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Sometimes Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard

The other day I told ya’ll that I had a “cute little” comment on one of my posts and that I would not approve it because I wanted to have some fun with it. Well, after putting my latest book to bed that is getting it the publisher and spending a night of insomnia I decided it was time to have some fun with this comment. The back story is this. I was given a very nice compliment by one of my readers, this was the compliment :

Today I had the honor of being listed as one of Ric Johnson’s five favorite women authors along with three men the authors are very well known in the industry and to be linked with those names is almost breath taking. The authors he listed as his favorites were in response to this poster
powerful books. The authors he listed me with are Erica Spindler, Author, Yvonne Mason, Alafair Burke, Marcia Clark, Tami D Hoag. John Sanford Prey Series, James Lee Burke, Greg Iles. As you can see these are heavy hitters in the publishing world. I am very humbled and grateful to be considered in this list of whose who of authors. What an accomplishment. Thank you Ric Johnson for your belief in my craft. I hope I can continue to meet that expectation as I continue my journey.

He included my writing in with some very heavy hitters. So I created a post about it
Well a young man must have been having a very bad day for whatever reason. This young man’s name is Tim Lieder and yes he is on facebook. I looked him up. Anyway, his comment was laughable at best, silly at worst. He knows nothing about me as a person, probably has not read anything I have written and if he did, his lack of understanding caused him not to appreciate the book. His total lack of respect for me as a person and as a “grandma” says many things about his lack of “being raised right.” Maybe he has “self-confidence” issues or lack of self respect issues or maybe he just doesn’t get it. That being said, he needs a lessons in good ole southern manners. Manner number one is respect your elders. Manner number two, before you open your mouth make sure you know what you are talking about as it makes you the fool. Maybe no one taught him the old saying, “Better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.”
Now that I have given you all the back story of this foolish young man, who will never go very far without manners, here is his comment. “Wow. Such accolades when you are such a terrible writer. By the way “world’s greatest grandma” mugs do not constitute literary awards.”
I love his snide comment about “Grandma” mugs not constituting literary awards. My question to him is “Are you an author and if so how many awards have you received, how many times have you been on TV and Radio and how many books have you written?”
The beauty of this little snide comment which shows the smallness of his mind is he is talking about me. I know you ask how is that good? It is good because he felt it necessary to try to talk smack. I must have hit a nerve at some point. Is it jealousy on his part because he is not living his dream for whatever reason? Is it fear because he is afraid to live his dream? I would venture to say it is a combination of both. People who attack others have issues within their lives that they refuse to face. If they face them then they have to make changes. Most people do not want to make changes it is easier to attack others rather than improve one’s own life.
Mr. Lieder, I have this bit of wisdom to impart to you. Yes, I am a grandmother, a mother and a host of other things. I am also an author with a degree in Criminal Justice, I am also a Bounty Hunter, a public speaker, a teacher of life, a domestic violence survivor and a host of other things that you know nothing about. I work hard at my craft. I am proud of my craft. I am living my dream. If you do not like my books well that is an easy fix, don’t read them. You probably do not understand them anyway.
That being said, just because you have issues in your own life, it does not give you the right to attack, others who are enjoying their life. Before you start casting stones, look in the mirror at the face that stares back at you. Ask yourself this one question or maybe two. “What do I accomplish by tearing down others? What kind of person does that make me?”
The answer is simple- you accomplish nothing and it makes you a small minded little boy.
You are now free to move about the country as this is my public service announcement for the week. Mr. Lieder may you find happiness within yourself before it is too late and you live with regret when you are old.

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I Can Humor in Just About Anything and This Had Me Rolling in the Floor!
“Wow. Not only are you trying to sell crap books, but you are trying to sell bullshit homophobia and pick-and-choose Bible thumping. All wrapped up in a “some of my best friends are gay” and “you were being mean to Southerners by portraying them as backwater hicks when only they can do that because they make money off this bullshit.” Wow, Yvonne and J. Guest, you are truly a vile loathsome creature. You will die unloved and alone.”

Fridays and Mondays are always a source of humor for me. The reason it seems to bring out the crazies in great number. This morning when I opened my e-mail and before I had the first cup of coffee this little ditty was waiting to be approved on one of my blog posts. After I read it twice- once without really paying attention to what this person was writing and the second time with laughter. Obviously he has no clue about me or where I am from. If he did he would not have written something so insane. Okay let me just start at the beginning.
As you can see his first sentence is trying to be an attack. He just does not get up early enough for that. He obviously is the one who has the issues. As for his second sentence, some of my best friends are gay and we had many discussions about the subject. It would appear that Mr. Lieder still does not understand southerners. He also did not understand the blog. This is evident in this statement, “you were being mean to Southerners by portraying them as backwater hicks when only they can do that because they make money off this bullshit.”
He probably needs to visit the deep south and partake of some of our hospitality. When we are asked a question we answer it and it doesn’t matter if we are making money off “this bullshit” or not. Mr. Lieder obviously only wants to see one side of life that being his side.

Now the funniest and I mean the funniest sentence in the entire statement was the last one. Wait for it! He said and I quote, “Wow, Yvonne and J. Guest, you are truly a vile loathsome creature. You will die unloved and alone.”
Apparently he has not been following me or befriended me. He has just assumed. There is one thing I do know I will not die unloved or alone nor am I a as he puts it ” you are truly a vile loathsome creature.” I perhaps think he may be talking about himself.

It is sad that this man who according to his facebook page lives in New York and is a freelance writer and editor believes that he has to make such personal attacks on folks just because they dare to stand for things they believe in. If he wants to disagree with my blog that is fine by me. After all we live in a country where we have that right. However, when someone resorts to such statements as he did at the end of his comment it tells me that he is either unsure of who he is- he is not cemented in his convictions or he is the one who is alone. Do I hate Mr. Lieder oh no- that would be to easy. Do I disagree with his comment yes I do. However, that being said, he is free to make them all he wants to. He also has to understand that when he makes those comments, I will address them.
Unlike Mr. Lieder, I do not need vilification – I know who I am and I know what I am about. So if you want to be friends I have no problem with it.
Oh and one last thing- Haters are always gonna hate! I will add you to my prayers.

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I Just Want to Say Thank You!

The last two days have been interesting to say the least.  With that said I want to say a big thank you to several groups of people. First thank you to all of you who have stood by me while dealing with someone who for lack of a better work has an agenda. This person has gone to everyone of my books on Amazon and made statements that relate to the books in no way what so ever. Second she contacted other reviewers who posted reviews on my books. I did a rebuttal  as is my right, to my site. This person was hoping to start a firestorm of  I don’t know what.  The only thing it has done is drive up my numbers for my site. Thank you for that.

For those of you who think differently – understand this is my site, I pay for it. I choose or not choose the content. If I choose to post a rebuttal to a review again that is my right. You exercised your right to write the review in the first place. It was my choice to post my rebuttal here.  The only difference is I also choose to use my name. My philosophy is if you have the balls to post a review then at least have the balls to post your name and not stand behind initials, a made up name or the ever popular anonymous. When I see that I see someone that has something to hide.

As I have stated before I do not write any of my books especially my true crime like any other writer. It is not for everyone. That being said, if you don’t like it- fine get your money back. But understand- that if I don’t appreciate your take on it – I also have the right to state it. One person just told me that basically deal with it. No, I don’t think so. Opinions are two way streets- everyone has one. I am entitled to mine just as you are entitled to yours.  So don’t whine to me or blast me when I do a rebuttal. You put yourself out there when you posted your review.

The messages I have received, the stuff that has been posted on Amazon the last two days is childish and has absolutely nothing to do with my craft. For someone to post what was posted and to try to stir up a firestorm is almost laughable.

Those of us who write for a living know how hard it is. We know what it takes to make it. I have been threatened by the best. Believe me this isn’t it. I will continue to write and sell books. I will continue to have readers.

Those who continue their quest of destruction – you only hurt yourself. The last I heard this is still America. I still have the right to post my opinion. If you can not stand the heat please stay out of my kitchen.  If a review is posted that I take issue with I will continue to rebutt it. Get over it. Sending me nasty messages, trying to post ugly comments and going to other people will not change that. But please keep trying the more you hit this site the more it goes up thank you.

To those of you who know me know that I do not suffer fools lightly. I have no patience for them and I refuse to attend to their behavior. When it comes to those things that I am passionate about and feel strongly about I will fight to the death for them. You also know that I am usually very tolerant. You also know that when I have had enough. I am almost to that point.

Today I received a note from a publisher who was appalled at this person’s behavior. I am sure  that if this publisher had seen everything they would still be shaking their head.

That being said, I guess I have finally arrived. I have a stalker- not the first time. My second husband taught me well. He was the best at stalking. This stalker is trying to engage others to that level. Do yourselves a big favor don’t be drawn into her web. You all are better than that. Understand you have your opinion I have mine. Deal with it. That is pretty much what you have said to me.

I will continue to post what I  choose on this site as I said before it is my site. I pay for it. Just as you will continue to do whatever it is you do.

This is my public service announcement you are now free to move about the country.


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Well Here We Go Again- Another Novice Who Has No Idea About True Crime


This little jewel was on my Amazon Account today about Silent Scream. This is yet another person who has no idea about true crime or the fact that I do not write sanitized true crime. This review was laughable at best and stupid at worst. So once again even though it feels as if I keep repeating myself I will take this little jewel apart.  And as an added notes my books are best sellers and award winners!

“I knew the basics of the story after reading about it in a true crime magazine, and was looking forward to a more in-depth account.
The writing style is just awful. Along with other readers, I was annoyed with the
paragraphs that contained nothing but questions.
The author constantly offers her opinions on the killers psyche, whilst not appearing to know many hard facts.
Many a sentence begins with “It is not known whether…..”
I have read under half this book, and can’t see myself finishing it.
A waste of money.”

“I knew the basics of the story after reading about it in a true crime magazine, and was looking forward to a more in-depth account.” She states that she knew the basics after reading about it in a true crime magazine. All I can say about that one is this Lady- that was the cliff notes. That article was written with just enough information to do just what it did. There was not meat to it at all and many of the things in that article were not factual.

“The writing style is just awful. Along with other readers, I was annoyed with the
paragraphs that contained nothing but questions.” This is one of my favorite statements from people who refuse to learn how to think for themselves. They want everything handed to them because they are just to lazy to think. I have stated time and time again that this book is a book that makes people think. If you don’t want to think the don’t by the book. It is not a touchy feel good book. It is written from a criminal justice and police perspective and and believe me they ask these  questions. Some people should just not read true crime the way it is supposed to be written.


“The author constantly offers her opinions on the killers psyche, whilst not appearing to know many hard facts.
Many a sentence begins with “It is not known whether…..” When I read this sentence I almost spit out my coffee. There are several things wrong with her statement and had she read my bio and really read the book she would not make such a stupid statement. I have a degree in Criminal Justice with a background in serial killers. Second – I have more research on this killer than all the law enforcement people who worked the crime. Two cold case detectives spent all day at my house using my research to close a case in Ft Lauderdale.    Yes, lady I had all the facts that were available. Third- this crime spree was the first known of its kind even before Bundy or Rolling. No one knew what a serial killer was. The questions that were asked were the same that law enforcement asked and are still asking about this case. Schaefer was  only convicted of two of the murders. There are still cold cases that are linked to him and there are still bodies that have never been found. Finally and this is the funniest of all. Lady if you had finished the book you would have known that My Husband who was the lead investigator for the 19th Judicial Circuit investigated that crime. He along with several of our friends who are in law enforcement who I interviewed as well as the current State Attorney for this circuit who  is also a friend and one of the state attorneys who prosecuted Schaefer helped me on this book. Yes, I did my homework, however since you are too lazy to finish the book you would not have known that.   Just as a side note this book is used by a former law enforcement agent who worked the crime to teach about serial killers in his classes. So seriously stop being lazy-

“I have read under half this book, and can’t see myself finishing it.” This statement proves to me that not only is the reader lazy they are not committed – Sadly it is their loss. I have gotten phone calls from some of the victims families who not only thanked me after reading this book for exposing the evil of Schaefer and for keeping their family member from being forgotten – they also thanked my husband for his part in bringing Schaefer down. If they can see what the book is about it stands to reason that this particular reader is lazy and wants true crime sanitized and romantic. Serial killers are not romantic, murder is not romantic, heartache, pain and loss is not romantic. These victims and their families asked the very same questions- Silent Scream is about them – the families still ask those questions. Silent Scream is not about the fifteen minutes of fame that some reader feels they need. It is not for that reader. It is for the reader who has a passion for understanding and remembering the victims.

I have said this many times before and I will say it yet again- DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT read this book if you are lazy minded, do not have a thirst for real true crime through the eyes of law enforcement- do not understand how there will always be questions especially when it comes to serial killers and their profiles- do not understand that at the time these crimes were committed that no one not even law enforcement knew or understood about serial killers. In fact most agencies didn’t even communicate with each other.  This book is not for entertainment! If you want to be entertained read Ann Rule. I have said this more than once. This book is for educational – thought provoking  and a reminder that victims are forgotten every day. The killer is always remembered but the victims are never remembered. This books is for them and their families. IF you can not read this book with an open mind and are willing to understand it is not for your entertainment (murder is not entertainment- except for  those doing the killings) then please do us both a favor don’t buy the book! I would rather you spend your money on Ann Rule or someone else.

These girls are always with me – they are a part of me. I have spent thousands of hours researching these crimes. I know this man and his evil inside and out. These girls deserve better than this reader’s five cent opinion. She is not worthy of them!

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime



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If You Don’t Have Balls Enough to Post Your Name Then Don’t Post A Review

Today on Barnes and Noble I found this little ditty post on a book I co-wrote with Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc. The Book when Fates Collide is the first in a series of books we write. When I first read this nasty little comment I had to read it twice- Here is the comment for your reading pleasure and below it I will rebut the absurdity of the comment:


Posted February 16, 2012

 Sample Review Only

The authors would do their potential readers a great service if they spent less time self-promoting how wonderful they are and instead focus on what is more important than themselves – the book. The book summary should be just that but again the reader is told exactly how they are going to feel reading this novel and once again, it reiterates how wonderful the writers are. There wasn’t much story to read in the sample as it contained long dedications and another overview of how great the book was from one of the writers.


Now Boys and Girls let’s start with the very first thing that caught me eye. The author of this little nasty comment didn’t have the balls to give their name they used the name of  “Anonymous”. Seriously! Who names their child that? And second of all if you have balls enough to make such nasty comments you should have a big enough pair to post your name. Not hide behind “Anonymous”. That certainly does not lend credence to your statement.

Next  and I love this statement, it just goes to show this idiot has not clue about writers or artists in general. “The authors would do their potential readers a great service if they spent less time self-promoting how wonderful they are and instead focus on what is more important than themselves – the book”. We as authors must sell ourselves first. That is written in writing 101. If you don’t sell yourself or have enough confidence in yourself, you can not sell your work. Apparently the person “Anonymous” doesn’t understand that, because they didn’t have enough confidence in themselves to even post their real name to their comment so how can they sell the comment.

Okay moving on to the next one.

“The book summary should be just that but again the reader is told exactly how they are going to feel reading this novel and once again, it reiterates how wonderful the writers are. There wasn’t much story to read in the sample as it contained long dedications and another overview of how great the book was from one of the writers.”  Seriously this is all you could bring to the table.  Here is the “Overview” of the book as it is listed on B&N:


Alex Morgan is a bounty hunter. Hope Harrington is a woman with no life. Combine the two of them and you have one of the most tongue-in-cheek and hilarious mysteries ever written!

Best seller and award winner Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and critically acclaimed author and real life bounty hunter Yvonne Mason have teamed up to give their readers one heck of a good time.

With a flair for the comical, and a wit and way that only these two talents could provide, the readers better hold on for their lives because this journey is just beginning!

Alex Morgan has lost her jumper…a master of disguises…and tracked him to Tampa Bay where he has assumed the name of Hope Harrington.
Mistakenly trying to arrest Hope, the blunt and traveled bounty hunter finds that she has been outwitted again and the under appreciated receptionist finds herself in the midst of one melee she could have never dreamed of. Where Hope never had a life before, she finds herself getting ready to have one…and one of non-stop action at that!
Alex’s reputation and a big stash of money are at stake and she’s losing precious time. From Tampa to Key West Alex, with an eager Hope in tow, are going to track down the jumper and that is when the hilarity and adventures ensue!

Told entirely in the first person, this book WHEN FATES COLLIDE is the first of what will be one of many in the Morgan and Harrington mystery series, this is one book not to be missed!
When Fates Collide can currently be found on and
It can also be purchased at Ms. Mason’s online bookstore at along with her other great novels.

Please tell what you did not understand about the story line? Did you take a nap while reading it?  Yes, we explained to the reader it was a comedy because both of us are dark writers. None of our readers have ever read anything comedic from us before. We stepped our of our comfort zone and DARED do something different. Get over it! Nobody said you had to buy the book. Apparently you wanted your fifteen minutes of fame. You got it. Thank you for helping us to sell more books!

For those of you who have never read either Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc or myself before this is an opportunity for you to see a side of us that we didn’t even know existed. Both of us are dark writers she writes horror and I write crime and true crime. This was a fun book that we did via email and it took on a life of its own. The second book Mardi Gras Bound  is also available.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program- To Anonymous there are several things you should learn before you try to write a review. First have balls enough to post your name. Second know what the hell you are talking about. Third at least read the book before you go spouting off about things you know nothing about. Remember “Tis better to be thought a fool  than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!” You just removed all doubt.

When Fates Collide


When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

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A Hater Wants Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I have been involved in writing for a long, long, long time. I have been rejected, told I couldn’t, laughed at and a myrid of others things down through the years about my dreams. What I have learned is this. There will always be haters, those who are frustrated or have given up on any dream they might have had at one time for whatever reason. These same people try to tear down those of us who have succeeded without any help from “tradional sources” because we can. These same people make snide remarks about something they have absolutly no clue about thereby proving the old saying, “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
Tonight when I returned home from dinner this little comment was on my facebook page – rather than getting into a senselss pissing contest with a fool, I choose to post a blog in order to educate her in the ways of success.

First of all jealousy is a green eyed monster that destroys from within. It is created by the person who is jealous from inside their soul. It consumes them and finally destroys them. Now with that being said let me visit the comment made by one Ina Goodling

“She shouldn’t be touting herself as a “bestselling author” when she very clearly isn’t. Anyone who has to self-publish is not an acclaimed author. I don’t understand why she isn’t trying to get her work published with one of the big houses when it is definitely good enough for the mainstream literary market”

Now let me break this down for her in statments that hopefully she will understand, though it might be over her head.
I do tout myself as a best selling author because I am. Second this is one of my favorites. “Anyone who has to self publish is not an aclamied author.” Really, that is all you can bring? I am an aclaimed author, my books sell all over the world both in book form and on kindle and nook. Obviously you have been living under a rock. Indie Authors such as myself are considered aclaimed authors. Try again. There are more of us around than there are “traditional authors.” We have broken that glass ceiling to use a very worn out cliche. Now for her other idiot remark.

“I don’t understand why she isn’t trying to get her work published with one of the big houses when it is definitely good enough for the mainstream literary market” I refuse to be dicated to by a tradional house, been there done that. There are several reasons for that. One – I lose control of my work, my cover and my marketing ability. Two- I only get paid .08 cents a book. Compared to almost 7.00 a book now. To me that is good economics. Three- I am in control that being I approve the cover, the market and my events. I don’t have to get permission from anyone. Four- I don’t have to deal with a distributing company which has to be paid out of my royalities. Five I am accessible to my fans of which I have many. I don’t have to have a third party watching my websites, typing thank you letters or answering my emails. I do it all by myself.
I know I am good enough for the mainstream houses, I refuse to use them. So before you go spouting off about something you know absolutly nothing about and thereby making yourself look extremely foolish, do your homework. Indie authors are the place to be. There are many “mainstream authors” who are moving in that direction.

So Ms. Ina Goodling, before you post things on a page that will be read by the masses do your homework. When all else fails come to me. Yes, I will answer you. Oh and one last thing, back handed compliments do not negate the snide remarks before it. That is like critizing someone then adding the word But… it doesn’t work.
Yes, I am a best selling author.
Get over it!!! No I am not on whatever best selling list is currently floating around, but my books are best sellers. Brilliant Insanity has been a best seller on Kindle for over a year.

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