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The Silent Scream Train has Pulled Out of the Station

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For those of you who don’t know the Investigation Discovery Channel is doing a show on my book Silent Scream the story of the victims of Gerard Schaefer Florida’s first serial killer.

Yesterday July 24th was the first interview. There are more to follow.

This story has been a long time coming. The victims of Schaefer have been silent for too long. It is now time for their voices to be heard. I have long believed that they drive this train. When it is time for them to take their story in a new direction they make it happen.

It has been seven years since the release of the book. It has taken this long for the girls to decide that they need to be seen as well as heard. They are no longer screaming silently, they have a voice and that voice will be heard.

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The Last Rites on Amazon Kindle for .99 for a Very Very Limited Time

For a very very limited time I am offering The Last Rites for .99 on kindle. The Last Rites is one of my two true crimes. The true story of the rape and execution of Pauline Metler in 1975 in Fort Pierce, Florida. She was a vibrant and young and beautiful 33 year old woman who disappeared as she hitchhiked from Melbourne Florida to Key West on US1. Until earlier this year she had been in an unmarked grave in a cemetery in Fort Pierce. This is her story.

If you expect fluff or a soft read this book is not for you. I do not give the perpetrators any slack. They knew what they were doing when they committed this crime. While Pauline might have had many flaws as we all do she did not deserve this end to her life.

When the book was written it was written so that she would always be remembered.

the last rites front by debi

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This is For All of Those People Who did not Understand Why Silent Scream Was Written the Way it Was Written

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime

When I first began to research for this book I knew that in order for the girls to have the peace they sought I had to write it in a certain way. It could not be written in the manner that every other true crime had been written. It had to be written from the prospective of an investigation. I  received some less than stellar reviews because of the way it was written. I have always maintained that in order for the victims to be heard it had to be written in this way.

Well, it has paid off in ways that I never saw coming.  As most of you know I was contacted by a group of college students were are getting their degree in forensic investigations. They were given a project by their professor who is a retired police officer. This project was about Gerard Schaefer and the victims. He gave them my phone number and asked them to call me because he had been told I was the expert. I am.

They not only contacted me but they tried to talk to other officers who have been working on some of the cold cases which we believe that Schaefer was involved in – but the doors were shut in their faces. They also tried to get the case files and because Schaefer is now dead they have been destroyed. They were running into roadblock after roadblock however when they got to me I had it all.

They spent many days at my house and we all spent several days at the two crimes scenes here in St Lucie County.

By weathering the storms of snarky- tasteless reviews  and by staying true to the victims it all paid off. Because of my book, my research and my firm belief that the victims needed and wanted their  voice it all paid off. This group of students put together a killer presentation which they all made an A on. The professor told them that they did exactly what he wanted them to do- he purposely did not tell them how to work the project he wanted to see what they would do with it. They exceeded his expectations. They told him they had become embedded with the victims and did become involved with them he told them that  was exactly what he wanted them to do. The students told me that had it not been for the way the book was written the research I have they would not have been able to achieve their objective.

I have said since the beginning of this journey that the girls were driving this train. I wrote the book the way they wanted it written. I tried several different ways but this is what they wanted. They didn’t want people to know what school they went to- what their favorite song was or any of the other trivial things in their lives. They wanted the world to know what happened to them and how it happened and who did it to them. This event has proven that they are right.

It gets even better the professor asked the lead on this project if they thought I would agree to allow another class to come to me in the future – The answer was yes.

You see the girls are being heard, they have a voice and that voice is coming in the way of teaching future forensic investigators how to solve crimes so that no one is ever forgotten again. So that there will be less unsolved cases because the dots cannot be connected.

So for those of you who have read this book and have given it less than it deserves shame on you. This book is not for entertainment- it is for education on many levels. Even after close to 40 years the girls are still teaching they are being remembered. For those of you who do not understand why I wrote Silent Scream the way I did and have bashed me for it – shame on you. You have cheated the girls of being remembered. You have shown that their lives didn’t mean anything. Those of you who understand the why thank you. You have been a big part of the memory of these girls.

May they keep driving this train, may they keep teaching and may they never ever be forgotten again. May they find the peace they deserve by helping students how to become the best they can be at forensic investigations. May the time come when no victim is ever forgotten again.

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I May Never Become Rich and Famous


I may never become “rich and famous” or be on high society’s “A” list. I may never be recognized by strangers in public and I may never make the New York Times Bestseller list.  But it does not matter. The reason is simple. Those that want to or need to and enjoy my books will find me and them.

Case in point, the same group that from Keiser University who contacted me about Silent Scream has spent two days this week with me and at my home working on their project for their Forensic Investigations class.



For those of you who don’t know their assignment was to show how they would have worked the crime scene of Susan Place and Georgia Jessup after they were found on South Hutchinson Island after being tortured and murdered by Florida’s first Serial Killer Gerard Schaefer. They had no idea where to start- the information (other than mine) which they looked at on the internet was so wrong on so many levels. They had doors slammed in their faces- no one wanted to talk with them and them that did knew nothing about the case. To make matters worse all of the case files had been destroyed. Schaefer was murdered in 1993 in prison so there was no need to keep the files even though there are several unsolved cases with his imprint on them still sitting out there.

They were told about me. So they called me. Not only did I NOT slam the door in their faces, I am the only one who has all of the known research anymore. I kept it after I finished Silent Scream. They are the second group to ask to come look at my work. I have things that no one else has. They told me that they were very glad that I had written Silent Scream the way I did because it was the best tool they had found before they came to my house where they found the mother lode.

I spent one entire afternoon with them at two crime scenes talking about the cases recording video and taking photos. Today they spent all morning at my house using my research working on their project. They will be back Monday to work on it some more.


Blind Creek





I have received a few bad reviews because of the way I wrote the book. I have stated over and over again that this book is not for everyone. It is not for entertainment- it is for educational purposes. If you want to be entertained read Ann Rule. Don’t get me wrong she is a great author I own all of her books. We have different writing styles. I choose to show the criminal as the evil person they are. I do not sugar coat anything . Not even the deaths. I want the reader to understand on some small level if possible how those victims might have felt while they were being tortured and murdered. Where they went to school, what they ate for breakfast, who their friends were or anything else is trivial when it comes down to how they were stolen from us too soon by a monster.  (Yes, I was criticized for not adding all of the fluff to the book)

This group of young people got it. They thanked me for writing Silent Scream the way I did. And one of them did something else that just blew me away. They know how I feel about the victims how they are in my soul. They know that I am always saying they are close to me and drive the train that is their story. The young man who was taking videos came up to me and asked me if I would be offended if he recreated the crime scene using a rope and hangman’s noose for the video he was making for this project. I almost cried. His comment to me was “I know you call them your girls and I do not want to offend you or their memory.” I told him I thought they would like that, to show what happened. For him to understand how much the victims mean to me personally and as a writer just proved to me how much they cared about this project and how much they wanted to not only be respectful- but to honor their lives. They will make great forensic investigators.





C-24 Canal




The real place that Goodenough and

Wilcox were murdered



part of the reenactment



If the forensic technology had been around in the years of the death of the girls- Schaefer might have been convicted of more than just the two. However that being said, the history is a great learning tool for those who are going into that field. They are getting a better understanding of just how hard it was to solve crimes of that nature. They are getting a better appreciation for the technology that is out there today.

So before you write that nasty review- before you judge my work based on your closed mind understand a few things. One it could have been your loved one that I wrote about- it still could be your loved one that is taken by an evil person. Two- Silent Scream was written the way the girls wanted it written. They drive the train- Three it is a tool for educational purpose to help those who are learning forensics how to do what needs to be done in order to solve a crime.   Four if you are looking to be entertained this book is not for you if you are looking to know every little detail about the victims this book is not for you. How they girls lived is not the story- the story is how they died way before their time.

However, if  you want to be part of a bigger picture – and that picture is keeping their memory alive so they will not be forgotten- then you will want to read this book. If you want to better understand some of the horror they went through before they died then yes by all means read this book. If you truly want to understand how evil Gerard Schaefer was then you want to read this book.

Just remember this-   The dead do speak if we only listen.

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime


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All Things Happen in Their Own Time

As I have gotten older I have learned a few things about life and dreams. The one thing that took me forever to learn is that all things come in their own time and in their own way. We can not rush them nor can we make them happen. Case in point, for over a year things have been quiet where my true crime Silent Scream is concerned. Yeah there have been book sales, and a couple of reviews- one was particularly nasty. (The reader didn’t understand the reason nor the rhyme for the book- but then it was not her cup of tea) Anyway, she became my stalker for a while. I felt like I had arrived in the book world. When I didn’t rise to her bait (after the first day she bored me, I had better things to do than play her childish games) she stopped.

I moved on to my other projects then one day a couple of weeks ago out of the blue I get a phone call from a young woman who is studying Crime Scene Investigations at one of our local colleges. Their teacher had given them a project that involved Gerard Schaefer and the torture and execution of his victims. They project was to put together a plan to investigate the crimes using todays forensics technology which they did not have during those days of Schaefer’s crimes.

The student told me that they had been hitting dead ends everywhere they turned – all of the case files had been destroyed because Schaefer was now dead (he was murdered in prison in 1993 by a fellow inmate) they had no resources except what they could find on the internet and we all know just how accurate that is. (not) They were at a loss as to how they were going to pull off this project.  That is until they talked to someone who just happened to be a very good friend of mine who is an attorney and had worked with my husband at the State Attorney’s office. This friend is very involved with this particular college and he told this young woman to contact me that I was the expert. (What a humbling compliment)- Hence the phone call.

She and five other of her compatriots made a visit to my house and spent four hours going over my research. They all understood why Silent Scream was written the way it was written. They all appreciated the way it was written and they all understood why I feel the way I do about the victims.

Today I will be taking them to two of the known crime scenes. We will be discussing the crimes and what happened. We will be discussing Schaefer’s MO and his need to not only kill but to torture.

I have said since day one when I first started this journey that the girls are driving this train. I have said that they will lead me to open doors when they are ready. They also understand that not everyone will be happy when they read this book. They too understand why I chose to write it the way I did.

Death is never pretty- Murder and Torture is even less so. Serial killers are evil – They kill for power and control- They Torture because it shows their victims who has the power. They instill fear and false hopes because it gives them power. They keep trophies so they can relive the crime over and over again and make it end anyway they choose. When that memory starts to fade they have to kill again- in order to bring back the rush of  the moment.

Silent Scream is not pretty- it was never meant to be pretty- it is not a love story nor does it end happily ever after. Silent Scream is real life. The victims were real their families were real. These girls died a very violent death- These girls were mentally tortured and emotionally tortured and physically before they were ever murdered.

Silent Scream is their story- it is not meant to be entertaining it is meant to be educational- it meant to be a remembrance for the girls and it is meant to help others learn more about the mind of serial killers.

I do not write like Ann Rule nor do I write like any other true crime writer- I refuse to water down the facts. I refuse to give Schaefer any quarter. What he did was unspeakable- hideous and beyond words. He doesn’t deserve any sympathy- that is reserved for the victims.

While I would love for everyone on the planet to read this book- I know that will not happen- I also know that as in the past there will be those who think less than kind about it. That is their opinion- and their alone. It is also their loss. On the other hand there will be those like the kids studying Crime Scene Investigations who will appreciate the fact that I am the expert. I do know what I am talking about and I have the research to back up the story. They are the ones who will benefit most from this book and the useless death of the girls. That is just one way they will always be remembered.

So- if you are an open minded person and you are interested in how the mind of a serial killer works- or if you have read the stuff on the internet and want to know the facts then yes, Silent Scream is a good read for you. However, if you are looking for a happily ever after, what the girls likes and dislikes were, what their grades in school were and all the other dribble that most true crimes authors write about then don’t bother with this book. Because those things are not there. What is there is the raw pain, suffering, cold calculated thought process and the senseless loss of life to nine young women who didn’t deserve any of it.

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime

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Questions about The Last Rites

The Last Rites The True Story of the Rape and Execution of Pauline Metler

The Last Rites The True Story of the Rape and Execution of Pauline Metler


The other day on my fan page on facebook I received an email  from someone who apparently didn’t have a page. When I tried to answer the email it would not go through. So I will try to answer it here. The question was this, when I was researching this book did I talk to any of the victim’s family. The answer to that is no. The reason is simple, when this case was being investigated all those many years ago, the few family members who lived in Melbourne at the time of the brutal murder refused to give law enforcement any information. They were cagey and evasive.  Law enforcement didn’t know if they were ashamed of the victim, if they were hiding something or they just plain hated the victim. I had to use what research I had which were the case files, the accounts from those who worked the crime and the limited things I could find on my own. I was asked why I said that no one cared enough – There were two reasons the first was the fact that those in Melbourne refused to give law enforcement any information about the victim’s immediate family that is mother, father, siblings. The one brother they did find came to a dead end. They didn’t know if the victim had any children, where she originally came from how she got to Florida or any of her history. Once it was determined who she was through dental records, the family in Melbourne nor her current husband would claim her body and lay her to rest.

Later I was contacted by a daughter who was a small child when her mother died. She didn’t know that her mother had been buried by St. Lucie County and was in an unmarked grave. She asked me the same question, Why did I say no one cared. My response to her was this. No adult at that time cared, which was evident by the family members in Melbourne- I told her it was in no way in reflection her or others who were either too young or didn’t have any control over the situation. It was directed toward those who had the ability to make sure that Pauline was laid to rest  with family and not in a strange place with no one to grieve over her body.

When I write true crime, I write for the victims. I write so they will be remembered. I write so that they will never be forgotten. People always remember the killer but never the victim. In Pauline’s case there was not even a stone to mark her final resting place. No one knew she was even buried in that place. She deserved better. No matter how she lived her life or under what circumstances she met her death, she deserved better than an unmarked grave in a strange town where no one knew her.

Those who could not do anything because it was beyond their control – the statement was not meant to slur your memory in any way. It was for those who could have done something and refused. Even if that something was just to talk to the investigators. Even if that something was to give an option to other family members to get her home.

Thanks to this book Pauline now has a stone. The one daughter who has become I hope my friend made sure her mother was not forgotten. Her resting place is now marked. People who walk by now know she is there. They will see her name and know she lived and maybe left good behind.

So to all of you who had no control who could not grieve next to her grave, who could not place flowers and remembrance by her stone, who didn’t even know where she was buried- take heart- know that statement was not meant for you- the book was meant to help you heal to know that she is not forgotten and to know that because I live so close I check on her for you frequently. Pauline is a part of me. She led me to the writing of her story. She wanted it told. She wanted and needed to be remembered.

Paulines Stone

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The Girls Keep On Driving This Train of Silent Scream

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime

Today I received a message from a gentleman. It was amazing. He told me that a friend of his contacted him and told him that he had finally found out what happened to a friend of theirs who disappeared in 1973. That friend was Collette Goodenough. She was one of the last victims of Gerard Schaefer. It was because of this book that the mystery was finally solved.

Sadly, those who have bashed the book, have not seen the good it has done for those who have always wondered what happened to those they loved.  It has taken 43 years for this man and his friend to finally know what happened to Collette.  For those of you who read the book and chose to give it bad reviews remember this – the book was not written for you it was written for the girls and their loved ones. One more victim will soon find the peace that she was denied all those years ago. Maybe someday all my girls will find that peace.

For the Girls!!!!




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Well Here We Go Again- Another Novice Who Has No Idea About True Crime


This little jewel was on my Amazon Account today about Silent Scream. This is yet another person who has no idea about true crime or the fact that I do not write sanitized true crime. This review was laughable at best and stupid at worst. So once again even though it feels as if I keep repeating myself I will take this little jewel apart.  And as an added notes my books are best sellers and award winners!

“I knew the basics of the story after reading about it in a true crime magazine, and was looking forward to a more in-depth account.
The writing style is just awful. Along with other readers, I was annoyed with the
paragraphs that contained nothing but questions.
The author constantly offers her opinions on the killers psyche, whilst not appearing to know many hard facts.
Many a sentence begins with “It is not known whether…..”
I have read under half this book, and can’t see myself finishing it.
A waste of money.”

“I knew the basics of the story after reading about it in a true crime magazine, and was looking forward to a more in-depth account.” She states that she knew the basics after reading about it in a true crime magazine. All I can say about that one is this Lady- that was the cliff notes. That article was written with just enough information to do just what it did. There was not meat to it at all and many of the things in that article were not factual.

“The writing style is just awful. Along with other readers, I was annoyed with the
paragraphs that contained nothing but questions.” This is one of my favorite statements from people who refuse to learn how to think for themselves. They want everything handed to them because they are just to lazy to think. I have stated time and time again that this book is a book that makes people think. If you don’t want to think the don’t by the book. It is not a touchy feel good book. It is written from a criminal justice and police perspective and and believe me they ask these  questions. Some people should just not read true crime the way it is supposed to be written.


“The author constantly offers her opinions on the killers psyche, whilst not appearing to know many hard facts.
Many a sentence begins with “It is not known whether…..” When I read this sentence I almost spit out my coffee. There are several things wrong with her statement and had she read my bio and really read the book she would not make such a stupid statement. I have a degree in Criminal Justice with a background in serial killers. Second – I have more research on this killer than all the law enforcement people who worked the crime. Two cold case detectives spent all day at my house using my research to close a case in Ft Lauderdale.    Yes, lady I had all the facts that were available. Third- this crime spree was the first known of its kind even before Bundy or Rolling. No one knew what a serial killer was. The questions that were asked were the same that law enforcement asked and are still asking about this case. Schaefer was  only convicted of two of the murders. There are still cold cases that are linked to him and there are still bodies that have never been found. Finally and this is the funniest of all. Lady if you had finished the book you would have known that My Husband who was the lead investigator for the 19th Judicial Circuit investigated that crime. He along with several of our friends who are in law enforcement who I interviewed as well as the current State Attorney for this circuit who  is also a friend and one of the state attorneys who prosecuted Schaefer helped me on this book. Yes, I did my homework, however since you are too lazy to finish the book you would not have known that.   Just as a side note this book is used by a former law enforcement agent who worked the crime to teach about serial killers in his classes. So seriously stop being lazy-

“I have read under half this book, and can’t see myself finishing it.” This statement proves to me that not only is the reader lazy they are not committed – Sadly it is their loss. I have gotten phone calls from some of the victims families who not only thanked me after reading this book for exposing the evil of Schaefer and for keeping their family member from being forgotten – they also thanked my husband for his part in bringing Schaefer down. If they can see what the book is about it stands to reason that this particular reader is lazy and wants true crime sanitized and romantic. Serial killers are not romantic, murder is not romantic, heartache, pain and loss is not romantic. These victims and their families asked the very same questions- Silent Scream is about them – the families still ask those questions. Silent Scream is not about the fifteen minutes of fame that some reader feels they need. It is not for that reader. It is for the reader who has a passion for understanding and remembering the victims.

I have said this many times before and I will say it yet again- DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT read this book if you are lazy minded, do not have a thirst for real true crime through the eyes of law enforcement- do not understand how there will always be questions especially when it comes to serial killers and their profiles- do not understand that at the time these crimes were committed that no one not even law enforcement knew or understood about serial killers. In fact most agencies didn’t even communicate with each other.  This book is not for entertainment! If you want to be entertained read Ann Rule. I have said this more than once. This book is for educational – thought provoking  and a reminder that victims are forgotten every day. The killer is always remembered but the victims are never remembered. This books is for them and their families. IF you can not read this book with an open mind and are willing to understand it is not for your entertainment (murder is not entertainment- except for  those doing the killings) then please do us both a favor don’t buy the book! I would rather you spend your money on Ann Rule or someone else.

These girls are always with me – they are a part of me. I have spent thousands of hours researching these crimes. I know this man and his evil inside and out. These girls deserve better than this reader’s five cent opinion. She is not worthy of them!

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime



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If You Don’t Understand What You Read then Don’t Read it

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime


Okay one more time, I am going to explain this to all of those people out there who do not understand a few things about this book. The reason I am going to explain it is simple I received a nasty review this morning by someone who obviously does not understand true crime. This person is used to reading the watered down versions of true crime that does not make the reader think. If you don’t want to think then please don’t waste your money and my time with this book. It is not for entertainment. It is to educate and to honor the victims and the families of those victims. It is designed to allow the reader to try and get inside the head of a serial killer on a level that most true crime writers do not write about.

This particular nasty reviewer stated that I asked to many questions. All I can say to that is seriously? You are reading a true crime and you don’t ask questions? You also stated that it made the subject matter something that you really didn’t want to try and understand. My question to you is this why the hell did you buy the book in the first place? If you want a love story get a romance book. If you to read vanilla true crime read Ann Rule.

There is no excuse for a closed mind when reading a true crime. The reader should ask those questions. What are you afraid of? That would be my question to you the reader.

She also stated that I jumped around in the book. Lady – did you even bother to finish the book. The answer to that question would be a “No” you even stated you didn’t finish it. Had you bothered to finish it you would have seen that the book was written the way the crime was solved. Apparently you know nothing about solving crimes or law enforcement – you also apparently know nothing about the lack of education about serial killers in the 1960 and 1970’s.

The book has a thread one just has to follow it. Apparently you didn’t want to take the time.

Then she went on to talk about how she kept reading even though it was boring because she said my punctuation and spelling kept her awake. Again all I can say is Lady apparently you have no clue. That was all you could bring to the table? A trumped up statement like that. If it was really that boring to you why did you bother reading it at all? Why didn’t you return it after you got to the first question? Me thinks you protest to much.

Personally I think the book was way over her head and she knew it. Silent Scream is not for the faint of heart- not for those who want a vanilla true crime- does not sanitize the criminal – is not one of those feel good true crimes – will keep you awake at night- and does not answers questions- that is for you the reader to think about. Silent Scream is for that person who follows crime- knows how they are solved- understands the long tedious and sometimes disappointing process. It is for the person who studies serial killers who is working on a degree in criminal justice and who understands that serial killers leave all sorts of  questions behind their wake.

If you a true crime the strips away all of the pretty wrapping and allows you the reader into the world of killers and what they do so that you the reader can in some small way identify with the victims then you will enjoy this book. However, and at the expense of repeating myself again, you are faint of heart- do not understand the justice system do not understand how crimes are solved and do not understand how we have evolved in the last thirty years in the solving of those crimes then you do not I repeat do not want to read this book.

However, if you are open minded, if you are a lover of the criminal justice system, if you understand how things are done in this arena and if you can handle the facts, then you will enjoy this book- it is a great teaching tool and it is written to honor those girls who were the victims of Gerard Schaefer.

For the Girls! They have finally found peace!

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I Just Love Getting A Stupid Review Like This- It Makes My Day





Silent Scream A True Crime

I found this one star review on Silent Scream a few minutes ago and laughed out loud. Apparently this so called reviewer has no clue about the time period this  happened in and has no clue that there was no forensic science in those years – Not to mention he apparently does not have the mind of someone who has been in law enforcement or knows that arena. So with that being said let me just educate this narrow minded person on his review and give him his much needed fifteen minutes of fame.  First his title, Terrilbe, Amateur Attempt at Most” Well Mr. Frank Pug if you are going to bash my book the least you could do is spell your words right. Yep, he spelled Terrible “Terrilbe” go figure. He can’t spell his title correctly but yet he wants to bash the book. That is just the beginning of his narrow minded uneducated review.

1.0 out of 5 stars Terrilble! Amateur Attempt at Most! August 28, 2012

By Frankpug
Amazon Verified Purchase
I won’t fall for another lone 5 star review of a book again! I’m almost certain that the either the author wrote it herself or got someone she knew to do it. What a waste of $9.99 and quite frankly an insult to the purchaser and reader. I only read ‘True Crime’, and I really don’t think I can finish this one it is so badly written. I don’t know the facts of this case and would like to, but I’ll have to find another book about it. The author constantly asks the reader questions as if the reader is supposed to provide the answers. It is beyond belief! Some examples of the writing: “The damp, dark, mosquito infested, perpetually dark, airless area held the final resting place of two bodies in pieces.” “As they walked around in the water and black muck it stuck to their shoes like black glue; they functioned on little if not any sleep and lots of adrenaline.” The author constantly refers to the killer’s ‘psychic’, not once, so it isn’t a typo. At a crime scene she talks of the biggest asset being a ‘shifter’, not once again, but twice, so either the book wasn’t edited at all, or else she is just plain stupid. Another: “The expertise known as forensic science as we now know it was unheard of.”
Those are but a few example of the standard of the writing itself. Could it get any worse? Besides that, there is no logical order to the chapters and there seems to be no research involved in the book at all!
The standard is that of a Prep School essay at best!
Here is my rebuttal: “I won’t fall for another lone 5 star review of a book again! I’m almost certain that the either the author wrote it herself or got someone she knew to do it.” Seriously! That is all you can come up with. First of all no creditable author writes their own reviews, second the person that wrote that review is an author herself and knew what she was talking about. Unlike Mr. Pug she read the book with an open mind.
“What a waste of $9.99 and quite frankly an insult to the purchaser and reader. I only read ‘True Crime’, and I really don’t think I can finish this one it is so badly written” This sentence is one of my favorites. He only reads true crime and he can’t finish my book because he says it is so badly written. Really?! The reason he can’t finish it is because he has never read a true crime that was not sanitized. He is used to fluff what a sad little man. He has no stomach for facts.
” The author constantly asks the reader questions as if the reader is supposed to provide the answers. It is beyond belief! ” This one made me laugh out loud. When I ask questions it is to make the reader stop and think. But again this reader read with a very closed mind. I don’t expect him to have the answers. No it is not beyond belief, one should ask questions if one is reading with a purpose. Again narrow minded man.
” It is beyond belief! Some examples of the writing: “The damp, dark, mosquito infested, perpetually dark, airless area held the final resting place of two bodies in pieces.” “As they walked around in the water and black muck it stuck to their shoes like black glue; they functioned on little if not any sleep and lots of adrenaline.” Apparently Mr. Pug can’t stand facts. Had he taken the time to read with an open mind he would have understood the writing. The purpose was to put him in the crime scene. But again he chose to not understand the book. His loss.
 He then goes on to point out a few typos my question to him is – did it bother you that much? If you then you are in serious trouble. I just finished a book by Steven J Cannell and it had several typos – but it didn’t bother me to read it. The reason, nothing is perfect with the exception of maybe Mr Frank Pug.
Now for the coup de grace. He mad the statement that he wanted to know the story but would have to find another book well there isn’t one Silent Scream is the only one. He also said that I didn’t do my research. Seriously! I have been approached by law enforcement in two counties because of my research. I have more research than all the different law enforcement combined. There have been unsolved cases closed because of my research.
   As an added note, my husband worked the case and help prosecute Schaefer. If he had bothered to finish the book he would have known that. Not only that I interviewed many who were involved in all the cases again if he had bothered to finish the book he would know that.
So Mr. Frank Pug here is your fifteen minutes of fame. Enjoy them. Would you like a wet wash cloth to wipe the egg off your face? Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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