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I can now be found on itunes with a podcast.

A Voice from the Grave
I can now be found on itunes. the first podcast is a demo of my audio book A Voice From the Grave. The book should be available by the end of august just in time for Christmas shopping. It will be in mp3 format and on one disk. The book is unabridged. For those of you who are unaware what unabridged means, it means that the entire book will be on the disk.
You will be able to download the book to your computer so that you can download it to your kindle, ipad, ipad or iphone. You will also be able listen to it in your vehicle. The price will be around 18.95 which is much less expensive than prior audio books. The beauty of this disk is that once it is in the player it doesn’t have to be changed until it is done. This is great for when one is driving long distances and doesn’t need to be fooling around changing disks in traffic. It is also great for those who have vision disabilities. The disk can be put in the player and it is done. Finally it is really nice for those who have to spend alot of time in bed the disk goes in the player and there is no book to try to hold up.
This is the wave of the future. All new cars and trucks will have the mp3 players in them. Enjoy the demo and I look forward to selling you my work. There will be more of my books on audio in the future. So look for them.

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A Demo of A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

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A Voice From the Grave Soon to Be Released in Audio

A Voice From the Grave in Audio

A Voice from the Grave my historically correct fiction which involves a mysterious death will soon be released in audio form. It will be in mp3 format and the entire book will be on one disk. It is unabridged and the reader will be able to download to their computer, ipad, kindle, ipod, itunes or any other electronic device that holds mp3’s.

This format is great for people who are traveling and don’t like to handle disks while they are driving. Just pop the one disk in and listen to the entire book without ever changing cd’s. It is also good for those who are sight challenged as they don’t have to fool with changing disk.

The audio book is great for those who are in the hospital or stay in bed due to illness. They don’t have to worry with holding a book or changing the disk. Just put this one disk in the player and listen to the entire book.

The Music used for this audio book has been mastered by Derek Whitacre who masters the music for the Abby Scenes on NCIS.

A Voice from the Grave is my first audio book, there will be more to follow if this one is a success.

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Coming Soon Audio Book For A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave

Coming soon to a store near you the audio book of A Voice from the Grave. You the reader have asked for it. This book is currently in production for Audio books. It will be in an mp3 format. There will only be one CD to deal with. You the reader will have the ability to download this book to your computer, ipod,itunes,ipad, kindle with audio. This book will be easy for readers who are legally blind, have trouble holding books, don’t like to change CD’s while driving. The entire book with no and I repeat no cuts will be on this CD.
This is the latest and greatest technology in Audio books. All of the new cars are going to the mp3 format for the cd players.
The price of this wonderful little book will be $14.95 instead of the $30.00 and $40.00 package you are used to purchasing.
Subscribe to this blog and be one of the first to purchase this book. I will have it available on my online store and it will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other box stores.

You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to get a great book at a reasonable price.

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The Hero of New Orleans Jean Laffite

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Places to Find All of My Books

The Last Rites

This is the latest release

As an Indie author, that is one who is not published by a vanity press or a traditional publisher, none of my books are sold in what we call box stores. That is brick and mortor stores. The reason is they buy all of their books from Lightening source or Baker and Taylor on consignment. They shelve the books for 30 days then pack them all up and send them back to the distributor. The author is paid in advance the royality for that sale. When the books go back the author is charged back that royality and has to give the money back.
As an independant author I have no distributor. I am the distributor as well as the marketing and PR person. I control my destiny. So all of my books are sold online. Which is not a bad thing. They are best sellers.
For those of you who have been reading my books for years you know where to find them. But for all of you newbies, there are so many places to find my books.
You cand find them at both as a paperback and download on as well as Amazon Kindle. You can also now find them on Barnes and Noble Nook Book. Yes, boys and girls they are available on Nook. All of my books can be read on any electronic equipment you have from iphone to ipad to computer to kindle and nook. Unlike many authors I believe the reader should be in control of how he wants to read his book.
The best part of being an independent author is that if you the reader want a signed copy you don’t have to wait until I have a signing. You can order one anytime you want to at my online bookstore at When you order your book, you receive a thank you note as well as other goodies. It is just my way of saying thank you for being a reader.
Subscribe to my blog because it is a way of staying up dated on my latest news and appearances.
I have just released my second true crime novel and am currently working on two new books. One I am co-aurthoring with my friend and fellow author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc it is the second in the Harrington and Morgan Series.
I am also working on another historical novel. This one is about Jean Laffite one of the last Pirates. The history is real the story is fiction. I am including a bit of a twist simply because it makes it more fun.
Think Voodoo Queen.
So subscribe and enjoy the ride.

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The Teaser For My New Book Which is in the Research Stage

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Florida Author Yvonne Mason Releases “A Voice From the Grave”

A Voice From the Grave

A Voice from the Grave
By : Yvonne Mason
Best Selling Florida Author Yvonne Mason has just released her latest book A Voice from the Grave. She spent over four years researching and gathering material for this fiction murder/suspense so that the history behind Andersonville Prison would be correct.
Ms. Mason has taken factual accounts of battles of the Civil War and real incidents at Andersonville to spell bind her readers. She takes her readers on a journey that will draw them into the story with abandon.
Ms. Mason is the author of five other books, including her True Crime Silent Scream.

Anderson Georgia, the home of Andersonville Prison, the worst prison camp in the south during the Civil War. Archeologist Jonas Biggs has been hired by the Historical Society of Anderson to come and do a dig at Andersonville for historical purposes.

Jonas has been asked to do this dig for two reasons. One he is a home town boy, his family had been in Anderson for years, and two, there is a mystery in the making.

At the dig Jonas Biggs finds more than he bargains for. He uncovers not one but two skeletons at the deadline. The questions erupt. Why are there two skeletons at the deadline? Who are they? How long have they been there?
Jonas and his family are thrown into a web of deceit, lies and possibly murder as he tries to unravel the mystery of the dead. Who is trying to kill Savannah his niece and why? Who is the voice from the Grave?
Why does the past collide with the present?
What does the voice have to do with the mystery?
Read A Voice from the Grave and learn the answers.

Order today from
Ms. Mason’s online bookstore and Amazon Kindle

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A Voice From the Grave By Yvonne Mason, Soon to Be Released

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