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Pennies From Heaven – Soon to be Released

Pennies From Heavan

Pennies From Heavan



Pennies from Heaven is at the editors and will soon be released. This book was written with the intent to help anyone who is grieving – it is not a book that is based on any type of “medical” jargon or what you should or should not do. This book is stories from every day people who have experienced death in different forms. Who have grieved on different levels and in different ways. While there are stories that are spiritual based it is not necessarily a spiritual book. We have left it to the reader to find their own level. There are stories where the one left behind feels and sees the loved one who has gone on. There are stories of pets who have died and the grief that was caused. There are stories of young people who have died and left behind their parents to pick up the pieces. There is a story about what I call the slow death of hell, a parent who suffers from Alzheimer’s and the grief that begins as the disease progresses, the guilt that follows. There are stories of multiple deaths in one family as family member after family member seems to follow each other in death like an angry ocean crashing on the rocks. There are stories of children losing their parents way to soon and the missing piece that follows their lives.   

Our hope is that at least one person finds comfort, strength and the ability to heal after reading these heart wrenching stories. The authors of these stories have reached deep down in places that no one ever goes in order to write them for others. They are written in pain, love and grief so that others might find the courage to heal. Learn from them – know there is no timeline for grief- but also know that if you do not grieve and do not move forward you have cheated the person you grieve for of the life they had and you have cheated yourself of their memories which are forever with you.

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Soon to Be Released Pennies from Heaven

Pennies From Heavan

Pennies From Heaven


How many times have you lost someone and felt emotions that you didn’t know you were capable of feeling? How many times did you question those feelings? How many times did you try to repress those feelings because you thought they were the wrong feelings? Did you get angry at God and then feel bad because you did? Were you angry at the person who died and then felt guilty because you were angry? Did you lash out at someone who was still living because you were angry at them for still being alive? Did you fall into a depression and not understand why? Do you feel stuck in a time warp and do not know how to move forward?

Pennies from Heaven is a compilation of stories from folks just like you who have lost ones.  Maybe by reading this book it will help you in some way with the grieving process- the acceptance and the ability to move forward.



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