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Just in Time for Halloween

mad hatter

Yep, just found out that The Mad Hatter will go live tomorrow – if you are ready for Whitechapel in 1888 then The Mad Hatter is for you. As soon as it goes live I will post the links. You do not want to miss this new release.

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The Mad Hatter is Coming!!!!

mad hatter

Watch for it! Is the Ripper the Mad Hatter? I leave it for you to decide!!!!!

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Her Only Son By Shawna Platt only son

Her Only Son By Shawna Platt, a book set in 2020 which is not but five years away. Even though it is fiction, it could happen. “A government program gone wrong. Artificial insemination used to create a new breed of solider. The year is 2020 and war still plagues our world. After suffering extreme loss of life, the United States government creates a voluntary program called Operation Vala, which involves the artificial insemination of women between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-five to produce a child the military will claim and raise to be a new breed of soldier. When Kinsey Garrick finds herself an unwilling participant in the program, she chooses to fight back. When she escapes the compound with her newborn son, she becomes the target of a nationwide man hunt lead by the head of Operation Vala. Known only as Hakon, this man will stop at nothing to capture and destroy Kinsey, and take from her the one thing she’s willing to risk it all for…her only son.”

This is Shawna’s first full length book and I must say it is a nail biter. It encompasses every emotion known to man, greed, self absorption, fear, hate, love, just to name a few. As a mother and a grandmother, I asked myself what would I do to save my child. Not only does this book make one think about the future, it also teaches a life lesson about how mothers are supposed to feel about the life they carry. We are the protectors – it is our job to protect that innocent child before and after birth. It is our job to make sure they are not harmed or used –

When I picked up this book, I could not put it down until I finished it. I highly recommend this read.

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The Mad Hatter Has Departed

mad hatter

After two years of research, frustration,delays, deaths, life and other assorted detours The Mad Hatter has finally left the building so to speak. For those of you who are lovers of The Ripper, The Mad Hatter is right up your alley. Without giving too much of the story away, let me just say, 1888 in the East End of London was a busy year. This book is fiction but has a lot of historical facts in it.
This book is close to my heart as I have studied the Ripper for years.
So, while all of my little twisted minded children gleefully await the release, let me leave you with a teaser. Now you must ask yourself this, Was the Ripper and the Mad Hatter the same person? I leave it for yo to decide after you read the rest of the story!

Chapter One

1888, the year of living dangerously, as least that was what Johnathon Rhoades surmised as he gazed out of window of his newly purchased carriage as it slowly wound its way among the streets of the East End of London. The East End was comprised of several Burroughs, among them were the cities of Algate, Mile End, Poplar and Bethel in the Green, which stopped at the London Docks waterfront.
The heartbeat of the East End were the small parishes of Whitechapel, Spitafields and St. George’s, these were connected by the main highway of Whitechapel and Commercial Roads. It was on this highway that Johnathon Rhoades traveled and observed the over population of the poverty ridden who lived in dirt and degradation. Sadly, their housing was shabby, rotten and vermin infested which only added to their plight. These pitiful excuses for dwellings were located on crumbling dark streets and alleys which were connected by even darker courts and passage rich with crime of every imaginable sort.
As Johnathon’s carriage rumbled across the cobblestone road and passed through Spitafields he heard the hawkers of fresh vegetables, fresh fish and meat peddling their wares. The smell of blood from the animals as they were slaughtered on the spot by butchers for their customers assailed Johnathon’s nostrils as his carriage rolled through the street known as Algate or “Butcher’s Row and Blood Alley. The wheels of the carriage slung blood up on the undercarriage staining it as it quickly dried. Johnathon inhaled deeply of the aromatic, metallic smell. There was nothing like it. He smiled.
Johnathon’s carriage continued toward Whitechapel which was located on outside of the walled city of Algate. As his driver carefully maneuvered his way around the sea of humans making their way to the main coaching inns and workhouses, he paid particular attention to the poor and uneducated, especially the women who had turned to prostitution as a means of survival.
It was an environment in which the very rich strolled side by side with the destitute, while the criminal element lurked in dimly lit streets and in alleys that were darker than the darkest night. The streets were filled with all manner of garbage from the droppings of the horses, to the waste from the bodies of men, women and children and the combined everyday trash from leftover food scraps to whatever else was tossed to the side of the road including bodies of humans whose lives had been snuffed out for any number of reasons, from gambling to prostitution, to drinking to accidents to murder.
It was the perfect place for the perfect storm.
The population consisted of 286 people per acre of land with entire streets of tenement houses that were rented as common lodgings by the most unscrupulous landlords. There were single, two-up and two- down houses on Dorset Street and at any given time between fifty and sixty people took turns by day and night sleeping in the same beds covered in unwashed bed clothes and lice and vermin infested mattresses.
Defective water supplies, lack of washing facilities and almost non-existent sanitation only added to the misery of those who dwelled there. Disease and epidemics periodically swept across the great city, while healers and physicians died what they could to stem the tide of squalor, hopelessness and death.
There were two groups of people who lived and tried to eek a living out of the East End, those who tried to survive by making an honest living and those who did not.

The honest ones, including the children, worked twelve to sixteen hours a day in sweatshops creating slave like conditions while try to earn a living. Female matchbox makers earned two pence farthing and bootmakers earned three to five shillings for making six pairs of boots. By the time men were forty years old, if they lived that long, they were completely burnt out wrecks just waiting to die. The East End was the perfect breeding ground for every form of the criminal element from pickpockets to rape and murder. Crime became one of many accepted ways of life if one wanted to survive.
In spite of the hardships of high unemployment, poor wages and even poorer living conditions, the residents of the East End found ways to entertain themselves. On just about every corner of every main street one could find public houses better known as pubs. They also visited the music halls where dancing and singing could be found.
One of the biggest and most widely accepted forms of crime was prostitution, and the East End widely known for its brothels and it prostitutes.
There were over 12,000 prostitutes in all of London and 1,200 of those lived and worked in Whitechapel. The deprivation of the East End was so bad that many women were forced onto the streets to earn the four pence they needed just to pay for a bed for the night. While their mothers sold their bodies to eek out a living, their children were turned out into the streets to fend for themselves.
The largest contingent of those women lived and worked on Dorset Street, a short narrow street 400 feet long and 24 feet wide. Dorset Street ran parallel to Brushfield Street to the north, with an Alley called Paternoster Row which connected the two streets. White’s Row was to the south and connected to Crispin Street to the west and Commercial Street to the east. Dorset Street had the reputation as one vast Brothel, so filled with miscreants and crime that the police had to walk their beat in pairs and were still subjected to verbal and physical abuse.
A murdered known in most circles as Jack the Ripper was wreaking terror and mayhem in Whitechapel while leading Scotland Yard on a merry chase. The industrial age was making its way into the lives of the people of London. The poor were scratching a living out of the workhouses as the women of the night worked the street corners to feed themselves and their children. The influx of immigrants created a housing nightmare and crime became the norm.
Between the influx of immigrants and the lack of proper work the environment was ripe for murder, mayhem and madness. It was to this environment that the Rhoades Family brought their Hat Factory, filling it with some of the same pitiful human souls that lived, loved and died in Whitechapel.
Johnathon Rhoades thought of all of this as he absently looked down at the unread paper in his lap. The page was turned to the latest escapades of the Ripper. Johnathon smiled to himself as his carriage hurried through the cobblestone laden streets. “Ah,Jack. What tortured souls we are.” Johnathon mused as he watched the city through the window.

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Surprises are Coming

It is a good day. Well anytime I am on this side of the dirt it is a good day. With that being said, let me just bring all of my minions up to speed as to things that have been happening. After the year got off to a rocky start, they have finally settled down and I am moving forward with some projects.

 I know I haven’t published a new book in a while,  however that will be remedied soon. I have several in my cauldron and they are boiling up nicely. Second not only are my books doing quite well on Amazon Kindle they are picking up on the book side. They are now being published through Dressing your Book which prints from Lightening source which distributes through the two distributors Ingram and Baker and Taylor- so if you go to your favorite book store and ask for my book and they don’t have it – they can order it for you. If enough people ask for them – they will start stocking them. 

Now with the basic stuff out of the way – let me just tell each of you what is coming down the pike. For those of you who loved the When Fates Collide Series, well you will have the opportunity of listening on audio soon. Both on CD and mp3. We are going into production with the first two  





These two little books are the first two in the series and will be released together.

Now on to the book I am currently working on. Let;s just say, the bad guys is Mad as a Hatter. view two mad hatter's hat

I am also working on something that is very close to me- something that I have been fighting for several years. That is the corruption of Child Protective Services. They took three of my grandchildren and made money off of them.

So life is moving forward. Books are being written and audio books are in production. This year is full of great things

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Blessings From the Darkness

Black Bed Sheet Books is proud to present an anthology of over 30 diverse authors with tales and poems to inspire, thrill and terrify!

Blessings from the Darkness is an eclectic collection of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, heartfelt prose, and everything in between, by a talented and diverse group of writers and published authors in dedication of, and in support of, our dearest friend: the award-winning and bestselling Author Yvonne Mason… inspiration, selflessly supportive, and a dear friend to many aspiring writers and indie authors. She believes in paying it forward: offering her knowledge and insights and friendship to kindred souls…… (taken from the dedication by G.J. Lentz). All sales of this anthology present and future are donated to her in support of her son, who at the time of this publication has been ill and out of work, and struggling to support his family due to an undiagnosed illness.

Featuring Scott Nicholson – Barbara Watkins – Rick Powell – Sage Sinclair – Matt Haynes – Vicky Carter – T.G. Reaper – Ian Bush – Cinta Garcia De La Rosa – Todd Propst – Christopher Adams – Luis Vera – David Schütz II – Shawna Platt – Christopher Adams – Sandy Rozanski – Sharon Sobolik – Alan Gravitt – Michael Gersony – Sheri Ann Richerson – Jynell Hull – T.O. Gade – Tara Atkinson – W. Freedreamer Tinkanesh – Mary Genevieve Fortier – Marvin Anderson – E.A. Irwin – G.J. Lentz
Blessings from the Darkness

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When Fates Collide Series

It doesn’t get any stranger when you hook up a loner female bounty hunter with a mousy emphatic secretary out to get their man. Add a few strange characters and you get one heck of a rid. Welcome to WHEN FATES COLLIDE

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

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When Fates Collide Arm Candy Receives a Five Star Review

Yes kiddies the third in the When Fates Collide Series has received a five star review. If you haven’t read any in the series you should. While they are all stand alone books, they are more fun if read in the correct order. First is When Fates Collide – This little jewel explains how the two main characters meet.

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

The Second in the Series is When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound- This book comes with its own disclaimer that we are not responsible for soiled clothing as you read it.

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

And the third in our series of misadventures is When Fates Collide Arm Candy.

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun adventure story with a lot of laughs. October 12, 2013
By J.D. Holiday VINE VOICE
Format:Kindle Edition
When Fates Collide…Arm Candy gives you a look, with a comical view, inside the bounty hunting business. Although they might seem an unlikely duo, these two women, Alex and Hope, like each other which is just what they need in order to work in the world they find themselves in. Their partnership make their job look easy.
It’s far from all business adding to the laughs as Alex and Hope join forces with others from all walks for life as they travel from
New Orleans, where Alex swears the best coffee on the planet is, to St. Maarten to get their jumpers, the two criminals who jumped their bail. Their adventure keeps the story moving just the way I like it. So, while it’s cold outside this winter, my advice is to go with Alex and Hope as they take you with them to the warm and sunny island of St. Maarten for a bit of fun!
~Author and Illustrator, JD Holiday

And if you really want to know the characters in the third book you need to read The Pink Canary a fall down funny drag queen comedy

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

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Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare Have Been Released

Welcome to Your Nightmare 3

satans holiday

Well- after holding our collective breaths, many back and forths, biting our nails, pulling our hair out, drinking multiple cups of coffee and many sleepless nights Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare has finally been released. This project has been of Biblical proportions. I do not think it has ever been done before- that is the two books with 37 authors and multiple stories. Most anthologies only accept about ten authors and one story each.

Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare started out with the idea of all of my short stories in one book. However, after much thought, I decided that I wanted to share the wealth. The call went out and the response was so overwhelming that I had to move forward into uncharted waters.

I enlisted the help of my editor and publisher Kelly Koch from Dressing Your Book, if it had not been for her I would not have survived. My book cover designer Debi DeSantis never ceases to create eye popping covers and a special thanks to her son Nic who came up with the titles.

My friend the one and only Nicholas Grabowsky who is the master of horror graciously came aboard and offered up a story that appears in both books so that my contributors can add that to their list of accomplishments. Thank you Nick for your kindness.

To the 37 contributors who offered their craft. Those of you who have never been published before this feeling never gets old. It is like Christmas every time you see your book or your name in print. The feeling can not be explained to anyone who has never been there.

As indie authors we have to work 100 times as hard just to get out there. To you readers- please support us- buy our books, read our stories and tell others. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

So with that being said, you can now go to Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble and Download both books you can buy the paperback at and in about six weeks they will be availbe in paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Welcome to Your Nightmare and enjoy Satan’s Holiday!!!!!

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T Minus 8 Days and Counting

Satan's Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare

That’s right eight days before the two not one but two horror anthologies are released and sent out through the universe. Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare. I have done some off the wall things in my writing career. I have written things that most people won’t even talk about out loud. I have ruffled feathers, had stalkers, and written outside the box. This project has been by far the most challenging of all my projects. I have released back to back books before, but until now I have not released two books at the same time with stories from so many different contributors. This was interesting to say the least. So many personalities- so many details to make sure the books are unique. So many stories- poems – flash fictions and even a couple of real hauntings.

When I started this project it was just going to be my short stories that I had written – however, I got to thinking, so many people gave me a chance when I first started out after years and years of floundering and not knowing how to go about making my dream real. It was time to give back – time to see how many out there had a dream that they wanted to make real. Well, I have been told many times be careful what you ask for. The response was so overwhelming it even left me speechless.

In this industry the standard is usually 10-15 contributors with one story each. And most of the time there are specific “guidelines” to follow like werewolves, vampires etc. Well, not this girl, I wanted to see just what was out there. The only guidelines was it could not be erotica for one it is not my bag and for two I wanted to reach a large audience. So the call went out, the response was as diverse as the contributors. I didn’t turn down not one contributor. That is also something that is unheard of. Each one who wrote was put in the book. Not everyone who sent in a story had been published before this project. So for them this was like Christmas and they don’t even have the books yet. When they get them it will be – well there are no words when you hold that first publication in your hands.

To add to their excitement they will be in the same book no matter which book with Nicholas Grabowsky. Who is well known for his horror – He wrote Halloween IV and has been scaring the pants off readers for years. My contributors were so excited to know this I don’t know how they have contained themselves.

Dreams do come true- Ask each of the wonderful people who reached down inside themselves and wrote for me. Scared though they were of rejection (that is for someone else to do not me) they wrote and hoped it would be good enough. Well not only was it good enough- they are in print.

It is never to late to make your dream real- it is never to late to fly! Just ask those who have just flown. They will tell you. One of them is so excited he couldn’t get his questions to me out fast enough.

I hope that each of you will support these authors – yes they are now authors- and buy these books, they will have them for sale in their home state in on their person as well as on Amazon, Kindle – Nook and Lulu.
I am so very proud of this project so proud that we are gearing up to do it next year as well.

So get ready T-8 Days and Counting Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare will soon explode on the universe.

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