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Sweet Mystery Books Adds Me to their List of Must Read Books Which Include Vince Flynn and Dean Koontz

Sweet Mystery Books has included my books on their list of must read books. The authors that I am blessed to be among include, Dean Koontz, Vince FlynnMichael Connelly,John Sandford,Alfred Hitchcock and others.  

Here is what she has to say: “Yvonne Mason has proved that indie authors are the wave of the future. She keeps cranking out entertaining novels that combine dark humor and good stories. Check out her titles and make her your next big read.”

I am honored to be among such greats in the literary world. These some authors have been on my reading list since I was old enough to pick up a book. To be list as one of them is almost overwhelming. To be told that as an indie I am the wave of the future is a dream that has finally come to fruition. If you haven’t read my works, they can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook and my online bookstore at – My books are not sold in box stores because I am an indie author.

To be able to among the likes of Koontz, Flynn, Hitchcock and others just from selling online is almost unbelievable.  But yet – here I am.

I am an eclectic author who writes what ever suits me at the moment. From true crime, to inspiration, to comedy, to crime fiction, to suspense, to historical fiction. My books are as varied as I am. My most current release is a crime comedy which markets the gay and drag queen community. The Pink Canary came about all due to a misspelled word. That word was supposed to be Camaro. It was if a lightbulb went off over my head as my friend told me she has typed the word wrong. I saw Lula – one of the main characters in my head as soon as the words were out of her mouth. This book morphed into one of the funniest books I have created to date. The Abbott and Costello dialogue between Lola and Leary the local Police Detective will have the  reader wiping the tears from their eyes. Add one insanely funny sidekick by the name of Penelope with her Chinese Hooker Heels and Aqua Net Hairspray, who is drawn from my best friend and you have a story that you will not want to put down.

I write not to become rich – but because it makes me happy. I write to share the stories in my head with others and to give a voice to those who know longer have one with my true crimes. Those voices who have been forgotten and who never had the chance to live a full life. I write to give inspiration to those who feel as if they are to burdened to continue in life. I write to teach lessons in fiction. I write to leave behind a part of me that begs to be read. Yes, I am an indie author. I am proud of that title. It  has taken over 30 years to realize my dream of being published. I had rejection after rejection after rejection. But in the end I found a way to live my dream.

I was asked a couple of days ago why I don’t just say I am a published author. That is the reason. I am an indie author. I did this without traditional houses houses telling me what to write and how to write it. I did it on my own with the help of others who have broken the glass ceiling of publishing. As artists we are growing in numbers, from music to books to art. No longer will the public be told what to read, what to listen to and what art to enjoy. We have arrived. That is why it is such an honor to be in the company of such authors as Koontz, and Flynn.

Thank you Sweet Mystery Books for recognizing that I have come into my own.

The Pink Canary

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The Long Awaited Pink Canary Has Flown the Coop

The Pink Canary

The long awaited Pink Canary has finally flown the coop. It was released yesterday is currently available at and on Amazon Kindle at  It will soon in about 6-8 weeks be live as a book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as nook. This book will be availabe through the book distributor Baker and Taylor so you can ask for it at your local store.

This little book has been a joy to write. Not only is it a murder mystery it is also comedy. I have reached out to the gay community in this book with the help of two of my best friends one who has been in the entertainment business for over 40 years. The one and only Vicky Lane

Vicky Lane

Vicky not only graciously helped to navigate me through the waters of the Drag Queen world she also appears in the book. To add to that she kindly wrote the forward for the book. 

“There are bodies piling up in Key West…. Serial Killer?  The bodies showing up outside a famous drag bar….is that a clue or a coincidence?  A book that delves into the Life of a Drag Queen and a marvelous “Who done it?”  Clever! Let’s go into their world of Mascara  and Stiletto Heels and observe. Who could be killing all these gay men and why?    

Yvonne Mason is the master, or mistress, of mystery in this rip roaring, fishnet stocking twisiting comedy mystery tale. This story could very well could have really happened as Yvonne Mason connects this story with some undisputed truth and history of NYC underworld and the “World Famous 82 Club”… it just might have happened, see for yourself… 

The local detectives and cops go on a case that has been haunting the head detective and the main character since their days in the Big Apple. Does the detective has a love/hate relationship with the Drag Queen or is it a lot less Hate and more Love than admitted? Exciting and Hilarious! Who will be next on the list of murder?

 The story is as seen through the main character’s eyes and what eyes they are!  Lou the mild mannered detective by day and Lola a FABULOUS drag queen by night who can get into all kinds of trouble!! How her friends try to help her find the killer and catch the monster behind these unspeakable murders. 

I have been a Drag Queen for over 40 years and this is the first time I have been asked to collaborate on a book. Drag Queens are my speciality and I have worked in Cabaret shows since 1968 as well as extensively in Musical Theater, Television, Radio and Films. I really was excited and honored to help with the book and this book was an ultimate thrill for me.Thanks toYvonne Mason for her faith in me, and for having the insight to choose me to help her navigate this drag queen world. Thanks to Peter for his energy and Marvolous Wit…We will always be connected with this superb Book!” 

Vicky Lane

Next I have to thank another charcter in the book my friend and staunchest supporter Peter Fundora. He is Penelope. 

Peter aka Penelope

He allowed me to use his stores and his adventures when he dressed as a trailer trash drag queen to make The Pink Canary so hysterically funny. 

My editor Kelly Koch who is just starting out in the business at she not only edits books, she can make your resume sing for you. She is also proficent at creating business cards and editing and polishing papers, journals just about anything you need done. Check her out.

This book is probably one of my greatest creations to date. It is funny, yet suspenseful.It is a must read.

You can find all of my books on Amazon, Kindle, Nook and my online bookstore at and yes they will arrive to you signed.   


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An Excerpt From The Pink Canary to Be Released 2012- Not Your Every Day Drag Queen

The Pink Canary

Chapter One

  The Pink Canary is my pride and joy. It took me years to save up enough money between my day job and my night job to buy into the beautiful nightclub. It is situated between two other nightclubs the Bourbon St Pub and the I Love the Nightlife..I love to Boogie on Duval St., the main drag in Key West. I co-own this sweet little piece of paradise with a silent partner who I still don’t know. All of the legal mumbo jumbo was handled by the attorneys. My partner doesn’t bother me and I make money hand over fist.

She is a beauty this Pink Canary of mine. Her exterior walls are painted a Caribbean shade of pink, not quite the color of the bright pinks the sun throws on the sky in the evening when she sets at Mallory Square, but not quite the soft shade of pink of the flamingos that we sometimes see around town. Yes, my club is called The Pink Canary. There is one perched on top of the club in neon lights which act as a beacon when the sun sets and the party begins.

Even during the day the interior of this beautiful place screams Pink. From the carpet, to the bar to the stools and even the stage is pink. At night when the spot light drops to the stage one sees pink. What can I say, I look good in pink. My name is Lola and I am the headliner and owner of the hottest drag queen nightclub in Key West. Well, okay, I am Lola at night during the day I go by another name when I am undercover. No, I am not a cop. I am just a concerned citizen who wants justice for the killings that have been committed in my fair city. The killings which are hurting business for all of us especially the gay nightclub business. And what Lola wants Lola gets!

Chapter Two

   It all started when the first body was found a couple of weeks ago in the Alley next to the club. I had just stepped out after my first set to get a breath of fresh air when I saw what looked like a homeless person asleep next to the dumpster. I walked over in my five inch heels, throwing my pink feather boa around my neck to keep it from dragging the ground with one hand and holding the end of my pink sequined gown with the killer spaghetti straps with the other hand.

“Hey, man, are you okay.” I asked as I approached the non-moving person. “You don’t look too good.”

“Well of course he doesn’t look too good, dummy.” I said out loud to no one, he has a hole in the front of his forehead the size of a quarter.  As I bent over to stupidly check for a pulse I could smell the pungent scent of death and I could see the results of that smell which had puddled around his legs. “Yep, he is dead.”  I said as I straightened back up. “Great, just what I need. Another one. I thought I had put all that behind me.”

No, I didn’t run screaming like a girl back to the club. I had seen this a couple of times before. The MO looked the same. It just pissed me off because it was in my backyard and it meant that I would have to go inside and call the cops, which in turn meant I would have to put my replacement in the next sets. The customers were not going to be happy. Sure they liked the other acts, but they came to see me. Oh well, can’t be helped. “But you could have had the courtesy to be killed over at the Hog’s Breath or Captain Toney’s or even Sloppy Joe’s instead of here.” 

Turning on my pink heel I marched myself back into the club. I found my replacement and then I went into my office and called 911.

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