I control the cover art, the pricing and the market. Ms. LaPolla it doesn’t get much more independent than  that. So before you spout off about things you have no clue go back and check Webster.

Next point this one is my favorite. She says    ” Because the thing is, most of the traditional publishing world has moved on and we’ve stopped thinking about you. We’d rather focus on ourselves. Frankly, we think you should go and do your thing if that’s what you want to do. More power to you. This town is big enough for the two of us. We promise.”

The reason we have taken matters in our own hands is because you never considered us. You all thought we would just go away and never be heard from again. Yes, the world is big enough for all of us. But it appears that the traditional folks are beginning to push back. The question is why? The is answer is simple fear on your part. We don’t need you, but apparently you will need us. We forgot about you long before you all forgot about us.

Traditional houses didn’t think they would start losing their authors to indie publishing because they felt as if they had them in the palm of their hands. They were wrong Jackie Collins is a prime example. She found out she can make more money doing her own thing.

Moving on to your next point:

” It’s true, there is still a stigma. And here’s why: The number of writers self-publishing out of impatience outweighs the number of writers who self-pub because they’re making it a career. Which means the overall quality of work being produced through self-publishing is too low to have credibility.”  This was the best argument you could come up with? Lack of credibility!  Allow me to enlighten you- I have read books by traditional authors that one I should have never wasted my money on and two they were about as credible as a suspect who is being interrogated. This dog won’t hunt. You will have to do better than that.

“So, self-publishing community, for being called “self,” you’re not very autonomous. If you want to convince traditional publishing you’re its equal, stop drawing comparisons and start recognizing yourselves as your own entity. Self-publishing is not an offshoot of traditional publishing, and it’s not a gateway to traditional publishing.”  This was perhaps my favorite quote. We know we are not an off shoot from traditional publishing- never claimed to be, don’t want to be and wouldn’t have it if you gave it to us. As for me, I am my own entity. Trust and believe. I have been at this game for a long time.

Yes, I am autonomous because I am an Indie author and if you don’t believe it go back to the beginning of this blog or better yet check Webster.

Traditional  Houses started this “Civil War” as you called it. We just do our thing. We moved on a long time ago.

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