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And You All Thought I was Just An Author

Most of you who don’t know me personally probably thought I was just an author. Someone who wrote fiction and true crime. What you might or might not have known about me is this. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I refuse to use the term victim. I survived and I became stronger because of it not in spite of it. I have been in the abyss. I know how hard it is to leave and and I know what happens when one tries to leave.

I said all this to say this. On September 14th I will be at the Harvest Food and Outreach Center in Fort Pierce to speak to women who have been and may still be in a domestic abuse situation. People who have not been in that abyss have no clue how much suffering emotionally, physically and mentally abuse creates. The worst thing someone can say to someone who is in that situation is “Why don’t you just leave?”

One should never ever ask that question. The abused is already feeling worthless and to ask that question makes it worse.I will be speaking on the ways to leave, with a plan.

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August Has Filled Up with Speaking Engagements

I thought July was busy with event after event, but it appears that August is just as busy if not more so.  I will be speaking in Palm Beach Gardens on August 9th at the Three Forks to a group of business people.  On August 15th I will be in Stuart at the Cafe Margeux speaking to another group of business folks. On August 28th I will make my way down to Palm City to the Manero’s Restaurant and then I start the Month of Sept speaking at Hampton Inn in St Lucie West.

All of these groups of people are business people. In business as with any relationship there are times that confrontations will take place. I will be teaching each of these business folks how to be confrontational in an non confrontational way. Yes, it can be done. I do it on a regular basis.

When I finish with my rounds of speeches I will be posting my speech on my podcast. I am also considering doing a series of  lessons on various professional ways to succeed in business.  This is just one of my many faces. Not only do I write best selling books I also give speeches on many subjects.

I have spoken in front of crowds as large at three hundred and as small as ten. So when you next need a speaker for an event send me an email.

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