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For The New Year!

The Hero of New Orleans Jean Laffite

As I think about the past year and the memories it has brought, I hold them dear even though some memories are sad they still belong to me. This past year I have lost three family members one after the other. The end of last year I lost one who was more a sister than an Aunt. I have chosen to surround myself with their memories in life rather than death. The reason is simple I can not go back and change a thing. I can only grieve and heal. No I will never get over the deaths, but I will move past it. There will always be a hole in my heart and sould, but I chose to fill that hole with the memories I have of them in life.
So with that said, I move forward to 2012. They would want that for me. As my sister said right before she died, “Live life.” So to honor her wishes that is exactly what I am choosing to do.

I want to thank all of you who have chosen to purchase and read my books. It is an honor to see book sales and to know that someone finds my work appealing. I write for the love of it. And when my books sell it never ceases to amaze me that someone else thinks it is good. So thank you for that. My hope is that each of you will continue to read my books as they are released.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, support and love this past year. I know that many of you have supported me without ever knowing me personally. The kindess of strangers is overwhelming. May each of you receive a blessing in return.

This new year brings with it many projects that are on my agenda. I will be releasing Hero of New Orleans- Jean Laffite this next year, and if things go as planned maybe two more books, at least one new true crime. You know how they call to me.

I have been blessed on many levels and in many ways all through my life, especially this past year. I am grateful. My life is a continual learning curve and that is a wonderous thing to behold. I welcome ideas, for books. It keeps my creatvie muse happy. Unlike many traditional authors I refuse to shut out those who wish to enable me on my journay. Without your support there would be no sales. Without your support I would not be successful. Thank you for that.

With all that being said, I look forward the new year and the excitement it brings!

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Now that The Silly Season is Over…..

The Hero of New Orleans Jean Laffite

Now that the silly season is over the the world is once again back on track, I will begin to work on my next adventure. In fact there is more than one – but the one which will be released next is another historical fiction with a twist.
For those of you who have forgotten your American History, or just plain skipped those classes because you were bored, this book wake up those sleeping interest again.

No, it is not a boring history book. Yes the history will be correct and the two main characters were real. The place is real and the war was real. Do I have your interest now?

Well let’s start with the place. New Orleans- The city that was built below sea level, a melting pot of French, Spanish, English and African cultures. A city steeped in black magic, voodoo, spells and Catholic Religons. A city which blended all these cultures and religons into a melting pot of dark secrets and inner marriages, which created a new culture of creole and cajun.

New Orleans was a haven for the priates which roamed the seas pillaging ships from Spain, France and England. Among those pirates was a man by the name of Jean Laffite. History holds several theories of his origin his family and his death. None seem to agree on any of it. Partly due to the fact the Laffite helped to perpatrate those stories – he was a man of many places and many faces. His stories suited his situations.

However, there is one truth, Laffite helped save New Orleans during the War of 1812. He along with 1000 of his merry band fought with Col. Jackson to drive out the English from the shores of New Orleans. He and his men won that Battle which would later be known as the Battle of New Orleans.

Laffite would wear many titles during his lifetime, from Bucaneer to Pirate to Hero to Pirate.

I have taken a few liberties with my story- however the history is correct. Watch for this new release sometime during the new year. If you love History, New Orleans, Jean Laffite and Marie Laveau you will love this book.

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Coming Soon!

The Hero of New Orleans- Jean Laffite

How many of you are in love with the pirate’s life? How many of you wait with bated breath for the next installment of Captain Jack Sparrow? There is a mystery associated with the lives of those rowdy group of merry men. They are surrounded in myth and mystery. Some say they were heroes, some say they were scoundrels, some say they were criminals. Many were hanged, tortured, left on deserted islands and /or lived a bounty on their heads.

There have been many books written about most all of those men and women who chose the roam the seven seas plundering and pillaging ships for what ever reason. Some were pressed into serve in order to be spared from the sword and sabre.

My next historical novel involves once such pirate. Some have called him a hero, some have called him a thief and others have called him a traitor. Whatever title you give him one thing is known for certain- he and his band of 1000 merry pirates were instrumental in saving New Orleans during the War of 1812 along with Andrew Jackson.

Jean Laffite has always intrigued me more than all the other pirates- the mystery of his personna and the fact that he did indeed help save New Orleans has endured me to him. Therefore, when it came time to write my “Pirate” book as my daughter so aptly puts it, I researched everything I could on good ole Laffite. (Yes, this is one of the many correct spellings of his name) I chose this old time spelling to make the book distinctive from any other book that bears his name.

Like me Laffite was unique ergo he deserves this distinction.

In my research I found that he was in New Orleans during the time of Marie Laveau the one and only all time Voodoo Queen. I have taken the literary liberty in adding her to the story with a twist. I have included history of people, and places which gives this book a place for the reader to slide into. To not only enjoy the read but to learn some history as well. And as will all of my books there is a twist.

Watch for this new historical fiction sometime after the first of the year. You don’t want to miss the adventures of Jean Laffite and his band of merry men. It will be one you want to read over and over again.

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The Hero of New Orleans Jean Laffite

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