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Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover

I don’t know how many times I have to write a blog about this subject. It appears that some people just don’t get it. There is an old adage “Better to look like a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.” Once again this has happened. A person by the name of Tim Lieder has once again proven that fools are among us.

For those of you who know me you also know that I count the one and only Nicholas Grabowsky among my close and personal friends. He is the one who immortalized Michael Myers in his horror book Halloween IV. He also has his own indie horror publishing house. Nick is one of the best if not the best in defining horror. Just ask these guys:

“Keep ’em coming, Nicholas!” –Stephen King. And I am!!!!!!! “I salute you: your ambition, your dedication, your achievements, your blissfully complex imagination….” –Clive Barker. Thanks, Clive!!!! “Impressive storytelling!” —Wes Craven. “Soon we’ll all be hearing about this Grabowsky guy…” —Joe Dante. “Grabowsky succeeds in making the whole world creepy!!” —E! Entertainment Television. I’m so grateful for the support of my iconic gods!!!!

That being said Mr. Lieder dared to make a statement that he could not back up because he obviously is not in the business of publishing nor writing. This is what Nick posted:

PRESS RELEASE: 12/07/2013


Dear friends, associates, authors, partners, and everyone that has anything to do with Black Bed Sheet Books,

It comes to me with a heavy heart that the business I’ve given 100% of my life to since its conception in 2008 and with all its accomplishments, endeavors, innovations, exploits, influence and mayhem, with all the authors we’ve inspired and given a leg up or shoved into the spotlight or at the very least tried to bring to a larger readership and greater hopes to their writing careers, that I hereby declare that at least one Black Bed Sheet Book will go under. Your Christmas tree. This year.

WHY???? Firstly, if you don’t buy your loved ones any books at all, shame on you. People need to read! Literacy expands our ability to cope in this world, and reading anything, especially a book, is as much a mental workout as a jog is for the body. Second, people need to read more horror. Horror is already saturated in all of your personal lives to various degrees, and to read about somebody else going through it with exraordinary fictional circumstances is a healthy and satisfying release and lets you escape or relate just as your favorite movies do. I’m not asking you to stand in line forever to buy an iPod or a Playstation 4 for a chunk of cash here. Those kinds of things don’t do the same for you as reading does anyway. Reading enriches the lives of everyone. And these days, ain’t it just a tiresome shame that as soon as you go online everyone wants you to buy and read their books??? And all you can do is spend enormous prices on yourselves and your loved ones on books the book stores and big release movies tell you to buy, and you have a general inclination to keep buying what’s in popular culture and think anything less from smaller publishers aren’t worth your time or the ones you wish to give presents to this year. But buying a Stephen King book every year for yourself or your favorite horror reader just gets old after three decades.

We publish extraordinary talent and extraordinary books in our genre. What’s more, each one costs you no more than a bagful of chocolate mini Santas, and you can stuff them in a sock just the same, and it won’t take just a couple minutes to devour them but long enough to make a lasting impression far more into their lives than a can of Tootsie Rolls would and they can be on their shelves long enough for their grandkids to enjoy them.

I represent a number of authors that I handpicked because I am convinced they are worthy of your attention. This holiday season, put one of our incredible books under your tree, in your stocking, or download an ebook in any format for under four bucks and suprise someone with a new ebook to upload to their Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc. I guarantee you they’ll be saying “Wow! where did you find THAT! Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve read it TWICE so far!”

For BBS authors: you all get these books for author’s prices, so there’s no excuse to buy each other’s books for, like, five bucks and surpise each other. You guys get your ebooks for free too, so for your friends who have notepads and digital readers, you have cost-free gifts!

Have a very exemplary holiday season everyone! And keep watching our page for extraordinary happenings in the ever-expanding world of Black Bed Sheet!

–Nicholas Grabowsky
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This was a comment that Mr. Lieder wrote on the posting:

Tim Lieder “Cheesy advertising made me check out the Web site. Unfortunately, those are some ugly ass books you’re trying to sell and the fact that you say that you don’t charge the authors for publishing their books gives me some serious misgivings about your professionalism (seriously, no legitimate publishing company charges the writers. Saying that you don’t is like telling your date that you aren’t planning on putting a roofie in her drink)”

This type of comment tells me a couple of things 1. He is a frustrated writer who does not have the balls to put his words to paper and face the rejections that we as indies have all faced at one time or the other. 2. He is probably so judgmental that when he meets someone if they are not packaged just right he assumes they are not perfect.

Mr. Lieder you are the loser in this. You are missing out on some great reads and some wonderful indie authors. Book Covers are meant to intrigue and to grabs the eye. You obviously have no eye for talent or craft. You are to be pitied – you are missing out on so much in life. Your scope is narrow and your mind is closed.

Again this proves my point that one should never judge a book by its cover!!!!!

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How Many of You Know Who Nicholas Grabowsky is?

For several years I have had the honor and pleasure of being able to call Nickolas Grabowsky one of my most wonderful friends.  Yes, I know you are saying so what. Big Deal. But you see boys and girls I bet most of you have no clue who this wonderful human being and author is. See I told you that you didn’t know him. So let me just sit you down and introduce you to the boy. Starting with a bit of history. That history goes all the way back to the Horror Films Halloween. You know the ones with all the numbers behind them – the ones that starred Michael Myers. Yeah, that one. Okay now I have your attention. Nicholas was the person behind Michael Myers- he was the one who made Myers famous. That’s right behind every successful person is someone who makes them famous. Nicholas is that person.   Yes indeed the one and only. This same wonderful person has continued with his love of horror and things that go bump in the night by setting up his own publishing house. Yes, it gets even better. He publishes some of the best horror authors around.  He has also written some of the best horror around right up there with the Stephen Kings of this world Nick   The Everborn is just one of his many horror goodies. Nick also have his own website and bookstore filled with things that go bump in the night. I know you all are just dying to get your bloody little hands on them and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better he is on facebook and loves getting new friends Now all that isn’t even the best part he and a few of his evil minions have just put together a book to beat all horror books. He has put together an anthology filled with things to creep you out, to keep you up at night and to stop you from walking down dark alleys. Oh yes indeed- the master of horror has gathered his minions and put together an explosion of such horror that you will be thrilled to death to read. (did you like that play one words?) The book is Titled “Read Us or Die” – Sounds like a thrill ride to me. Now that you are well armed with an over load of information there is no need to NOT to hunt my friend down and buy his books, his authors books and tout his name all over the place. You won’t be sorry and you will be scared happy. I know that is an oxymoron but it works. Oh and as just as side note, Nick will be in my upcoming anthology for Halloween along with many more authors and writers. If we have enough we will be released two books and yes Nick’s story will be in both. So see there is not reason not to get on board with the Horror Train. It is coming and it coming for you!!!!!! Photo: READ US OR DIE! Our first anthology is available for pre-order, print-only (ebooks available soon)! SUPPORT OUR AUTHORS and take a look at how we're changing the world of horror fiction, in one strong voice! If you haven't read us, let us show you what you're missing! Special antho-exclusive story THE NIGHT SHUBS by the publisher, wrapped up in terrifying tales you'll remember for the rest of your lives! $20 bucks plus three ebooks of any other title by our authors, FREE!

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