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The Silly Season and What to Give!

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

Yes even audio books! they are in p3 format you can listen to them on our computer, ipod, ipad and newer cars. There is one cd which is indeed the entire book. Great for the elderly, legally blind or folks who have problems with their hands or are bedridden or chair bound.

It is now upon us in full mode that time of year when gifts are bought and given with love. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Winter Solstice, Hanakauh or Christmas. It is the season. We spend so much time in front of TV’s, Computers and other things that most of us have forgotten how to read books. It does not matter what form them come in they are still books. With that being said, I want to give you the reader a site to order my books – yes they can be ordered on Amazon – Amazon Kindle- Nook Book and Itunes. But there is a little known fact that they can also be ordered at my online bookstore – if you don’t know which book that special someone would like, I offer gift certificates as well. On this site are collector playing cards with my book covers as backs. Any item which is purchased will be signed by me. If you wish that purchase to be dropped shipped to that certain someone I can do that as well- I also offer gift wrapping at no charge.
How can you go wrong? Gift wrapping, the perfect gift with a personlized note, the gift signed by me and dropped shipped to that certain someone. It is shipped via priority mail so yes they will get it in time for the fat man in the red suit, or other form of delivery.

I know of no author who offers such goodies, mainstream or indie. I have several genres from inspiration to true crime to fiction thrillers to comedy so many choices so little time. This can be your one stop shopping – why would you want to go any place else. So stop on by. Order those books now. You won’t be sorry!

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The Christmas Present Quandry

Every year there is someone on your Christmas list that you have no clue what to buy them. Every year you wonder through the stores, the mail order catalogs and the online stores scratching your head and mumbling to yourself wondering what you are going to get the person who has everything. Well, this year, fear not, your problem is solved. This is the year books are vogue. This is the year that books can be read on some many devices. This is year you can be a hero.
There are so many indie authors out there who have books just begging to be read, wonderful authors who write everything from inspiration to romance, to murder mystery to vampires to you name it – it is out there.
With so many of our favorite traditional authors dying off isn’t it time to try something new? Isn’t it time to try and indie author.
For those of you who have no clue what an Indie author is – indulge me a moment of your time. We are those authors who have chosen to publish and market our own work. We are those authors who are tired of being rejected by traditional agents and publishers who think our voice is not good enough. We are those authors who believe that what we have to offer is just as good if not better. We are not hampered by conditions set by traditional publishers. We don’t have to sell our soul in order to be published. WE have control of our book, our cover and our marketing. We can do what we want to – go to any event we want to and sign what we want to. We don’t have our books slashed to pieces by some unknown entity just because they want a certain word count. We write what we want to when we want to. We don’t have to mass produce dribble just because of a contract. We can take our time and produce quality work and a great story.
So that being said, back to Christmas. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You can order our books from places like,,, Barnes and noble and yes even nookbook and amazon kindle. Some of us even have our own online bookstores, such as
We can be found on facebook and other places. All you have to do is contact us and we are more than happy to respond. We don’t respond through an agent or other entity. When you hear from us it is real. If you want the book personally autographed to a loved one we do that to.
I am working on gift certificates so that your purchases can be made easier. I take credit cards at all my events.
We are the up and coming thing in books. Give us a try, I know you will like us. Check out you will see many book reviews – these books are all written by indie authors.
Give something different for Christmas this year- give a book by an indie author.
Support free enterprise.

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