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Do You Dare??????

Do You Dare???
Yes, it is finally up on kindle soon to be up in print. The question is do you dare read it? This little book of short stories are all my own, no sharing the spotlight this time. Some of them you might have read before- some of them well, let’s just say- they are very new. The question is do you dare find out what they are all about? Go to Amazon and download the kindle version on all of your devices. I don’t think you will want to miss this one! Also check out my other little jewels while you are there – they are all downloadable and some are even audible.

Do you Dare

Do You Dare

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Promoting Is The Key

For those of you who know me, you know that I loved promoting other artists. It doesn’t matter the art form, whether it is music, the written word or art. To me they are all artists and worthy of promoting. I am successful because I do promote them. Because, you see it makes them successful. It becomes quid pro quo- that is Latin for something for something (loosely translated) – Anyway, back to my promoting others.

One of my fellow authors, who I have loved and known for about ten years has taken her talents and put them to use in another direction. You see she now longer publishes books, but she does one better, she publishes videos. She has The Dark Apostle’s Bewitching Hour on facebook and she has her you tube site under Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc  where you can see her Noir silent film titled The Journey  You want to like her page Cafe Noir Productions You never know what she is going to film next!!!!!!

You can also catch all of her Friday fright videos like the one from today which is the conclusion of last week’s short story.  See I even made it easy for you I posted both right here. You have to go show her some love and you must repost this post. She is so deserving of your souls!!!!!  Every Friday morning at 8:00 AM  she post another episode on her Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and on The Dark Apostle’s Bewitching Hour

So you must join her in her crypt. She loves new souls!!!!!



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A New Podcast is UP

I have just posted a new podcast this morning. It is a short story taken from a new book of short stories I am putting together. The title of the book is DO You Dare? This little short story is not only entertaining it has a moral. So Check it out and watch for the new release of Do You Dare? soon. And take a listen that is if you Dare.

Do you Dare
Hush Little Human

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Now All of You Can Hear My Podcasts on Itunes

I have added yet another layer to my marketing quiver I am now on itunes under podcasts. You can go in your search engine and type Yvonne Mason or you can link it here. – There will be more podcast as time goes on. This is just two of the links there are more. So go have fun. Listen and share and add them to your library- the beauty if all of this is it is FREE!!!!! I will post updates on upcoming events books and other wonderful tidbits.

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Listen to Bones One of My Short Stories

The Link below will allow you to listen to one of my short stories that will soon appear in a new book of short stories I am releasing. Some of them like Bones have been previously released and some that are brand new. Just a small teaser.

Bones a Short Story

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If You Have Never Read Good Horror Now is The Time

Satan's Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare

Since this is the time of year when folks find reasons to be scared out of their clothes I wanted to give you a few ideas for your reading pleasure. We have just released two little horror books filled with the things that go bump in the night, Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare. There over three hundred pages in these two little books so I am sure that you will find something to keep you up nights and cause you to not to want to walk through dark alleys alone. There are wicked poems, quick flash fiction (for those that need a horror fix in a hurry) short stories and small novellas.We even tossed in a couple of real hauntings just to spice things up.

To add to our little cauldron’s of evil we brought aboard the one and only Nicholas Grabowsky- you all know him he wrote Halloween IV and immortalized Michael Myers

This book is a limited edition so once it is gone there will be no more!!!!!

halloween iv

If you can’t get enough of Horror then you must go to Where you will find more of the horror that Nicholas publishes for other horror authors.
In my book there is never to much horror-
You can also download my stand alone short story Blood Alley on Amazon

Blood Alley A Short Story of Horror

Blood Alley A Short Story of Horror

It is guaranteed to keep you off of two lane black tops at night.

These are all great places to purchase your fix of horror for the Halloween season and beyond. You don’t want to be left behind when things start going bump in the night and those icy fingers of things unknown begin to creep around your head.

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Gearing Up for 2014

Well….. Yes after that usually the other shoe drops! However not this time. This time I have some excellent news. I have Luis Vera to thank for this epiphany. Let me just segway into my news- as of right now we are at over three hundred pages in both of the anthologies and I am waiting on one last story that is promised by tonight. Then I have to cut off the books. No this is not the news. Luis Vera had sent me an email asking if there was room for another of his stories and it broke my heart to tell him we were full. However, in the same I email this is what I told him.
Wait for it…………. His is the first story for ………… next year’s anthology(s), yes boys and girls and children of all ages this is what your humble author is going to do. Since we had such an overwhelming response to the call out in such a short time for the books this year, We have decided to do it again for next year. And we are starting NOW!!!! That’s right you heard it first right here right now. We are taking submissions now for next year. The cut off will be April 30,2014. You have from today until next April 30th to write your short stories, poems, flash fiction, true hauntings, etc for the anthologies. If we have enough response we will do more than one book.
So many people have been so good to me over the years that it is time I paid it forward on so many levels. The guidelines are the same, two copies of the book you are in and if you are in more than one you will receive copy of each book you are in. you will be able to order any amount of books for resale/give away at my cost. Any books that you sell you keep that money. It is a win – win.
I take care of the cover, the editing etc just like I have done this time. I just want you guys to shine and to get your dream – As you all know I go where no other goes, I march to my own drummer- hell I march to my own band. So you can expect the book/books not to be the norm. I can not promise that Nick will be in the 2014 books but I will do my best to get him there. He so rocks.
So there you go! Do you want to play?

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The Companion Book to Satan’s Holiday Has a Title

IF you don’t know by now On Oct 1, 2013 We will be releasing not one but two horror anthologies the first one is titled Satan’s Holiday. This little jewel is filled with stories from different contributors to make you keep the lights on. With titles like Bones, A Haunting in Dallas, The Call, Brush Strokes of Death and others guaranteed to keep you away nights.
satans holiday

The companion book which will be released at the same time is titled Welcome to Your Nightmare also filled with wonderful little stories, poems and flash fiction and guaranteed to keep you up nights, with stories like, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, The Death Bell, The Crooked Cross, Not the Raven and others.
Welcome to Your Nightmare 3

These books will be available immediately on kindle and Nook and you will be able to purchase the book itself on Lulu as soon as it is released. It takes about two months for the book to be up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback. You don’t want to miss out on these lovely little horror thrillers. Watch this blog for more detail as the time draws near for release!!!!

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Creepy Ride With Bubba

Blood Alley A Short Story of Horror

Blood Alley A Short Story of Horror

I had to smile when I read this wonderful review by GJ Lentz. In fact it made me smile so much I had to read it twice. He may get his wish – Bubba might just show up again someplace else. Those that know me  know that I have a very twisted mind and an even more twisted sense of writing. So GJ it could happen my friend it could happen. At the present Blood Alley is only available on Kindle and Nook but that doesn’t mean that you can’t read it – you can download it to any of your electronic devices and enjoy it over and over and over again. 


Take a creepy ride with Bubba on Blood Alley! March 5, 2013

By GJLentz
Amazon Verified Purchase
Yvonne takes a classical horror/paranormal concept and ads a creepy-fun twist for any fan of the genre, any reader for that matter. The author truly pulls you into the pages and onto the dark road with Trucker Bubba as his complicated life takes a twisty and freaky turn (for better or worse you’ll have to decide!). Only 4 out of 5 because I was left wanting more! Really, the only problem I have now is which of her other books to read next!?

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Blood Alley Not Your Typical Sunday Drive

Blood Alley A Short Story

Blood Alley A Short Story

Do you just love a great short story? Do you enjoy being scared to death by things that go bump in the night?  Do you enjoy taking those long drives down dark roads wondering what will jump out of the darkness? Have you thought that you have seen things in the middle of the road late at night when you are tired and have been driving for hours? Well you will want to read Blood Alley. It is just a short read a little short story to tingle your nerves- to make you wonder what lives in the darkness. To make you lock your doors as you travel – As in real life things are not always what they seem. Just when we think we have all the answers the questions change.

This little jewel is  currently only found on kindle and nook. But you can download it to any of your electronic devices including your iphone. It is something that one can read while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, a dentist appointment – while sitting in the car line to pick up the kids at school or even in an airport waiting on a plane.

Blood Alley while listed as horror is not filled with much gore. I don’t think that overkill lends itself to a good read. I allow the reader to immerse themselves into the story and visualize their own pictures. Blood Alley is written in the manner of the old style horror movie. It leaves the reader the ability to imagine- which is so much more fun than just laying it all out on the page.

So hop over to kindle and download this little story. I think you will enjoy it. I even made it easy for you. The link is below.

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