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Sometimes Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard

The other day I told ya’ll that I had a “cute little” comment on one of my posts and that I would not approve it because I wanted to have some fun with it. Well, after putting my latest book to bed that is getting it the publisher and spending a night of insomnia I decided it was time to have some fun with this comment. The back story is this. I was given a very nice compliment by one of my readers, this was the compliment :

Today I had the honor of being listed as one of Ric Johnson’s five favorite women authors along with three men the authors are very well known in the industry and to be linked with those names is almost breath taking. The authors he listed as his favorites were in response to this poster
powerful books. The authors he listed me with are Erica Spindler, Author, Yvonne Mason, Alafair Burke, Marcia Clark, Tami D Hoag. John Sanford Prey Series, James Lee Burke, Greg Iles. As you can see these are heavy hitters in the publishing world. I am very humbled and grateful to be considered in this list of whose who of authors. What an accomplishment. Thank you Ric Johnson for your belief in my craft. I hope I can continue to meet that expectation as I continue my journey.

He included my writing in with some very heavy hitters. So I created a post about it
Well a young man must have been having a very bad day for whatever reason. This young man’s name is Tim Lieder and yes he is on facebook. I looked him up. Anyway, his comment was laughable at best, silly at worst. He knows nothing about me as a person, probably has not read anything I have written and if he did, his lack of understanding caused him not to appreciate the book. His total lack of respect for me as a person and as a “grandma” says many things about his lack of “being raised right.” Maybe he has “self-confidence” issues or lack of self respect issues or maybe he just doesn’t get it. That being said, he needs a lessons in good ole southern manners. Manner number one is respect your elders. Manner number two, before you open your mouth make sure you know what you are talking about as it makes you the fool. Maybe no one taught him the old saying, “Better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.”
Now that I have given you all the back story of this foolish young man, who will never go very far without manners, here is his comment. “Wow. Such accolades when you are such a terrible writer. By the way “world’s greatest grandma” mugs do not constitute literary awards.”
I love his snide comment about “Grandma” mugs not constituting literary awards. My question to him is “Are you an author and if so how many awards have you received, how many times have you been on TV and Radio and how many books have you written?”
The beauty of this little snide comment which shows the smallness of his mind is he is talking about me. I know you ask how is that good? It is good because he felt it necessary to try to talk smack. I must have hit a nerve at some point. Is it jealousy on his part because he is not living his dream for whatever reason? Is it fear because he is afraid to live his dream? I would venture to say it is a combination of both. People who attack others have issues within their lives that they refuse to face. If they face them then they have to make changes. Most people do not want to make changes it is easier to attack others rather than improve one’s own life.
Mr. Lieder, I have this bit of wisdom to impart to you. Yes, I am a grandmother, a mother and a host of other things. I am also an author with a degree in Criminal Justice, I am also a Bounty Hunter, a public speaker, a teacher of life, a domestic violence survivor and a host of other things that you know nothing about. I work hard at my craft. I am proud of my craft. I am living my dream. If you do not like my books well that is an easy fix, don’t read them. You probably do not understand them anyway.
That being said, just because you have issues in your own life, it does not give you the right to attack, others who are enjoying their life. Before you start casting stones, look in the mirror at the face that stares back at you. Ask yourself this one question or maybe two. “What do I accomplish by tearing down others? What kind of person does that make me?”
The answer is simple- you accomplish nothing and it makes you a small minded little boy.
You are now free to move about the country as this is my public service announcement for the week. Mr. Lieder may you find happiness within yourself before it is too late and you live with regret when you are old.

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A Kind Word Turneth Away Wrath!

“Actually you can judge a book by its cover, especially if it’s Black Bed Sheets. I know that you think that you are being brave or something when you publish my words verbatim and then pull an “I know you are, what am I?” but I am both a writer and a publisher. My short stories have been published in Shock Totem, Big Pulp and Lamplight.

Of course, neither accusation that you hurl at me matters since they don’t mitigate the fact that BBS is making books with ugly covers and can’t even be bothered to pay the writers. I made the criticism as a fellow publisher and if BBS wants to take umbrage that is perfectly within the rights of BBS.

The second accusation is just weird. Books are products. You can bitch and moan all you want about what I say about them, but at the end of the day, you aren’t going to sell ugly ass books like the ones put out by Black Bed Sheets. The potential readers understand – maybe not overtly, but implicitly – that a company that can’t take the time to design a cover that doesn’t look like utter shit is also a company that can’t be bothered to pay the writers, find decent writers, edit the books, copy edit the books or do anything but whine and bitch when they are criticized. This is why BBS will be just another publisher at a micro-horror convention trading books.

But congratulations for getting this one on the second page of my google search. I almost forgot about this meshuggas. I am currently busy promoting King David & The Spiders from Mars – the Amazon page is like so you can see what a decent cover looks like. Also, it’s blurbed by Poppy Z. Brite. I hear he’s pretty popular among horror writers.. Seems like a cool guy. Stories by the poetry editors at Strange Horizons too.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” is figurative. When you take it literally, you run into problems.”

This was the second comment that fell into my in box this morning which pertained to a blog I wrote titled

Mr. Lieder just couldn’t help himself. After he finished his rambling he just had to add the fact that he was promoting his work. Well I went and did what I do best I did a background on Mr. Lieder- those of you who know me know I hunt people in my spare time. In this case it was not that hard to do. Mr. Lieder has left a trail of hate and discontent all over the net. He wants to bash Black Bed Sheet book for their covers when after researching his so called publishing house I have to say some of his covers leave quite a bit to be desired especially 41qc6OHGRuL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_

I have no clue why he hates Black Bed Sheet Books so much. The only reason that comes to mind is that BBS is a very successful publishing house and sadly Mr. Lieder’s does not appear to be.

When he makes this statement “The second accusation is just weird. Books are products. You can bitch and moan all you want about what I say about them, but at the end of the day, you aren’t going to sell ugly ass books like the ones put out by Black Bed Sheets. The potential readers understand – maybe not overtly, but implicitly – that a company that can’t take the time to design a cover that doesn’t look like utter shit is also a company that can’t be bothered to pay the writers, find decent writers, edit the books, copy edit the books or do anything but whine and bitch when they are criticized. This is why BBS will be just another publisher at a micro-horror convention trading books.” it makes me wonder who his sources are- where he got his information and can he back up his blather.

He tries to justify his credibility by letting me where he has been published. My reply to that is so what? If one continues to create a negative Public Relations persona one will soon be forgotten. Mr. Lieder’s pages are full of hate and discontent and it doesn’t matter the subject matter. If it is not about him it is not worthy. As I ran my background I found the source of his hate and discontent and it comes from within himself. He even admits it on his journal page.

I find this sad for a couple of reasons the most important is that he understands he may have a problem but yet he goes out of his way to not change it. Second he is a talented man and yet he spends his time and energy wasting that talent on spewing venom and hate.

In a comment on another blog I had posted he proceeded to inform me of what a vile and evil creature I was and that I would die alone and unloved. When I read that I felt such sadness for this person. It sounds as if he is describing himself and yet when he looks in the mirror he refuses to change.

Any one that knows me knows that I defend those I care about and I care about the owner of Black Bed Sheets- he is one of my dearest friends in this cut throat industry. Sadly Mr. Lieder does not appear to have those kinds of loyalties. He is missing something in his life- be it self confidence, self love or good friends or all three. The best I can hope for him is that he will see he is cheating himself on so many levels- He is not hurting us at all we know who we are and what we are about. We do not have to draw negative attention to ourselves to succeed – we have already succeeded by being kind. So Mr. Lieder- my prayer for you is this. May you find the goodness that is in your soul- may you learn that people are not out to get you- may you understand we all are living on this planet and may you learn to love and like yourself warts and all. Then and only then will you learn to love others. I will continue to pray for you- no matter how much you hate it.

And just as an after thought I am very glad that I was able to boost your ratings. See good does come from adversity

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I Can Humor in Just About Anything and This Had Me Rolling in the Floor!
“Wow. Not only are you trying to sell crap books, but you are trying to sell bullshit homophobia and pick-and-choose Bible thumping. All wrapped up in a “some of my best friends are gay” and “you were being mean to Southerners by portraying them as backwater hicks when only they can do that because they make money off this bullshit.” Wow, Yvonne and J. Guest, you are truly a vile loathsome creature. You will die unloved and alone.”

Fridays and Mondays are always a source of humor for me. The reason it seems to bring out the crazies in great number. This morning when I opened my e-mail and before I had the first cup of coffee this little ditty was waiting to be approved on one of my blog posts. After I read it twice- once without really paying attention to what this person was writing and the second time with laughter. Obviously he has no clue about me or where I am from. If he did he would not have written something so insane. Okay let me just start at the beginning.
As you can see his first sentence is trying to be an attack. He just does not get up early enough for that. He obviously is the one who has the issues. As for his second sentence, some of my best friends are gay and we had many discussions about the subject. It would appear that Mr. Lieder still does not understand southerners. He also did not understand the blog. This is evident in this statement, “you were being mean to Southerners by portraying them as backwater hicks when only they can do that because they make money off this bullshit.”
He probably needs to visit the deep south and partake of some of our hospitality. When we are asked a question we answer it and it doesn’t matter if we are making money off “this bullshit” or not. Mr. Lieder obviously only wants to see one side of life that being his side.

Now the funniest and I mean the funniest sentence in the entire statement was the last one. Wait for it! He said and I quote, “Wow, Yvonne and J. Guest, you are truly a vile loathsome creature. You will die unloved and alone.”
Apparently he has not been following me or befriended me. He has just assumed. There is one thing I do know I will not die unloved or alone nor am I a as he puts it ” you are truly a vile loathsome creature.” I perhaps think he may be talking about himself.

It is sad that this man who according to his facebook page lives in New York and is a freelance writer and editor believes that he has to make such personal attacks on folks just because they dare to stand for things they believe in. If he wants to disagree with my blog that is fine by me. After all we live in a country where we have that right. However, when someone resorts to such statements as he did at the end of his comment it tells me that he is either unsure of who he is- he is not cemented in his convictions or he is the one who is alone. Do I hate Mr. Lieder oh no- that would be to easy. Do I disagree with his comment yes I do. However, that being said, he is free to make them all he wants to. He also has to understand that when he makes those comments, I will address them.
Unlike Mr. Lieder, I do not need vilification – I know who I am and I know what I am about. So if you want to be friends I have no problem with it.
Oh and one last thing- Haters are always gonna hate! I will add you to my prayers.

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Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover

I don’t know how many times I have to write a blog about this subject. It appears that some people just don’t get it. There is an old adage “Better to look like a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.” Once again this has happened. A person by the name of Tim Lieder has once again proven that fools are among us.

For those of you who know me you also know that I count the one and only Nicholas Grabowsky among my close and personal friends. He is the one who immortalized Michael Myers in his horror book Halloween IV. He also has his own indie horror publishing house. Nick is one of the best if not the best in defining horror. Just ask these guys:

“Keep ’em coming, Nicholas!” –Stephen King. And I am!!!!!!! “I salute you: your ambition, your dedication, your achievements, your blissfully complex imagination….” –Clive Barker. Thanks, Clive!!!! “Impressive storytelling!” —Wes Craven. “Soon we’ll all be hearing about this Grabowsky guy…” —Joe Dante. “Grabowsky succeeds in making the whole world creepy!!” —E! Entertainment Television. I’m so grateful for the support of my iconic gods!!!!

That being said Mr. Lieder dared to make a statement that he could not back up because he obviously is not in the business of publishing nor writing. This is what Nick posted:

PRESS RELEASE: 12/07/2013


Dear friends, associates, authors, partners, and everyone that has anything to do with Black Bed Sheet Books,

It comes to me with a heavy heart that the business I’ve given 100% of my life to since its conception in 2008 and with all its accomplishments, endeavors, innovations, exploits, influence and mayhem, with all the authors we’ve inspired and given a leg up or shoved into the spotlight or at the very least tried to bring to a larger readership and greater hopes to their writing careers, that I hereby declare that at least one Black Bed Sheet Book will go under. Your Christmas tree. This year.

WHY???? Firstly, if you don’t buy your loved ones any books at all, shame on you. People need to read! Literacy expands our ability to cope in this world, and reading anything, especially a book, is as much a mental workout as a jog is for the body. Second, people need to read more horror. Horror is already saturated in all of your personal lives to various degrees, and to read about somebody else going through it with exraordinary fictional circumstances is a healthy and satisfying release and lets you escape or relate just as your favorite movies do. I’m not asking you to stand in line forever to buy an iPod or a Playstation 4 for a chunk of cash here. Those kinds of things don’t do the same for you as reading does anyway. Reading enriches the lives of everyone. And these days, ain’t it just a tiresome shame that as soon as you go online everyone wants you to buy and read their books??? And all you can do is spend enormous prices on yourselves and your loved ones on books the book stores and big release movies tell you to buy, and you have a general inclination to keep buying what’s in popular culture and think anything less from smaller publishers aren’t worth your time or the ones you wish to give presents to this year. But buying a Stephen King book every year for yourself or your favorite horror reader just gets old after three decades.

We publish extraordinary talent and extraordinary books in our genre. What’s more, each one costs you no more than a bagful of chocolate mini Santas, and you can stuff them in a sock just the same, and it won’t take just a couple minutes to devour them but long enough to make a lasting impression far more into their lives than a can of Tootsie Rolls would and they can be on their shelves long enough for their grandkids to enjoy them.

I represent a number of authors that I handpicked because I am convinced they are worthy of your attention. This holiday season, put one of our incredible books under your tree, in your stocking, or download an ebook in any format for under four bucks and suprise someone with a new ebook to upload to their Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc. I guarantee you they’ll be saying “Wow! where did you find THAT! Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve read it TWICE so far!”

For BBS authors: you all get these books for author’s prices, so there’s no excuse to buy each other’s books for, like, five bucks and surpise each other. You guys get your ebooks for free too, so for your friends who have notepads and digital readers, you have cost-free gifts!

Have a very exemplary holiday season everyone! And keep watching our page for extraordinary happenings in the ever-expanding world of Black Bed Sheet!

–Nicholas Grabowsky
Follow us on FB, Twitter, Buzznet, Linkedin, MySpace, Tumblr, Pintrest, and just about every social network out there. And you can find us anywhere books are sold.

This was a comment that Mr. Lieder wrote on the posting:

Tim Lieder “Cheesy advertising made me check out the Web site. Unfortunately, those are some ugly ass books you’re trying to sell and the fact that you say that you don’t charge the authors for publishing their books gives me some serious misgivings about your professionalism (seriously, no legitimate publishing company charges the writers. Saying that you don’t is like telling your date that you aren’t planning on putting a roofie in her drink)”

This type of comment tells me a couple of things 1. He is a frustrated writer who does not have the balls to put his words to paper and face the rejections that we as indies have all faced at one time or the other. 2. He is probably so judgmental that when he meets someone if they are not packaged just right he assumes they are not perfect.

Mr. Lieder you are the loser in this. You are missing out on some great reads and some wonderful indie authors. Book Covers are meant to intrigue and to grabs the eye. You obviously have no eye for talent or craft. You are to be pitied – you are missing out on so much in life. Your scope is narrow and your mind is closed.

Again this proves my point that one should never judge a book by its cover!!!!!

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