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Edits and Proofing Your Work

Edits and Proof Reading

One of the main things to remember is this is your story, you can change it, rearrange it, re-write it any way you want to. If you ask for another’s opinion remember it is just that. You are still in control and not everyone who reads your work will love it.
Which brings me to another point – find someone you trust who knows good grammar, is articulate and is willing to read line by line to proof your work. They can do it by page or chapter or entire book. The reason for this is as writers we get so bogged down in the trenches that we miss the most simple things, like, she, he, the and they, to and too. I have a bad habit of transposing letters. My brain runs faster than my fingers. I have gone back and re-read my work and in my mind the structure is correct the spelling is correct, however it is so wrong.
Every author has to have a killer cover. The reason being the cover is the first thing a potential reader is seeing for the first time. If a book cover catches my eye you can bet I am going to pick up that book and read the back cover or the jacket. You want to stand out above the crowd. You want to be that black sheep in a field of white ones. Don’t settle for second best. While a great cover might cost a few bucks, it will more than pay for itself in the end.

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