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If You Don’t Have Balls Enough to Post Your Name Then Don’t Post A Review

Today on Barnes and Noble I found this little ditty post on a book I co-wrote with Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc. The Book when Fates Collide is the first in a series of books we write. When I first read this nasty little comment I had to read it twice- Here is the comment for your reading pleasure and below it I will rebut the absurdity of the comment:


Posted February 16, 2012

 Sample Review Only

The authors would do their potential readers a great service if they spent less time self-promoting how wonderful they are and instead focus on what is more important than themselves – the book. The book summary should be just that but again the reader is told exactly how they are going to feel reading this novel and once again, it reiterates how wonderful the writers are. There wasn’t much story to read in the sample as it contained long dedications and another overview of how great the book was from one of the writers.


Now Boys and Girls let’s start with the very first thing that caught me eye. The author of this little nasty comment didn’t have the balls to give their name they used the name of  “Anonymous”. Seriously! Who names their child that? And second of all if you have balls enough to make such nasty comments you should have a big enough pair to post your name. Not hide behind “Anonymous”. That certainly does not lend credence to your statement.

Next  and I love this statement, it just goes to show this idiot has not clue about writers or artists in general. “The authors would do their potential readers a great service if they spent less time self-promoting how wonderful they are and instead focus on what is more important than themselves – the book”. We as authors must sell ourselves first. That is written in writing 101. If you don’t sell yourself or have enough confidence in yourself, you can not sell your work. Apparently the person “Anonymous” doesn’t understand that, because they didn’t have enough confidence in themselves to even post their real name to their comment so how can they sell the comment.

Okay moving on to the next one.

“The book summary should be just that but again the reader is told exactly how they are going to feel reading this novel and once again, it reiterates how wonderful the writers are. There wasn’t much story to read in the sample as it contained long dedications and another overview of how great the book was from one of the writers.”  Seriously this is all you could bring to the table.  Here is the “Overview” of the book as it is listed on B&N:


Alex Morgan is a bounty hunter. Hope Harrington is a woman with no life. Combine the two of them and you have one of the most tongue-in-cheek and hilarious mysteries ever written!

Best seller and award winner Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and critically acclaimed author and real life bounty hunter Yvonne Mason have teamed up to give their readers one heck of a good time.

With a flair for the comical, and a wit and way that only these two talents could provide, the readers better hold on for their lives because this journey is just beginning!

Alex Morgan has lost her jumper…a master of disguises…and tracked him to Tampa Bay where he has assumed the name of Hope Harrington.
Mistakenly trying to arrest Hope, the blunt and traveled bounty hunter finds that she has been outwitted again and the under appreciated receptionist finds herself in the midst of one melee she could have never dreamed of. Where Hope never had a life before, she finds herself getting ready to have one…and one of non-stop action at that!
Alex’s reputation and a big stash of money are at stake and she’s losing precious time. From Tampa to Key West Alex, with an eager Hope in tow, are going to track down the jumper and that is when the hilarity and adventures ensue!

Told entirely in the first person, this book WHEN FATES COLLIDE is the first of what will be one of many in the Morgan and Harrington mystery series, this is one book not to be missed!
When Fates Collide can currently be found on and
It can also be purchased at Ms. Mason’s online bookstore at along with her other great novels.

Please tell what you did not understand about the story line? Did you take a nap while reading it?  Yes, we explained to the reader it was a comedy because both of us are dark writers. None of our readers have ever read anything comedic from us before. We stepped our of our comfort zone and DARED do something different. Get over it! Nobody said you had to buy the book. Apparently you wanted your fifteen minutes of fame. You got it. Thank you for helping us to sell more books!

For those of you who have never read either Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc or myself before this is an opportunity for you to see a side of us that we didn’t even know existed. Both of us are dark writers she writes horror and I write crime and true crime. This was a fun book that we did via email and it took on a life of its own. The second book Mardi Gras Bound  is also available.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program- To Anonymous there are several things you should learn before you try to write a review. First have balls enough to post your name. Second know what the hell you are talking about. Third at least read the book before you go spouting off about things you know nothing about. Remember “Tis better to be thought a fool  than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!” You just removed all doubt.

When Fates Collide


When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

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If You Missed the Show Last Night…….

<a“” width=”199″ height=”300″ />

Best Selling Florida Author Yvonne Mason

Well kiddies, if you missed the show last night you missed an hour of side splitting, belly laughing, tear running fun. I was a guest on We talked and laughed about many things including the fact that her co-host Bennet Pomerantz was stuck between to true southern girls who gave him no slack. In between laughing and talking with him, I did manage to discuss my books and why I write.

Yes, we also talked about my hats and the flying monkeys that are always appearing on my facebook page and why they are so important to me.

Go listen to the show, learn a bit about me and why I do what I do. I am not your average author. I don’t stick to just one genre. The voices in my head won’t let me. I learned a long time ago to just let them do their thing. Sometimes it gets extremely crowded in there. But such as it is with authors. I love what I do and no I don’t expect to get rich- but in the big picture I am already richer beyond my wildest dreams.

When Fates Collide

We talked about the conception of this little jewel and her sister.

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

Both of these books should be illegal because they are so funny. This book comes with a disclaimer that we are not responsible for soiled clothing as you are reading it.

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option

This is the reason I am successful. This book is the heart and soul of our family. He has never quit even though he could. So we never quit.

Blood Alley

This little short story is only available right now on kindle and nook. It is well worth the read. It will make you think twice about traveling late at night alone on a two lane black top.

A Voice From the Grave

My historical fiction is available in book form, kindle, kindle audible, nook and in an mp3 CD format. If you enjoy reading about history of the civil war you will love this book.

Tangled Minds

Every teen should read this book. There are life’s lessons as well as entertainment between the pages. Actions always create and equal or opposite reaction which will without fail create a consequence!

The Last Rites

My second true crime. She was raped and executed and left in a remote area. To add insult to injury no one cared enough to claim her body. She was buried by the county in a pauper’s grave. Read her story and remember her death and honor her life.

Silent Scream A True Crime

Florida’s first serial killer Gerard Schaefer tortured and executed between 9-34 young and young women. This is their story.

Brilliant Insanity

Brilliant Insanity the title says it all. A serial killer has five days to live and he is allowed to tell his story. The story is told in first person and will keep you up nights. No it is not a true crime. But it could have happened.

Check out the show and my books. They are all on Amazon, Lulu, Kindle, Nook, itunes, ebooks, and my online bookstore if you would like a signed copy at

Go listen to the show laugh till you cry – then go order my books – it will make your day.

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Want to have a Chance to Talk to Me?

Best Selling Indie Author Yvonne Mason

This Saturday night at 10:00pm EST you will have a chance to listen to me as well as ask me any questions you might have. I will be appearing on Blog Talk Radio with Ashley Fontainne. It will be an hour show and if you miss you well let me just say you will be missing alot. Blog talk radio is listened to on your computer so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or turn on a radio. Just click the link below and join us. There will be a chat room where you can pose your thoughts as well as a call in number. It will be a funfilled and exciting evening as you all know – I am just liable to say anything. So let’s make this a great show tune in and listen. I will be talking about my books why I write and why I have chosen to be an indie author – How I have made my books best sellers and my refusal to be dictated to by others. Yes, for those of you who know me, I march to my own Drummer- Hell, I march to my own band.
So join us it is only an hour and it will be packed from start to finish!

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I Do Write Something More than Just Murder and Mayhem

When Fates Collide


Believe it or not I do write something beside true crime and crime fiction. A fellow Florida author by the name of Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and I put our evil little heads together and wrote what has become a series of books. The Series is titled “When Fates Collide.” which also happens to be the title of the first book.

The book is written in first person by both of us. The two main characters are Hope Harrington and Alex Morgan. Alex Morgan is a cynical, sarcastic Bounty Hunter who has had to claw and fight her way to the top of the food chain in her profession because after all it is still a “Man’s World.” In When Fates Collide she has been sent to Ybor City to pick up a jumper who has eluded her for months. He can change his disguise like most people change their underwear. He can go from male to female in the blink of an eye. This day Alex has gotten word that he is using the name Hope Harrington and he was last seen at a Goth Club in Ybor City. Alex sees him/her sitting at the bar enjoying the music and a drink. She walks up behind her “jumper” and takes him to the ground slapping cuffs on his wrists. The club noise comes to a stand still. The only problem is this person on the floor with their hands behind their back is not the jumper but yet the name is Hope Harrington.  This Hope Harrington is just a mousy secretary who is tired of just going to work, going home and going to the club once in a blue moon. Being slammed to the floor and cuffed is the most exciting- though embarrassing that has ever happened to her.

After she gets over wanting to punch out Alex she decides that since this jumper is using her name she wants to help catch him. She has a score to settle with him. An uneasy truce is formed between the two women. Alex with her sarcasm continues to bait her “new” partner as they follow their quarry to Key West which is in the middle of Fantasy Fest. A perfect place for the jumper to ply his trade of disguise. On the way Alex enlists one of her contacts to take them via boat. Hope wonders why she signed on. The chase is on, the dialogue is filled with sardonic wit on both sides and an uneasy alliance is formed as Alex finds out that underneath that mousy demeanor Hope has a soul of pure steel.

The humor in this book carries over into the second in the Series Titled Mardi Gras Bound. Alex and Hope are sent to New Orleans in the middle of Mardi Gras to pick up a very well known jumper who everyone even the locals are afraid of. Her name is Marie Laveau and she has conviced folks she is directly descended from the Queen herself. Alex once again employs unsavory characters who have helped her in the past and one is not who he appears to be. Hope in her naivete assume he is just another ignorant redneck who is in need of several bathings. Once again Hope finds out that all is not as it seems.

Hope in her youthful exuberance gets herself kidnapped and ends up in the Bayou. Alex now has to rescue have to her partner and find her jumper who is as slippery as the snakes that hang in the trees in the Bayou. The twists and turns and the characters blend a book that will keep you up at nights simply because you can’t stop turning the page.

The side splitting laughter never ends, the characters take on a life of their own and Hope and Alex should take their Abbot and Costello routine on the road. Add to that the cast of characters which join Alex and Hope on this hunt will make you wonder how in the world they ever get their jumper. From Bourbon St to the Bayou to the local Cemetery the chase continues.

Mardi Gras Bound comes with a disclaimer that we are not responsible for the soiled clothing that you the reader will experience from reading this book due to extreme laughter and the wetting of your clothes. We highly recommend that you make a trip to the bathroom before you start the book or else put on a pair of depends until you are finished reading the last page.

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

Both of these books can be found on amazon,amazon kindle, Lulu and Barnes and Noble Nook book. They also be found at

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Yes I Can Write Something Beside Murder and Mayhem….

When Fates Collide and When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

For those of you who have asked me two questions, Why don’t you write comedy and why don’t you write about bounty hunting since you are one. Well, the answer is here. I have don’t both with help from a fellow author and wonderful friend Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc.

We started a series last year titled When Fates Collide. The story line involves two of the most unlikely characters to ever slam into each other. Meet Alex Morgan- a no nonsense Bounty Hunter who has to constantly prove her ability in this male dominated world. She has no sense of humor- she only sees the jumper and her pick up. She has seen it all and heard it all. She always gets her man no matter what she has to do. Until she meets Hope Harrington.

Hope Harrington the name of Alex’s latest jumper master of disguises- can be anyone at anytime and uses aliases like a second skin. Alex finds Hope in a goth bar in Ybor City, slams her jumper to the ground and after handcuffing this person finds out that she is not who she was supposed to by.

Hope Harrington- the real one is a mousy secretary who finds her inner self trolling the goth bars in ybor city. Her life has been boring to say the least- She has a dead end job, no social life, and lives alone. She hates confrontation and she really hates Alex who has just humiliated her in front of her few friends. But she hates the person who stole her name even more. Against Alex’s better judgement she allows Hope to help her catch her jumper. The chase takes them from Ybor City to Key West in the middle of Fantasy Fest. The jumper changing faces like clothes.
Much to Alex’s chagrin Hope proves that she can hold her own and comes up with creative and unique ways of catching the jumper. Along the way the two unlikely pair encounter some of the people who have helped Alex on other jobs and Hope is not overly excited about them.

The second in the series which has just been released is titled When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound. Alex is on her way to New Orleans for a fun filled two weeks of Mardi Gras fun when she gets the call. A jumper has headed from Tampa to New Orleans. Her name is Marie Laveau. Alex is not happy. Hope is even less happy. She was looking forward to visiting a city she has never been to before. She is even less happy when she meets Alex’s contacts in the Big Easy.
The dialogue is written in fist person by both of the main characters. The back and forth will keep the reader laughing until they either cry or wet their pants. Alex with her sarcastic wit- Hope with her total disbelief that someone as smart as Alex is involved with the shady characters in her life. Hope teaches Alex and Alex along with her misfits teach Hope and in the end they get their man or woman.

Part of the dialogue borders on the vein of a Abbott and Costello routine. Throw in a few oddball characters and you have the makings of a comedy to beat all comedies. These two books are a must read simply for a belly laugh. Right now until Christmas both books are being offered on my online bookstore for 20.00 check out

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A Deal That You Just Can’t Pass Up

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

I have decided to make my readers an offer they can’t refuse. My friend and fellow best selling Florida Author and I have started writing a series of books. The two main characters are Alex Morgan Bounty Hunter and Hope Harrington Secretary. The First in the series was When Fates Collide followed by our second release When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound. This series of books is comedy pure and simple. The books are told in first person by both characters and they will leave you the reader needing to change your clothes from so much laughter. In fact the second book Mardi Gras Bound comes with a disclaimer. Starting today and through Christmas I am offering both of these books on my online book store.
This offer cannot be found any other place. Separately the books sell for 10.00 and 15.00 respectivly – If they are purchased together at my online store the cost is 20.00 plus shipping. This is a deal that you don’t want to pass up. They will be signed by me Go take a look, every one enjoys a good laugh.

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Why I Write the Way I Do

The Last Rites

I have often been asked why I write the genres I write and why I write my true crimes the way I do. Well, I am going to tell you.
I decided a long time ago when I was still in school in fact that I would not ever be pigeon holed. In other words, I would not allow myself to be someone who wrote the same tired storyline, the same characters and the same book time after time. I have stopped reading good authors, who were well known because they wrote the same thing over and over again. It frankly got boring. Sadly the blame lies at the feet of tradtional publishers who force the authors to crank out two books a year with no thought as to the quality of the book. Garbage in Garbage out!

So that being said, this is what I do. When I write my true crimes I refuse to allow the criminal to be pitied. They knew what they were doing and they did it with forethought and malice. The victims are the ones who deserve to be remembered. They are the forgotten ones, the ones who are in unmarked graves because their families refuse to claim the body. The ones who are so mutilated that there is no open casket to say goodbye. The ones who are never found because the criminal likes playing mind games. I write about the victims who are forgotten. They are the ones who call to me who grab my heart and soul. Who get in my head and stay there.
I don’t write about every crime- every murder or every rape. I don’t do high profile cases. They are over done and the writers just keep regurgating the same old words. I write about the ones who have fallen into that black hole of obscurity the ones who were forgotten as soon as the case was closed.
Because of my degree and background I can get into the head of the criminal even thought they are not in front of me. I understand how they think especially serial killers. I am an expert on Gerard Schaefer. I find everything I can on them as well as the victims, I get case files, newspaper reports and talk to those involved in the cases. I study all involved in the case. I put myself there. I see it taste it, smell it and feel it.I hear the cries of the victims as I tell their story. I see the pain and fear and hopelessness in their eyes. I can taste the tears that stream down their faces as they struggle to understand why someone would want to destroy their life. I see the evil in the face and soul of the murderer, I feel his need to be in control, to hurt, to maim and to kill. I have to tell the story.

When I write fiction I write about things that grab my attention as in the case of A Voice from the Grave. I traveled to Andersonville Prison in 2006. The curator of the museum told me they didn’t receive any Federal Funding for the site. They operate on donations and a bit of State Funding. When I walked around at the site of the Prison I felt the dead cry out to me to be heard. I felt the atrocity of the needless deaths due to war, greed and stupidity. I could see the suffering of the men in the camp who had not food or water. Who were exposed to the elements and died because of it. I could smell the fields of battle the air filled with gun powder, blood and body parts. I could hear the screams of pain and death. I saw those prisoners as they were marched from those fields of battle and herded like so many cattle to box cars waiting on the railroad tracks then loaded like sardines into those boxcars. So many men there was no room to sit or lay down. The smell of unwashed bodies, wounded men with open wounds which had become infected on the long march. Men with broken bones, shell shocked and weak from lack of food or water. Those voices called out to me to be heard.

I knew I had to tell a story – I started researching that book then. I bought all the books I could not just on Andersonville but on the war in general. The reason I wanted to know all I could to put myself in that time period to try and understand why Americans felt it was necessary to kill and maim each other over nothing.
It took four years of research to get the story they wanted to tell.
My crime fictions were spin offs from researching my true crime. A distraction if you will. A prelude to the true crime. A character decided it had a story to tell so I allowed it to do so. Every story is different. In Tangled Minds a young 17 year old girl gets pregnant and she refuses to accept the responsiblity for her actions. She runs away from home, gets involved in unlawful acts and because if it her son follows that same path. This book was based on a real murder which happened in Gainesville, Ga in the 1990’s. A friend of my oldest daughter was involved with that murder. He refused to accept his part in the crime. He spent 10 years in prison. The girl in the book was taken from my oldest daughter who started having children at 15. She didn’t always accept the responsiblity for her actions and now her oldest son is in prison.
Brilliant Insanity was written while I was researching my true crime Silent Scream. There was a character who kept screaming to be heard. So I wrote the book in first person as the killer who is about to be executed. He has all the typical characteristics of the mind of a serial killer.
Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never an Option was written in the early 1970’s. As i had my children and was watching them grow and ineract with my brother Stan who is challenged it occured to me that one day there would be no one around to tell the stories of Stan and how he changed lives with his positive outlook on life even with the cards he had been dealt. His desire to make his life a positive thing instead of someone to be pitied. His belief that he had something to offer those whose lives he touched even when others didn’t. This was the first book i ever published and it is because of him that I am now a successful author. He is my yardstick.

When Fates Collide and Mardi Gras Bound were a complete 180 from my normal writing. It was all due to my author friend Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc who writes dark fiction. She had this wonderful idea to shock and awe our readers with a funfilled, comedy. It was something new and different and fun. Something that our readers didn’t expect. We will continue the series just to give us a break from out normal writing. It gives our brain cells a much needed break from the dark side.

As you can see, I create my own genre, my own place in the writing world. I use my own standards, I hold myself up to no other writer. I don’t listen to negative remarks by those who would try to steal my dream. I write because it is a passion, it is who I am – I write what I enjoy when I enjoy it. I write things that draw me in that cry out to be written about.
I refuse to allow anyone to dictate what I write, when I write or how I write. I research everything before I write before I write it whether it is fiction or real. I want my readers to feel the charcter, smell the smells, see the places and touch the emotions. I want me reader in the book. When the reader is finished with the last page I want them to say, “I want more.”

This is what is lacking in the traditonal books. I can say this with authority as I read them all the time and always have. Edgar Allen Poe always left the reader wanting more, he never failed. I have taken my direction from him.
He never failed to surprise and all of his stories were different.
Bottom line is this, if you are tired of the same old story lines, the same tired characters and the same tired conversations then you need my books. They never fail to surprise or stay with you. They are available at Amazon, Amazon kindle, Nook Book and if you want something to cherish and tell your friends about you can order signed copies from my online store at
I am always available to my readers through email, facebook and this site. I always return emails and answer questions. I never refuse to sign books and I always have time for those who enjoy reading my work and those who want to know me better. That unfortuntaly cannot always be said of tradional authors who don’t even have control on their facebook page or their website.
All of these factors are the reason I write the way I do. So enjoy by books and tell your fiends, you won’t be disapointed.

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Mardi Gras Bound by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and Yvonne Mason on its way to you

This wonderful book is at the printer’s as we speak. Be one of the first to own the Adventures of Alex Morgan Bounty Hunter and Hope Harrington – Mousy Secretary Turned Kick Ass Sidekick and Partner! One of the funniest books you will ever read.

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Mardi Gras Bound by Best Selling Authors Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and Yvonne Mason

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It’s Almost Here Are you ready for it?

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