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The Pink Canary In Audio will be Released Just in Time for Trick or Treat

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

Brook Forest Voices (BFV) Says Trick or Treat with Release of “The Pink Canary” Audiobook by Yvonne Mason on Oct. 31
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Evergreen, Colorado (PRWEB) October 29, 2013

Brook Forest Voices (BFV) audiobook producer and publisher will release the audiobook “The Pink Canary” by Florida based author Yvonne Mason on October 31, 2013. In “The Pink Canary” Yvonne Mason, whose previous BFV titles include “A Voice from the Grave” and “Dream Catcher: Failure Was Not An Option,” takes the listener into the Drag Queen world of mascara and stiletto heels mixed in with murder, mayhem and comedy.

“The Pink Canary” is seen through the eyes of Lou, a mild mannered detective by day, aka Lola, a fabulous drag queen and proprietor of The Pink Canary, the hottest “Drag Queen” club in Key West by night. Ensuring authenticity, Yvonne Mason recruited the assistance of Vicky Lane. “I have been a Drag Queen for over 40 years and this is the first time I have been asked to collaborate on a book,” said Vicky. “Drag Queens are my specialty and I have worked in Cabaret shows since 1968 as well as extensively in musical theater, television, radio and films. I was really excited and honored to help with the book and this book was an ultimate thrill for me. Thanks to Yvonne Mason for her faith in me.”

“The Pink Canary” will be released on October 31. Pre-Orders for downloads of “The Pink Canary” are available.

About Brook Forest Voices: A complete audio production studio located just west of Denver in Evergreen, CO, specializing in audiobook narration, production and publishing. BFV is designed to help large and small publishers, as well as authors, with all their audio needs. Publishers and authors wanting to learn more can visit or contact Jaime Andrade, BFV Business Manager at 303-670-4145.

Read the full story at

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The Pink Canary Just Keeps on Getting Five Star Reviews The Ladies Thank You

When I started this little jewel I had no idea where it would take me. Like all of my books, they take on a life of their own as the voices of the characters take over the story. Who would have thought that when I started the research of drag queens that I would learn so much and would have so much fun. I could not have done it without the one and only Vicky Lane who performed for many years in New York and Canada. She led me into the world of drag queens – their culture their quirks and their drama. And that brings in my sweet and best friend friend Peter aka Penelope who played a major role in the story. All of this brings me to the current review. When someone says they laughed out loud while reading the book and stayed up nights just to see where the story was going- it makes me proud. It means they were as the reviewer said “Entertained” If you haven’t gotten it you should. You will not regret it.

5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn’t put it down! October 9, 2013
By Melissa Prendergast
Format:Kindle Edition
I was waiting for this release since I first heard about it. It definitely lived up to the hype! I stayed up late several nights just to finish it because I needed to know what was going to happen! There are several times I was laughing out loud, and I also loved how descriptive the author is. Overall a very entertaining read.

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

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The Pink Canary Just Received a Five Star Review

I was promoting my books and saw this wonderful review that was posted at the end of September I love this review!!!!

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

5.0 out of 5 stars A very witty book, I just started it and I love it. September 20, 2013
By frosty7530
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I have not gotten far, but this is the book I’ve been longing for. I love gay cabaret, the setting of the book is in the drag queen subculture of Key West, the story takes place in a gay nightclub. I’ve always been fascinated by Key West,the location of the story. I know this is one book that will keep me entertained. The author allowed that there was a real murder that occurred in a gay, NYC nightclub, that inspired her. It remains to be seen if this is a variant of a “roman a clef”.
This book is for lovers of RuPaul, Harvey Firestein and Armested Maupin’s Tales of the City. There have been so many serious issues in the gay communities of all our cities, as well as our nation as a whole; it’s time to get laid back and enjoy a good dramedy.

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The Third in the Series is Coming- When Fates Collide Arm Candy

It is coming get ready- That’s right the third in the series co- written with Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc  in our When Fates Collide Series. This time Hope and Alex are headed to St. Marteen but it doesn’t stop there. The slippery jumpers run off to Key West. The fun only gets funnier as Hope and Alex enlist the help of their drag Queen friends, Penelope- Vicky and Lola in order to catch Momma and St. James. The non stop laughter will keep you crossing your legs so as not to soil your undergarments.

If you haven’t yet met Alex Morgan and Hope Harrington and their merry band of bail recovery agents then you are missing it.

When Fates Collide the first in the series introduces the readers to Hope and Alex:

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide


When Fates Collide Mardi Gras bound takes this insanely hilarious group to The Big Easy where the knee slapping- rib splitting fun gets them in all sorts of trouble. (This book comes with a disclaimer that we are not responsible for soiled clothing):

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

And soon to be released is the third in this fun filled, series: When Fates Collide Arm Candy. But we add a bit of a kick to this one we bring in some of the characters from my stand alone The Pink Canary (another side splitting – foot stomping – knee slapping comedy):

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary


When Fates Collide Arm Candy is at the editors as we type- I know that you do not want to miss this little jewel. Everyone needs laughter in their life and these books are sure to bring it.

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

Here is a little video to tease you – yes that is what we do. Wet your reading appetite so you will beg us to let you know when it is released.

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Birdcage Meets Bundy- Another five star review for The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary


5.0 out of 5 stars Wings go flying-Drag queens drop like flies!!!!! September 26, 2012

By Peter fundora
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Another master piece by Yvonne Mason.
A truly good read into the world of Drag Queens
and murder.Will have you scared,laughing and crying.You must read it.Think Birdgage meets Bundy!!!

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Sweet Mystery Books Adds Me to their List of Must Read Books Which Include Vince Flynn and Dean Koontz

Sweet Mystery Books has included my books on their list of must read books. The authors that I am blessed to be among include, Dean Koontz, Vince FlynnMichael Connelly,John Sandford,Alfred Hitchcock and others.  

Here is what she has to say: “Yvonne Mason has proved that indie authors are the wave of the future. She keeps cranking out entertaining novels that combine dark humor and good stories. Check out her titles and make her your next big read.”

I am honored to be among such greats in the literary world. These some authors have been on my reading list since I was old enough to pick up a book. To be list as one of them is almost overwhelming. To be told that as an indie I am the wave of the future is a dream that has finally come to fruition. If you haven’t read my works, they can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook and my online bookstore at – My books are not sold in box stores because I am an indie author.

To be able to among the likes of Koontz, Flynn, Hitchcock and others just from selling online is almost unbelievable.  But yet – here I am.

I am an eclectic author who writes what ever suits me at the moment. From true crime, to inspiration, to comedy, to crime fiction, to suspense, to historical fiction. My books are as varied as I am. My most current release is a crime comedy which markets the gay and drag queen community. The Pink Canary came about all due to a misspelled word. That word was supposed to be Camaro. It was if a lightbulb went off over my head as my friend told me she has typed the word wrong. I saw Lula – one of the main characters in my head as soon as the words were out of her mouth. This book morphed into one of the funniest books I have created to date. The Abbott and Costello dialogue between Lola and Leary the local Police Detective will have the  reader wiping the tears from their eyes. Add one insanely funny sidekick by the name of Penelope with her Chinese Hooker Heels and Aqua Net Hairspray, who is drawn from my best friend and you have a story that you will not want to put down.

I write not to become rich – but because it makes me happy. I write to share the stories in my head with others and to give a voice to those who know longer have one with my true crimes. Those voices who have been forgotten and who never had the chance to live a full life. I write to give inspiration to those who feel as if they are to burdened to continue in life. I write to teach lessons in fiction. I write to leave behind a part of me that begs to be read. Yes, I am an indie author. I am proud of that title. It  has taken over 30 years to realize my dream of being published. I had rejection after rejection after rejection. But in the end I found a way to live my dream.

I was asked a couple of days ago why I don’t just say I am a published author. That is the reason. I am an indie author. I did this without traditional houses houses telling me what to write and how to write it. I did it on my own with the help of others who have broken the glass ceiling of publishing. As artists we are growing in numbers, from music to books to art. No longer will the public be told what to read, what to listen to and what art to enjoy. We have arrived. That is why it is such an honor to be in the company of such authors as Koontz, and Flynn.

Thank you Sweet Mystery Books for recognizing that I have come into my own.

The Pink Canary

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Five Star Review for When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hysterical romp! September 13, 2012
By Ashley Fontainne
I have read several true crime novels penned by Yvonne Mason and became a fan of her impeccable detail and research. She is a voice in the wilderness that speaks for the lost souls of those brutally taken before their time. After reading numerous novels, I became a fan.

Yvonne also possesses a wicked sense of humor and that is evident in this novel, along with co-author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, When Fates Collides. Part mystery, part thriller and a huge dollop of side-splitting humor, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Told from the perspectives of each of the main characters, it is a hysterical look into the lives of two women–polar opposites in every way–that find themselves smack in the middle of crazy scenarios while trying to catch a bail jumper.

Hope Harrington is the quiet, shy and introverted character that has her life completely turned upside down by the presence of spirited and sassy bail bondswoman, Alex Morgan. Hope soon finds herself in the middle of a new mystery when Alex cajoles her into a trip to Key West, Florida to assist her in snagging a wanted man that has jumped bail. Hope, realizing that her life is “…as exciting as watching paint dry” decides that some excitement and possibly a career change are in order, and so begins their adventure.

Reading this book was like sitting in the room with the two characters while they recalled their tale, each one inserting their version of events, thoughts and feelings at precisely the right moments. Some of the scenes that took place in Key West were absolutely crazy! At times, I had to put down my Kindle because I was laughing so hard.

If you are looking for a mystery that is shrouded with bouts of humor between the two strong female characters, I recommend this book.

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Another Five Star Review for The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

Here is another five star review for my latest release The Pink Canary. It is a complete 180 from what I normally write. If you haven’t yet picked up this little jewel you have no idea what you are missing. Lola, Leary and Penelope will have you rolling in the floor. And you certainly don’t want to miss the one and only Vicky Lane.

Peter aka Penelope and her Aqua Net hairspray and Chinese hooker heels


Penelope will keep you up nights laughing yourself silly.

Vicky Lane She so rocks


Vicky is the Queen of Queens!






My Review of ‘The Pink Canary’ by Yvonne Mason

Title: The Pink Canary
Author: Yvonne Mason
Genre: Thriller/Comedy
Publisher: Lulu


“Hell Hath No Fury Like A Drag Queen Scorned!”

No, ‘The Pink Canary’ is not an English play – although if the great playwright, William Congreve, could be here today, and was given a chance to read ‘The Pink Canary’ by Yvonne Mason, ‘Hell Hath No Fury Like A Drag Queen Scorned’ just might be the title of his next winning play – based on Yvonne Mason’s new book of course, ‘The Pink Canary’.

I have read several of, Yvonne Mason’s literary works but I must say this piece is unique – exceptional in the fact that she waved her magic pencil like a wand – created a fresh storyline that includes some of her most outstanding characters to date.

As the story begins, it takes you on a roller coaster ride from New York to Miami. Imagine for a moment that a serial killer is loose in Miami, and he or she, is targeting Drag queens – accumulating body parts as trophies. An ex-private detective, now headliner and owner of the hottest drag queen establishment in Miami, teams up with a homophobic detective to try to solve the case. Add in ‘one’ badass drag queen toting a can of aqua net hairspray in one hand and a pair of Chinese hooker heals in the other – well, things are going to get ugly very quick!

I gave ‘The Pink Canary’ five stars for originality, delightful humor, and crime fighting suspense!

Visit Yvonne Mason’s author page at Amazon to see all of her literary works!

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The Pink Canary is Hot Off The Presses!!!!!

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The Reviews Are Coming in for The Pink Canary





The Pink Canary

Yes the reviews are beginning to roll in. It appears this is another hit. This little jewel has just been released and already it is selling like crazy. “There are bodies piling up in Key West…. Serial Killer? The bodies showing up outside a famous drag bar….is that a clue or a coincidence? A book that delves into the Life of a Drag Queen and a marvelous “Who done it?” Clever! Let’s go into their world of Mascara and Stiletto Heels and observe. Who could be killing all these gay men and why?

Yvonne Mason is the master, or mistress, of mystery in this rip roaring, fishnet stocking twisiting comedy mystery tale. This story could very well could have really happened as Yvonne Mason connects this story with some undisputed truth and history of NYC underworld and the “World Famous 82 Club”… it just might have happened, see for yourself…

The local detectives and cops go on a case that has been haunting the head detective and the main character since their days in the Big Apple. Does the detective has a love/hate relationship with the Drag Queen or is it a lot less Hate and more Love than admitted? Exciting and Hilarious! Who will be next on the list of murder?

The story is as seen through the main character’s eyes and what eyes they are! Lou the mild mannered detective by day and Lola a FABULOUS drag queen by night who can get into all kinds of trouble!! How her friends try to help her find the killer and catch the monster behind these unspeakable murders.

I have been a Drag Queen for over 40 years and this is the first time I have been asked to collaborate on a book. Drag Queens are my speciality and I have worked in Cabaret shows since 1968 as well as extensively in Musical Theater, Television, Radio and Films. I really was excited and honored to help with the book and this book was an ultimate thrill for me.Thanks toYvonne Mason for her faith in me, and for having the insight to choose me to help her navigate this drag queen world. Thanks to Peter for his energy and Marvolous Wit…We will always be connected with this superb Book!”

Vicky Lane

You don’t want to miss out! Order yours now on and Amazon Kindle and Nook in about six to eight weeks it will be available as a paper back on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also order signed copies at

5.0 out of 5 stars Devinely Devious August 14, 2012

A terrific (dare I say FABULOUS read). I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the way it also gives the details about drag and the NY info. It roped me in from the get-go and kept me in until the very end. A absolutely delightful MUST read.
 Absolutely Fabulous Book!, August 14, 2012 5out of five stars
This review is from: The Pink Canary (Kindle Edition)

The Pink Canary is the latest in the eclectic collection of books written by Yvonne Mason. She can take any subject and make it interesting to the reader. This latest work of fiction has two characters based on real people but the action and laughter are pure fiction. It is a great read and for anyone who loves drag or drag queens it is a must read.

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