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A Reader Now Gives The Girls A Voice


Silent Scream a True Crime Novel by Best Selling Florida Author Yvonne Mason

I received the email below in my in box this morning. It was from someone who I don’t know, he had bought Silent Scream. When he finished it he had changed his mind about many things. The one thing that struck me was the fact that he had a new repsect for Barbara Ann Wilcox and Collette Goodenough who were murdered at C24 Canal now known at Oak Hammock Park. He now respect their final horrible resting place, he understands they didnt’ die easy and he now has empathy for the way they were brutally murdered. They now have another voice because of Peter. He will never forget them and he will tell others about them. This was the purpose for the book – so that the girls would never be forgotten again and so that their final resting places would be honored. Thank you Peter for doing  that.       

Peter fundora said:
Just read your book(silent screams) and I’ve never been so moved by a book.
I bought it because my brother lives in PSL and told me about Devil tree.
I wanted to know more about true case(I’m ashamed of the way I acted at crime scene.I treated as a joke)
before I knew whole story.The world should read your book.I cried for those girls and their families.
Thank you for giving them a voice.I’m going to visit brother next week,I’m gonna put flowers by tree.
Do you know how the Girls that survied are doing?
I can’t imagine their lives weren’t changed forever!
I was truly moved by your book!
Thank you.


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