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Latest Review for Tangled Minds

This review popped up on Amazon this morning about Tangled Minds. This book is very close to my heart. It is based on a true crime and the young mother is patterned after my oldest daughter. While this book is fiction it contains many life’s lessons about things every teen should know. Every parent should learn.

Tangled Minds

5.0 out of 5 stars Tangled Minds-AWESOME!!!!!, December 13, 2011
Peter fundora – See all my reviews
This review is from: Tangled Minds (Kindle Edition)
Omg this book is full of bigger than life characters.Its like your in the story.The people are so real,it leaves you wanting more.
I’m reading it for second time(waiting for sequel).
Buy this book by this awesome author(good job Yvonne)

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Suprises Come in the Most Unexpected Ways

For the past few days I have been playing phone tag with someone I don’t even know. Finally yesterday We connected. It seems that this nice soft spoken woman had found thig site on the net and wanted to ask me a question. She was almost timid in her request. First she told me how she found me and that she was impressed with my story of success. The fact that it has taken me over thrity years to become published and a best seller. She was amazed that I had gone back to school in my early fifties and received my degree in Criminal Justice and then proceeded to become a Bounty Hunter.

She said all this to ask this question. She wanted to know if I would be willing to become her Tutor in English. You see she is not from here. She gave me some background – she said she had raised her children and then returned to school and now was a claims adjuster for an insurance company. She wanted to be able to write reports using “correct” English and she was wondering if I would take the task of helping her.

Imagine my surprise and feeling of humbleness when that request was made. She told me that when she read my site she decided to bit the bullet so to speak and give me a call praying all the while that I would not reject her request.

I made a promise to myself that if I was granted the honor of succeeding and becoming a best selling author that I would not forget where I came from. That I would pay it forward to others who like me have dreams and don’t know how to make them real. This is a perfect opprotunity to do that. This lady wants to be able to speak and write English so that she can communicate in this Country correctly. How many Americans can say that? She wants to be understood and to understand our insane language so that she will appear professional in her job. What an honor to be asked to help her accomplich this dream.

There are several lessons to be learned here. The first and most important is we make an impact on everyone – even when we don’t know it. Even when we don’t see it. There are others who watch us and sometimes wish to learn from us. The second lesson is this- if we keep our hearts open we will find out that people are drawn to us. The next lesson is we should never forget where we came from- because if we do we cannot and will not help others who are struggling. The next lesson is that when we pay it forward we receive blessings in return in many ways and in many forms.

Yes, I will be honored and delighted to tutor this stranger to our land. I will be delighted to learn from her as well.

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Have You Ever Wondered How to Reach your Teen and Felt Like You Were Talking to a Brick Wall…

Tangled Minds

When I was a young adult my mother said that at times she wished she could bury her children when they became teenagers and dig them up again when they reached 30. The reason is teens and young adults go through a stage where they think they have all the answers to all the questions when they don’t even know the questions. It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I understood her feelings. It wasn’t until I had children of my own and heard them say the same things to me that I had once said to my own wonderful mother. One of them being, “But I want to make my own mistakes.” Well, my mother in her infinite wisdome allowed me to do just that and some mistakes I could never fix. I in turn allowed my children to do the same and some mistakes can never be fixed. Hopefully they can be learned from so as not to be repeated.
That being said, my book Tangled Minds is taken from real life experiences, that have been embelished for the sake of the fiction story. The crime in the book happened. It happened in Gainesville Georiga and the young man went to prison for 10 years for his part. My oldest daughter started having children at 16 years old and she refused to take responsiblity for her actions. She made some very bad decisions but not as bad at the character in the book.
The book has been compared to John Steinbeck’s Mice and Men. While fiction the story contains many life’s lessons.
Tangled Minds takes the reader on a journey traveled by Brianna Van Pelt a seventeen year old teen with her entire life before her. In on split second she makes a decision that not only stays with her- it leads her to other very bad and life changing decisions which spill over into bad decisions made by her son. It brings to mind the old saying, “the sins of the fathers are revisited on the children.”
This book while fiction holds nothing back and if read with an open mind while entertaining teaches many lessons that the young need to know. If you can’t talk to your teen, or if they just tune you out buy them this book. You as the parent read it first. There are lessons for you as well. Just becasue we do all we can to teach our children morals and give them a moral compass they don’t always use it. We can’t carry that guilt. It falls on them.
Tangled Minds, bad decisions, life’s lessons

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