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The Mad Hatter IS OUT!!!!!!! Mad Hatter

For those of you who have been waiting for soooo long for this little tale of suspense, horror and all around mayhem it is now available on Lulu. In about six weeks it will be up on Amazon in print and in a couple of days it will be available for download on Kindle and Nook. I know I have taken my time and teased all of you unmerciful about this little ditty. But you know how that goes, greatness takes time to cook.
For those if you who are true crime history buffs it does have an interesting storyline which includes the victims of the Ripper. I know you all are saying “Say it ain’t so!” But indeed it is. No, it is not the same old tired storyline. If you are a reader of my books, you know I would never go there. That is just not my nature. You see, for those of you who have never read my work, the voices in my head have their own minds. When I write I have to allow them to tell the story or else they drive me completely insane. Think Edgar Allen Poe. No I am not going to cut off my ear, that was Van Gough, he was an artist.
Anyway back to The Mad Hatter. This little book was a year or better in the making. Why? You might ask. Well, it is like this, research takes a minute and when I write even fiction, it has to be believable. As someone once said, I don’t want you to just read the story, I want you to be in the story. Besides that, one has to know how hides are tanned, even those of a different nature.
So with that in mind, pull up a chair, wrap yourself in your most comfortable clothes, put your feet up with a liquid refreshment and take a journey with me and the Hatter. I promise you will never look at hats the same way again. Heck you might not even look at humans the same way again.
Go back in time with me to the year 1888 the place is Whitechapel.
Oh and one more thing, if someone asks you if you like hats, walk away, far away quickly.

mad hatter

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Pennies From Heaven has Been Released

penniesfor cover

After the weekend from Hell Pennies from Heaven has been released on Lulu. This book has been a labor of love from many different contributors about death and grief. Each contributor has reached down in the depths of their souls to write their heart wrenching stories of grief and how they have dealt with not only the loss but the healing and moving on with their lives.

When I am wrong I am the first to admit it. And I was wrong so very very very wrong. I was ranting on and on about how Lulu was getting greedy – and all the other blather when it was a huge DFO on my part about the book pricing.

I  spend the entire weekend pulling my hair out and saying words that even embarrassed the monkeys   when the entire screwup was my fault.

When I was formatting the book I failed to mark the b&W interior and it had defaulted to color. So please Lulu excuse this old woman’s brain cramp – you guys still rock for me and I will be sending folks to you.  Yes, they are good people. I don’t know about myself though.

I will not be pulling my books from them. Especially when I can’t keep up with what I am doing. Thank goodness for my author support group that keeps me straight – Thank you Hydra for making me take another look at the set up. Girl you are the queen.  My sweet editor and friend Kelly with Dressing your Book she is reloading the book on nook and kindle yet again for me.

So please forgive the stupidity of someone who should have known better. All is well in my world. The book is good it has photos and life is once again on the right axis. As soon as I get my proof copies I will release it for distribution. They should be here in a few days.

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