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Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare is Almost Ready for Release

Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare are anthologies of things that go bump in the night! Written by an exciting diversity of talented writers, some not previously published and some published abroad, Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare was compiled by award-winning, bestselling author Yvonne Mason, also a contributor with two thrilling tales of her own. The stories and poems in Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare are as unique as the authors who penned them and no two are alike…..some are extremely dark and foreboding, others are quaint, while yet others are scary and perhaps even shocking, guaranteed to entertain and delight any reader. To top it all off, veteran horror writer Nicholas Grabowsky, (Halloween IV, Red Wet Dirt, The Everborn) and the owner/founder of one of the most talked-about horror presses of the last decade, Black Bed Sheet Books, has graciously added one of his own horror stories to this unique book! is where everyone goes to find some of the best independent horror fiction on the planet and things that go bump in the night. You will need to make sure the lights are on all over the house, check under the bed and double check those deadbolts on the front and back doors. Satan’s Holiday will hold you captive as you grind your teeth while your knuckles turn white turning each page to the last. Join us on a journey where you will thrill to our tales of hauntings, madness, bedlam, revenge and so much more which will ultimately convince you this is not just any holiday, it’s Satan’s Holiday along with Welcome to Your Nightmare!Satan's Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare
release Date October1, 2013

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The Companion Book to Satan’s Holiday Has a Title

IF you don’t know by now On Oct 1, 2013 We will be releasing not one but two horror anthologies the first one is titled Satan’s Holiday. This little jewel is filled with stories from different contributors to make you keep the lights on. With titles like Bones, A Haunting in Dallas, The Call, Brush Strokes of Death and others guaranteed to keep you away nights.
satans holiday

The companion book which will be released at the same time is titled Welcome to Your Nightmare also filled with wonderful little stories, poems and flash fiction and guaranteed to keep you up nights, with stories like, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, The Death Bell, The Crooked Cross, Not the Raven and others.
Welcome to Your Nightmare 3

These books will be available immediately on kindle and Nook and you will be able to purchase the book itself on Lulu as soon as it is released. It takes about two months for the book to be up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback. You don’t want to miss out on these lovely little horror thrillers. Watch this blog for more detail as the time draws near for release!!!!

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Satan’s Holiday is Getting a Companion Book (You Want to Be a Part of This)

satans holiday

That’s right you heard it here first. I am going where no one has gone before – well because that is what I do. Due to the overwhelming response yesterday to my blog about Satan’s Holiday and the controversy behind it – the opposite of what many thought would happen has happened. The response was so positive and so many people wanted to be a part of it that we decided to add a second book. That’s right I have enough short stories, poems and flash fiction coming in and people wanted to contribute that we are adding a second book. I have extended the deadline to September 20th for those who wish to contribute.

The title is still top secret- But I will say this my cover designer’s son has given me another great title. He is only 13 years old but the talent of this young man in knowing what I need is beyond belief. He gets kudos on the title pages of the books.

Now if you want to be part of this project here are the simple guidelines. And Yes, my friend Nicholas Grabowsky will be contributing his story to both books. So if you are not in the first book but in the second you will be in there with NICK! Stay tuned for the title and the cover! This is going to be so much fun!

Okay boys and girls this is for all of you who have expressed a desire to be a part of my Halloween Anthology and those of you who are still thinking about it.

I have been asked what are the guidelines. Well the guidelines are simple. I love the KISS method. All I ask is that you write from the heart. Yes, I do accept previous published work. Yes you do retain the rights to your work, you can put it anywhere else you choose, Yes, I do accept writers who have never been published. Yes we are putting poems as well as short stories in the book. The max length is 3000 words or 20 pages give or take. I am not going to beat you up if it is much less than that or a bit over. I have one story that is only 450 words. I cannot take extreme erotica for a couple of reasons, one I personally am not comfortable reading it and second remember we are reaching a very wide audience other than that reach down and write.

I will not turned down any writer who wished to contribute. The reason is simple people have been good to me over the years they have given me support and a hand up. I can not repay them I can only pay it forward. So that is what I am doing. If this jumps starts someone who has had a dream to write and didn’t know how to get started this is your chance. If you are published and want more exposure this is your chance.

The recompense is this. You each will receive two free books which comes to about $40.00 then you will have the ability to order any amount of books at any time that you want to either sell or give away at my cost. Any money that you make off those books is yours. This is always another way for you to get yourself out there.

Now to add to this my friend Nicholas Grabowsky who most of you might know about – has agreed to write a story for the book (s) (if we have enough writers we will be doing two books and his story will be in both of them)
He will be promoting the daylights out of this little jewel (s) and he will post them on his bookstore page as well as taking them to conventions and cons.

If you don’t know who this wonderful author is let me introduce you to him. He is the one who made Michael Myers famous in the Halloween movies. Yep that is the one and the same – go to his page and friend him as well as his website – he also owns his own publishing house and he has some wonderful horror authors there.
This is such an opprotunity on so many levels.
the Submission deadline is September 20 so that I can publish it before the Spooky Season (my favorite Holiday)
Don’t let it pass you by.
Oh and if you have never written horror step out of your comfort zone and try it.

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Things Are Not Always as They Seem and Sometimes a Title is Just a Title!

I know the title makes one scratch one’s head and go “What?” In this day of “political correctness also known as stupidity” we have become so busy worrying about “offending” that we have forgotten how to have fun. We are so busy reading things into sentences, phrases and titles that we have forgotten how to look beyond the words –

Now let me explain for those of you who are still scratching your head. When someone calls me a “Bitch” am I offended? Oh no, I laugh at them, there are a couple of reasons for one I am not a female dog and two I can be and many times am opinionated, overbearing, domineering and can be stubborn. So in that case yes I am a Bitch if that is the way they are using the word. See word’s are just letters strung together to form words which form sentences which form titles to books and other things. I have seen many titles to books and movies that when I got into them were not what I thought they were based on the title by taking it literal. We cannot take things so literal we get in trouble every time. It is like assuming! We all know what that means.

Now that I have that out of the way let me get to the reason for this particular blog. I am only going to address this once so pay attention! I am putting out an anthology of horror yes horror it just so happens that it is coming out during the Spooky season. My favorite Holiday. I also know the real reason behind Halloween and it has nothing to do with ghosts – goblins or devil worship etc. That is for another day.

Anyway the title of my lovely little Anthology is Satan’s Holiday. I have been criticized for this title because it was not politically correct. To that I say horse rubbish. It is a string of words formed to make a book title. No two people will take it the same way. Sort of the same thing that happens at an accident no two people see the same thing even though they are at the same accident. So for the sake of those of you who have a closed mind let me just break it down for you.

Nowhere in the book are there any stories that include Halloween as such. Sure there are ghosts, hauntings, graveyards and things that go bump in the night. However, that happens all the time. Nowhere is the Devil mentioned (though I could write a story about him) in fact one could say that Satan took a Holiday and left all the others to have fun in his stead. See how that works out maybe he was tired and needed a rest.

This is what I mean when I say words are just words. They mean absolutely nothing except in our minds and sometimes those minds are a scary place to be.

As most of my readers already know I have no comfort zone, I write what I feel, that is why I never run out of material to write about unlike many authors. Second most of my readers know that I do not care what the perception of a few people is about my work. That becomes their problem. I love words and I love playing with words, I refuse to be placed in a box simply because others refuse to be open minded.

I have to add here that my book designer’s son is the one who came up with the title and he is only 13 years old. He got it!

So with all of that being said, try very hard to have an open mind if you don’t you will miss out on some wonderful fiction and poetry by writers and published authors in this little jewel. Life is too short to take so seriously! Broaden your horizons! Join us as we let Satan take a Holiday!!!
satans holiday

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And You Thought This Was Just Going to Be Another Boring Spooky Season

I know you thought that the spooky season was going to be filled with the same old thing, you know those little people dressed up in costumes running around the neighborhood trying to scare the adults and getting candy instead. Yeah, that kind of boring. Well, my children of the night think again. This year I have a surprise for you. Oh yes, indeed, a big surprise. Well actually a couple.

The first one is yours truly, yes that would be moi, is releasing an anthology of spooky stories just for those of you who love the things that go bump in the night. Again, the stories are as varied as the contributors who have written them. This little book promises to fill your head not with sugar plums and fairies, but instead dreaded evil, and other lovely horrid things that make one lose sleep at night. Yes, you will want to double check the locks on your door, not drive down dark two lane blacktops and check under your bed before retiring for the night. I know I know it sounds like so much fun.

This lovely little jewel of things that go bump in the night is titled “Satan’s Holiday”- I agree it sounds like so much fun. We will be releasing it by the first of October so that you can enjoy it as you hand out candy to those little hobgoblins who knock on your door as they holler “trick or treat”.
satans holiday

The second bit of news is my friend Nicholas Grabowsky and his publishing house Black Bed Sheets has just released two little books of horror for the upcoming season


This is just two of the books that Nick sells from his pblishing house. Check out his online store at

Its coming like a run away freight train, so hop aboard. Hug the children, kiss the dog and take the ride of your life. Horror at is finest!!!!

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A Five Star Review for Pennies From Heaven

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Pennies From Heaven

Pennies From Heaven

I was very humbled when I saw this review this morning. This book is very close to my heart and to know that it is being read and appreciated and  understood by those who read it is very humbling. Pennies from Heaven is not a how to book on grief. There is no such thing. It is a book filled with stories from others who have lost someone they loved. They have grieved and tried to heal in spite of the hole that remains in their hearts.
There is no set of rules for grief. There are however different steps of grief that we each must feel in order to move forward. If you stay stuck in any of those steps we cheat that person we grieve for. We cheat them of the life we had with them and their memories. Grief  and death are as much a part of life as living and being happy. We all must face it one day.
Pennies from Heaven doesn’t preach about the right or wrong way to grieve- it only shows how people have grieved and what they did after the grief was done. Everyone needs this little book. To read or to give away to someone who is grieving or about to grieve. It will help bring comfort – strength and hope to all.
5.0 out of 5 stars Soulfully Insightful… August 21, 2013
By GJLentz
Format:Kindle Edition
Death and grief are just one of those things in life we all have to deal with one day, and like many aspects of life that we all share, we do so in different ways and at different times. It can be very overwhelming, so reading these stories from different folks and their varying experiences and perspectives is quite the treasure. I’d recommend this book to anyone who has just lost a loved one, or someone- who after sometime- who is still coming to terms with their grief. Laugh, cry, be amazed, and move forward with these real life experiences and thoughts from folks just like me and you.

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For Those of You Who have Wondered Who My Co – Conspirator is in the When Fates Collide Series Here She is


Okay kiddies this is for all of you who have wondered who in the world was insane enough to co-write When Fates Collide the series with me.  You know the one- When Fates Collide, When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound and the latest release When Fates Collide Arm Candy. Well let me introduce you to her. I am proud to call her not only friend but also sister in our insane writings. We have known each other for many years when both of us were caught up in the not so nice workings of a publisher who to this day shall remain nameless. To say this publisher was a crook is an understatement. (Another story for another day) On the flip side Andrea and I met joined forces and have been sisters ever since. While she lives on the West Coast of Florida and I live on the East it is like there is no distance between us.

When we write it is like we are sitting side by side with one mind (twisted though it may be). Our characters are the same way. They act as one unit even though they are as different as daylight and dark.

Andy as I like to call her no longer writes, she has chosen to move on to other endeavors however – she is always up to the antics of Hope and Alex the characters we brought together a couple of years ago simply because we could.

Today Andy has taken the path of a yoga instructor- and it is not the typical yoga. She also is able to perform weddings of any kind – she prefers not to do religious but other than that she is up to just about anything else.

She can teach a student yoga via the internet so you don’t have to be in front of her- however if you live close by you can meet with her on Sundays when she does a group yoga session.

She is one talented lady and one that I am blessed to have in my life. She believes in the old Wise Woman ways and is not afraid to talk about it.

If you have not yet hooked up with this wonderful – beautiful creature you are missing out. But you must know this, like me she does not suffer fools lightly nor does she put up with BS- like me she knows that life is way to short. She tells it like it is if you ask you. So if you really don’t want to know don’t ask. On the flip side she is kind, funny, wicked, loyal and loving. She supports no-kill shelters for animals, and like me she thinks that for the most part animals are better company than most humans.

If you haven’t friended her – you are missing out. You won’t regret it. Like her Yoga page on facebook hook up with her on her friends page and learn how to renew your mind, body and soul through Yoga. She can teach you how!!!!!

Oh and check out our books they are available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound


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How Many of You Know Who Nicholas Grabowsky is?

For several years I have had the honor and pleasure of being able to call Nickolas Grabowsky one of my most wonderful friends.  Yes, I know you are saying so what. Big Deal. But you see boys and girls I bet most of you have no clue who this wonderful human being and author is. See I told you that you didn’t know him. So let me just sit you down and introduce you to the boy. Starting with a bit of history. That history goes all the way back to the Horror Films Halloween. You know the ones with all the numbers behind them – the ones that starred Michael Myers. Yeah, that one. Okay now I have your attention. Nicholas was the person behind Michael Myers- he was the one who made Myers famous. That’s right behind every successful person is someone who makes them famous. Nicholas is that person.   Yes indeed the one and only. This same wonderful person has continued with his love of horror and things that go bump in the night by setting up his own publishing house. Yes, it gets even better. He publishes some of the best horror authors around.  He has also written some of the best horror around right up there with the Stephen Kings of this world Nick   The Everborn is just one of his many horror goodies. Nick also have his own website and bookstore filled with things that go bump in the night. I know you all are just dying to get your bloody little hands on them and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better he is on facebook and loves getting new friends Now all that isn’t even the best part he and a few of his evil minions have just put together a book to beat all horror books. He has put together an anthology filled with things to creep you out, to keep you up at night and to stop you from walking down dark alleys. Oh yes indeed- the master of horror has gathered his minions and put together an explosion of such horror that you will be thrilled to death to read. (did you like that play one words?) The book is Titled “Read Us or Die” – Sounds like a thrill ride to me. Now that you are well armed with an over load of information there is no need to NOT to hunt my friend down and buy his books, his authors books and tout his name all over the place. You won’t be sorry and you will be scared happy. I know that is an oxymoron but it works. Oh and as just as side note, Nick will be in my upcoming anthology for Halloween along with many more authors and writers. If we have enough we will be released two books and yes Nick’s story will be in both. So see there is not reason not to get on board with the Horror Train. It is coming and it coming for you!!!!!! Photo: READ US OR DIE! Our first anthology is available for pre-order, print-only (ebooks available soon)! SUPPORT OUR AUTHORS and take a look at how we're changing the world of horror fiction, in one strong voice! If you haven't read us, let us show you what you're missing! Special antho-exclusive story THE NIGHT SHUBS by the publisher, wrapped up in terrifying tales you'll remember for the rest of your lives! $20 bucks plus three ebooks of any other title by our authors, FREE!

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Exciting News!!!!!!

   I love Mondays!!! I know that is not the typical response one would expect to see – however I am not a typical person as most of you already know. With that being said let me explain why I make such a statement. 

    For those of you who already know me you know that my all time favorite Holiday barring none, including the silly season aka Christmas, is Halloween. Ever since I was a small child I have loved this day. It is filled with all things that go “bump” in the night. The one day a year when people can let out their inner demons and become whoever they want to be without other folks bringing out the nets.

  So with that little background out of the way, let me move on to why I love Monday. Over the weekend I had an idea. As most of you know I just released Pennies from Heaven which is a book on grief – this book has stories from 15 contributing writers who told their own story – 

   Anyway- I decided to do something that is way off the wall, I decided to do an anthology for Halloween of horror stories and spooky stories and I sent out a message for contributors. Most of the people who are contributing or either indie authors who are not well known, writers who have not yet published or just every day people who love to write. It is just one of the many ways I pay it forward. 

   That is only one reason I love Monday. The second reason is this- There is a wonderful friend in my life that most of you might know. His name is Nicholas Grabowsky. For those of you who are scratching your head and saying “WHO” let me throw out another name for you. Does the name Micheal Myers mean anything to you. Hint- Halloween, you remember the movie? Yes – that Micheal Myers. Nicholas is the one who made that boy famous.

   My friend Nick- has graciously offered to contribute a story to our little book. (He is just that kind of guy) Not only will he be contributing but he will list it on his BBS bookstore and take copies with him to conventions and cons- He will graciously be helping these unknown writers –

  Yes I love Monday.

   So for those of you who know this wonderful man’s works- you may not know that he is also in the publishing business for indie authors who write horror. See how this just keeps getting better and better. If you are into horror or have friends and family who love horror then you need to check out his site. 

  As you know it is getting to be the silly season and this would be the perfect gift for that person who loves to be scared to death. You can also hook up with him on his fan page on facebook that way you will always know what evil and darkness he is releasing. 

  So remember the anthology is coming. I don’t have a name yet- but soon. Go check out Nick and show him some love. You will be glad you did. And pass this along to others who are into things that go bump in the night. They will thank you for it.  

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When Fates Collide Arm Candy Has Been Released

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

The long awaited third in the When Fates Collide Series has been released. Arm Candy is now available on Amazon Kindle

It is currently available in paperback on Lulu it will be available on Barnes and Noble nook shortly and in paperback shortly.

You can also by directly from me by contacting me.

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