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The Last Rites on Amazon Kindle for .99 for a Very Very Limited Time

For a very very limited time I am offering The Last Rites for .99 on kindle. The Last Rites is one of my two true crimes. The true story of the rape and execution of Pauline Metler in 1975 in Fort Pierce, Florida. She was a vibrant and young and beautiful 33 year old woman who disappeared as she hitchhiked from Melbourne Florida to Key West on US1. Until earlier this year she had been in an unmarked grave in a cemetery in Fort Pierce. This is her story.

If you expect fluff or a soft read this book is not for you. I do not give the perpetrators any slack. They knew what they were doing when they committed this crime. While Pauline might have had many flaws as we all do she did not deserve this end to her life.

When the book was written it was written so that she would always be remembered.

the last rites front by debi

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Questions about The Last Rites

The Last Rites The True Story of the Rape and Execution of Pauline Metler

The Last Rites The True Story of the Rape and Execution of Pauline Metler


The other day on my fan page on facebook I received an email  from someone who apparently didn’t have a page. When I tried to answer the email it would not go through. So I will try to answer it here. The question was this, when I was researching this book did I talk to any of the victim’s family. The answer to that is no. The reason is simple, when this case was being investigated all those many years ago, the few family members who lived in Melbourne at the time of the brutal murder refused to give law enforcement any information. They were cagey and evasive.  Law enforcement didn’t know if they were ashamed of the victim, if they were hiding something or they just plain hated the victim. I had to use what research I had which were the case files, the accounts from those who worked the crime and the limited things I could find on my own. I was asked why I said that no one cared enough – There were two reasons the first was the fact that those in Melbourne refused to give law enforcement any information about the victim’s immediate family that is mother, father, siblings. The one brother they did find came to a dead end. They didn’t know if the victim had any children, where she originally came from how she got to Florida or any of her history. Once it was determined who she was through dental records, the family in Melbourne nor her current husband would claim her body and lay her to rest.

Later I was contacted by a daughter who was a small child when her mother died. She didn’t know that her mother had been buried by St. Lucie County and was in an unmarked grave. She asked me the same question, Why did I say no one cared. My response to her was this. No adult at that time cared, which was evident by the family members in Melbourne- I told her it was in no way in reflection her or others who were either too young or didn’t have any control over the situation. It was directed toward those who had the ability to make sure that Pauline was laid to rest  with family and not in a strange place with no one to grieve over her body.

When I write true crime, I write for the victims. I write so they will be remembered. I write so that they will never be forgotten. People always remember the killer but never the victim. In Pauline’s case there was not even a stone to mark her final resting place. No one knew she was even buried in that place. She deserved better. No matter how she lived her life or under what circumstances she met her death, she deserved better than an unmarked grave in a strange town where no one knew her.

Those who could not do anything because it was beyond their control – the statement was not meant to slur your memory in any way. It was for those who could have done something and refused. Even if that something was just to talk to the investigators. Even if that something was to give an option to other family members to get her home.

Thanks to this book Pauline now has a stone. The one daughter who has become I hope my friend made sure her mother was not forgotten. Her resting place is now marked. People who walk by now know she is there. They will see her name and know she lived and maybe left good behind.

So to all of you who had no control who could not grieve next to her grave, who could not place flowers and remembrance by her stone, who didn’t even know where she was buried- take heart- know that statement was not meant for you- the book was meant to help you heal to know that she is not forgotten and to know that because I live so close I check on her for you frequently. Pauline is a part of me. She led me to the writing of her story. She wanted it told. She wanted and needed to be remembered.

Paulines Stone

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Apparently this Reader wants Fluff.

“Poorly written and repetitive. Definitely not worth the cost of the book or your time reading it. I purchased it based on the recommendation of our local newspaper as the author is a local resident”ByRichard Lizak

Today I saw this little tidbit of a review on The Last Rites which is my second true crime. Mr. Lizak apparently doesn’t read with an open mind nor does he understand true crime. Maybe he is used to other true crime writers who use fluff and sweet nothings as they write about the horrors of the taking of someone’s life. I do not write that way. Maybe he also does not understand all of the work and repetition that is involved in the solving of crimes. The hours spent by law enforcement talking to witnesses – running down leads that are a dead end, listening to lies and many times still not able to solve the crime.

Mr. Lizak- I just have a few words for you- open your mind- read like you are eating a fine meal. Enjoy it! If  you want fluff read a Harlequin Romance. If you want a sanitized true  crime read Ann Rule. If you don’t want to understand what the cops had to go through to solve this crime- what the victim went through as she was raped and executed then you are the loser.

Apparently you are not a native or else you would have also noticed the history of the area that was involved with this young woman who lost her life way to soon. You would have understood the frustration and anger that law enforcement had because they could not find her killer/killers. You would have understood the lack of forensic science of the day and you would have felt some sort of apathy for those involved.

Last but not least you would have understood that she was buried in an unmarked grave – forgotten and alone like she never existed. It is sad that all you could get out of this very painful story was your petty statement. It is sad that you chose to cheapen not only her life but also to insult her horrible death because of your lack of apathy and understanding.

My prayer is that you never experience this type of tragedy in your life – Pauline deserved better than what you gave her. Do us both a favor don’t bother reading my other true crime. The victims deserve better than you are willing to give.


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Another Person Wants Their Fifteen Minutes Of Fame By Personally Attacking Me.

This Morning I received a comment on my facebook fan page about my true crime The Last Rites. This comment was in the form of a personal attack by one Theresa Gruber Caporale. Apparently she is lost in some twilight zone, hasn’t read the book or just got bored and felt the need to show her extreme lack of good manners and common sense. The attack came in the form of a comment that reek of self loathing and self hate. I am paraphrasing this comment basically she told me that she I didn’t know what I was talking about when I said no one cared enough about Pauline Metler to bury her and the book disgusted her. She also told me I needed to do my homework. Seriously?! I spent three years on this book, had the entire case file, talked to and interviewed the men who worked the case. They all said the same thing and it is in the case file, the family they talked to lied, and refused to co operate.

Law enforcement didn’t even know she had any living relatives outside the aunt and grandmother in Melbourne. They refused to tell law enforcement anything. But I found out alot, Things I promised I would not put in the book.

No the family involved didn’t care enough to bury this young woman who didn’t deserve to be raped and executed and left on a remote road to rot like garbage. She didn’t deserve to be lied about, and tossed out like trash. The adults involved didn’t care enough to bury her. The left her for the county to bury in an unmarked grave. They refused for whatever reason to claim her body so the rest of the family could say goodbye.

Theresa I know many things about this young woman and her family – many things that I promised not to expose. I have given this young woman a voice. A voice that was silenced and then forgotten.  A Voice that has begged to be heard so she can rest. A voice that screams for those who forgot her to live with that decision.

Pauline will never be forgotten again. She is remembered by many and her voice rings out to be heard. Only the guilty scream at the top of their lungs about disgust, and denial.  I have the facts  from reliable and undisputable sources. Facts that show without a doubt this young woman was forgotten as if she didn’t exist.  There have been excuses made as to why no one came forward, but the fact still stands she lies in an unmarked Potters Grave and has since 1975.

She deserves to be heard! She deserves her voice!

The Last Rite, The Pauline Metler Story


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How Would You Feel If Your Loved One Just Disappeared off the Face of The Earth One Day?

The Last Rites

We never think about the fact that when our loved ones walk out the door for a destination that it might be the last time we ever see them. We just assume they will walk back into that door with a greeting of “Hello”. But sometimes they don’t especially if they are a free spirit and never know from one minute to the next what they are going to do.

Pauline Metler walked out of her trailer in Melbourne in 1975 hitchhiking to Key West. She told those she left behind that she would be back in a few days. She started here Journey on US1 in Melbourne headed south. She was never seen or heard from again. No one ever reported her missing.

Several days later the decomposed remains of a body was found on Ulrich Rd in Fort Pierce. This body was found by two strangers who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The body had no identification.

When law enforcement started working the case they had nothing to go on until her false teeth were identified. Her name was Pauline Metler. She was 33 years old. She had lived in Key West and was married to Donald Metler That was all anyone knew.

It took several more weeks before law enforcement could find out where her family was or if she even had any. When they did find out and went to talk to them – law enforcement was lied to about her. The family refused to cooperate. The so called friends she had refused to cooperate. No one would talk to the investigators.

When the body or what was left of the body was released for burial Donald Metler refused to claim it. No one else in her family claimed it either. Sadly she was finally buried in an unmarked grave by the County in a pauper’s section of a city cemetery in Fort Pierce. To this day she still has no headstone to show that she ever existed. Her legacy is that unmarked grave.

“The Last Rites” is her story. It is her legacy in book form. It is a tribute to a young woman who was brutally raped and executed simply because three men had an urge and could. Pauline Metler was a human being who didn’t deserve to die in this fashion and then to be tossed in an unmarked grave for whatever reason. She deserves to be remembered because she lived. She loved was loved and because she was a person.

Who is to say what she might have done with her life had it not been cut so short. Who’s to say what she might have accomplished had she not been picked up that day on US1.

The question will always remain in my mind Why didn’t someone care enough?

This is my way of caring. This is my way of remembering and letting the world know she existed. Read her story, keep her memory alive. Understand that none of us are exempt from the same type of fate.

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What Would You Do IF?

The Last Rites

What would you do if your daughter, sister, mother, wife disappeared and no one knew it until there was a knock at the door? What would you do if that same daughter, sister, mother, wife was not who you expected her to be so you just wrote her out of your life?
What would you do if there were questions by law enforcement and you were hiding something or you were ashamed of her?
What would you do if……
These questions may sound strange or even impossible but they happened. Pauline Metler who marched to her own drummer disappeared on or about Mememorial day weekend in 1975. No one even knew or cared that she was missing. When she was finally discovered in a remote area on Ulrich Rd in Fort Pierce there was hardly anything left to autopsy much less bury. She had been raped and executed and left to the Florida elements.
When the investigators tried to interview people she knew, places she worked and even family memebers they all lied. None of them were forthcoming with anything to help solve her senseless murder. Even her current husband refused to claim her body and give it a dignified burial.
She was thrown away like trash in a landfill without a second thought. St. Lucie County finally buried her in a pauper’s grave without a headstone and no one to remember.
Her name was Pauline Metler age 33 – she is one of the forgotten ones who lie in a cemetery with no stone and no one to grieve over her.
Her story is that rememberence. Her story is for her to always be remembered. Help to remember her by reading her story. Don’t let her life become one of the many statistics.

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A Mini Review on The Last Rites

The Last Rites

This morning I awoke to find this posted on my facebook page. She is reading my second true Crime, The Last Rites. The crime occured two years after Gerard Schaefer was tried and convicted for the murder of two girls whose bodies were found on South Hutchinson Island. He was linked though never convicted of between nine and thirty two murders. He was considered Florida’s first serial killer.
The discovery of this young woman’s body set the county of St Lucie into another panic. They didn’t need another serial killer. When she was found she had no identification and her body was already in full rigor. Her case was first investigated as a Jane Doe and then changed to her name Pauline Metler once she was finally identified. The case went cold for a year. No one was talking – and no one claimed her body for burial. She was buried by the county in a pauper’s grave with no stone. This book is her stone. It is a way of rememberence. She didn’t deserve anything that happened to her. Read her story and remember her. This book can be found on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Nook Book, Lulu and my online store at

Sherri A Marchese

” I just wanted you to know my hands and eyes are glued to my Kindle reading The Last Rites.I’m spellbound”

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The Dark Side is Part of History Too

Silent Scream A True Crime

As with all history there is the dark side. That side that no one can believes happens. But it does. It is as much a part of the lives of those who have gone before as the good side. Such is the story of the young women that Gerard Schaefer kidnapped, tortured and murdered between 1966 and 1972. This is part of Florida History. It is the dark side. The lives of these young women was extinquished before they even had a chance to live. The lives of their families was forever changed. The future of these young girls and women will never be known. Gerard Schaefer saw to that.

The way that law enforcement solved crimes took a different path. The way that they communicated changed forever. No longer was murders kept hidden within a department. They began to talk to each other, the term serial killer came into being. Method of Operations was monitored by the different departments. They watched for patterns and acted on those patterns. Gerard Schaefer changed the way the general public felt about a man who wore a uniform. The trust was gone.

Silent Scream is the story of this time in Florida History it has become a best seller on Amazon Kindle. It gives the girls a voice- a voice that until now has been silent.

The Last Rites

The Last Rites-
St. Lucie County was just getting back to normal after the arrest – and conviction of Gerard Schaefer when a body was found in a remote area of Fort Pierce, Florida. There was no identification, the body was in full decomp and law enforcement was at a stand still. They didn’t know if they had another serial killer on their hands or if this was just a random murder or a domestic violence murder.
This young woman 33 years old had been left to fade away into nothing as her body was ravaged by the creatures of the night and the elements of the Florida sun and heat. There was no one to report her missing-

The Last Rites is the story of Pauline Metler who was brutaly raped and executed while saying her Catholic Prayers. Her story and her death effected those who worked the crime even to this day. She was buried by the County in a Paupers grave with no stone for rememberance. It is time to remember her.

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The Christmas Present Quandry

Every year there is someone on your Christmas list that you have no clue what to buy them. Every year you wonder through the stores, the mail order catalogs and the online stores scratching your head and mumbling to yourself wondering what you are going to get the person who has everything. Well, this year, fear not, your problem is solved. This is the year books are vogue. This is the year that books can be read on some many devices. This is year you can be a hero.
There are so many indie authors out there who have books just begging to be read, wonderful authors who write everything from inspiration to romance, to murder mystery to vampires to you name it – it is out there.
With so many of our favorite traditional authors dying off isn’t it time to try something new? Isn’t it time to try and indie author.
For those of you who have no clue what an Indie author is – indulge me a moment of your time. We are those authors who have chosen to publish and market our own work. We are those authors who are tired of being rejected by traditional agents and publishers who think our voice is not good enough. We are those authors who believe that what we have to offer is just as good if not better. We are not hampered by conditions set by traditional publishers. We don’t have to sell our soul in order to be published. WE have control of our book, our cover and our marketing. We can do what we want to – go to any event we want to and sign what we want to. We don’t have our books slashed to pieces by some unknown entity just because they want a certain word count. We write what we want to when we want to. We don’t have to mass produce dribble just because of a contract. We can take our time and produce quality work and a great story.
So that being said, back to Christmas. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You can order our books from places like,,, Barnes and noble and yes even nookbook and amazon kindle. Some of us even have our own online bookstores, such as
We can be found on facebook and other places. All you have to do is contact us and we are more than happy to respond. We don’t respond through an agent or other entity. When you hear from us it is real. If you want the book personally autographed to a loved one we do that to.
I am working on gift certificates so that your purchases can be made easier. I take credit cards at all my events.
We are the up and coming thing in books. Give us a try, I know you will like us. Check out you will see many book reviews – these books are all written by indie authors.
Give something different for Christmas this year- give a book by an indie author.
Support free enterprise.

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Review for The Last Rites

The Last Rites

5.0 out of 5 stars Last Rites.A must read!!!!, October 17, 2011
By Peter fundora – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Last Rites (Kindle Edition)
Once again Yvonne Mason has managed to bring a crime victim back from the dead and give Pauline Métier a voice.
This book is a must read for fans of true crime.Its truly a sad story about a woman who was killed and forgotten by a judgemental society.But Yvonne Mason made her just as important as anyone one of us.
Read “Last Rites” and if you’re into serial killers read her awesome best seller “Silent Scream”.

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