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Have you Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like To Sit Down and Talk To A Serial Killer?

Bet the title got your attention! No I haven’t had that experience – however I have studied them enough and researched them enough that I pretty much understand their twisted evil minds. With that in mind- my book Brilliant Insanity is written in first person through the voice of a serial killer.

Lewis Rienheart only have five days to live before he is executed in Florida. He has been allowed to tell his story to the world. Law Enforcement and the news media are beside themselves because finally they are going to get a confession. However, Lewis has his own agenda and he refuses to be rushed and he refuses to leave out any detail of his crimes. Lewis wants the world to know why he did what he did. He has no remorse- in fact just the opposite is true- He feels vindicated. He is proud of what he did.

However, before Lewis will let the world in on his secret he has conditions and surprisingly enough those conditions are met. Enter Amanda McQuaid- rookie reporter- She has never covered a big story before and has no idea why she was given the assignment. She is not sure she wants to take this one on- However- it was this or the obit section. With much trepidation she chose the assignment.

Lewis is ecstatic finally he will be able to tell the world what really happened!

But all is not as it appears! Brilliant Insanity will take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotional insanity.

Listen to Lewis as he weaves a tale of murder- brilliance and insanity. Read how Lewis makes the story all about him and his needs, wants, desires and impulses.

Decide for yourself if he was justified in his actions- Decide for yourself if he really should have gotten away with murder.

Brilliant Insanity

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Places to Find All of My Books

The Last Rites

This is the latest release

As an Indie author, that is one who is not published by a vanity press or a traditional publisher, none of my books are sold in what we call box stores. That is brick and mortor stores. The reason is they buy all of their books from Lightening source or Baker and Taylor on consignment. They shelve the books for 30 days then pack them all up and send them back to the distributor. The author is paid in advance the royality for that sale. When the books go back the author is charged back that royality and has to give the money back.
As an independant author I have no distributor. I am the distributor as well as the marketing and PR person. I control my destiny. So all of my books are sold online. Which is not a bad thing. They are best sellers.
For those of you who have been reading my books for years you know where to find them. But for all of you newbies, there are so many places to find my books.
You cand find them at both as a paperback and download on as well as Amazon Kindle. You can also now find them on Barnes and Noble Nook Book. Yes, boys and girls they are available on Nook. All of my books can be read on any electronic equipment you have from iphone to ipad to computer to kindle and nook. Unlike many authors I believe the reader should be in control of how he wants to read his book.
The best part of being an independent author is that if you the reader want a signed copy you don’t have to wait until I have a signing. You can order one anytime you want to at my online bookstore at When you order your book, you receive a thank you note as well as other goodies. It is just my way of saying thank you for being a reader.
Subscribe to my blog because it is a way of staying up dated on my latest news and appearances.
I have just released my second true crime novel and am currently working on two new books. One I am co-aurthoring with my friend and fellow author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc it is the second in the Harrington and Morgan Series.
I am also working on another historical novel. This one is about Jean Laffite one of the last Pirates. The history is real the story is fiction. I am including a bit of a twist simply because it makes it more fun.
Think Voodoo Queen.
So subscribe and enjoy the ride.

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Brilliant Insanity Video Excerpt read by Gary James

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Brilliant Insanity

New Cover for prlog

Louis Reinhart has five days to live before he is injected with the lethal cocktail.  Louis Reinhart has been given permission to tell the world his side of the story.

     The story which was not allowed to be told in court.

    The Fort Pierce Sentinel has agreed to send a reporter to interview Reinhart. However, Reinhart has been very specific as to which reporter he will agree to talk to.

    Her name is Mandy McQuaid. She is a rookie reporter. This is her first job and she is stuck in the obit section of the paper. Even though the Editor is not happy about Reinhart’s request, he sends Mandy to conduct the interview.

    Reinhart has his own agenda. He believes he was justified in his quest for retribution and he wants to share it with the world. Not only does he want to share it with the world, but it is very important that he share it with Mandy.

   As Reinhart draws Mandy into his web of lies, and narcissistic behavior one wonders where the next bend in the road leads. What surprise, what evil will pop out to shock and amaze even the most seasoned reader.

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